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  1. Jvd2000

    Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

    It is a A Hull Soyuz ( HP wise) with US BB accuracy instead of SOV ( so better long range, worse short range accuracy). Slightly better maneuverability ( but still bad). So it’s not a pasta copy ( like Littoria that even has Roma underneath her camo) but a worse sidegrade.
  2. Jvd2000

    Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

    In a positive view. I am able to enjoy “ free” weeb content, but won’t spend money it. Hate the rng to get a captain ( with a chance I get a duplicate) or a paste copy ship ( or even a downgrade like Sovetskaya Russia). But I happy take the option to add Prinz Eugen into my harem for free without rng. ( already have Hood)thanks to the mission. With 37 days and easy requirements suits me fine. Although I was hoping that a ship like Avrora good by acquired for free. But giving low tiers away by WG is a ship that already sailed..
  3. Jvd2000

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Extremely unexpected... My second ever premium ship from a SC. First was an Atlanta, now the Fujin. A bit flabbergasted. First: Yea a premium, can it be, is that legal? wohoo! Second: And a rare one too! Third: With my last SC reported in this tread I made the remark that i was 3 SC closer to the guarenteed premium ship drop :) Fourth: one more Kamikaze to go :) .. edit: and as a bonus SC for my 3rd resource container upgrade :
  4. But not premium so less farm. Yorck can be perfectly used in Narai for grinding the ship but when premiums are available they are economically superior.
  5. Just finished my T7 ITA dd grind in Narai. And I think this ship ( and all dd ‘s)is far from ideal. But stil got 10k xp from my last game play. You need to know where to push and when to hide. Some players take long routes with slow ships. Then you can’t really complain if you end with low xp. That and players that are blind for the situation. Cruisers / BB staying behind the convoy. Not reinforcing weak flank or replacing a dead dd/ cruiser failing its mission to kill the cv ( after being useless the entire match) So I rather have a few skillful players taking a bit more out of the xp pie then losing out because of brainless “ ….” that cost me stars. By the way 900+-1100 BXP is still an ok result. 1200+ is something to aim for. 1600+ is good. 2200 is very good and requires you to massacre the bots. It also helps if one of your team mate dies at the beginning of one/ 2 are absolute potatoes.
  6. Narai is perfect to grind FXP, captain XP and , even if nerfed, silver. I can put camo, dragon flags etc on my premium ship with decent certainty my teammates cannot ruin a good score. Yes, I prefer to use Weimar. I even use it as a dedicated Narai ship. But only once a day for that 50% bonus. I have my Luntjes specced with reload booster and no concealment for the extra dakka. Abruzzi and München work too but double torps is just golden. Scharnhorst works well. Actually I can make a good score in any ( fast) BB and cruiser. But whatever ship you have, check your teammates and act accordingly. If they are not that good act more conservative. If they rush, play more aggressive. edit: mostly it’s the driver of the ship. I see wannabe “Weimar superscore “ players fail just as much as players with “ not ideal ships” shine. Can’t blame good players playing their game. Nor will a Weimar make players instant good at Narai.
  7. Jvd2000

