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  1. Three containers, 2 ships. Got the Monaghan in a free code container and the Kidd today from the 500 hits mission. Two out of three is not that bad.
  2. About Helena and Dallas

    Since the Soviet Union was not part of the naval Treaty the formal difference between light and heavy cruisers was neglectable for them. She is extremely light armored but got an inbetween gun calibre. In hindsight she would have been beter served with 152’s then the 180’s. Maybe even beter example is the Pepsi, build as a light cruiser except for the guns.
  3. About Helena and Dallas

    The best thing about Dallas is that you will get Helena afterwards. I kept some tier VI cruisers in the past (including the “old” Cleve) but Dallas has none redeeming qualities. Sure some stats are good (concealment, aa) but she is behind all the other silver and premium cruisers. Even Omaha had more range in guns and some torps.. My rating: 1. Budy 2. De Grasse 3. Nuremberg All the rest.. Dallas.
  4. Where is summer sale WG?

    Nah, make it part of the silver Dutch DD line :) Will wait for a year if needed.
  5. Got one star in the first part. Only because I was griding a stock ship in co-op and some missions can have progress in co-op in this campaign. But am now grinding the last 8* in final stage Yamamoto campaign. Might well decide to complete Halsey after that. Dit not look at missions difficulty yet. If needed i will grind by repeating the missions that will always have progress. Slower, but les frustrating.
  6. Got my Monaghan in the free Container offered by a WG code. Since i have Atlanta and Clevelend receiving a ship from a sole container and then not receiving the ones i already have is rather lucky. From the 3 dd’s Monaghan is probally the worst to receive out of the 3 remaining dd’s but its a free gift! This is Second time a free code container hands me a premium.
  7. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I always ( well almost) get a ship out of the free ones:). I already got La Gasoline and Atlanta and now i am rewared with the Monaghan Quest. Hardly play dd but a free gift is gratefully accepted!
  8. aa-builds are completly useless

    I think that CV's already got a buff with the arrival of IHFE. Since this perk is a must have for all CL (and prob. the Dm Don with 180) it takes away 4 points (and 3points DE) away from the AFT choice that those cruisers might took before. And while BFT use to be a one point automatic choice many cruiser will not bother with this perk now. And just because of the rarity of cv's in higher tier play some cruisers prefer to go the sonar way. The arrival of US CL's with both sonar and DefAA might upset the balance again/more against the CV's.
  9. As a collector I will find the 750k xp te spend on the Krohnstadt. Now just at 375K xp so half way. But since i play non premium and out of fxp flaggs the 2nd part of the grind will take some time. But absolutely not in a hurry, have already too many premiums i hardly play and spending real money (converting extra fxp) on pixels that can also buy you a complete other game (or one ore more DLC’s) is not worth it...So will continue to slow grind the fxp by just playing the game
  10. Coal, Steel and Oil

    Regarding oil: some clans might already have progressed so far that they bought all the harbor upgrades. Seems oil only has limited buying power. The repair docks (2x 4K, 2x 5K) 18K oil The tier purchase discount around 7,5K (?) for all The Nation upgrades (7x 2K) 14K And then the more expansive clan upgrades. In the end even the smaller clans are going to have their harbor filled. The 10% repair discount is a real nice one for the non premium players who play higher tier. WG has to give oil a 2nd live if farming for oil is to remain relevant.
  11. Will definitely not rush / buy free xp to unlock her. My Free xp is reseved for Krohnstadt. And since it’s the 457 4x2 gun version (how many Conqueror’s are playing with this gun option?) it is a definitive downgrade. Where Missouri has that radar troll upgrade and the Mushashi has atleast that 460 lol pen benefit this ship needs some stange upgrades to make it stand out. Radar incomming on UK BB’s :) Make the next free xp ship German or French since those 2 nations lack a FXP ship. Like the German blue paper ship Seydlitz as planned as a light cruiser (Hipper hull with 4 Nurnberg 150 mm tripple gun turret) Tier 7 / 8 cruiser offering light cruiser playability for german navy at higher tier.
  12. For the UK it will atleast be a different type of light cruiser. More in line with the US tier III St Louis and the Russian tier 2 and 3 Premiums. It will be a nice and good looking collector item. Not too high on my priorities but it would be a different type of ship for the UK. But since it is a original Russian ship it can never sail under the Union Jack. To sail ships previously owned by other nations is a privilige of the Russian Navy :). But seriously i think the UK would benefit from a premium cruiser since it currently lacks one. Even the Belfast, as a captain trainer, is less suitable since it required a very different captain set up (IFHE).
  13. Indeed, with 190k free captain xp you can retrain your tier vi cleve to the tier viii version. If you pay silver for the 50% reduction fee you might even have some spare change. Never retrained a 19 point captain, but that might be around 190K if you pay 200K silver first.
  14. So which ship will give you xp to advance to the new (to be released in 7.6) tier VI light cruiser? The Omaha? I have a load of xp on my Cleve but if that XP is going to be tranfered to the tier VI version of the Pensa that will do me no good since I have all heavy cruisers already unlocked. A tier VI is around 40K xp stock so either have to start playing Omaha (with all the retrain costs of captains etc) or just pay the free xp. Maybe just wait for CC replays of the tier VII “mini Mogami” the only light cruiser that i am interested in.
  15. doubloon theft - autospending

    The same counts for premium consumables. When you are out of supply the default setting is charging you the doubloons costs. Now I have to manually check and correct in advance of a battle and set the purchase to silver. Wish there was an option of setting default to silver and even making the game give me an extra warning when you are about to use doubloons (optional choice by player) Sure WG will lose some doubloons in this way by setting default to silver.....but feeling cheated by the game (the lingering thought of some explicit malice from WG's side to get that extra doubloon ) will be more expensive for WG in the longer future.