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  1. Carmignac

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi, i would like to enter the raffle 1. Sharnhost 2. De Grasse 3. Doubloons cheers!!
  2. Carmignac

    Graf Zeppelin

    Beautiful ship. But seriously, WG, now realese the RN Roma. You have to, and you know it.
  3. Carmignac

    Baltimore & Iowa hull A not saleable

    Good day everybody, ​Recently I noticed that is impossible to sell in game the Hull A of Baltimore and Iowa (Screenshots are attached). Is it a common issue? ​Thanks!
  4. Carmignac

    Public Test Update - 31/01/2017

    And kids, that's why WG don't listen to forums
  5. Carmignac

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    I honestly think that HE should be a little reworked in the mechanics of starting random fires. I know that citadels is fairly big in comparison to superstructures (arguably in certain ships) but if you angle you can avoid AP pen. There is no angle against HE and fires. That's the issue: HE is usable everytime, while AP not. Its outcome can vary, but you can do damage and start fires. I honestly think that the mechanics of fires should be reworked to be more realistic, not very much but that minimum to incentive the brawling. I totally agree that the real problem is the current meta of camping at long range with every single player afraid to push or support DDs and CA/CLs contesting caps. And also the really bad economy and gameplay for CVs. More CVs would probably benefit the teamplay and the aggressive meta since going solo could be easily result in be deleted by airstrikes. Also, more CVs would mean more sense in using cruisers. At the current stage BBs are a "jack of all uses".
  6. Carmignac

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    ThinderChief, the problem of fires and HE could be solved if Fires had the same mechanics of the Citadels for the AP. Basically if you want to set on fire a ship you have to hit and pen with HE specific points of the superstructure. Now, it's like every single AP that hits you was a citadel ... BBs would have much larger areas that can start a fire (highlighted in the armor scheme), CA/CLs and DDs a littler one. As it is now, a random shot that scratches your superstructure can set a fire, which is silly.
  7. Carmignac

    New Commander skills.

    RDF is only one aspect of the problems with the new commander skills tree. Probably it's the biggest and most evident issue, but there's even more. Fire Prevention has passed from irrilevant to broken. I think it does not need a PhD in Math to know that it's the equation with which the game calculates the chance of fires that is broken rather than the skills itself. If Fire Prevention would work as DE, it would be fine, let's say it would become the exact opponent to DE (-3% chance of fire). Priority Target is another skill that should be removed. As Situation Awarness. No more passive information from the game that makes solo playing more viable. Incoming Fire Alert is something that i could accept (it could simulate the crew of the ships spotting incoming fire, which si already coming). And again, buff the CV play. I said that as a cruiser captain. Introduce skills that can actually be useful for CVs (and not that garbage that has come to our hands) and, in general, debuff a bit the AA on ships that are supposed to be countered by CVs. With the current patch German BB would have access to Manual Secondaries, Manual AA and AFT becoming monster on brawiling and in AA. That is not acceptable in a game where it's said that it uses rock-paper-scissor logic. German BBs would become a sort of a Swiss-Army-Knifed Boat. Considering that German BBs at high tier have access to one more consumable than the other BB tree, Hydro, well, you can easily understand why they are so popular in game. I don't know what Devs tought in designing the German BB "oh they can't be citadelled but they have poor torpedo protection, let's give them german hydro! And F***K LOGIC". Please, rethink all this aspects. And improve and reward team plays instead of BBabies play.
  8. Carmignac

