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  1. Arturius_2

    [PMW] Polska Marynarka Wojenna - rekrutacja

    Ja również prosiłbym o przemyślenie czy nazwa jest odpowiednia ... Co do średniej to sugeruje poczytać o "medianie", średnia ma to do siebie że mocno zniekształca wyniki ... A co do wyników klanu ... to nie moja wina ze ile razy widzę wasz tag okupuje on dół tabelki ... jak już mówiłem mediana może pokazać zgoła inny obraz klanu ...
  2. Arturius_2

    [PMW] Polska Marynarka Wojenna - rekrutacja

    Mam do was gorącą prośbę Zmieńcie nazwę klanu bo źle to wygląda. Ile razy widzę kogoś z tym tagiem to zawsze jakieś głupoty odstawia. Naprawdę możecie się nazywać dowolnie
  3. Arturius_2

    Fix your Bugs

    Collision avoidance is off - it was not even near any island so .. Clean installation no mods
  4. Arturius_2

    Fix your Bugs

    And forum Clapper arrives .... sigh Try to imagine (i know it is hard but really try) you are 9km away from a fletcher .. you shoot you hit, one salvo , second you adjust for his manurers and suddenly your salvo lands like 2km from your ship - is that normal? yeah collision avoidance to explain bugs --- you should try better ...
  5. Arturius_2

    Fix your Bugs

    So maybe they should be doing for what they have been paid for? They are taking money from me so i return i expect working product Not a half &^&^(&)(*%* game like product? How long it took them to even acknowledge that there is an issue wit BB AP on DD's?
  6. Arturius_2

    Fix your Bugs

    So instead of fixing bugs they delete post's - how Russian of them .... Let me restate this: 1st - there is significant issue with PING - it does spike only occasionally but it usually cost you ship/game 2nd - there are more strange things going on - random loss of lock when you dogfight another dd, or for some reason your salvo lands waaay lower then you aimed this is not dispersion it's something else 3rd - ship is randomly being slowed down (PING issue?, Server thinks i'm disconnected?) so until this is fixed no money Dear WG To respond of some commnts No it is not collision issue up to 2 weeks ago everything was working so not my computer i have tested internet connection - so the problem is on WG Have nice day
  7. WG is there a chance that you can create an update without bugs? Just for once? Try it does not hurt really.... This time game stutter no I idea why probably comrades forgot to feed the hamsters?