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  1. Lussebagarn

    German BBs+ tier 6 premium French BB Dunkerque stats in 0.5.9

    is there more imformation on prinz eugen
  2. Lussebagarn

    Scharnhorst Hype :D

    can you upload the replay?
  3. Lussebagarn

    German BBs+ tier 6 premium French BB Dunkerque stats in 0.5.9

    is there more pics of the german bb,s?
  4. Lussebagarn

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    wy is it the russian ships always op
  5. Lussebagarn

    i cant buy tirpitz

    that was not what i was locking for
  6. Lussebagarn

    i cant buy tirpitz

    well so this is just now?
  7. Lussebagarn

    i cant buy tirpitz

    credit card
  8. Lussebagarn

    i cant buy tirpitz

    i have the right amout of money got i got every thing right it is just saying error try again do some one else have the same problem!!!!
  9. Lussebagarn

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    does some one know when tirpitz will be in the store. i need it in my port!
  10. Lussebagarn

    Hindenburg discussion

    So we can all agree that zao is the best cruiser. Amazing he and fire chanse and decent ap Shell good armor fast and very nice Torpedos and conselment and des moins and Moskva is pretty nice ships to. But Hindenburg is ok but it coud have some changes. I know some people says Hindenburg is good in its curret state. I Think if zao has Amazing he and Hindenburg has not that good he. So wy cant Hindenburg have amazing ap it deals like over 6k. And i think Hindenburg is a little bit over the water line. (i Think you can coreckt me) And white manuverbility Hindenburg has about 12 sec ruddershift time and turning cirkle radius is over 800 m and Moskva has both better rudder and turning cirkle radius and that makes no sense becuse Moskva whold be a more slugish ship it is so big. But it is fine that it is faster. These Changes whold help Hindenburg to be on the same Place as the other cruisers And if some one agree whit this solotion or is hindenburg good in its curret state plese tell me.
  11. Lussebagarn

    0.5.7 Patch Notes

    when can we se the armor textures or xray in port is it in 5.8?
  12. Lussebagarn

    ignore this topic

    can you remove a topic
  13. Lussebagarn

    ignore this topic

    ​how did it fail did players diddent play it?
  14. Lussebagarn

    German CV,s

    do someone know wy they diddent make carriers?