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Hello everybody, Premise: I am not currently partecipate at the Public Test of the current patch, but since I have gathered a lot of informations from many reviews of this new commander skills, I'll give my opinion about them. So, let's start. Priority Target Arcade, absolutly arcade. The current game gives even now too much passive informations to the player and that encourages selfish and solo play styles. Knowing if you are detected and if someone is aiming at you will make people play more and more for themselves like DDs that run for CVs instead of supporting the team, CA/CL that run insane concealment that goes solo realying on not being spotted instead of supporting with their rapid fire (as they are supposed to be). Remove these informations and probably people will more often try to stay together and support each other. Direction Center for Catapult-Launched Aircraft Good, it makes the fighter consumable more usable. But, OMG, Tier 1 skill? This is AT LEAST a Tier 3 skill. Absolutly OP ad Tier 1 Adrenaline Rush Useless. Do the math and find out by yourself Emergency Takeoff Useless. Remove or reduce the penalty in lunching aircrafs and it would be fine. Or move it to Tier 1 as at Tier 3 is too expensive to be viable. Fire Prevention I am a BB driver and I find it OP. BBs do not need more buffs like this one. If you remove the fear of being cooked by fire, BBs will be even more OP then they are. If you want to encourage team and aggressive play, find other way rather than buffing BBs endurance. Basic of Survivability and BFT Move them to Tier 2. Too expensive at Tier 3. Inertia Fuze for HE Shells I don't see a great impact in game for this skill. It's very viable for ships like Akizuki or CL with small caliber guns maybe. The nerf to the chance of fire is also HUGE compared to the benefit Demolition Expert Nerfed. Really? Still and indirect buff to BBs and CA that are AP focused. Radio Position Finding aka "WTF ARE YOU DOING WG?!" No. Absolutly NO. WG, really, this is a game-braking skill. Remove this garbage NOW. DDs and CA/CL with good concealment will be doomed. Maybe it would be a good idea for a specific consumable with a determined duration and range. But a sort of neverending radar with infinite range? As said before, this game do not need more passive informations, It needs buffs and bonuses to TEAM PLAY and, SMART play. I am a BB and CA driver and if a DD is able to catch me off guard and torpedo me to death, well. I DESERVE THAT. I know, there are many BB drivers out there that are continuosly crying like babies if a DD or a CA torped or ambsuhed them. Don't listen to their rants. A good game is a game where good play styles are rewarded and where brainless strategies are punished. Make it so. Now, I think that WG probably has tried to stimulate team play with these skills. The fear of RDF, I guess, probably will make DD and stealth CA/CL to play less selfish. But trust me, THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. You are making this game totally arcade. Don't do it. Another sore point: the CVs. I am not a CV player but I'll love to see more CVs in game. Debuff a bit the AA so that, as said before, solo play will be punished by a good CV and only staying with CA/CL which are AA focused will be safe from deadly aircraf attack. The absence in game of CVs is an indirect hit to all the ships that are AA focused (as the USN) and a strong hit to team play. Also with the new patch, German BBs will be AA monster and, in general, it will be even harder to see CVs in game. And, reflexively, CA/CL will be more useless. So, to summarize: this patch has good aspects (like removing the Tier 5 skills) but also has a bad impact if it will hit the live server as it is now. My suggestions are to remove the RDF and MAYBE make a consumable with the idea beneath it, move some skills up and down. And now a really bad Idea: make the MM take in account if people want to play arcade or competitive. The first ones will have access to passive informations like Situation Awarness, the others no. Probably there are players that are still learning and deserves a more "friendly" environment. Give an arcade mode to the ones who want it, and remove it to the ones who didn't want it. Fair enough. Improve the CVs and team play. This game really needs them. Cheers
  9. Recently I unlocked either Baltimore and DM. I really love them. They somehow force you to improve your playstyle and they give their best in brawling situations against every type of ships. I still not have a 15 point captain on both the ships, but still they are very fun to play. Baltimore is actually tankier than the DM: its citadels is very small and underwater so it's somehow more forgiving. It's the same difference between the NC and the Iowa, where the NC has a small underwater citadels while the Iowa has above the water level. You have only to know that, and playing accordingly.
  10. Carmignac

    Question about the overmatch mechanics on the armor belt

    Thanks for all the answers! These days in my Baltimore I've tried out this stuff, and I think I was able to bounce a Yamato shell, at close range (so the trajectory was very flat), absorbing them with the armor belt. The fact is that if the Yamato aim a little bit higher to the non armor belt protected area of the ship, it can still deal the full amount of dmg with its AP. In fact, this happened to me facing a Kurfurst: he only had to aim a little bit higher at close range to do massive damage. So, if i recollet correctly, you can bounce that type of shells as soons as you are sure that they hit the armor belt at the right angle (above 60 degree). Unless, you'are going to vaporize immediatly.
  11. Hello everyone, I have read many articles on how the overmatch mechanics works. As far as I have read the rule is: If the caliber of the shell hitting your armor is 14.3 times the thickness, it will always pen it, regardless the angling. Otherwise, we have to consider the angle of impact minus the value of normalization (depending on the caliber of the shell). If the angle is higher than 60 degrees, it will ricochet. If it's between 60 - 45 degrees, there is a proportional chance that it will ricochet or pen. Under 50/45 degrees, no chance of ricochet, it will pen. Example: the Baltimore has 27 mm of bow armor and 152 mm of armor belt. No question about what happens on the bow armor. Shell with a caliber superior to 386,1 mm will pen it. My doubt is on what happens if the enemy shell hits the armor belt. Doing the math 152 mm x 14,3 = 2173,6 mm . This number confuses me a bit because, following the rule above, it means that i can bounce even a Yamato shell, a circumstance that i don't think is very realistic in game. So, in which condition this armor is subject to pen and which not? Of course if you go broadside to any kind of stuff, you get deleted, but if stay angled above 60 degrees to the ship firing to you, how you can determine if that shells are going to ignore your armor or not? In conclusion, how the overmatch mechanics works in these cases? I saw recently two videos, one from Flamu in the Baltimore where he was able to (partially) bounce a 406mm volley from a NC, the other from iChase in which he explained that the penetration capability of a shell varies in base of the distance it is fired (the closer you are, the higher is the thickness of armor you can pen). Is there someone who can explain me clearly how all this thing works or redirect me to an article that does it? Thank you very much!
  12. Carmignac


    Hi italian seamen! I would like to join you! I'll contact you as soon as possible. I preferably play during the late afternoon (17:00 to 20:00) but on occasions I can be online during the evening. Hope I can add you in my friends' list in the game See you
  13. Got it, i wrote a bull****.
  14. I would prefer Radar but Defensive Fire seems more logic on US BB, since they are specifically thought for AA cover
  15. Hi all, I would like to know the other players' opinion about the possibility of adding one more consumable (like Defensive Fire, Radar etc.) to non-German BBs from Tier VIII. The Hydroacoustic Search on German BBs has given them a great advantage in comparison to other BBs, that are just underpowered at the moment, IMHO. What's your opinion about this possibility? Thanks you all, and have fun!