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  1. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    I had a similar experience the first time I played through the line way back when I started playing. The Omaha I've mostly forgotten and I found the Cleveland unimpressive. The Pepsi on the other hand, I liked. Fragile and crap concealment (this was before the buff) but great guns with shell arcs I could hit things with. But then when Operations were implemented I wanted a good tier 6 ship for them, so I rebought the Cleveland and put my Seagull captain on her. She's a great fun HE and AA platform now that I've learned how to handle the rainbow arcs. And the AP shouldn't get underestimated on broadside ships. I haven't played the Omaha again, but I do have the Murmansk which is the same class and I like playing her.
  2. Implying she isn't glorious. I don't have much experience in the Gaede yet, but in my 22 games in her I have only 2 losses. Take from that what will.
  3. What is this travesty? Now the gunboat Shimakaze has stealthier torps than even the supreme torpedo boat Kebab. That can't be right.
  4. Wait, there's been 37 replies in this thread an no one has mentioned the Kebab? It feels like I constantly hear people say it's overpowered. Or is it just that the players who've actually played it don't consider it is? It's not the most common ship after all. Personally though, I think the silver ships are fairly well balanced overall. There's some power creep, but I don't think it's something overly serious. It's some of the premium ships that break the balance.
  5. Is Khabarovsk fun to play as Minotaur is?

    Getting a nice torpedo salvo in on a BB or cruiser is absolutely worth letting the guns rest for a minute or two. Also, if you see a BB having his guns away from you while heading your direction you can rush him if you're close enough already. BB guns take a while to turn and you can usually tank at least one salvo and survive well. Also, if you're really lucky, you can bounce some shots, even from a Yamato.
  6. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    So you're better in the Benson than the Loyang, that's all your stats say. If she's as weak as you say, if she's so utterly horrible at carrying, if the ranked meta disfavours her so, then why is the Loyang clearly the strongest ship in ranked?
  7. Is Khabarovsk fun to play as Minotaur is?

    If you've ever learned how to use RU DD torps, then Kebab torps are nothing new. They're actually pretty good for ambushes. They're slow, but they hit hard and are the stealthiest torps in the game. There's about three times where I don't shoot constantly. If I'm stealthing for a sneak attack, possible even with 10km detection radius. If I've scared away all ships from a cap and want to cap. If I've run out of targets. I played through the line when they still had turrets made out of paper and you were lucky to end a match without 33-50% of your firepower gone. Aside from that I liked them. The Udaloi was always the odd duck out. Before the split she was the only one capable of any kind of stealth, and now in the alternate line, she's the one that sucks at stealth. The Kebab probably has one of the most unique playstyles of all ships. She's not quite a DD and she's not quite a cruiser. You drive around picking fights with almost anyone you see, weaving around shells and torpedoes with little care. It's fun. If you have help with spotting, you can take a cap from any other DD, but otherwise capping is hard. Well, if a Shima has expended her torps you can just charge. But beware of enemy backup. And if you do get in over your head, the Kebab is one of the best ships at getting out of trouble thanks to her speed and health.
  8. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    So it's a case where you're severely outnumbered. There's no way that's relevant to an argument about balance.
  9. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    Ah, so that's where you got those numbers. Well, it's always possible that a Loyang makes such a severe misplay. Don't count on it though. Can't really play her in ranked since one, ranked is over; two, I don't have one. The only limited experience I have in hydro DDs is 19 games in the Gaede. I have 89% winrate in that ship. Not that I claim any kind of statistical significance in that.
  10. Maptrick doesnt work anymore?

    There's no need to get personal, especially since I've already said that I don't think it's right to have mods like that. Oh, and my solo winrate is at 57.23% while yours is at 50.66%. Who should improve to whose level now again? WG allows it, so it's not a cheat. That said, WG isn't really known for wanting fairness in their games. So it's still unfair for people not using mods.
  11. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    Loyang can easily cap against a Benson. The Loyang has 80% of the firepower and 95% of the health of a Benson. Add to that that since the Loyang is at a slight disadvantage she will probably run away. Kiting gives you an advantage in a fight, especially with those shell arcs. So no, the Benson can't easily kill the Loyang. So the Loyang trades a small bit of brawling capability for a massive information advantage. Also, "3-4 minutes"? Where did you get those numbers? Loyang has the same smoke as the Benson which is up for 124s and the reload is at 160s, so that's 36s without smoke. Hydro reloads in 120s. Your Kiev vs. Benson argument is simply wrong becaues long range fighting is the Kiev's strong point and for gun duels, the Benson's weak point. Simply lower the range of the hydro so that at the very least she can't outhydro all DDs and all cruisers but the one that specialises in strong hydro.
  12. Maptrick doesnt work anymore?

    I'm fairly certain I said a mod can be allowed or disallowed. If it's disallowed it's also a cheat. Usually doesn't mean always. The first lines of the page you linked to. It clearly states that cheating is subverting the rules and what is considered cheating is a matter of game policy or consensus. In this case WG has allowed the minimap X in their official modpack. So it's clear they don't consider it cheating. This makes it not a cheat.
  13. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    But a Benson fighting a Loyang with guns is using his strongest point, not his weakest. There's a clear difference. I'm going to assume SE since we're talking competent players. And a one-hit-kill is significant from a non-one-hit-kill. An IJN DD can still work well when almost dead. A Benson, less so. At any rate your torps are stronger. And your concealment is better, so you'll always have first strike.
  14. Maptrick doesnt work anymore?

    Ah, okay then. Mod is short for modification. So logic says that any modification to a game is a mod. BOCTAOE. Didn't think I had to specify that yes, it's still cheating even if you don't get caught.
  15. Maptrick doesnt work anymore?

    Yes, it's a basic skill after all, so there's not much skill in it. Using weird and/or unintended quirks of the UI might be considered exploits, but that doesn't mean they're not skills as well. So please don't think I meant that it wasn't a skill. Then I think we're using different definitions of the words. In my view a cheat is something that's officially disallowed. A mod is just something that changes something about the game, no matter if it's allowed or not. Whether something gives you an advantage or not is irrelevant.