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  1. Eh, I'm not really that surprised. After all, when you face a ship you mostly only think about how dangerous it can be to you. And the Atlanta can be really powerful in the right circumstances. What's not as noticeable from an outside perspective is how limited and fragile some ships can be; the Atlanta being a prime example. Disclaimer: I do not own an Atlanta.
  2. "Can". Thing is, many players are very reluctant to stop shooting at a target like that. It takes a long time for a DD to shoot down a Des Moines though, so you'd expect them to have time to learn.
  3. The Des Moines is probably the worst CA at taking out Russian DDs though. They have a hard time hitting small fast targets at over 10km which is the preferred engagement range for RU DDs.
  4. When a new line is released the queueueue tends to be so full of ships of that class so I tend to avoid them since I prefer playing over waiting in queueueu to play the new ships. And if those new ships are BBs, cruisers tend to be less fun, so I avoid them. Other classes don't have nearly the same effect on for any class for me. As for these new DDs... Not sure. We'll see. If I actually start playing again that is.
  5. There's no reason to sail in straight lines just because you sail by map. In fact, I think sailing by map makes it easier to keep track of where you are while you dodge, weave and pew pew.
  6. I actually navigate by minimap quite often. And I don't play CVs. It's usually good enough if you aren't hugging islands. The only problem with that is that some small islands aren't shown all that clearly on the minimap and some are hidden behind other stuff on it.
  7. Lessee... when I feel like derping around it's nice to cruise around in the Tachibana, Aurora or the much maligned Emerald. For more serious matches I enjoy the Kamikaze R, Leningrad, North Carolina or the much feared Kebab that can cruise around, picking fights with impunity.
  8. I like ocean. Is most hysterically accurat and balance map.
  9. I've only heard that torpedo protection is dependent on the ship you use. So it tends to be higher on higher tier ships, just like armour, health and general firepower. Also; yeah, higher tier ships don't need the extra fire chance and protection vs. lower tier ships. Also also, doesn't AA effectiveness work the same? That should probably be looked as as well since now it seems that CVs are on the World of Tanks level of tier dependence. And we don't like that.
  10. That's a point. I don't really check everything before every battle either. I mostly just kinda assume I have the stuff I want on the ship on already. So yeah, sometimes things get left behind in port. It's not that big of a deal.
  11. I don't have any tier 10 cruiser, unless you count the Kebab, but aren't they fairly well balanced if you only compare between the cruisers?
  12. Starting on maybe tier 4 or 5 I tend to use camo and some premium consumables since I feel they pay their own cost. Modules and captain skills I get along the way. I even started playing my newly bought stock North Carolina in the last tier 8 ranked. Didn't even play it in randoms until ranked was over. I think I did fairly well in it, but it's a good ship, even stock.
  13. Then I don't get you at all. Herpaderping is always fun. No exceptions. Though really, I think I play mostly like that as well, it's the Kebab style after all. But I tend to go closer to caps since there tends to be more excitement there. And if I'm really bored I try to sneak some surprise close range torps in. The new short ranged ones are really good if you can get within range. They're the stealthiest torps in the game by far. Also, I'd get the Grozovoi, it seems like fun, but I don't have the moneys. The Udaloi is fun though. Especially if you can surprise another ship head to head since the Udaloi's left and right torps have crazy forward angles.
  14. What's so boring about it? How do you play it?
  15. My most played class is RU DDs and I've never really had any problems with getting reported, at all really. Sure, there are some people who will report anyone who dares to kill them, but those are rare in my experience. If you don't think the Kebab can play objectives or have an impact in matches you're probably playing it wrong. I tend to play it as a close support ships for my capping DD allies. It's really good at that since you can get closer than ships with citadels and outgun anyone without. Of course, that gets hard if you don't have any allied DDs. Late game you can go for caps yourself.