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  1. goldengem

    European Tokens, WG's RNG at it's finest

    Hi all Its Wagarming doing what they do best they days. They demand a lot of work from customers for stuff all reward. It would be great if there was another game like world of warships that i could but alass there is currently not. Typical russians. good day
  2. goldengem

    Team Honor or Glory?

    HI world of warships peoples Well I have been playing this team honor thing for about 2 weeks known and I have to say it has to be the worst ever intro to a new ship line in the game. I am suppose to spend hours and days to get a silly flag reward. Honesty wargaming is this the best can people can up with to intro a new ship line. Making your long term customer grind thru over a month of this rubbish. Yes I have got Lazo. VLAD AND SINOP . wARGAMING NEED TO LISTEN TO THERE CUSTOMERS Hell will freeze over before that happens I go to warcraft Tell me when wargaming makes some real a new content on world of warships thanks gamers
  3. goldengem

    MY gabbage rewards

    Hi I am leaving wows because I have taken my last insult in this game today. I been doing campaigns Yamamoto part 3 and I finally did it. So a reward of 2 supercontainers --wow The 2 containers had mods I cannot even use. *edit Keep your game.
  4. goldengem

    super containers

    I would like to known why wargaming are so mean with dropping super containers? Simply question Russia. please explain I will stop trying thanks