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  1. Jvd2000

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Bought 5 big crates and 5 small ones and received two free small ones. Big one’s: Krashi Creme Nueva de Julio Doubloons Camo (2x) small ones Camo (2x) FXP flags (4x) Doubloons (1x) Would never bought the ships myself...but gift so...merry christmas!
  2. Jvd2000

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    Not in one game :). Several days of playing co-op for UK missions. But even while being top xp player, no kill stealing, in front of battle, no remarks etc..still lost 7 points (5 in total due to 2 recommodations) And the few games i EDIT up and ended last...no reports ever... And being "top player" in co-op is not to be specialy proud about, but more like "why report me? " if I carried atleast my weight.
  3. Jvd2000

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    Lost 5 karma points during playing co-op for the current UK missions.. Since bots dont report (?) it must be windowlicking human players that either feel entitled to a kill or got killed by bots by suicide and blaming their own team for their own stupidity. Always been in top 3 without TK or making bad remarks... PLease remove this frustrating system...
  4. Jvd2000

    ST: CE change - interesting?

    Year of the CV... CV loses most from this nerf since the percentage used to be 16% (BB get 14). And since the base concealment is rather high for CV this 6% nerf translates into a quite high absolute concealment nerf. Sure CV are expected not to sail to the frontline (although there are always some BB behind the CV) but some US CV have a real bad concealment that speccing into CE is no that bad as it looks. With only one squadron active with the new CV overhaul flight time vs safe distance is a thing. And sailing your CV (when you get that dreaded spotting signal) and droping your plane stuff are 2 different actions.
  5. Jvd2000

    Final Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Bought the smallest package of premium containers and got the tier VI ship. By completing most if not all missions I received the tier V in the first week and the tier VII in the third week. XP wise it would be best to received the tier VIII since that is the largest saving regarding xp farming. The tier VII looks like the first gem in the UK dd line though. I am leveling the ships before tier V (currently going through the tier III) just for the experience. Question: with the UK dd’s we got the ships full modules researched (after reverting away from premium status). I remember that with the UK BB (and French BB’s) we received them stock?
  6. Jvd2000

    Kronshtadt vs Alaska, your choice

    Based on the information now available what will be your prefered pick?
  7. Jvd2000

    Ise the BBV in Blitz

    Just give the Ise as a normal JPN premium BB as an alternative for the Fuso. Worse turret setup, but slightly better in other stats.
  8. Jvd2000

    What is it with the Fuso ?

    German dispersion never seems to stop Tirpitz’s and Gneis to snipe from max range... To counter incoming fire they also have that extra HP captain perk... They also prefer to fire their 4 km range torps from 3rd or 2nd line with no enemy closer then 15 km.....
  9. Jvd2000

    What to do...

    But is Alaska better then Krohnstadt? I feel some bias against the Krohn even if we have no figures regarding Alaska. For me its ok to spend on Krohnstad, but it would be sad that when I spend my fxp on krohnstad to see afterwards that Alaska is released as an fxp and krohnstad gets the Musashi treatment and also becomes available as a coal reward...
  10. Jvd2000

    What to do...

    I will have the same choice soon. 40K fxp short from the Krohn. I have all the former fxp ships (Mo, Nelson and Mushashi) and fxp grinding for the Krohn would be a logical continuation. But since the introduction of coal i found out (after spending 750K fxp) that Mushashi was also purchasable with coal. Since i have all the coal ships (Salem not interested in) my preference would have been to buy the Mushashi with coal and the Krohn with FXP. But WG being unclear at that moment prevented this. Now with a lot of new ships incomming i tend to hold my purchase before i get the info. I want to know what i can do with my coal and fxp. Which ships are going to be fxp, coal or both? Its in the best interest of WG to be clear about how to purchase a free ship so players can set their grind strategy, dont feel upset afterwards or not forcing people to hold down on their currency because they feel unsafe to spend it.
  11. Jvd2000

    Strassbourg Tier VII French BB

    WG has to sell JB, cant have a free silver ship at tier 9 actually being fun to play do we?
  12. Jvd2000

    Strassbourg Tier VII French BB

    Sems people missed the “sarcastic” label.. Just a bit upset about the Alsace nerf, the JB fancy module package and now this tier X “Alsace new style” thing. Then atleast create a real ship premium like the Strassbourg with some reasonable (and not too over the top) buffs. So many real ships to explore as premium, why these non existing ships?
  13. Jvd2000

    What to do with all this coal?

    I am sitting on 140K coal and 650K FXP and am very reluctant to spend any. For coal there is only the Salem available as a ship (since i have all the other current options) which i dont really fancy. My first reaction when WG introduced coal was like: damn if I had bought Mushashi for coal (instead of fxp) I could have had Kronhstad already. Now I am like: so many potential new ships with both FXP and coal at a level that you can purchase some new premiums! But i would like WG to be fair and informative about the required currency so that we can make good choises. Choices like do I buy my “ship A” with either coal or FXP so that if can buy “ship B” in the future with the other currency.
  14. Jvd2000

    Strassbourg Tier VII French BB

    Since WG is so inclined to enrich the French line with the Jean Bart and now with the “Bourgogne” as a tier X special after just nerfing the old Alsace to the ground i am awaiting with joy and anticipation the release of the Tier VII Strassbourg (as a buffed sister of good old Dunk). Since Strassbourg actualy was a real build ship (unlike Alsace/Bourgogne) it should even be more reasonable to release this ship then the current to be released French abominations.... The Strass was build as an improvement to the Dunk with slightly better armor so to make it tier VII sellable: *Improve armor so it can bowtank up to 459 mm guns *Improve sigma to 1.8 - 2.0 *invent some magical future AA upgrade *increase HP (easy to do, tonnage was higher then Dunk) *decrease visuability akin to some of the recent proposed BB’s so it also has that below 11KM CE. *reload 24 secs * at least give it 2 extra consumables * give it acces to the tier 8 module (akin to Belfast) Profit! (And WG does not even have to nerf the Dunk)
  15. Jvd2000

    ARP ships -- do they need to be gimped?

    Lol, i never knew what the Arp girls actualy say. Is there a translation option available that i missed?