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  1. Jvd2000

    Hey WG, want to make even more money?

    I hoard coal but I am still lacking coal ships so I would never divert coal ( or steel) to buy other ships but then for real money, a bit cheaper. I f.e. still have my 25% coupon for a doubloon ship. I have spent enough money on premiums, don’t need more. Free ships for in game currency are always welcome even if it’s only for snowflakes etc..
  2. Jvd2000

    How have you been spending your German tokens??

    Got the z31 and will get the perm camo. Since I have the T9 because it was the first drop it will shorten the grind. Z31 full researched —> 110k FXP towards the T8 T8 only research the modules ( because completionalist) T9 already completely researched...slow grind towards the T10 ( is in fact my first silver line T9 dd)
  3. Quite enjoying the 200 % and combined with the last days of the 14 days premium. Playing co op only. The worse the players on my human team, the more xp to get from killing bots. And this week scenario is not the greatest so thats not a loss either.
  4. The requirements are way too hard for most of the regular players. Few years ago WG gave away a random T6 premium ship with a more relaxed mission event. Took longer but was easier to finish. This is a tier lower reward for a ship that essentially can be free for coal.
  5. Jvd2000

    King of the Sea XII – Regional Winners

    Jay, finished my collection with the mission today. Indianapolis. Or better said the doubloonvalue of 7500 d since I already had all eligible ships. Preferred a BB since they are around 2000 d more. And as a cruiser Indianapolis is about the cheapest.. But still better then a dd.. So a welcome 7500d for funding the next Dutch Dockyard event. Or the Huyga with coupon.... Finished KOTS in time and awaiting the new KOTS series.
  6. I would go for a T5 minimum. Playing T5+ games creates more coal. Below T5 games don’t contribute to your daily crates. And now with the new daily rewards you get even more free coal for only activating the game each day. So collect some more coal first.
  7. Checked the mission requirements for the Kirov...and wow WG your gifts get smaller and smaller for more and more effort. So let’s look at the mountain that they wants us to grind... For a T5 that you can get for coal... You have 9 days to complete all. 1. 750 k dmg. Coop scenario s, random and ranked..that’s easy 2. 2000 ribbons but only ranked and random ( So coop guys are out the loop, but doable for the others) 3. 8 mil credits. Again coop, scenarios random and ranked. A bit of a grind especially if you re non premium 4. 24k base xp. Coop, scenarios, ranked and random. A hefty grind but doable still although with a max of 9 days a bit demanding. 5. 65 citadels, destroyed or caused flooding ribbons ( 65 in total thus can be combined) in randoms and ranked only. Yes, it can be done efficiently. Like 750 k is nothing, then take out a dakka dakka ship in random for some matches, then your Missouri with all the flags for the credits. Good players might need 12 games for that 24 base xp and then go out end get that 65 cits. But I am not even going to try.. f.u. WG. I am not going through this crap for 6 mil and a soviet glorifying camo...
  8. Its nice that WG gives Kirov away again so you can save 43.000 coal. And I always think it’s wise to “ clean up” the lower tier coal ships just to prevent them from showing up in Xmas lootboxes etc. WG really added some nice number of T5- T7 ships for coal. Hill Kirov Marblehead Okt Rev Aigle Lazo Blysk DoY Flint ( a bit expensive though) Did I miss any T5-7? All ships you can now get for free ( although many were initially available for free during events) I might grind it for the camo and the 6 mil credits, but all depends on the grind WG asks for this.
  9. You can still get 8. But all are behind missions. One mission is given automatically, the other 7 require 7 twitch sessions of atleast 1,5 hour on seven different weekend days. These missions are quite easy to finish but require you to log in on twitch kots sessions on saterday and sunday. Two more weekends to go for a total of 4 crates left for KOTS XII.
  10. Jvd2000

    Hyuga in the Armory

    I use my tier 7 premiums battleship for farming Norai. I wonder how the T7 premium BB’s would rank specifically for Narai and how Hyuuga would fit in that. Imo ranking 1( bad) - 5 ( godtier) Nelson -5 Ashitaka-5 Hyuuga-4 ???? DoY-4 Scharnhorst -3 ( Poltava-3 Hood-2 Strassbourg-2 Florida-2 California-1 Edit: even more interesting question: when ARP Hyuga?
  11. Jvd2000

    Hyuga in the Armory

    Never ever sell premiums. You run the risk of receiving them again in a crate. Just leave them in port play them twice a year in coop for Xmas and anniversary event and just that. The few silver you get has no value vs the downsides.
  12. Jvd2000

    Tier VII premium container contents

    In the situation that you whaled all these ships you get a random drop and the doubloon equivalent of the ship? So if lucky you get an expensive BB and get around 9000/ 10000 doubloons, if unlucky you get 5000 for a cheap dd? And a 10 point captain + portslot as a bonus?
  13. Depends on your preference on shiptype. I think from my BB/cruiser preference that the OHIO is the best ship currently available in RB. Slava is way too dependable on your opponents to make angle mistakes and Colbert and Siegfried have been hit hard by the captain skill rework. Yolo Emilio looks fun but can be hard countered if you are to eager in it to rush and torp and the enemy is not completely braindead. Leaves Vampire II but is new and have not really have an opinion on her. And i am not much a dd player. So from my pov Ohio is the most solid type of ship you can get from RB. Is it worth 2 resets? ( initial 10x + 2x 20400 + 7 months of dailies). If you have the time and silver to spare you can get those 2 resets done largely done with 1 M FXP that normally can buy you a T9 (Friesland/Agir/Azuma). So yes i think Ohio is one of the better "free" options that WG still offers us.
  14. No, I reset lines before ( but only with 2* bonus) and have Ohio and currently 2k short for Slava with 3 lines currently at T8/T9. ( so 42k points left to gather). So guilty regarding resetting. But around 20k for dubious LU? No F. way. Grinded some LU the old way and don’t consider them worthwhile to grind with RB. And these are Yamato’s, Zao and Moskwa LU which are considered to be among the better ones ( atleast before nerf). And those nerfs gave me enough warning not to invest into LU’s ever again. Maybe one can decide to buy one LU from the initial 10k and then the 1200 you can earn each month. So without resetting any line one LU could be attainable. But even then other rewards are better... like the steel camo?