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  1. 5400 BASE exp

    I'm not really sure what you think I'm arguing, nor am I sure what you're actually arguing. Why would I bring up another game? I first brought that old game up to start a debate about what the game counts as base xp for missions requiring a certain amount of base xp. Since according to the old rules that game would've completed the mission by itself. I just didn't know if that had changed since then, which you later said it had. Also, I've kept screenshots and replays of all kinds of interesting games since I started having replays enabled. I just never deleted them when new updates made them not work anymore.
  2. 5400 BASE exp

    Like has been mentioned the old economy was more generous. I think this game was from just over two years ago. Look, good old Bucky.
  3. 5400 BASE exp

    That I know. The game I mentioned has just over 4k on that screen. Then they changed that during that big economy change. Like I said before, I didn't keep track of if they changed it or not.
  4. 5400 BASE exp

    It's not what we call base XP, but it is what the game counts as base XP for missions and stuff. So who's to say which the correct definition is?
  5. 5400 BASE exp

    I'm not sure the game didn't actually count that as base XP back then. They might have changed that when they revamped the economy. Also, since premium gives 50% bonus that was a 4k game. Want the screenshot? Edit: Actually, back then it did count it as base XP for missions and official stats, which is why XP is a horrible stat for comparing skill.
  6. Less is sometimes more, as the saying goes...

    Why have you singled out Ocean? It's not the most hated map. Quite a few players like it. I think Okinawa and Mountain Range are less liked for example. "None" is an option that always should be in polls like these, but adding the extra stuff there is making it a loaded option. Some stuff you can deal with just fine, but they're just making the game more boring, which is what the poll seems to be about.
  7. 5400 BASE exp

    Well... Disclaimer: May or may not have been done with the old economy, and possibly with the premium bonus counted in.
  8. Ocean

    Ocean is stronkest map. It is the proof of the glorious victory of the motherland over the sneaky capitalist islands. Fast and loud, comrade. Fast and loud.
  9. Petition to either remove or nerf radar.

    According to Wikipedia the actual Tashkent was slightly larger than the tier 4 Yuubari and slightly smaller than the tier 3 Tenryu, so sizes aren't exactly tier based. But yeah, up at high tiers there's no cruiser as small as the Kebab, just better concealed, and even that's just because of the Kebab standard build. So, they only have one BB in the team, and that BB has the lowest concealment. Does that mean the BB should do the capping?
  10. Sure, they die because they're stupid. But radar only makes that death come so much quicker. And you don't need to be as bad as that Shima to die quickly to radar. He seems to have the skill level of an A1 BB. I'm not sure much of anything affect players that bad too much; they might as well be afk and it dosen't matter much which ship they're playing. The problem is that the ones who could actually do something useful if they didn't instantly died to radar are also dying quickly.
  11. Petition to either remove or nerf radar.

    I have. Are we really debating on the level where I have to add, "I think", "in my opinion" or "in my experience" before every thing I say if I don't want you to accuse me of claiming everything I say is an undisputed fact? Honestly, I don't know much more about CW than what's allowed, which is why I reacted when you said that a cruiser could take the spotting role of a DD and do it better. Or is it just that spotting isn't all that important other than a few circumstances where you need to dislodge a cruiser from his island? Yeah, since RN CLs depend on their smoke WG can no longer do a serious all-encompassing smoke nerf without severely crippling the line. WG seems adept at digging holes they can't dig themselves out of.
  12. So why is every radar defender who actually plays DDs so quick to say that they don't have any problems with radar, only noobs do? Clearly radar isn't good at countering good players. It's doesn't balance skill between DD players, it unbalances skill between them. Good players aren't that bothered while less good players die quicker. That's clearly not true. A cursory glance at the forums tells me DDs perform markedly worse now that there are more radars in the game.
  13. Petition to either remove or nerf radar.

    You say that as if that'd be a bad thing?
  14. Petition to either remove or nerf radar.

    So, you're no better than the ones who seriously call CVs [edited], got it. You could argue it, but you'd be wrong. If there are no DDs then other ships will have to take those empty roles. Unlike with BBs. If there are no BBs then no one takes the role of the A line camper. I don't think spotting mechanics work differently in CW. Yeah. That's where WG made a huge mistake. Instead of nerfing smoke to get rid of the smoke meta they added radar. Didn't work. So they nerfed smoke shooting. That worked, a bit.
  15. Petition to either remove or nerf radar.

    Can you at least pretend you respect DDs as a class? Calling someone a coward for using what is in many cases necessary survival strategies is kinda petty. If so many players have problems with radar, then just maybe the problem lies with radar. Game design logic says that if players don't play the game the way you want them to then the problem lies with the game, not the players. That's because there's some truth to it. Radar makes it harder for DDs to advance and players in general don't want to advance ahead of the team's DDs. So no one advances in a lot of cases. And lots of BBs make the game campier because they can delete anyone who dares to advance. Radar makes it harder for DDs to get at the BBs, so BB meta it is. Spotting is supposed to be one of DDs main jobs. And now cruisers are better at it. Gut balans, comrade. I disagree. Smoke should primarily be an escape tool. Problem is that it lasts too long, so players use them to sit and camp in instead.