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  1. Just played a battle which has only 4 players

    Yes. The English language and the people who use it is kinda weird in this. "Morning" according to some (including Dictionary.com) covers everything between midnight and noon. This is not helpful. My guess is also the CV player. Though I have seen these kinds of matches withoutn any CVs. But the general rule in WoWs is, when in doubt, blame the CV. Eh, I think matches can be pretty fun even at some 5-7 player per team. It's 7 in ranked after all. Though some game mode and map also has an effect on how fun it'll be.
  2. Please Restrict Destroyers

    Honestly, I'd rather have some Operations where DDs are the best choice, or even the only choice since they get so little use in the mode. As for how DDs actually work now in Ops: they seem to work decently if the player is good, but they always feel like the suboptimal choice. Not sure about limiting them.
  3. T8+ BB aim

    I found the Iowa to be decent enough but not really interesting and I had this weird habit of getting destroyed though the nose. The Montana on the other hand is more fun. She feels more tanky and she's got an extra turret at the back. The guns also seem to have higher arcs, which makes it easier to lob them over islands at range. I only played the Iowa until I got the Montana. I got the Missouri halfway there though, and that ship is still fun to play since you've got some yolo power with the radar.
  4. Soo, since the damage you can heal 100% is called light damage, then ramming damage is light damage?
  5. Just played a battle which has only 4 players

    Not everyone knows how MM works when there are few players online, so reduce the ridicule, please.
  6. Can't you repair half of normal penetration damage (HE and AP) or have I been playing too much Kebab and DD heals work differently? Also, how much of overpen damage can you repair?
  7. What is this [edited]?

    If it's nothing more than a DD or two with some cruisers or BBs at longer range the thing Kebab needs help with the most tends to be spotting. But going for initial caps first isn't the smartest thing to do in the Kebab. Better hang just behind one of your friendly DDs and shoot at anything she spots. That usually makes enemy DDs go away, one way or another.
  8. This is getting out of hand

    Honestly, I don't know, but there's a fairly common contender people like to bring up.
  9. Mockery

    Funny, but I'm sure there's some other reason.
  10. Mockery

    Why does this thread make me wanna mention football?
  11. This is getting out of hand

    Simply put, I don't believe you. I have days where the worst thing I hear is someone saying the team is bad one or two times, if even that, over a dozen games or so. Last time I personally got yelled at, shot at by my teammates or called anything offensive was... this time I got carelessly team-torped by some US DD hiding some 7km behind my Kebab (which means I'm a complete noob for not looking behind me while actively fighting half a dozen enemies ), and that was weeks ago. Also, WoT has not, nor has not ever had, the most toxic community in the industry.
  12. What is this [edited]?

    Kebab casts Aggrovate, it's very effective. See, this is why Kebab is a great team player. Sure, she's good at damage farming, but it's also very good at tanking and supporting.
  13. No, sadly you can't prevent MM to put you in matches with specific players. Or luckily, because savvy players would exploit that in a heartbeat. Also, @EdiJo, if someone deliberately rams you for half the game he's griefing, so send in a ticket with replay to support. They might do something, they might not, but it's worth a shot.
  14. Tanking Damage - how much have you achieved

    I usually get at least 200k in my Montana. Sometimes I even get as much as FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND. It's okay to praise me now.
  15. No comment...

    That kind of depends on what kind of cruiser it is. The US and UK ones have such lazy shell arcs that they aren't too much of a threat at range with the UK ones also uselessly bouncing a lot of their shells against your armour. RU, IJN and KM ones are more dangerous to various degrees. But in general yeah, you can't just indiscriminately shoot everything that moves all the time anymore, just most of the time. Also, you should really find some Italian players and sink them with that badge you've got.