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  1. What CA/CL line to grind next

    I'd just recommend the US line because of the split. If you don't like Myoko, you're probably not going to like that line anyway. And that's a very fun ship to play.
  2. This is the ship I'd go with as well. Sealclubbing aside, you have a ton of tanking power to withstand just about anything outside a focused torpedo strike, the HE will citadel all cruisers you meet and burn up everything you look at, and the AP will wreck any BB who thinks you're only shooting HE and shows a broadside. It's the kind of BB you go DD hunting in just to have something of a challenge. For this reason, Shima should have better concealment. That's probably the most appropriate buff the ship could get. All other IJN DDs (except the odd duck) have good to great stealth.
  3. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    I actually liked playing Emerald, and that was back when you had to slow down long before deploying smoke. It is, however, a tricky ship to play, so you're going to get deleted a lot unless you know what you're doing. If you learn how to play this ship, you'll have little problems with the following ships, since they play much the same but are much better (Leander has a smaller citadel, and Fiji has a lot more firepower, among other things). Find hiding places and never, ever broadside anything at all if you can avoid it since anything can and will citadel you. Learn when and how to use your smoke. That's not going to change in any significant way in the line. In that way, the ship is kind of a skill gate for the later ships. If you think you'll just grind or free-xp past this ship without that knowledge, you're going to be underprepared for what's coming.
  4. I prefer Takao as well. And totally not because I like at least two other Takaos more. The damage CGs look like someone drew their bodies and clothes on two different layers and just randomly erased some clothing. And on the whole, the shading makes the CGs look very two-dimensional, which is especially wrong for those characters. Uniforms could use some tweaks, but not that much. The front skirt bit on Atago looks a little weird and out of place compared to the rest of the uniform, and both are a bit too short. I've not even had time to start the event properly, but Tashkent is probably the only thing I'm looking forward to. No idea whether I'll have time to complete the event, but then, I usually wait before I start and complete it very late anyway, so I suppose it's normal for me.
  5. I agree with OP. Getting Estuary with my lol-secondary specced Bismarck is almost as much of a pain as getting a non-CV Ocean in my IJN DDs.
  6. And in that class, one of them stands out so much people forget she's a Fubuki-class destroyer. As for Intrepid, I kinda don't care that much. Just yet another CV. The design isn't that bad either, even for the potato ships. Only ship this event that stands out for me is Tashkent. She's nice. I think their design is okay, but the art just falls flat. But mostly, people need to get over the only-thin ideal.
  7. Torpedoes and collisions - improvement suggestions

    If you want realistic torpedo reloading, then I want realistic torpedo damage. Frequently sinking ships from one or two hits, little to no chance of repairing flooding at all, and pretty much completely undetectable Long Lance torpedoes. Deal?
  8. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    I haven't played all ships, so I'm not going to comment on them. But for those I have, in order: I got ARP Myoko just before I got to the silver Myoko, which caused me to stop the entire line for quite a while just because the ship was so fun to play. Nowdays I still play ARP Ashigara as one of my mainstay ships. Anyway, ship's great. Awesome firepower, and one of the best tanking potentials for a cruiser. You can nuke DDs and angle against BBs with reasonable effect. It's also one of the best kiters, since your torpedoes have long range and good angles backwards, and she's agile enough to dodge most incoming shells, even if you occasionally turn enough to shoot your full broadside. While the HE is great, if you see a cruiser about to turn broadside, your AP still hurts a ton. Fiji also has great firepower, but like all RN CLs, you need a bit of time to do damage (unless against DDs, but few ships need time for that). You can't tank for crap, though, so you need to be careful even if you also need to be aggressive. If there are no DDs on your flank, you can easily fulfill a DD role. Yorck is an oddball. AP is crap at long and medium range, but awesome at close range. HE is very good for a German cruiser. Armour is very good for a cruiser, which allows you to tank surprisingly well, despite not having as much health as Myoko. Yorck is one of the better ships if you find those closed-off brawling areas (like the side caps of Shards), since's she's reasonable agile, has decent torpedoes, and the guns are excellent at close range, regardless of if you shoot AP or HE. At the same time, she also works as a long-range HE spammer. Mid range is actually the worst range to be at. Shchors is a long-range HE spammer. The guns hit their target at any range, even if you aim at DDs. The armour isn't there, but most of the time you can avoid shells since it will take them a while to get to you. You shouldn't forget that since you have great shell velocity, your AP shells will also penetrate relatively well at long range as well, so if you spot a broadside, shoot them.
  9. Let me guess, enemy team thought they had the game in the bag, and wanted to kill you all, so they approached your collected group of ships one by one and died one by one?
  10. Destroyer numbers

