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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mackensen-class_battlecruiser The ship introduced here, simple will never exists. The printz eitel was never completed and the hull was scrapped on 1921/1922. Another point is the bow, where you have find that bow wich that class of ships never had? I'm hyped to see the future T XI ship
  2. Spruzzetto

    "Steel Monsters" Campaign

    my feed back, first of all, THANKS for the many feature added, for the continuosly developing but then it's a big no, instead of all the things 50€ for 4000 steels that doesn't help so much and 28 days of premium (something around 9.50€) camo and flags are good but without the will for RNG(random battle) match, that show how much some one are luckyest then others, is totally useless. Happy Holydays
  3. Spruzzetto

    Italian cruisers

    Just reporting the source of the OP question, the next line i think will be announced at wg fest next week and i'm 99% sure it will be italian cruisers historically accurate russian bbs from jupiter *fixed
  4. a fire start cause by explsosion, cause of sunk credited? detonation -> caused by? explosion. and again, another one can't understand BATTLESHIP WW2 :D bye
  5. Bretagne : " Bretagne was hit badly and exploded " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_battleship_Bretagne Arizona: " Arizona was irreparably damaged by the force of the magazine explosion " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Arizona_(BB-39) Taiho: " Built by Kawasaki at Kobe, she was laid down on 10 July 1941, launched almost two years later on 7 April 1943 and finally commissioned on 7 March 1944. She sank on 19 June 1944 during the Battle of the Philippine Sea after suffering a single torpedo hit from the American submarine USS Albacore, due to explosions resulting from design flaws and poor damage control. " and it's a CV, again. Not Try again please.
  6. blah blah blah, put source of battleship sunk by flame or stop this useless nosense i'm tired of chit chat about air.
  7. probably u do not understand BATTLESHIP words, i write them in capital for the second times, and again EXPLOSION was the cause, generate flame if the fuel conduct into the hangar was properly protected (like american CV) did not happen AND again " Hiryū was torpedoed at 05:10 by Makigumo as the ship could not be salvaged " u can understand? the ship can be saved but not under enemy fire the ijn choose to sunk with torpedoes. And here i never talk about playing realistic, i just said watching metal bow of my Roma burning is ridiculous. pay more attention please.
  8. " The explosions started fires among the aircraft on the hangar deck " and " The abandoned and burning Hiryū photographed by an airplane from the Hōshō" any other questions? and think that, IS one CV and not one BB :D and again, cause was an explosion and not flame. i repeat myself, is Historically credited none BATTLESHIP was sunk by the flame on WW 2.
  9. detonation is the cause and not fire, and fire alone cannot sunk any battleship. is historically credited none battleship was sunk by flame. i can add "Directly" if u prefer. and when fire ignition most of the times was an accident cause by crews and not a direct consequences by enemy attack. IJN Carrier have high risk caused by fuel conduct into the hangar, america hit them there but the ship directly detonate and not BURN.
  10. explosion caused by detonation from projectile or bomb isn't FLAME
  11. a simple search would be helpfull: sunken battleship in WW2 by flame: 0 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sunken_battleships and yes i shot as always at the water line but roma have her cannon minds, special. But i like proof and i try on training room to shot every t8 cruiser and BB with Roma, Kii, Tirpitz Alabama etc. etc. and the result is the same. Overpen everythings, if u don't trust we can do it togheter later.
  12. don't worries, wg can see my stat, u don't need and OH i don't have any British BB, but my favorite ship is Fiji :D then... guys stop support CC and DD! let they learn to tank enemy fire for the pleasure to be burned alive :D maybe after that wg can chose to reduce the fire duration on cruiser and DD to 5sec and please raise the recharge of any BB to 1 minute cause until now they are too strong. and restore godly stealth fire to zao!!!! poor zao's players Typical situation from bb pushing player, normal situation on shoting at full boardside minotaur 6/6 hit overpenetration from 3.6km and as u all can see i'am the roma not the alsace princess maybe u prefer a full contact kraken with my lovely scharnhorst? or for change class u prefer tirannosaurs rekt against a tirpitz with my fiji from 4km? crying cruiser and destroyer baby, anytimes u got touch from any bb, because u show full boardside start to cry, but if u all burn 100.000 hp in 2 minutes all works well. and the same for the insane amount of fire from brit BB and france. this stupid high fire chance weight on pleasure of playing. Now last but not least, reduce smoke effect because at certain moment bb player cannot really see nothing. watching full metal bow burning is ridiculous.
  13. sure, i'm bb pushing player, if don't want my stat, do not push simple, then don't act like me. It's funny to see when the people doesn't have any decent arguments start to attack myself, why you don't show a good gameplay where start assault with bb and survive under focus fire? if you want one from me i can give you don't worry :D
  14. there are 3 tips. 1) AP are too RNG dependents, where u aiming is partially important, u can detonate, devastate or citadel one ship with a single bullet on stern flags (and that is why DD and CC player cry, with reason!) but probably u miss 9 bullet of 12 and the rest produce overpens or bounce at any distance 2) stop rush with BB, player crying because BB didn't help for 2 years.. stop push&hunt and let they come to you, push is always a bad idea let the cuiser and destroyers go forward, if they get focused it's their own problem. 1st point on this game is having fun then as an assault bb player i said, don't act like me. wait and camper u get much fun. 3)You can get tons of damage in one minute from 2 fire on the deck, when u use damage control and before use repairing kit be sure to be into conceal, because if u use it meanwhie u are focused, u will be burned alive the second after the damage control finish his effect. remember don't go infront of a Cruiser, this game punish large caliber on lower armour.
  15. Spruzzetto


    How many time that happens? 1 form month? 1 for week? I'll ask because i played each class of the game, and in my low level opinion, the most frustrating and enraging gameplay it's the BB one, a BB against one DD at less of 7km is 75%/25% chance of death on favor to DD, at 4.5 or less km BB is dead for sure even if the bb hit with full salvo's cause the overpenetration system at short range made those kind of situation. I don't want to say bb need to be buffed (not all, Roma need a buff for sure in terms of her secondary) but a BB without properly plan, position or support will die bad soon at close range; DD can count on smoke, torps, cannon, agility, small size, no citadel, long lance torpedo (japanese best WW2 torps), incredible conceal, sometimes hydro or insane fire chance, BB are Huge, giant, slowat manouver, fat, with only her 28/35s recharge main gun and large hp pool (except for missuori but 25 sec radar it's a real problem only for cruiser and not for a well placed ddi think) and can easely ovematch by decent torps player. Just a point. I talk about 45/50% WTR player because unicum or superunicum win at lower hands with katori on TX MM and someone have to learn they don't represent the player base of the game. My 2 cent.