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    Wind, smoke and gimmicky ships

    Okay, seems folk are split about 50:50 between 'like it, would be fun' and 'meh'. Maybe I should have included a poll ;-) I take the point about not having perfect visibility when in smoke. Perhaps it should be limited to having others spot for you, and not having direct line of sight on anything from your own point of view. Thus, DDs couldn't mount unsupported attacks using smoke, and if teams wanted their DDs to help, they'd need to support them with spotting. I'm encouraged by those people who think having wind/currents and ships that drift when the engines go idle is all potentially fun and amusing, whether it's for setting up interesting smoke screen attacks/defences or just the schadenfreude of watching AFK players bobbing about helplessly! Whatever floats your boat! (Or sinks it.) Maybe those players who like the idea will remember it next time they get a survey from WG to fill in! ;-) There's always one of these questions: What's the biggest disadvantage in World of Warships? Answer: no wind! Cheers
  2. SonofaSailor

    Wind, smoke and gimmicky ships

    Disclaimer: I don't play much, anymore, and read the forums even less, so if this has been covered, who ever wrote it didn't use good keywords because my search didn't bring it up. I also like putting stuff in bold for visual interest. I'm a visually interesting kinda guy ;-) One of the reasons I don't play much anymore is because nothing in this game evolves. The play style and tactics change very little. Some ships get buffed, some get nerfed. Big deal. The essential arcade game remains unchanged. For battleships: Angle. Aim. Shoot. Repeat. For cruisers: Angle. Aim. Spam. Repeat. For destroyers: Smoke. Torp. Retreat. Repeat. For carriers: get some therapy, because why are you playing a carrier? ;-) WOWS's problem is that its game play doesn't change, thus it doesn't create added interest, thus they have to resort to gimicky ships like the RN cruisers. Look! A branch of 155mm only cruisers that have less armour than the Russian glass cannons, worse ballistics than an Atlanta, RNG that makes a shot gun look like a precision weapon, and no HE?!?! Of course, I understand why there is no HE on RN cruisers. It's because there are islands and smoke. It's because an RN cruiser could sit motionless inside smoke, or behind an island, and burn everything to death. It would kill gameplay. It would immobilise whole quadrants of the map. It would murder low HP ships and drive everyone else crazy. It would be... shock horror... worse than submarines! So what's the problem? I think there are two closely related factors, here: the ability for ships to sit motionless without drifting, and the ability of smoke to sit motionless without drifting. Basically, both of these things are bollox and if they were fixed, it would add a whole new dimension of more interesting game play, and would help differentiate WOWS from WOTS. When I first started playing I was quite puzzled by ships that would "come to anchor" behind an island, sometimes poke their bow around it, shoot, then go into reverse. WTF? I thought. Is this a tank game or a ship game? Why aren't we all just playing WOTS, instead? But what really bent my brain as a beginner was the fact that smoke didn't move. I've been on this planet for a few years and I've noticed something about smoke: it moves. Especially when there's a breeze. Even when there isn't. Smoke is hot, hot gas is energetic. Energetic particles tend to move about. The other thing I've noticed is that when you're inside smoke, people can't see you and... YOU CAN'T SEE OTHER PEOPLE. But in the game, when you're in smoke you have perfect visibility, everywhere. It's an invisibility cloak. But wait, this isn't Star Trek, either. So how come destroyers have cloaking devices? Now someone will lecture me about how game physics isn't like real physics. But you're missing the point. There are two things WG can do to shake everything up and really develop a separate style of gameplay for WOWS: 1. make ships that are not under power drift. 2. make smoke drift and opaque. After the game starts, wind will blow ships that are not moving. So, that player who is AFK at the start will slowly blow to the map edge, or maybe onto an island, or even right into the middle of a firefight! I think that would be amusing, or maybe I'm just mean ;-) A player who hides behind an island and cuts his engines might drift onto the island if he's forgotten which way the wind is blowing. Or he might drift away from it and lose his cover. He could end up going backwards or sideways or, if he's in a narrow strait between islands, maybe he'll start turning in circles! I think that would be amusing ;-) Wind will blow smoke. Before setting smoke, a player should consider the wind direction. The smoke will travel, slowly, in that direction. So I destroyer will not be able to come to a full stop - he'll have to follow his smoke. He can speed up a bit or slow down a bit so that he can still move around inside the smoke, but if he stops he risks drifting out of it, or it drifting away from him. Better still, when setting a smoke screen to help his team, a destroyer can set it upwind of his team and then let it drift down towards them, so that the team doesn't have to manoeuvre to make use of it. The smoke will come to them. And this is interesting: smoke will drift across a large section of the map, so you might suddenly find yourself with someone's second hand smoke drifting past. Benefits of introducing wind effects and opaque smoke. 1. Introducing wind effects will reward players who maintain situational awareness (a great many still don't have it, even at higher tiers). 2. It'll reward team tactics. 3. It'll punish campers, especially habitual torp ninjas who never do any scouting or fire support or capping or destroyer hunting, and focus all their energy on getting that battleship kill, instead, which is not always the most useful thing a DD can do in the game. And a bit boring, as well. 4. It'll shake up destroyer tactics to the point where WG might feel able to de-nerf some of the ships and torpedoes that they've nerfed in an attempt to balance the game. 5. It'll differentiate WOWS from WOTS - tank tactics just won't work, at all. 6. It'll allow RN cruisers to have HE and become useful. WG are scraping the barrel in the search for something new. They're not going to introduce any new ship types, so every new nationality has to have some kind of gimmick. And no one is impressed. So why not just say, fck it! Let's shake up the whole game! What have we got to lose? We still only get 20k players on a weekend compared to the nearly 100k that play WOTS. And we're still only on version 0.5 so why not have some courage and take a decision and make something that's more stimulating than just another boring shoot-em-up?
  3. I notice the game has been patched. (Nothing gets by me!) Armour models. Nice. And this raises a thought - what are the odds that improved armour modelling now and in the future will result in ships with effective angled belts, which will further result in players not having to do silly and counter-intuitive things like angle the ship bow or stern towards the enemy instead of gaining an advantage by crossing the T, like ALL the naval textbooks and histories show is the best way to win. I don't post very often so someone will probably tell me how stupid I am. C'est la vie. Says more about them than it does me.
  4. SonofaSailor

