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    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Now it's my turn , yes u check my replay and now i will ask u , Tell me how to play in this match ? so 5 radars between b and c but i fu cking born in b u thought i really wanna born at this stupid positions ? ( 3 yeas u game even can't pick a born positon LEL )ok 5 radars then i should leave b and c go a and D ? ok after i arrived a or d 10 mins past and i will recieve more than 5 report cause i didn't get a cap well done sir . let's talk about if i reach d or a ok i get a cap but 10 mins past both team got half campers behind the moutain and now where should i go ? We got 3 dd player in this match Shimakaze failed to cap c and i blocked by radar campers for 10mins did u saw Yueyang ? i thought he good at A but we got what ? U really thought players spend in this crap game for 10mins can did crap is normal situation ? I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT WINS I AM TALKING TO U THIS crap GAME EXPERIENCE I got R1 5 times i don't mind i spend more time on RANK i could get what i want BUT u thought every player should WASTING LIFE on [edited]random battle like this ????????? 5 radar even don't need a BRAIN could get the fu cking win, U game is really DESIGN for Retard people thx ! Use ur brain to think it's a Tactical game and a Tactical game should be like this ??????? I don't care the fu cking radar mechanism cause these noobs even can't kill me I could get 4 kills even stubid radar on my [edited] it's the real skill U know why i get in cap ? Causely i know even i got RADARED i still could survive . but other 90% dd's player could DID this like me ?? U GAME SYSTEM ARE MURDER PLAYERS patient USE MORE BRAIN MORE Tactical to play if i got less radar i could play for more CHOICE ok ? U radars and campers spam just KILLED Probability the way of player could choice it's already a died game :) NOW i give u a idea if u don't wanna change radars then make MM 4 radar in one game only two could be used in each team then this game won't be fu cking Campers alone. oh i forget to say that u just blame me for my "mistake" but didn't say a word about my 4 kills What a poor man. LMAO
  2. ImoutoSaikou

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Tell me how to play this crap game thx stubid cap point location moutains HE BLOB CAS and Radars yes u collections all suckers in this game and enjoy raped :))))))))))))))))) 20180802_135156_PGSD110-Z-52_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  3. ImoutoSaikou

    Delete the DD tech tree plz no one need them

    u need to know why bbs camping , shot moskva from his noise ? or BLOB by Woster behind the moutain ? u dds can't reach in 9 km in any game , sucker RADARS CAS they camping they burn anything they shot down planes no one could make them out of moutain , this is the siatuation u really play this game ??? hmmmm ?? and how u explain this ? hmmm ? tell me how to play this crap game ? i wasting 10 mins did nothing cause fu cking radar always in my [edited]REALLY GENIES DESIGN WG 20180802_135156_PGSD110-Z-52_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  4. Radars radars radars and campers campers campers hide behind moutain click left and get a win this game is really design for ****** how could u guys design this crap situation I sent few ticket to explain crap radar ruin this game and u don't wanna change it ok then detele the dd tech tree plz no one need them now 20180628_183523_PGSD110-Z-52_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay