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  1. Jvd2000

    British heavy cruiser 3D models

    It seems that Japan managed both. At the cost of being overweight. My problem with UK CA is that they are neither good looking nor have a usefull contribution to the game. What is their function in the game since other nations simply do better. Basic: why would i pick an ( imo ugly) UK CA when the current existing cruisers are just better. No disrespect against the historical contribution by the Royal Navy but this line brings nothing extra to the game.
  2. Jvd2000

    Again PR

    Yep, if you planned in advance and give PR some thoughts in advance you have 3 options. 1. Ignore the event, resign the idea to get PR. Optional try to get some easy rewards by just playing. 2. Set your mind to get PR, plan in advance and buy your needed boosters to balance effort and money. 3. Use your creditcard and spend up to 59k doubloons because you can. Fail to plan and you are stuck with money or/ and effort spend without receiving the PR. Blame yourself and don’t whine towards players who picked on of the 3 options above.
  3. Jvd2000

    Anyone know why they made the ARP ships premiums?

    Well next week we will see the release of the 3 pan asian ships. In the next mission cycle of the UK heavy cruiser there is a specific mission to be fulfilled only with these 3 ships. i expect a separate mission only for the ARP Takao alternative Camo to be released soon. Not being part of UK CA event but really stand alone.
  4. Jvd2000

    Again PR

    He stopped focusing on finishing directive 4. The extra tokens would have earned him another boostbuilding but instead of finishing at phase 4 (the free camo and after that 10 dragon flags) that would only earn him 2 or 3 extra rewards since it was late in the game. So 20 extra flags vs grinding your [edited]off in directive 4 was a no go. So he did not stop playing but simply concluded that the reward for finishing directive 4 was not worthwhile.
  5. Jvd2000

    Again PR

    Well he is at phase 10, you are at 28. And the requirements for points to progress go up when you go lvl’ing. you atleast got some more free goodies and a permanent camo. So the difference in rewards is quite high. But did you really put in that much effort to end up at 28? Either use boost and receive the PR or be more relaxed because from directive 4 and up the grind is harsh and only useful if you make a culculated move to grab PR. Now you worked hard for silly rewards and you have only yourself to blame. Friend of mine got into phase 4 quite relaxed by finishing 3rd directive and just stopped.
  6. Jvd2000

    British heavy cruiser 3D models

    While the details are great i find this line of cruisers the most ugly cruiser line we have now. Compared with French, Italians and then Japanese and Russian ships they are sure bulky..
  7. Jvd2000

    Pr event appears to be a success for WG

    Seems EU economy did well last Xmas. If more then 200 out of those got PR completely free it’s already much. Think the bulk of owners are either the 2 or 3 doubloonbuilding players with the players with just one building for doubloons a minority. I hope the 59k doubloon players are a very minor minority too but not that sure...
  8. Jvd2000

    Spend 1k doubloons for guaranteed UK CA?

    Lucky you. My hopes are that I atleast get one ship since I am focused to get all lines. Having a fully researched tier v or vi from a bundle really helps in the long grind. Any ideas which ships in the UK CA lines are the stars and the stinkers?
  9. During the UK CA event you can spend 1k doubloons for a bundle having the chance to contain a UK silver CA with perm camo. What if the first bundle contains a ship would you pay the 1 k doubloons?
  10. Jvd2000

    Pr event appears to be a success for WG

    I have one and only played one co op for the Xmas crate. So numbers can be plausible. Some players take him out daily, others make it an expensive port queen.
  11. Jvd2000

    Pr event appears to be a success for WG

    Your choice of words may be a bit harsh but there is some truth in it. And even on this forum there are a lot of people who calculated the best way to get PR with a balance between effort and €. A lot of the anger was against the bad information on how to plan min/ max effort vs €. Sure maybe some of these 11k PR owners got tricked into paying more for PR then initially planned ( for which I blame both WG for bad info and the individuals who lack the proper skill to think in advance regarding their own actions) but most got it by considering doubloons vs capability to grind. So WG offered a deal and most 11k eu players accepted it after careful thoughts. Seems WG knows its playerbase better then some on this forum Disclaimer: I much more like an event like the current UK CA where there is a soft grind without a real final win or lose goal. So not enthousiastic about PR event setup, the reward vs € and effort combined is still an acceptable deal between me and WG.
  12. Jvd2000

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    Nothing, used my luck in the Xmas crates.. but must say that, although no ships yet, this event does not bother me. Tasks are easy, available time is ok, rewards are ok but in no way a must have. So no stress due to fear of missing out on something special or getting overworked due to hard labor. This is relaxed event. No false push to spent real money, just play relaxed and get some free goodies. Expect to get around 20- 25 crates and all rewards will be good. Any ship is a bonus. Added bonus is that the first doubloon reward is no ship either so that’s also easy to reject.
  13. Jvd2000

    Anyone know why they made the ARP ships premiums?

    Well the grind was not that insane, especially compared to the current horrors WG designed for us. Even Nachi was not that bad except for the very awful RNG part of killing 20 ships of a nation (Russian) that had low representation at t8 at that time.
  14. Jvd2000

    Anyone know why they made the ARP ships premiums?

    Wait until you see the Russian version..