    Are you having fun in Ranked ?

    This is a good idea. It motivates individuals to work as a team in order to earn personal gain. I will have to remember to put that in the comments section of the next survey.
  5. SonofaSailor

    shoutout to Neighbours map

    I'd like to see more spawns like this. Adds a lot more interest and scope for setting the scene, and potentially a new game mode. Destruction? Fight your way through the enemy team and bombard his home port. Damage points and XP for entering his port zone and hitting important infrastructure targets ashore.
  6. SonofaSailor

    Why is there no colour blind mode ?

    I'm not colour blind myself, but sympathise with those who are. There should definitely be a mode to accommodate players with this difficulty.
  7. SonofaSailor

    British DD on its way in

    Carriers were good. Operating practices differed from USN and IJN in terms of aircraft storage and handling, partly a restriction created by having an armoured deck. But the armour proved its value many times during the war, and no carrier built since has had a soft deck. BBs were good, too, if looked at objectively. WWI era ships were top line. Iron Duke and the spinoffs could take anything afloat. WWII King George Vs were a very good basic design handicapped by the decision to reduce freeboard forward for shooting over the bows - it was thought this would be necessary but turned out it wasn't. And their 10 x 14" gave them a heavier total broadside than many other 14" and 15" gunned ships. If this game was about building empires and protecting them, then British cruisers would rule. British 8" guns on the interwar ships were excellent. Apples and oranges. In this game, I predict most British ships will suffer because this is an arcade game/boxing ring, not a naval warfare simulator. For instance, if and when the French line is created and Fantastique turns up, it will be able to do its 48 knots in exactly the same water as other destroyers. But in reality the fast French and Italian ships were only suited to the Med and couldn't survive in the Atlantic or Pacific, where US and British destroyers could not only sail but fight, as well. This game should include weather effects and sea states, then it would really get interesting. Personally, I shall rule every map in my alphabet class destroyers when they get here! 8 x 533mm torpedoes for everyone! (Pointy end first.) Anything from either the L or V classes will do.
  8. SonofaSailor

    Myoko or Yorck?

    Funny thing is that I liked the Furutaka and did well with it, but am fairly cool with the Aoba... and yet the Aoba is supposed to fix the Furutaka's shortcomings! Maybe it was the tiers that Furutaka is matched against. Mind you, I've played a lot of destroyers in the last few weeks, and in the Aoba I'm noticing that I'm getting focused a lot. Perhaps it's me.. Need to re-adjust to big ship gameplay. What turned me off the most about the Cleveland was the firing arcs. What I hear a lot about the Yorck is the firing arcs, which didn't fill me with warm fuzzies. I wondered if anything had changed after the last patch, but from what folks have said here, it seems not.
  9. SonofaSailor

    Myoko or Yorck?

    Thanks guys, I guess that answers my question! I like the Nurn, but will work with the Aoba (and maybe some free xp) to get the Myoko. Then I can have a go in team games! Otherwise, I probably wouldn't bother. Cheers
  10. SonofaSailor

    Myoko or Yorck?

    As one of the few people who don't like the Cleveland, I sold it and focused on IJN and German cruisers, instead. Now I'm considering which Tier 7 to go for, first. But, of course, we're post-patch and most of the forum posts and reddit discussions are now out of date. My problem is that I like the Nurn more than the Aoba, even though I do like the Aoba's sniper rifles. So, how is the Yorck playing just now? Did the Myoko suffer any nerfs?
  11. Dear WarGaming... Please can I have the following two changes in the next patch? 1. A semi-transparent mini-map. I am currently running Aslain's mods. I'm only using two in-game mods. One is the semi-transparent mini-map. I have the map expanded almost full size for clarity. Sometimes, when leading fast targets like DDs, the target disappears behind the map! The semi-transparent map has solved this problem. It seems like a very simple, yet effective option. Having tested it with a mod, I highly recommend it! 2. Listing a players ship type in brackets next to their name in the game chat window. This is the other in-game mod I'm running. I find it really helps to figure out who is talking, where they are and what they're doing without having to hit tab and check the teams list, or to scan around the game looking for that player's name. If a BB shouts for help, and his ship type is listed beside his name, I can glance at the mini-map and quickly guess which BB is in trouble. It also helps in talking tactics during the game. In fact, it helps in many, many ways. I can't see why it isn't included as part of the game, itself! So, can we have that in the next patch, too? Two little changes that would noticeably improve the way things work. I know I've already got the benefit of them with mods, but I think they would improve the game for everyone, especially the chat mod. 2.a. There is also a mod in Aslain's pack to list ship types on the mini-map. I tried this mod, but it also showed things like detection ranges and lines of sight and this made the map too cluttered. But an option to show the ship type next to the icon would also be very good - I suspect it would only work when the mini-map was expanded. If contracted to it's smallest size, I suspect the map would be too cluttered. Perhaps this function could be bound to a key so that it could be turned on and off in-game? That way, if there were a lot of ships in one place, or close to islands, and the player couldn't clearly see them on the mini-map because of the names, he could temporarily deactivate them for a clearer view. Cheers
  12. SonofaSailor

    Mutiny Worth 600 Doubloons?

    Pay to throw out the boss? That's not so much mutiny as a workers strike! Do we get to elect a Union Rep? How much gold do we pay for a our union subs? Is there a working mens drinking club? If we make up our own protest placards can we claim the costs back? Does union membership come with health insurance and legal aid? Is there a newsletter?
  13. I agree that this focuses mostly on mid-tiers because that was the intent. Mid-tier is where most players get and not many want to go beyond.
  14. The idea is to improve CV interaction with their team by giving them more ways to contribute to what the team is doing (scouting, using fighters to attack ships, zombie last stand) rather than just having a carrier battle on the map edge.