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  1. AnotherDuck

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    BBs never had a real fear of DDs. That was never what made them camp. It's always been other ships shooting at them. Radar only made that worse, since now there's even less incentive for them to push.
  2. AnotherDuck

    mega BUG. miracle izumo cannons

    I guess I just like not playing with a substandard ship.
  3. AnotherDuck

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    This is actually surprisingly rare for WoWs players. Must've been a rogue WoT player.
  4. AnotherDuck

    mega BUG. miracle izumo cannons

    I find that at those tiers you gain more money from playing a better ship by using premium consumables than not. And if you use captain skills and upgrades to offset stock damecon, it's probably better to use premium damecon and instead get more effective skills and/or upgrades.
  5. AnotherDuck

    mega BUG. miracle izumo cannons

    What I wonder about is why the consumables are not premium on a T9 ship...
  6. AnotherDuck

    Leviathan accuracy consumable

    All of the Halloween ships had crazy consumables. They worked because everyone else had them, the battles were more about brawly action than careful strategy (which also meant imbalances were a little less relevant), and the operations were balanced with them in mind. They were not balanced nor are they a good idea on the ships in Randoms.
  7. AnotherDuck

    Muting quick messages

    Every time this happens, send in the replay to support. Since it's not supported by the in-game ignore system, it goes to support.
  8. The poll is stupid, and doesn't accurately represent the fanbase. There's a significant difference between "I like this part" and "this is the part I'm here for". I mean, it's obvious that if you have the choice between adding "this thing I know about" and "this thing I don't know about", the answer is going to be the first, and that's the case with the historical ships. People know about them, so they want them in the game. People don't know about various paper designs, so they don't care about them. This is a longer paragraph for saying that the poll is dumb.
  9. AnotherDuck

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Oh, I've been accused of sealclubbing in Shimakaze. Players say the darndest things.
  10. Not quite. I thought the combat looked interesting to try out. I knew most ships were historical and some were fantasy, and I didn't mind. You can't categorically say, "This is the one reason people started playing the game." People have various reasons. Many started playing because it looked fun on YouTube.
  11. AnotherDuck

    Hacks. Rather bemused.

    There are visualisation hacks like wallhacks that show you enemies that aren't visible, but your client has information on. There are also predictive shell tracers, so you know where enemy shells will hit, and can more easily avoid them.
  12. Are you trying to say that WG will the carriers so they can add the BBs? Why do you hate BBs? BBs have feelings too.
  13. AnotherDuck

    Statistically impossibly bad matchmaking?

    People has known that the Earth was round since ancient times. Modern people often don't know what people knew back then.
  14. AnotherDuck

    Statistically impossibly bad matchmaking?

    Yeah, single stats don't tell you much how well a player plays. WR is the most significant, but as mentioned, also takes the largest number of games to reach an accurate number. XP is only relevant for single ships, and only after you adjust for WR. Even then, there's a lot of variation between how much XP matches give. Score placement is a better indicator, since that at least shows how well you do within the team. You know, as long as you discount how crap WG's XP rewarding system is in correlation to game-winning actions as opposed to damage farming. Damage can be farmed after the game has been effectively decided, and you can do very well while still doing low damage. That's particularly noticeable with IJN DDs. A low hit rate can indicate a useless sniper, but also someone who fires the moment the guns reload to focus on more chances rather than better chances. Survival rate is a fairly good indicator of how aggressive you are, but aggression isn't something consistant in matches. Sometimes you need to play passively, sometimes that will doom you. So yeah, there are a lot of things you can indicate and guesstimate, but you can never really be certain. In the end, there's really only one stat that matters: Are you having fun? You could try getting a timer that beeps every 10 seconds, and look at the minimap (at least) every time it beeps. Or every time you shoot your guns (although for anything reloading slower than 6-7 s, probably a few seconds before you fire, in case of new targets). You can also try to force yourself to never go into a situation unless you have an exit strategy. Before you engage any target, and every 30 or so seconds, take a moment to think about how to extract yourself if things go south.
  15. I like more ships. The poll falsely implies that there's some sort of correlation between adding fantasy ships and removing historical ones. There is no correlation between removing CVs to make them fit into MM, and adding Russian fantasy ships. Conclusion: Poll is bogus.