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  1. Purps99

    Ship XP

    What I do is use the ship until I get enough xp to get the next ship, then I never use that ship again unless for a mission/challenge or event (I also use old ones when it a x2 or x3 xp for first win). This was you don't get too much surplus of xp on an old ship. If you want to sell the ship and use the captain you need to retrain him for the new ship. This costs but you don't need to grind out the captains xp so much. Also note that the higher tier battles give more xp so getting to the higher tier fast is better for getting larger amounts of xp. Don't be in a rush to use flags that give bonus to xp or credits (save them for the higher tier battles for more gain (you will need the reduced repair costs ones at tier 8,9,10)). Plan ahead and work out what level tier ship you want in what time frame and how much money you want to spend on retraining captains etc. If you don't want to spend money then you can simply get a new captain with each new ship and start all over again. If you have the money buying a premium ship is good at the start if you want to "power" level a captain up. And when he is high enough transfer him to your desired ship later on. Some people only play one country that way they use less ships and captains to get to tier 10, but I prefer to use multiple its more fun imho. {TIP OF THE DAY: If you don't need free xp don't spend doubloons converting it. Only convert it as you need it and wait for the offers that give a reduction in rates to convert it (we had one such offer recently)}.
  2. I am looking at the captains level 5 skill; Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament. And have the following question: If I select this it states that Secondary fire ONLY fires at the manually selected target. If this is correct then from what I can work out only half my guns will fire. If I have an enemy on my left and one on my right and I select the target on my left then only the left guns will fire, the right hand side guns will not fire at all. This halves my damage is this correct?
  3. Purps99

    Teamkilling reporting?

    OK, I got a reply from customer services (see below). Basically it says that they penalise TK's in-game and reward (I expect in xp/credits) those that were killed by the TK. This however does not reward the team that lost as a result and lowers my win rate and my credits for winning etc. They also stated that persistent TK's have more severe penalties imposed on them so they don't do it again. (All I can say to this is I don't think it's working well if someone has negative ship kills after 700+ games and are still in game killing teams.) Because it can be the difference between a win and a defeat Team-killers are now handled by an automatic system that takes into account all attacks to allied ships. This tool takes action against team-killers, and compensates those players whose ship has been completely destroyed by an ally. Rest assured that the system always takes the appropriate measures against the team-killer, so that they don't do it again. Also, this tool takes into account if somebody is a team-killer all the time, and the measures taken will become more and more severe.
  4. Purps99

    Teamkilling reporting?

    I saw on my team a pink name and though o great someone who must have accidentally shot a friendly ship last game I best stay away from him. Upon the game starting (they were a dd) they went after our own carrier and then proceeded to go after our cruisers. After the match I looked on their profile to see that they have NEGATIVE 56 ship kills after 701 fights so thought ok this person is a persistent team killer. I went to put in a ticket to ask what can be done about this and to my shock I was met with a barrage of information explaining that they already have a built in system to ban people who persistently team kill. I reworded my ticket so I could ask a generalised question and again was met with the following message; All unsportsmanlike behaviours are to be reported through the in-game reporting feature. I understand that the CS team will not take measures against unsportsmanlike situations. So my question is what in-game reporting feature (is that the Karma system which can be abused for even being uber you get negative karma)? Any how many games must you be a team killer to get a ban (i.e. is the built in system working as intended)?
  5. Purps99

    About Cleveland AA guns and tier V Bogue

    I did my challenge so cant remember if you need to use carrier, if not try a low tier dd and hunt cruisers in that. With regards to planes V Cleveland that's a no brainer....DONT USE PLANES AGAINST A CLEVELAND unless you stack them up. A Clevelands main role in this game is to kill planes. 15 planes attacked me stacked up, I used my fighter plane and AA consumable and kept moving away from them and killed 12 of them. I didn't get attacked by planes again that game.
  6. Purps99

    Todays patch will fix issue with AP pens?

    Sorry had to reply to this one. Hurray someone else that makes the same typo as me "teh" instead of the. I do it all the time (no-idea why so many people do the same typo) seen many people do this one. Back to topic: Rubber banding (not a computer wiz here) is when you get lag spikes. i.e. you jump across the screen. This is not the same as damage output. Missing the targets YES this was my main problem last week as I was rubber banding a lot. If you are getting no citadel hits due to teh games randomness of the shots that might explain the low damage output. But if you normally do say 2000 per hit and now only 1224 then yep that looks like something to look into. Sorry if this looks like a troll I just liked the opening to the post.
  7. Purps99

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    WOW co-incidence or what? Patch = lag then new patch = no lag. But o yes the problem must have been at my end so I managed to fix the lag without doing anything, I must be a god. And thanks for all the replies to tickets saying its our fault. And thanks for not one admin person saying that they are looking in to it or that they found the fault and they are working on it. But hey that's just me being pessimistic and assuming the error was at "their" end. Keep up the good work team!
  8. Purps99

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    Installed the mini patch and WOW no lag anymore. But of course its must be just co-incidence as the lag was obviously at my end and everyone else's end as we were repeatedly told in ticket replies. I am just glad I managed to fix the lag "at my end" without touching a single thing I must be a miracle worker. Ok back to playing the game and catching up on all the lost hours of game play.
  9. Purps99

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    I bow down to your knowledge, I just know how to press the on/off button. So you think its just coincidence it happened at the same time as a patch.
  10. Purps99

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    At last, 15 minutes to get the ticket screen to pop up (hope this is not normal) and posted that they need to look at forums to see the pattern here. Hopefully one of them will look at forums and see that we are all having issues and can't play the game at the moment. Will update you if I get a useful reply or one stating that's its just me and something at my end for me to fix, which seams to be the reply to all the other tickets so far.
  11. Purps99

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    +100 Forums is now as slow as the game. All other web sites/games work perfect just this game and forum.
  12. Purps99

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    Today has been the worst day for me. Since the patch its been very bad but today its totally unplayable. I am spiking more often and for longer. I aim at a ship and as I press fire it shoots to the other side of my screen. (Ping from 30's to 300's)
  13. Purps99

    APR Kongo

    I LOVE PURPLE, so I love the ARP ships. I love squeaky girls talk so happy with that too I do agree though that having Japanese language and not having a tick box to have the option to change it to my language is a bit frustrating. I hear her squeak out something and my heart jumps, I'm quickly looking around for incoming shells or torpedoes when all she is saying is well done we are winning.
  14. Purps99

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    UK and fibre optic here. It's insane (as a dd its game over if I get close to another dd).
  15. Purps99

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    +1. Before patch I never had any issues with the game. Since Patch I crashed to desktop 3 times on the first day (not crashed since). However I have been getting constant lag spikes approx. every 2 to 3 seconds for about 0.2 or 0.3 of a second each time. This has been constant since patch. Most noticeable is when I am playing dd and I am close range to another dd and I need to make every hit count and I keep spiking and then its game over. Long reload time BB's for example it's not as noticeable, but on dd's its kill or be killed fast. In game chat window others are asking the same question so it's not just me, I also rebooted pc, cleared cache, checked ping/speeds/packet loss etc on ping-test sites and my pc is 100% A++ so no issues at my end.