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    Cavolo, una mostrina... forse anche questa volta avete esagerato, diventa difficile placarsi quando si viene travolti da cosi strabordante generosità.
  2. honestly I don't understand why you spend your time trying to defend WG or i don't know for what else. first of all, you didn't understand what I wrote, then if i want to gift something to my friends in game, I will buy and then gift. so, call them "Box", "ships", "flags", "dobloons" for what they are.. then, if i will buy and send as gift, they will become gift. It is without sense to call gift something that you must pay.
  3. You wrote exactly what I and many of my clan members think from long time: the matchmaker and balance is a secular shame. Unbelievable that they didn't fix this. Days that you lose 18 /25 matches and they tell you that you deserve it because youa re not good player or because you are "unlucky".. this is their fantastic mentality and professionality to describe a huge problem with this game. observe the end of matches: +90% of them ends with the total unbalance result between teams where you will find that the winner team has lost 0/1/2 ships while loser team will end without ships. Is it called "balanced" ? is that can be funny? Personally after years of playing i think that i am totally tired, often I start to don't feel fun playing with this insane unbalanced system. Or they fix it strongly or I and many people that I know, will stop day after day to play with this game. I am sure that WG team simply will ignore my words because they are simply interested to earn money "today", don't care what will be
  4. They say "gifts" but you have to buy them. Nice idea on meaning of gift. I never will buy again something from this greedy company. Years of experience with them tell me only to never trust of them.
  5. Hi, I would understand about the "Alexander Ovechkin" missions what does it mean to can win a ship that we ALREADY unlocked? Is it serious? Every time you lose the opportunity to don't look so greedy and unreasonable. Ridicolous.

    Problemi di connessione

    si, è ingiocabile e non va nulla

    Ping orribile

    secondo me gia sta notte qualcosa iniziava a non funzionare. Ad esempio terminate le partite c'era un'attesa lunga prima di ritrovarti sul porto senza passare per la classica schermata dove si vedono i punteggi.. tornato sul porto, in alto a destra appariva un simbolino che credo indicasse problemi di connessione.. oggi non ne parliamo proprio. un bel giorno 200% sprecato per tutte le navi, ed è un bel perdere, oltre al fatto che ieri e soprattutto oggi si poteva fare questa attività https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/supply-lines/ ma non funziona nulla e nessuno del clan riesce a collegarsi per registrarsi e partecipare.. altra cosa che va persa.. Ma il punto di tutto questo disservizio è: chi come me ha pagato per avere un servizio, ora che si fa che tal servizio non funziona? I proprietari di questo gioco sono tra i piu avidi mai visti in una vita di videogiochi, adesso voglio proprio vedere se faranno orecchie da marcante pur di non sborsare nulla.

    Anyone getting horrible pings and disconnection right now ?

    long time to login, chat doesn't work, divisions and other things dont work, and when i have been able to play, ping were more than 1000/1500ms Naturally, problems can happen but I pay money for premium so what will be now? who refund me the day? they are the most greedy people that i know on the market of games, so now i want to see what they will do for refund customers after this garbage anniversary day.
  9. Hello, I have upgraded my naval base paying the 20000 oil price to can have 40 slots for players.. At the moment we are 30 players but when i try to invite a player i can't it. I dont know why but it says that there are not free slot for invite new players.. how is possible if I still have 10 free slots ? Thank you very much,
  10. Ciao a tutti.. ho un problema.. da qualche tempo abbiamo ampliato la base navale da 30 a 40 giocatori... abbiamo provato ad invitare dei giocatori ma non riusciamo a farlo perchè ci dice che il clan è pieno. Quale potrebbe essere il problema e relativa soluzione? Grazie mille
  11. Hello, I already wrote to customer service, 3 times for to repeat the obvious because they simply don't read what we write to them when open a ticket. I asked what for to say " Special offer only for your account and visible only for you " if: first: every my contact have the same "offer" second: if it is "special and only for me", why they offer me to buy Belfast that I already own and bought months ago? What for? Third: I couldn't buy it and gift to my friend.. it said: "only for you"... but If I already have it, what does it mean? is it a joke? Anyway, also this time, I can say that customer service is completely useless, near to irritate me till to the point to uninstall the game. They simply dont read and dont try to understand what you are asking for and this is not serious as respectful. the suggestions? - To read messages and try to understand them when a customer ask for info or help. - Dont reply with copy/paste messages, it irritates only as it doesn't solve nothing. - About the premium ship "personal offer", if you call it "personal offer", at least syncronize your system checking with ships owned from your customers and what you are offering to him.. it is without sense to offer a ship that the customer has already bought. " On the other hand, should you have feeback to share on this matter, please express your suggestions and feedback in the WoWs Game Forum. You may check this Forum thread for that matter. "

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - Balance

    43 games for to arrive at lv12. lose, win, lose, win, lose, win.... And dont start as always with the idiotic topic that "look at yourself, it is your fault and bla bla bla".. I have more than 30 screenshots from final results of the games where too often I was first or second in my team. The balance is made for uninstall this game for ever, and soon probably I'll do it.


    You keep ignoring the premise, I'm talking not personally but of an objective fact, that is, that the balancing system has serious gaps, to be gentle.Could you kindly argue instead of sticking personally? If you have something constructive to write, I'll be glad to read it, but if you need to make the moralist master, you can avoid writing because it is not constructive and is not needed by anyone.What does it mean to write such nonsense? What exactly does it mean "my team is not obliged to satisfy my whims? What whims?Expressing and objectively criticizing something that the stones also see is making the whims for you?What a low world view.


    As always, the moralistic way of seeing the world and the people. No my dear, I respect you but I don't agree. It seems that you didn't read enough what I wrote because It is not me the problem, but the balance system; it is not to lose or to win, but to have fun and can have a balanced game. It does not mean winning easy with the "automatic win button", it meaning decency, respect for who spends time and money on a product.Watching such a high rate of games ending with such a large difference between lost and still living boats determines that I'm not talking personally, but an objective and measurable fact. This show enough of who is talking: "He wants an Autowin Button on his ships ? " To always reduce the discussion to the mockery, on personal, it is ridiculous and disrespectful, to those who speak civilly; not addressing the problem will never solve the problem, but will accentuate it.


    The point is not "what I want", but to have fun and to can play in a decent way.At this moment, facts seem to show us that there is a problem. Who I pay for to play with this game should solve the problem, not me, it's not my job. isn't it? And personally I don't care about "stats" or to show from a percentual that I am the best in the world.. I care to have fun, and stats numbers aren't funny for me, to play is funny.