    I find that the best number of DDs is two, maybe three if one can sneak a cap alone (preferably me ), if one is a cruiser like Khaba, or if one happens to die early. The team can't generally support more than two DDs capping without spreading too thin.
  11. Game mechanics - speed calculations accurate??

    Yeah, RN CLs have insane engines for acceleration and keeping speed up in turns. They accelerate in turns at far higher speeds than any other ship. Which makes it hard to run away from them. Using a speed flag with Shimakaze is recommended. It's a reasonably fast ship normally, and with speedflag you get a very respectable speed that can outrun just about all ship that aren't Russian DDs. That gives you a much greater flexibility in what routes you can take and how much you can flank (which is good for finding torpedo angles).
  12. how is this even possible??! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Yeah, it really depends on the ship and how you play them. In my Shima I usually make a profit. If I play selfishly. If I play for the team (capping, spotting) it's more hit-or-miss, which means it depends on whether I manage to farm damage while doing that too.
  13. Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    Same name as the cruiser proposed several times as one of the more notable ships during WWII. And the sub is too late to be included.
  14. Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    Swedish DDs having extremely fast but fewer guns is an interesting difference from others. Being stealthy also fits well with them. Swedish neutrality during WWII is always a debated topic. But something people don't mention a lot is that both sides of the war threatened to invade Sweden, not just Germany. As a country, officially, Sweden was neutral. As companies and individuals, the whole spectrum was represented.
  15. Shimakaze HELP!

    For the skills, I personally use PM, LS, AR, TAE, SE, CE, and RL. I don't think PT is worth it, since most of the time you can pretty much count on everyone aiming at you anyway when you're spotted, and you should remain unspotted for as much as possible. Speccing for torpedoes, survivability, and stealth is generally better than speccing for guns. If you do go for a gun spec, you should probably focus on it, and make sure it fits with your playstyle. Since your DPS isn't good, focusing on fires is probably better overall, but I've not tried it much since my old pre-nerf gunboat specced Fubuki. Just remember that if you go gunboat, your torpedo damage will go down significantly. People know where you are, and will avoid you more (or go in with the tools against you). While the guns aren't as crap as people say, they're not your main weapons. They should mainly be used while kiting, finishing off others, or when you've got more allies than enemies. If you see a target turning away from your torpedoes, you can fire at them to make yourself visible and maybe make them turn. It sometimes works, although it may not be worth it. Learn what angles you should attack ships from. Being right at your own BBs means the enemies will be angled towards you, which isn't good. Get a semi-flanking position in the direction the enemies aren't facing (they're usually facing slightly to the side of your BBs for about a 10°-30° angle), and you'll get a better broadside. Your torpedoes travel at 67 kn, so many ships are around half as fast (BBs are 27-33 kn, CAs 32-36 kn), so the torpedoes will travel approximately twice as long as most targets before they hit. That's good to remember if you don't have an indicator on your target, or if you want to preemtively aim your torps. Ships also slow down when they turn, so take that into account so you don't overshoot as often. If someone's sitting still, get as close as you can, observe them with the torpedo hit indicator all that time to learn their predictability, and nuke them. The 12 km range is the max, not the recommended range to shoot torpedoes at. Always get as close as you safely can. It's good to aim for 500 m outside detection. Keep track of radars and sonars. Radar ships you can torp at about 8-10 km if they're busy elsewhere and permanently detected anyway, but if they're stealthed up and you're the only one spotting them, keep away. If you know they've used their radar recently, you can make a run as well, but they're often retreating then, which is not good for you. RL is a great tool for keeping undetected, and figure out where unspotted ships are.