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  1. Runegrem

    Old but still working bonuscode

    Sweet! It worked. Thankee!
  2. Runegrem

    RL for Destroyers.

    Actually, during ranked RL works quite well for the Kebab. You'll have to sacrifice some combat strength for it, but it does help when there's fewer ships around and you can't always rely on others doing the spotting for you. It can make you a very scary DD hunter. For randoms though, eh, I'd rather have more fighting power. In general though, pick it if you think you can afford it. It's good, especially if you know how to use it, but not crucial.
  3. Runegrem

    What is ?

    You do get XP for capping, yes, but it's maybe the fourth best way to earn it after damage, damage and more damage.
  4. Runegrem

    How many selected you as target?

    Good luck! Try not to die!
  5. Runegrem

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery, please and thank you.
  6. I tend to not use the ignore list, I usually just ignore ignorable posts anyway. And sometimes, those posts can be funny. As far as I know, it's a limit of all of the reactions. And I've run out of them using likes one time, but I rarely use them normally.
  7. Well, anyone who's read and remembered more than three of my posts would probably know which ship I'd pick. Clearly the Emerald. Or perhaps the Kebab. It's one or the other. Or both, because I'm a rebel like that.
  8. Runegrem

    How many selected you as target?

    I usually don't fire to increase my spotting range, I just start turning as soon as I get spotted and hit the spoodbeest when the PT numbers get higher. What usually spots you in the beginning is almost always other DDs, and none of them are at an advantage against a Kebab that starts to kite at 9.7km. Aggressive Kebab starts have netted me the full 12. At least I'm fairly confident I've seen that number. But yeah, since you're the first one spotted everyone just target you more or less automatically, even if they don't have a fair shot.
  9. Runegrem

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    What's the Irian like?
  10. Runegrem

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I did not say that playing radar ships is easy. I said that radar is a powerful tool. That does not necessarily mean the ships themselves are easy to play; they are cruisers after all (Missouri not counted). But the thing is, you chose to focus on that little comment, which I used as one of the arguments for why there are so many radar ships about. The funny thing about that is that it doesn't actually matter how powerful radar is for that argument to work; players just have to believe it's powerful. And you can just take a glance at the rest of the forum to confirm that yes, a lot of players do think that. In essense, you decided to play the ad hominem card on a part of an argument that wasn't even important. Good job. You also conveniently skipped that I do well enough in the other three radar ships I have (not counting Edinburgh for obvious reasons). I've also earlier talked about why I don't do so well in some ships and how radar fits into that. See, I know that radar is very powerful, so I want to use that tool. And I do. I go up, radar some DD and get him killed. But ships like Donskoi and Moskva aren't really suitable for such aggressive play, so I take a lot of fire and exchanging a radar ship for a DD doesn't always work out that well. It's kinda like how you see a perceived weakness, and so you lunge in with an ad hominem instead of using proper arguments, despite it not being the optimal choice.
  11. Runegrem

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Really? What stops you from using proper arguments of an acceptable level then? If you want to argue at all, then do that without stat shaming. If you can not, then do not try to think you have a point.
  12. Runegrem

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Then it's good that it'd work out well for DD vs cruiser balance as well. The extra pen is not a problem for other DDs; the DPM is though. Not, it's not. DDs aren't in any way universal. They're the least played type other than CVs. The US cruisers are good at hiding behind islands with their high shell arcs and the RU ones are good at long distance open water combat (like the radar-less heavy cruisers) with the Moskva even able to bowtank Yamato shells. The rise of radar ships is mostly because there have been more released lately and players find the Wooster to be very strong, which makes them grind for it, which means more US light cruisers in play. Also, radar is very powerful. Players like having powerful tools, so they play the ships that has them. Som why do cruisers have better survivability and do more damage than DDs then? Not to mention AA capability. There' no contest there. Listening to you it seems the main reason radar can't go away is that players would whine too much. Not implying you're whining, just that you seem to put so much emphasis on whining being a major factor behind WGs decisions. And you better believe there would be whining if radar got gone.
  13. Runegrem

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Well, "supposed to be". DDs don't actually kill BBs. BBs kill BBs. When I play cruisers I find that having more cruisers is always nice, since that means the BBs have more targets that isn't you. Otherwise, I think the most important part of how I want the line-up to be is to have fewer BBs.
  14. Runegrem

    Idea how to waste less time in collecting containers

    Sorry for being lazy, but I don't feel like watching that right now. Is it possible you could give some tl:dw on that?