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  1. Captain_Breeze

    General CV related discussions.

    For the record, CV's suck. I don't want to be chat banned here, but just imagine lots of swear words, and some especially 4 letter ones beginning with a c. Dropped twice.........yes TWO times by a Hakuryu and dead as %%%% in my Des Moines So balanced and fair. Do one WG.
  2. It's not so bad, just take some time out and reset them. Then just spec them as you play them. Meaning they don't need to be respeced within the allocated time.Also it's a good opportunity to change some captains for free if you fancy trying different setup. Happy Days really :)
  3. Captain_Breeze

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    You wait long enough and the edited* (CV's) will rise to the top, ffs. edit: language please
  4. Captain_Breeze

    General CV related discussions.

    Well @TheBrut3, if a CV has it in for you....you are dead. Whereas, if a superunicom in another ship has it in for you you can disengage. Or point him out to team mates.......you can't point out the CV as he is ......somewhere far away.....being a total
  5. Captain_Breeze

    General CV related discussions.

    What I meant by "pro", was that you are pro CV...meaning you like em'
  6. Captain_Breeze

    General CV related discussions.

    This is a CV player trying to be funny......ha ha ha ha.......not! Go away @TheBrut3......Pro CV players trolling here like they do in game.
  7. Captain_Breeze

    General CV related discussions.

    Reason being, you don't listen so people gave up. Just had a double T8 CV game in my Benson ........it was garbage. I see no point in being constructive as you hand all the power to CV's. Please skip over this post as it does not appeal to the echo chamber you seem to live in.
  8. Captain_Breeze

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    nonsense Nonsense NONSENSE!
  9. Captain_Breeze

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    I can suggest somewhere you should put these rockets.......and you ain't gonna like it Vlad.
  10. Captain_Breeze

    0.9.1 - British Cruisers: Part 2

    British Heavy Cruisers, what are they actually for? This has indeed puzzled me but I have it now. They are for everybody else to annihilate with one salvo. You can't even do that to a Smolensk (overpens abound) Have I got it right WG? Total crap. Russian is best comrade. Super direction this game is going in.
  11. Captain_Breeze

    0.9.1 - Ranked season

    Thanks WG, completely unplayable. Unless you are a CV player I suppose.
  12. Captain_Breeze

    Planes in Ranked are invincible

    Think this is apt.... Ain't a hope in hell Nothing is gonna bring us down The way we fly Five miles off the ground Because we shoot to kill And you know we always will It's a bomber, it's a bomber
  13. Captain_Breeze

    aslain modpack suddenly ban

    Yup, i could not agree more. I had not used Aslains for ages too, but saw the calm waters and downloaded it again. It looks great
  14. Captain_Breeze

    0.9.1 - Ranked season

    CV's and Arms Race for Ranked....... Watch all the good CV players rank out in no time. As Clint Eastwood said in Heartbreak Ridge "It's a cluster ####"