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  1. ImoutoSaikou

    [ALL] KanColle Voiceover Modifications

    Thx for these !!!! Could we have MuraKumo ? This world need more Cendere LOL
  2. ImoutoSaikou

    General CV related discussions.

    I thinks speak at forum was really usless , but have to speak . 1 , rebuild MM for evyer1 depend on AA defence for faceing how much CVs. 2 , make CV mod back to old verion , delete the ROCEKT , add fighter cannon small damge to ships depende on those calibar ( it's historical ) it will make fighter do some work if players got aircontrol (the old verion fighter just became useless when u got aircontrol) 3 , CV Auto attack mod back to old verion , Keep Alt manual and add a SHIFT MOD , If player select 1 squad then press SHIFT he can control that squad like right now for more accurate 4 , make aiming time shorter for SHIFT mod attack , delete the prepare time , but right now the aim accurate will depend how much AA fire the plane take , not about the damge but the number of AA fire , it will keep more danger and bad accurate if CV attack from start to drop those ships unattacked. 5, increse limited for number of CV , most of number will be 4 on each team , CV should fight each other first and start to attack if they got aircontrol but not start drop from beginning like a unstopable mad dog. 6, change the way of CA/DD/BB/ AA defence fire work way , those "skill " will make 300% damge when they start to work , but when skill cool down, the AA effect would only became 35% for hull ship. The AA ships can't alwasy make AA like unlimited AA works. 7, some of u guys think dd are op , so how it was op ? the Tps Aim Line should be deleted , the design of Tps forecast line is kind of retard design every1 need to learn how to use Tps as main gun . 8, delted the MAINGUN LOCK MOD , the maingun accurated should always be the same no matter the target is lock or not cause the smoke and shot is also stubid. 9, and wg never 10. wg never work on Anti hacks or autofight script.
  3. ImoutoSaikou

    General CV related discussions.

    I think the most of player don't like CVs except the cv player themself like the Smolensk the canser of the game , it's not about the skills , causely the CVs will do damage without any cost , but even the best DD/CA/BB player, they will lost HP when they be hit , and even the cv player can't hit a dd by themself but they still can spot dd for others , ( and for CA BB , when the cv going to attack them they have to dodge , sometime showed broadsite and killed immediately , but in a match without cv the full of expecience player won't easyly do that , cause the way they head the angle of ship they can handle it , but cv will just come for u where ever u are it's the accident u can't control ) the radar already got too much at game , and thoser fly just come along again and again at every 30 seconds lul. if they will buff CVs for those newbies ( Skill won't be prove by players themself but saved by patch , genius ) , how could those unicom player would be like , a death star ? (i think some of wg guys already forgoten the Smurf Hosho did at old verion or those guys who party with CV with different tier for better MM pfffffffff )
  4. ImoutoSaikou

    General CV related discussions.

    oh what a arrogant man just want to smurf , u never got what i said , CV should against CV first , then do damage after u got air contorl like the historical , at this crap verion no1 could fight back when a stubid cv want to kill u , what a fair game . so u think the AA ships could just shot plane without to be hit like the cv ? wow but they just protect them self , i don't think the AA range could longer like 15km hmmm ? i think u really enjoy to "hunt" those unarmed little ships right ? I could hit what i want to hit i could kill what i want to kill , no 1 could stop the CV‘s ambition, even there is only 1 of CV at match , A king Above the people ! A well known gentleman who get joy from ruin others players gaming experience we should give a medal for this warrior His spirit deserves praise . if the guy who just want hear what they want to hear why not just shut the forum lmao.
  5. ImoutoSaikou

    General CV related discussions.

    Since u made a special survey for CVs , then i have to add something more . As i always said WG must to remake ur match makeking first , you designed a lot of AA ships harugumo atalanta woster something else and then rebuid CV make those ships uselss , the best way is make cv back to old verion and rebuid match makeing , at old time like Tx battle player could facing 4cvs , in fact i don't mind to facing 6cvs if i am a AA ship , u know what i mean ? Rebuid MatchMaking !!! if i am a AA ships then i have a highly chance to play a CV match even have 3-4 at each team , If i am a shimakaze / musashi , then i should't be in a cv match or unless in a less cv match or lower tier cv match , you guys always wanna think about cv player but ruin the other 22 player feeling of play , how dare u ? CVs should against other CVs first like the normal battle bb's ca's job , why do u think those coward just sitting out of 30km and do damage without anycoust would joy other 22 players?
  6. ImoutoSaikou

    ST - Upgrade changes

    hi there , i asked some1 at battle he played as a yashima , and he told me go to forum to apply become a ST, but i can't find where i can do it , could anyone give me a link or something else ? thank you.
  7. ImoutoSaikou

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    thx for wg made a lot of maps for player , but newmap design didn't got too much different with olds , there will be a lot of island hight moutains for campers etc , so i suggest we make a MM option , make player choose to ban some ban they don't wanna to play , sometime i got few battles at same map i don't like, again and again it's really make me upset and feeling wannt to give up for the games.
  8. ImoutoSaikou

    Suggestions thread

    Since the game have for years but the fun in games has gone , i suggest we made a new type of battle , that's called XX only , make the match only have DDs / CAs / BBs / CVs/ for those guys who just wanna be fun or tired for the random.(reward could be less than random) just imagine it 24 shimakaze together will be really joy. and bbs could focus on shoting each other but don't need afraid too much ,everyone could make themself enjoy it. and at this type of DDs MM , t8-t10 should be locked , t7 dds dect ranger longer than t8-t10 , it won't be happy for them. and the map should be like ocean(but the size smaller than normal) or the map have less cover , only 1 or 2 caps needed and make their postion near the mid. this type of match for the quick battle like the FPS Deathmatch without rebirth. Think of it it will be really happy for everyone :)
  9. ImoutoSaikou, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    their is a cv in your que. so...what should i pick Clevland !!! and the MM make u facing a battleship like Mass gg wg. So i pick a battleship like masss then i can dealing with cv ca and bb ,the que make a Kageo for u . gg wg. the dd only can handle with bbs so i guess there will be no dd in this crap "season". and infact T VIII is real P2W. If u reaaly wanna test the player's skill make the same type of ship , ca to ca bb to bb .