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  1. Crystal_Unit

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    I just played first round today and got burned by 2 Smolensk again in 1 Minute it is just not fun anymore…. makes me want to Play more …..
  2. Crystal_Unit

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    true ! Smolensk is not rly a competetive ship but a Nightmare for BBs ^^
  3. I personally made only bad Encounters as in like getting burned to hell in 1 Minute with me trying to get something done in my Yamato I have read some Posts on Smolensk and some say that you Need to watch out for BBs in Smolensk at 10-12 km but angled in smoke? then you Need to blindfire in smoke get some overpens and wait for almost 30 seconds to give it a second try… in this time you cant get near because of the torps and you cant flee because HE shits on angles. In a bad case you cant even turn because Incoming BB Shells are waiting for you to Show broadside. MY Fazit is when you are in a BB cought against a Smolensk on 10-16km you just get crap on if you cant turn around and flee and that is not an exeption …. at least in my case i dont know About you guys but i think this should for the sake of all passionate BB Players be deleted and Cole refounded. If you like it tell me why please and if not also i just want YOUR opionion on this matter. I have only 4020 played battles but i was never so frustrated like in this current Tier 10 meta that makes me say i want the ''old times'' back