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  1. Jvd2000

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    But only when it has radar
  2. Jvd2000

    Big Poll - economy status - Steel

    I am saving steel for Flint so i can totaly demolish the cv strikes.... oh wait...
  3. Jvd2000

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Looks like WG decided that WoW is no longer profitable and the upkeep of the servers is too high...But killing the game by simply ending it will give too much hassle. Just upset the player that much that they leave on their own accord.... Patch 0.8.0 is a good start and then starting to do moves like the one planned with GC is another good follow up....
  4. Jvd2000

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    How much do they lose? 300-400M concealment? Consequences depend on the role you are fulfilling. So as a support CA firespammer this means fight the same distance further away so you can still slip into concealmode if needed. With the recent acuracy buff this should not really matter to your dpm. As DD hunter you indeed lose some distance to “ get the jump” on them but Imo these ships are not the best suited for that role in the first place. The stealth torp capability of the Atago is now limited. The ZAO still has some safe distance. So i think consequneces are indeed not that much.
  5. Jvd2000

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    I enjoyed the 10K doubloons i received from the 2 free permanent haloween camos i had on both tier 8 CV’s. Found them extremey ugly and was happy to find out WG compensated me when i free xp’ ed back to tier 6 CV’s. Further i am pleased with the buff’s on the Izumo (i really hit and hurt enemy BB farther away) and the Dunk (although preferred a different buff).
  6. Jvd2000

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    British BB Monarch.... The only things she has was concealment.. While she is still the best among her peers her only redeeming stat just got dimished... So now WG finaly repaired Izumo in a way that she is now longer the ugly duck tier IX BB they might make the Monarch their next buff project?
  7. The VU is an early class dreadnought that should be tier IV. She would be outclassed in the real world against the current tier V’s even without the fantasy upgrades. Like GC and Okt rev prior to their refit would also fit into the tier IV category (Gangut is a proposed tier IV russian regular BB) So either give VU (please dont!) a fantasy upgrade or let her be the tier IV that she should be historicaly. Only historical advantage she has is a better layout of the guns then some of the other tier IV’ s but she pays for this for being rather small and slow. I know that WG wants to sell premiums and that she was hyped for good sales by being both a wanted ship historicaly and also semi OP. Now that semi OP is forcing her to be tier V??? Just tone her stats down so that the VU is a good ship for tier IV so that it neither becomes a port queen nor an Imperator I v2.
  8. Jvd2000

    Le Terrible - Available To Rent For 7 Days

    And 200 steel from the snowflake.
  9. Just remember to rename cruisers to “ xp pinata”
  10. WG will give every player (you will have to take action to actually claim the compensation) : 2 days of Premium gaming time (activating the moment you claim) 2 Belle epogue containers And Each EU clan 2000 oil Requirements: played atleast one battle during period 5-20 january and you claim before 11 february. But beware: it is also compensation for further disruptions during the coming week.... So maybe make your claim (if you are normaly not playing premium) after the disruptions end...
  11. Jvd2000

    more info >> prinz camouf.

    It’s a free, nice looking camo. Have it standard equipped. Even when there are other better camo’s available. Why would anyone sell a premium ship for silver credits... Only thought could be if you are short on portspace but even when the ship is rusting away in my port i would never think about selling it for some silver.. maybe next year you can use it for some free coal again :)
  12. Jvd2000

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    I think Stalingrad can survive a small nerf...Regarding all 4 supercruisers, her OP position is not threathened at all.. Might feel a bit sorry for Kronhstadt though since she is vulnerable for both direct HE dmg and fire dmg...This while Stalingrad with her armor can laugh away the direct HE.
  13. I agree that Mutso should be buffed in the same way as the Ashitaka and receive the good shell type instead. Since the guns are the only thing that makes Mutso stand out, having shells that just bounce after 10 KM is a waste of a good ship. Especialy now compared with WV1941 that retains the good penetration of the tier 7 Colorado (minus sigma). Regarding PEF vs Dunk even with the buff the odds are still in favor of the PEF. But i think we can agree that both are not rewarding when you play a good game and (potentialy) get some good shots on an exposed target..Either you miss a lot (Dunk), the shells overpenetrate (both) or bounce (PEF).
  14. Belfast is best ship: Your loss of karma proves this after you sealclubbed the reds in a 3 division of Belfast’s
  15. Dunk has more problems then the PEF and this 2 sec reload buff is not changing much in her favor... And the reload of 28 secs for PEF is not really here primary strenght in the first place..Not with Fuso also having 28 sec reload for 12 larger calibre guns.. PEF strenght is that is has some good and some avarage stats without really downsides. Good speed, secondaries, AA, not the worst armor, ok-ish reload for the number of guns, nice accuracy...its the total package.. Compare that with the Dunk before you complain about the PEF. Mutsu just trades a lot for her strong calibre and the gimmick torps...maybe to much but that is something you should think about before buying her.