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  1. I am glad that they dropped this. It would have ruined the interrest to buy ships in the long turn. If you bought a ship for a certain extraordinary feature and later it’s removed you would feel ripped off or even duped... Personally I own all these ships that is «OP», but when I meet them in battle with my silverships or equal, I am not afraid or dishearted. They are all possible to be countered. Some quite easily, if you just know how... They do have their achilles heel.
  2. Bubba_S

    Haida is in shop :)

    Gonna buy this one. Can’t miss the chance to play something so different as a creeping smoke DD hunter. And all the people calling it crap makes it more interresting. If premiums were supposed to have «I win» -button this game would hit the drain very fast...
  3. I am not in a clan because personal real life jobb/family/baby situation. I have nothing against clans or whatsoever. I just need the freedom to play the game whenever I want no string attached or being obligated to some clanrules. I have been a guildmaster before and don´t want that hassle again. Though I like to play with ya guys in both randoms and ranked and have fun doing so. Still I have put in in a good effort and money in this game. I have almost 10.000 games under my belt, winrate 58%, reached rank 1 the last 5 seasons. I, as others here would like some recognotion aswell. I hope WG are soon to realize that we lone wolfs also are a part of this game and not just clanmembers. I don’t care about this petty discussion about clans, oil, coal. I just want to ask WG to recognize our effort and reward us for staying in the game as clanmembers do. In the end I see this coal-business as a reward/incentive from WG to keep players interrested and playing. Please WG, don’t forget us lonewolfers doing so. I hope a WG official could comment this edit: lol....it was 11.112 battles....
  4. Bubba_S

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    Well… Here's Bubba's thoughts about this season of ranked I got to rank 1 yesterday in 154 games and winrate 59,74%. A huge leap from usual 300+ games and winrate around 51% Since I got a new baby boy 3 months ago, making my crew totallying 3 decksmen and an Admiralness, I knew I couldn't play 300+ games this season so I had written rank 1 off long ago. Before the season startet I had 15 tier X ships to choose from, 8 of them were used/testet out. My findings was that tier 8 was easy and the Yueyang with smoke was the bomb In only 70 games I was at rank 4+3, YY winrate above 73% and I really thought this was going too easy. Then I hit the usuall wall, got despaired and tried out different ships which didn't work out for me. Back to rank 6 it went. After a review of experience, I went back to YY and that beautiful DD got me home A lot whined to me not beeing equipped with radar, but a radar YY is easy countered if u remember not to smoke and stay even closer to your friends than he is to his. That went the same with Z-52... The other DDs I am sorry to say were no threat. In the end I got 90 games in the YY and winrate 65,56%. My only regret this season is why I tried to make Des work when I had YY. It kept stars well, but couldn't carry games for me as YY. In the end I want to thank all my teammates and enemies through 154 games. It was a blast!!!! PS. Looking forward to take out the Black for a spin
  5. Bubba_S

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I agree that Ranked need som better rewards. Really devastating to have 2 campaigns and ranked in the same Christmas celebration. I read ur story about ships Rage_unchained. Most are spot on, but how boring ranked would be if all used "BEST" ships. In this season I have seen amazing hipper play so there is other options, but you gotta know what u do. As for flanking DDs, Hiasing (is it?) is the beast with deep water torps. That one deleted other ships even more than the Kageros I saw... What I really missed this season was my sweet Gallant, which took me to ranked last time in the end when I got the hang of it. Next ranked is for the famouse (or infamous) Black. After that I seriously don't know. WG really has to put out a temping carrot for making me play more. In the end I feel really sorry for those who feel compelled to play ranked AND clan games. You guys are in for a serious burnout ingame and real life....
  6. Bubba_S

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Woot! Finally rank 1. Took me 332 Battles at 50.9 winrate. A little less than last time. The hopelessness to start ranked in the hollidays made this a though cookie. Played mostly Kii, Alabama, Atago and Loyang. As usual the way to crack this is who is greatest iceman to wait for the other to panic or make mistakes. Wish the rest of u fighters still in Ranked the best of good luck and thanks to all for lots of nervending Battles!
  7. Bubba_S

    Hypothetical Norwegian Premium DD

    With the great story about Scharnhorst its time to refresh this thread. Please wargaming introduce Hms Stord in the game! Then it would be
  8. Bubba_S

    the "carry harder!" thread

    I thought this was a good win until I saw red fonts... gdamn. I even had more XP than their best player
  9. Bubba_S

    Clear Skies

    Yeah. CV isn't all easy. But it certainly doesn't help that allmost all other CVs is trying hard to get the CS-achievement aswell
  10. Bubba_S

    Clear Skies

    I do not have the other screens sry. Both matches was done With fighter set-up. It gives you 3 fightersquads. use only autoaim on Your TP and DP since u got to give Your fighters full attention! The tactics where simple. Strafe and wipe out enemy fighters and then feast on the enemy TP and DP. You need some good strafing since u need to have a decent amount of fighters left to the turkey shoot. And do not waste your fighters flying over enemy AA unless the strafe is Worth it. Also do not forget to occasionally kill off som BB and CA scout/fighterplanes as these counts aswell in the "kill >50% of planes)
  11. Bubba_S

    Clear Skies

    Well... All done
  12. Bubba_S

    Clear Skies

    Good for you, I really hope u had the task highlighted. As for myself, I try both usually. The problem now is allmost everybody is going for Clear sky so every fight is though and challenging...
  13. Bubba_S

    Clear Skies

    I am pretty sure most or maybe all of these are in low tier CV and not tier 8+!!! I have several Clear skies myself, but the threeshold is tier 7 (and then with Saipan ) (Edit: Shiiit, I got only 5 of them... its even worse than I imagined... sigh) I managed 3 Clear skies in one of the first campaign mission. 2 where from CVs suiciding their planes on my Hindenburg. One did it on purpouse, the other did it trying to escape me endgame as I was the closest ship to him. The last was using tier 8 jap CV and then only because the other CV was utterly crap (or someones 5 year old borrowed his dad account ). (off topic... I got 2 Solo Warriors i 8189 Battles... DO NOT GIVE WG SOME IDEAS FOR MISSION REQUIREMENTS...)
  14. Bubba_S

    Clear Skies

    The achievement " Clear Sky" needs to be fixed. Or atleast not be a mission requirment. Its near impossible to get this in tier 8-10. In tier 8 you face tier 9-10 ships and there is way to many planes to kill and too heavy AA on the ships. In tier 9-10 its the opposite, AA isn't the problem anymore, its the sheer volume of planes thats make it impossible. This achievement shouldn't be kill >50% of planes on the enemy side, but kill >50% Equal to the size of Your own ship's hangar. Then it would be still hard to get "Clear sky", but not epic hard.
  15. Bubba_S

    [LFA] FLINT build

    Well... played 9 matches now. 8 wins... She seems Op, but its only when u know how to ride her .. Else she dies like a fart in the Wind... Got my 19 pointer allmost ironed out. The question is whether to use AFT for range and loose CE or visa versa... Though decisions