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  1. Cosmin_Lascu

    idea for next wofws

    1 to decrease the range of main cannons in all ships by 8% to increase the rate of close combat :). 2 . We have fog, rain, snow falls. I would love to see lightning, I would love to see the sea (ocean) shaken with waves of 5-6 meters. 3. to see some people on the boat. it would be very nice. 4. More talk on the boat. to hear how the captain orders, to hear how officers speak. to hear how sailors speak. to hear screaming or swearing. 5. I wish a lot of success to the whole team.
  2. Cosmin_Lascu

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    I would like to hear, as the captain gives orders. to hear how do officers order the sub-officers. to talk as much as possible.
  3. Cosmin_Lascu

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    1. to see the crew (people) on the ships would be very cool. 2. Recalibrate the islands, be more realistic. would be slightly larger. 3. introducing crew with skill. 4. lower prices for premium ships, so we can buy ourselves as poor ones :) 5. hf and gg
  4. Cosmin_Lascu

    Suggestions thread

    I'd really love to see a man on the boat. how to walk, or how to do cleaning aboard the ship. more upgrades in ship modules. Would welcome, a crew with skills, not just the captain alone.
  5. Cosmin_Lascu

    Suggestions thread

    hi sustin idea. good idea. Hello I suggest that in containers with credits, be credits only, not signals or whatever. And the other containers. If I dismantle a container with signals, there should be no credits in the container. I undo a container with signals and I have it and resources (cooal) is a little, bizarre.
  6. Cosmin_Lascu

    Suggestions thread

    visual effects to see lightning near the ships, we're just at sea. bigger waves, especially when there's a storm. to see a shark, especially when the ship sinks.
  7. Cosmin_Lascu

    Suggestions thread

    please do something with team kiler. play more with the destroyer. they shoot with the torpedoes and the teammate with the destroyer sticks in front of the torpedoes as if they are in the grip, it is inattentive. although they are signaling to retreat. anyway, he would have little life. only destroyers are team kiler. it's not fear play. I was playing with battleship and I had a lot of life, an enemy betlesship with little life went into me and I both died, it does not seem right to me. crew introduction, would be the best thing for this game.
  8. Cosmin_Lascu

    Suggestions thread

    the sea and the ocean could be wider. a little storm with lightning. or haze :) to reduce the visibility and the radius of fire by at least 10% on all boats. at the bigger tier you see and you can draw almost on the map, it's not cool. I really like it up to tier 4 because it's optimized. is a game, so we do not have to stop at 10 levels. I would also bring in older ships, ships. more boat upgrades, and crew, we'd be glad to have. camouflage is not just for one fight.
  9. Cosmin_Lascu

    Suggestions thread

    crew introduction, something akin to wot. introducing more types of turrets, etc. reducing the detection and fire range by 10% in all ships. more components to the ships :)
  10. Cosmin_Lascu

    Suggestions thread

    Hello play and wot, but wows caught me better. I like it more :) The game has a great potential. But there's still a lot to be done to him :) The crew introduction would be very good. Similar to wot. Not just the captain. Be more members on the ships :) Players like to research, so if there are more components to research. fine mechanics, watch, binoculars, charger, toolbox, etc.