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  1. Runegrem

    WG should reduce Yamato's citadel

    Not usually one to use any kind of realism or historical accuracy as arguments but honestly, the Yamato is the only real life actual battleship at T10 in the game. All other BBs should be balanced after her, not the other way around.
  2. The game doesn't know who is at fault in a friendly ramming situation, so it holds both responsible. I'm fairly certain it's not easy to program the game to accurately recognise who's at fault and absolutely certain it's beyond WG's competence. That said, I've heard that just ramming friendlies doesn't cause any penalties beyond a few credits and xp in the results screen. Players have also reported (with video) getting rid of pink status in games where they rammed friendlies. So I'm not sure what's actually true.
  3. Runegrem

    Memorial Marathon Codes

    Sweet! Thanks!
  4. Runegrem

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    For me it's less about quitting the game and more not playing that much because there are other things to do. I've got a bunch of games on my to-do list and they aren't gonna play themselves. As far as other players in WoWs I'd have to say that while they aren't the brightest bunch they're fairly agreeable compared to most online PvP games I've seen. Sure, there's rage in chat and general wangrods on occasion, but most are actually quite polite.
  5. Runegrem

    Can we get rid of the map Island of Ice already?

    Islands of Ice really isn't the worst map in the game. It has a few problems, but It's above average as far as map go. The main problem is that the mountain range between the B and C caps is a bit high. Another problem is that the oldest or second oldest (I don't remember) version of this map was one of the most fun maps in the game. Ocean is good. The worst map in the game is Northern Lights, followed by North.
  6. Runegrem

    Split Servers!! CV/U-boats

    The difference being that one is about grievances about things that actually happens, while the other is about imaginary things. Also, players of all ship types say that CVs are broken, including CV players. I'm going to answer that with all the eloquence and grace it deserves: no u
  7. Runegrem

    Can we have more reports per day?

    What does the blocked list actually do? I never use that kind of thing in games.
  8. Runegrem

    Split Servers!! CV/U-boats

    How do DDs make like hell for BBs? It can't be about spotting, because a BB that's shooting is spotted by anyone within LoS. It also can't be about damage, because the ship type that does the most damage against BBs is other BBs. So what is it? Do they make the game too scary because they're the "unknown" which, to be fair, is a traditionally scary thing.
  9. Runegrem

    DDs where has the love gone?

    Not good enough reason. It doesn't answers the issues about how to best learn the meta of your chosen tier.
  10. Runegrem

    DDs where has the love gone?

    So, if you don't understand the T8 meta, why should you be allowed to play T6 DDs? Or BBs? The best way to learn how the meta works at a certain tier for a certain type is to play that type at that tier. Playing other types is inferior. Of course, I'm of the opinion that a decent person shouldn't play CVs at all.
  11. Runegrem

    DDs where has the love gone?

    The thing is that without the CVs and radars we wouldn't have the current meta. Two T10 ship types required to play a T8 one? That sounds all kinds of bad. Now, CVs are broken beyond all sense, but I'm categorically against the idea that you should have to play a ship type you don't like to be able to play the one you do like. Obviously not counting the low tier unlocking of ship types. Also, having skill based advancement sounds good, but I'm not sure it is. We did have coastal artillery. Remember Bastion mode? Everyone loved that.
  12. Runegrem

    DDs where has the love gone?

    I don't think the problem is that CVs are too easy to master, it's that it's too easy to be good enough to ruin the other players' day. And that being bad at CVs usually means you're ineffective, whereas with other classes playing badly usually means you're sunk (unless you're a border licker).
  13. Runegrem

    ROFLstomp in Progress: What do you do?

    Eh. If a game seems really lost I quickly analyse where the enemy's weakest spot is and yolo there. Sometimes I can turn the tide, sometimes not. But at the very least I'll take down someone with me. Brawling has always been my strong point though; tactics, not so much. Sure, sometimes the enemy's strongest point is where I'm at and I can't get at their weak spot, but then I just bunker down, wait for an opening, then execute plan yolo. And yes, sometimes I do actually wait patiently for the enemy to get greedy, but patience is boring and in many cases about as rewarding as the yolo tactic in terms of xp and credits. But might just be for me.
  14. Runegrem

    Tanking isn't worth it

    High tier BBs are completely worth it. Neither cruisers nor DDs do more damage to BBs than other BBs do. DDs have nothing to do with BBs staying back, they're just the excuse. The real reason you can't go too aggressively in BBs is that it puts you at risk of getting into a crossfire of other BBs. That will kill you faster more reliably than just about anything else.
  15. Runegrem

    DDs where has the love gone?

    Thank you for confirming my statement. But I'm not sure what the score screen of a single game has to do with how things are in general. Unless it was just you making a joke. But, eh, not my type of humour at the moment.