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  1. Jvd2000

    You favorite part of the update?

    Receiving 10k of the free research currency that maybe is given as a motivator to regrind lines but for me is a voucher for free flag shopping.
  2. Jvd2000

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    I thought WG said there will be no new steel free give aways...(although i learned to not take WG word/ pledge to serious) ... But a second round of free steel wil actually make the currency usefull for me. The amount i got last time even with 2 times 1500 steel from a SC is still not enough to buy any steel ship. For me the only value it has now is reserve coal. As for the research currency give away...i currently got the 10k free that does buy me flags and such things but nothing close to a new premium. If they give away this currency i hope it is in meaningfull amounts that in potential save you one regrind run and not an odd amount thats not relevant. But once again for the people without 5 tier 10’s the whole NTC is not even available. And what about the salt for players that choose to regrind their lines...if gifts are dependable on tier x in port. Maybe the safest way would be special containers with normal drops like fxp, silver, captainxp, flags, coal etc....Nobody would be excluded and starting players will get usefull things to boost their progress and experienced players will probaly get more to compensate that they will have less need for the basic currencies.
  3. Jvd2000

    Disallow 3 of a kind Divisions

    The ultimate bad/ good feeling ( depending on which team you are) when you see a triple division Derpitz with extra HP due to captain perk, shooting HE at max range while torping 15 KM away enemies is not that much of a problem if you are on the other team. A mix of different complementary type of ships is often a sign of future pain.
  4. Jvd2000

    Can we get the new French captain for free?

    Bought 5 crates for 600 tokens to ease the farm and got Le Terrible mission as a bonus. Need 5k base xp to complete mission and then to play with her for the 200 bonus tokens. Having the ship opens up one extra mission a week too for 15 tokens. The French admiral is in the pocket And 22 euro for Le Terrible is not a bad deal....although i am not a dd player at all fortune has granted me 3 tier 8 dd free premiums this year. Not complaining though could have been cv’s
  5. Never had manual aa specced so gratefull for the free reset to correct earlier mistakes or suboptimal builds. Too bad you have to enlist in the newspage prior of receiving the free reset. I still have to decide how to respec my heavy ( and non ihfe) cruisers.. Always went with ce and aft for the 2 tier 4 skills and really wonder what skills to replace them with.
  6. Its a free repair on some captain builds that i forgot to change with the last free respec. Main question is what to replace AFT with on my heavy (and UK, German light) cruisers...For my (non 2ndary) BB’s it was AFT —> Fire prevention but what to to with cruisers that dont need IFHE? Fire prevention on cruisers (maybe on the super cruisers) feels overdone..
  7. Jvd2000

    Texas nerfed hard

    Texas did not change much, its still capable of defending itself from CV’s. And only itself due to range of its AA, now more prominent due to AFT changes. Its output of AA is also dependant on good use of sector reinforcement (no more since new patch) and the losses of AA batteries due to HE hits (since all of texas aa guns are lighter guns without turrets you can lose a lot of them quick) What Texas “lost” is that its main comparison, the New york, has been buffed along the silver line of US BB’s. In the early days Texas had much better AA and better gun arcs with only a 0,5 knot loss in speed. Due to the New york buff ( improved reload and heal) this has changed. And New York is still not one of the best silver Tier V’s. Thats why WG gave away Texas for free some months ago with a short semi grindy mission.
  8. Jvd2000

    0.8.7 release

    Have the same problem, logged out and 5 mins later could not log in. Wrong version....
  9. Jvd2000

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    Well it would be nice if WG released some free premiums ( coal, fxp) in the mid tier bracket instead of this massive influx of ( mostly paper) tier 9+. I love my Nelson for the mere 375fxp but there is only Aigle at tier6. And Flint is steel. So more semi free T7 and 8 premium would be warmly welcome but not if they are made bad on purpose so that they can be give aways without hurting sales of good premiums. Would be interested in the California t7 us BB because of historical real ship status though for 375k fxp or coal equivelent. ( although small buff could be applied if i see the initial stats)But probally this ship will be a real money sell since our US friends are already waving their creditcard en masse for this ship.
  10. Considering your current ships are sold for half price when you have to buy them all back full price to grind through the tree means you lose quite some silver.
  11. Only benefit is the 10k of the new currency you get as starting bonus for free. This free currency can be traded in for flags and fxp. So when you ignore this and never restart your grind you will get a onetime free bonus.
  12. Jvd2000

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    Would buy for fxp, 375 k like Nelson. Real money? Already fell for Arizona and have new mex with perm Camo so looooow chance
  13. Jvd2000

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    The Tensessee class was only a slight upgrade compared with the New Mex when initialy build (fire range upgrade most importantly). The rebuild gave here greater AA and better rader (accuracy) If these are the stats that are primarely used to make her viable (let alone fun) to play at tier VII we need more then just a range of 17KM, 3 sec reload buff (why New Mex has 33 and Arizona 35 is idiotic anyway) and a sigma of 1.7. And the loss of 0,5 knot makes the speed even more a fail.
  14. Wonder if WG will be really bold and throws in a tier 9 package. Not really a fan of the current design: get a tier (5,6,7 of 8( and gamble on 2 others..But i wonder how many will buy a tier 9 version? Like a 100€ package for the Azuma with 2 additional drops from the following ships: JB, Georgia, Missouri, Musashi, Alaska and Kronshtad. Maybe even augmented with the 2 current steel dd's Black en Neustrashimy. Some of these ships have been sold for cash so that should be no problem. The steel ships might create some shitstorm but since steel had been rewarded through other means and even through buyable missions, why not.
  15. Jvd2000

    Upcoming French Captain.

    Wow, and the “regular” 2 special French captains already have the better if not the best bonus of all curent special captains.EM and AR are a good combo on any French BB. Although “ fully Armed” laughs at any AR buff.