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  1. Make Radar & Hydro not working behind islands

    The former wasn't actually true, because of the latter. They could be on all the time, but the risk of being counter-located was too high to do so.
  2. What is this [edited]?

    Something like that. It's like pulling your weight only in damage done is worth as much as doing all of the capping for the entire team. One makes you a net even, the other can carry a crap team, but to WG, they're worth the same.
  3. What is this [edited]?

    Funny how they say capping counts as a "main" activity. Rewards from that are not even close to how much you get from damage. Last Ranked season showed that pretty clearly.
  4. Radar in a cyclone

    It's really quite easy to understand if you know what spotting range and assured acquisition range are. Spotting range is basically the render distance if you're familiar with WoT. It's the distance ships will render on your screen (regardless of who's spotting them), and the distance you can spot other ships. Normally this is slightly longer than your main gun range, and shown on the minimap with the transparent white cone (which also shows camera direction and focus). Cyclone (gradually) lowers this to 8 km for all ships. Assured acquisition range is normally 2 km, or 3 km with the upgrade no one uses because concealment is better. Radar and hydro increases this to whatever the consumable stats say (3.48 km to 11.7 km). All enemies within assured acquisition range are spotted for the entire team (shown on map and rendered for all ships within spotting range), and always rendered to you, even if your current spotting range is lower than the assured acquisition range (a.k.a. radar range for as long as the radar is active).
  5. What ships do you think need buffs?

    I say what I always say in these threads: Umikaze needs a tier buff. One or two higher should do it. Ones that have a high chance of sinking a ship with a single hit or at least cause irrepairable flooding, and the near-undetectable Long Lance torpedoes?
  6. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    So you think a sensible DD would play in a way that loses more credits and gains less experience than any other class? How sensible.
  7. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    This is one part of the double standard I'm talking about. Something is perfecly acceptable when it's against DDs, but not against other ships.
  8. Should WG increase number of containers per day?

    "Do you want more free loot?" Y/N
  9. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    No, after radar came people went into smoke in masses to radar out of smoke. Come on, read what I write, at least. Just because you think it's absurd doesn't mean didn't happen. Because that's exactly what did happen. Flanking is a good option in that case. Go to where you can do something, at least. It's not the easiest case, but it's workable.
  10. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    If you say something is plain stupid, why do you write something even more stupid? I didn't claim you're on any side. I just claimed you're not on the side that thinks radar is a great idea. If you think that inherently means I think you're on the opposite side, you're the one who's thinking in black and white. Honestly, I don't care which side you're on. It's completely irrelevant to my argument. You can agree, disagree, or anything in between. Doesn't make a difference.
  11. Free XP ships OP...?

    Likewise. It's the only USN BB I've played. The ship plays just fine. The radar is for lulz. On the other hand, I'm sitting at about 0.5M credits. Yamato is expensive, and I've gotten a few ships past stock even more recently.
  12. "Survivability Expert" not influencing Heals

    So essentially the bug is an interface bug where it shows the wrong numbers, but it works correctly. Whodathunk, a WG interface not working properly?
  13. Would you like a after chat?

    People often ragequit, yes. If they have interest in the match, they're more likely to stay. By what you say, the people actually staying to the end are more likely to be less toxic than the ones screaming in regular chat.
  14. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Most of the time before the smoke nerf it was rare for everyone to bunch up in smoke. After radar was introduced, that increased tremendously, since that meant they could sit there are shoot even if no one was spotting. So you're not claiming radar is good in any way, then. By that account we might as well remove radar.
  15. penalty for accidentily killing my self?

    Orion OP, plz nerf. Oh, wait, that's true.