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  1. The CL calibre guns that actually shoot as fast as five seconds per salvo don't have nearly the same fire rate, and at high tiers, the fire resistance cuts that down the fire chance even more. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it seems to affect guns with a low fire chance far more than those with an astronomical fire chance, like the British BBs. CAs, which do have a higher fire chance, don't have the same rate of fire as CLs.
  2. I miss the days when WG allowed BBs to have weaknesses.
  3. Yeah. Both of them work awesomely well, for some reason. I'd say even better than they work with their own costumes. Also, Shouhou works better with the cat lingerie meme than most characters. Blake from RWBY is a good contender, though.
  4. For that particular official switcheroo inspired fanart, I prefer these two:
  5. I like Strait. It's fun to play in all ships. The lower tier gameplay helps, since it's less campy, and cruisers won't immediately get deleted, even with a lot of battleships. Sure, your team can mess up. So can the enemy team. But you still have the power to do something about it yourself. Map awareness is important
  6. Intention doesn't matter when that's what it actually does.
  7. If anyone says they have 21 km range on their guns in a Tirpitz, just respond that they have 11 km range on their secondaries (if they want to). That's the effective range of those ships. I found your problem.
  8. While it is true that's it's easier to play a DD if there are fewer enemy DDs around, the reason cruisers are hard to play is the overpopulation of BBs, who also benefit from fewer DDs around. There's no other threat nearly as severe as the mass of BBs they face. So, if it is as you say that they're the hardest class to play, the obvious answer is to limit the amount of BBs. The problem with a ton of BBs in the matches aren't that they make it harder for other BBs (lol), but that they make it harder for cruisers. That's why WG upgraded them with gimmicks in the first place, since they weren't competitive in the BB heavy meta. And naturally focused them to be more effective against DDs, which only encouraged even more BBs, making it even harder for cruisers... So yes, asking for a limit to DDs but not BBs is a BBaby answer. Making life even easier for BBs isn't what WoWs needs.
  9. That should be a standard feature. Radar someone, and they can see you.
  10. Shima has: Stronger torpedoes. More torpedoes. Faster. Better shell arcs. Gearing has: Stealthier torpedoes. Better gun DPS. Better AA. Better smoke. More health. IJN DDs usually have better concealment, but they've dropped that for T10 in favour of... speed, I guess?
  11. I'm just going to leave this link here... (Because translations.)
  12. It matters. It means you're rewarded for angling well and punished for sailing broadside. It teaches you to consider your own position in relation to your enemies, rather than blindly sailing around and shooting whatever happens to be in front of your guns. That's also why I think Kongo is something to balance towards. You can argue whether that's a good game mechanic or not, but I'd rather have that than rely on RNG or enemy aim to not take as much damage.
  13. I switched to a dynamic crosshair mod when I got to the higher tier USN DDs, back when stealth fire was still a thing. At those ranges (even without AFT), and those shell arcs, you need to zoom out to even see your target from your aim point. That's where dynamic crosshair matters. After that I simply got used to it, and I've been using it ever since.
  14. Good rant. Agree with most of it. No battleship should outstealth any cruiser it can meet in battle. Unless you give them less armour and health (heal included) than said cruiser. Radar is better if just outright removed. If it's a gimmick that's powerful enough that people ask for separate matchmaking, I don't think it has a place in a balanced game. Kongo is fine. Cruiser-like agility, great range on otherwise mediocre guns, light armour (for a BB). Feels more balanced than most ships at the tier, so if anything other ships should be balanced towards Kongo in terms of overall strength. I've always thought the best ship distribution is 1 CV, 3 BB, 3 DD, and the rest CA/CL. Give or take one ship. Matches that approaches those numbers have always been more interesting.
  15. Most satisfying match was on Ocean. Kirov, and all enemies had shorter range than I had. Completely untouchable, unless I chose otherwise, and that's with one of the absolute best sniper ships in the game. Had a very satisfying moment in Fiji once, on Fault Line. Got the C cap, from the north, and then smoked up to deal with the incoming cruisers from the south. One came in, full broadside. Boom. Second came in, full broadside. Boom. Third came in... I ended the match with seven kills, would've been eight if it weren't for an enemy Kongo pushing their carrier out of the way... Deleting a Kurrywürst in a 102k torpedo salvo isn't bad either. Highest damage salvo I've ever had, and it wasn't even a detonation.