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  1. Jvd2000

    Ships being removed from sale.

    Well all 4 are really on the lower side of good premiums. Never have read any good about this ships in reviews. Have Gorizia And Yudachi. One is a torpless Zara the other a worse silver T7 jpn dd. But they are all quite new premiums but I understand that they sell bad. Gorizia maybe had his moment when it gave a bonus during the PR grind. Maybe some bought Cheshire for the bonuses during the U.K. ca arc. But for now, they are really last options and crate loot items. But being this new might be a bit early to make them freemiums yet.
  2. Jvd2000

    Makarov in the shop

    Interested in buying this ship? Well be aware that there is a commanders package version for 37 euro...This one is reallly promoted "up in your face". I was already tempted to write a comment like..ugh only sold in bloated version… you get 1500 doubloons, flags, credits and a 10 point capt. But if you scroll through the ships you will also find a "clean" version for 17 euro.. But WG hid this one well.....
  3. Jvd2000

    Makarov in the shop

    Well you don’t want to be targeted in this ship. Whether by bots are human players. HE shots by bots in Scenarios will burn you down quick and BB will blab you. You need to be aware of being targeted and keep a good look at the numbers aiming for you. Nürnberg/ Makarov is the rapid fire spawning ship with mediocre HE ( but with improved pen) and very good AP ( But only towards non angled ships!). Molotov has much better AP penetration at range, even better railguns But much slower reload. Both don’t have good armor though so even DD can citadel you reliably.
  4. Jvd2000

    Makarov in the shop

    Molotov = Kirov with Dimitrij Donskoi guns (T9) So a T5 upgraded to T6 due to its guns.. platform stays at T5 though. Makarov= Nürnberg C hull with only small chanages to aa. Most of the time Nürnberg players prefer B hull due to extra set of torps on both sides..like that extra aa is relevant now...
  5. Jvd2000

    Makarov in the shop

    Does the Makarov retain the German HE pen? If so it might fit less with your Sov captains having IFHE.
  6. Jvd2000

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Not sure if this qualifies for supercontainerloot but... I got a Marblehead Lima out of the cheapest recruitment container. Not sure how the drop rate are but I was happy. Because I already had the ship I got 3100 doubloons . Marblehead being the highest valued price that this container can give So quite nice. Was hoping on Mikasa ( only ship I miss from the possible drops) but this is even better.
  7. Jvd2000

    Makarov in the shop

    Well thanks for the reminder, it’s the only really lower tier that I miss ( whale alert) and I might scoop this up to make sure the Xmas crates can only cough up T8 and higher.
  8. Jvd2000

    Makarov in the shop

    Nürnberg copy. Or infact it is the Nürnberg but under new management since it was taken by Soviets after ww2 as prize. It has a bit different AA though.
  9. Jvd2000

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    Not at all interested in the submarines. Will not play them even once. Only thing that matters is that I receive 6 times some coal a day interrupted by a day where instead I receive 3 subs...
  10. I think heal is the lesser problem of T7 cruisers. It’s missing out on the 5th module*( concealment) and the inferior HE penning they get. And the shift from T8 towards T7 as the prime “ unlucky” mm. *also DD’s and BB’s suffer from missing out on the 5th module but atleast DD’s have a base good concealment and BB’s are only BBQ’ed slowly.
  11. Jvd2000

    Talin CAMO first??

    Camo before actual ships is a good thing in value for us. With my current luck I might get the Riga camo.. worth much more then the Riga. Actually I am still angry with myself that I gambled with rng boxes to get my Italian cruisers instead of putting all my tokens in the good looking Italian permanent camo’s in the first place. Atleast I now have the camo so the grind is cheaper to actually get the ship. Although mentioning that you have 1000 camo’s ( But are they good camo’s or the cheap ones) in your inventory, well perm camo’s are most of the time inferior ( esp belowT9) compared to the really good ones but still nice to have.
  12. Jvd2000

    Let's talk about the Odin

    The Odin almost free seems like a good deal but she is not. In the end normally 3500 doublouns buys you a T V, so a T8 looks a good deal. If you can do all the 18 level ups by grinding. Sure it’s not madness grind like PR ( missions are a bit more doable) but in the end what is the reward? At the most a very mediocre ships that has all its qualities ofset by glaring liabilities. So you end up by taking potshots at range, something this ship will be outperformed by many other BB’s. Only hope is that WG will buff it in the future because it will perform bad. This bad avarage performance agrevated by a certain playerbase , that will make Derpitz look like a relative minor thing. And again while Tirpitz is a good ship, this one is not. I will look very carefull at the mission requirements and then decide to go all in or not. Already having Graf Spee does limit the benefit ( credit compensation only) and other phase rewards seem meh at most.
  13. Jvd2000

    To Pyotr Bagration players

    I used both type of captains. Both work but one cost 4 more skill points for not really much more benefit. It’s a bit of gamble though. Sometimes you face ships where you really regret taking IFHE. The next game it would have been a bonus. But I always wonder: if I don’t do IFHE, what else is relevant for such a cruiser? Normally my standard IFHE cruiser with heal takes 17 points. CE, IFHE, DE, the skill that gives you extra consumable, AR, skill that gives you idea you are targeted. I mean you save 4 points, but how to spend them smart?
  14. Jvd2000

    tier 7 and tier 8 premiums for credit farming.

    For now, and I mean really now is Bagration. It’s a solid T8 cruiser. T8 is more fun now the before since T7 feels the pain of being uptiered. It has a heal so that’s another setback gone. And you now can atleast profit from still 3 weeks of bonus missions worth 630 tokens. These can turned into cash directly or atleast an extra perm camo for the new Russian cruiser line. And as a bonus you get triple xp until 11 June without limitations.. You can get the same perks with the Ochakov but she is way less solid imo