    Coal ships

    Coal ships are not replaced on a regular basis. Coal ships have been removed before. Mostly T10 and T9’s because too popular ( as being perceived OP). New coal ships are added a few ships a year. Believe the US T10 DD and Tulsa being the latest additions. Next to brand new, coal only new releases, we have seen older, less popular premium ships added to the coal line up. These are T3- T7 ships available for some time as regular doubloon ships and added to the coal line up. Not yet seen any of the older lower tiers removed. But quite a few T9 and T10. JB, Georgia, Thunderer, Smolensk. Which one is next to go? And when? Only WG knows. But they do give a 3 month or so heads-up. Which might or might not be enough time to acquire the needed coal.
  8. For me this personally has no consequence. I have all ships. That WG killed the doubloon conversion I can understand. I now use my CT for events and to feed seasoned containers to my clanmates. But CT offers some new players an entry into premium ships. Even if you only gather CT by news events, Watching Twitch ( or having it run while you do more interesting things) can give you up to 750 CT a week plus more. But you have to use CT to buy extra tokens or containers if rng fails you —> CT points.. For more CT you have to do WG work as a underpayed tester or headhunter. Basicly 15k CT is way too much expensive considering a good chance you just end up with one of the many Omaha versions. Before spending my expensive CT I rather would clean up T2- T5 coal ships first. Maybe spend some very small coin to buy some low tiers that come very cheap due to “ offers”. And then take my chances with either the junior containers or go T5.
  9. My to do list: Pan Asia cruiser: T8 Harbin, fully researched but just 30K progress. ITA T7 DD.: Remaining 10K xp needed before unlocking T8. UK, SOV and JPN T8 CV: all modules unlocked but just 50-90k xp from the 355k xp needed to T10. Like the 2 other finished CV’s a huge future FXP sink T9 JPN destroyer Yugumo. 100/ 240k FXP progress Plus The 3 monthly RB reset ( FXP only) of the Haragume line. Then I have the following T9’ researched but not bought: IKEA dd, SOV Hybrid DD, Ger BC. Rest is in port except 6 researched T10 due to silver shortage. ( Ger CV, UK CA, ITA CA, RUS CA, FRA DD, PA DD) The T11 are financial out of reach and on lower priority. My FXP income is higher then the periodic RB reset so I often FXP ships that really bother me or atleast buy the T9 modules ( witch can go up to 100K for a T9 ship)
  10. Jvd2000

    Prize increase CT premium containers

    Sorry took too long to write. Checked before, was no topic at that time but yours came in between…
  11. WG has returned the premium T5 and T7 containers. And addded the T2/T4 version. Which is “nice “after they initially removed them because players who had all eligible ships were doubloon farming…The previous price for the T5 was 10k CT points. The prize for the T7 was 30k. In the past individual ships were also purchasable. Katori was 5K, and then we had the initial replacement. Ishizuchi, Exeter ( 15k) And Leningrad ( 20k). While the T7 stayed at the same prize ( 30k) and I can understand that Leningrad was somehow cheaper in CT as she is one of the cheaper T7 I do not understand the T5 pricing going from 10k to 15k for a random T5. Exeter was prized higher because being slightly a more expensive cruiser. But at T5 there are so many cheap ships that a prize increase towards 15k is not warranted. Completely not taking into account that the doubloon return value is replaced by a 6 million credit one… Same can be said for the T2-T4 container. Ishizuchi is the most valuable ship that can possibly drop from that container with again a lot of T2’s garbage. Katori, a T3 went for 5k CT. Again a very bad increase of CT required. So WG took the good deal away, killed the doubloon option and returned the containers for a severely worse deal considering the CT prizing inflation. Shame. @Seraphice is the current prizing for the returned CT premium containers as planned? Seems the deal got extremely worse. Can understand that wg closed the doubloon loophole but a 50% prize increase for a T5 looks a bit shitty. Why not allow players to fill up their harbor a bit easy. Not that T5 is that competitive… Are you that afraid that players fill out their T5’s so they get too many higher ships ( like T6 since there are many of them too) when they decide to buy Santa crates?.
  12. Jvd2000

    French Cruisers in Early Access

    WG did it before with Agincourt. And with pre access of silver line ships. But unless you are impatient there are no reasons to take the rng route. Take a sneak peak at the content of the first rng container. If it’s the ship then you can buy, if not just wait 1 or 2 months..nothing unique to be missed.
  13. Jvd2000

    Started playing WoWS, bought these premiums

    Buying first then seeking confirmation about the ships you bought being good choices is a bit odd. But atleast you have bought some good ships: Atago ( my first premium) Mainz ( fine) Warspite ( fine plus low tier) Rest are ok’ish to meh/ extremely situational. And with such a broad number of different classes and nationalities it would have been better to get experience by playing through the different silver ones first. Fact is that after I bought the T8 Atago ( yep I made the mistake to buy a T8 while strugling at T3/T4 ) I found that I was not yet prepared to be usefull at that tier, my experience was lacking. You needed a 15/pnt captain at that time to have the very required concealment captain skill.. After that I just concentrated on lower tier premium ships to accompany my slow rise in the tiers. Thats why I picked the Warspite as a solid buy. And to save some money, pick the cheap low tier coal ships first. Like The DoY which isn’t that great for money but for free coal is good enough.
  14. Jvd2000

    Italian DD Collection Grind

    RNG smiled upon me. Did not need the last week ( with 3 crates) but did get 2 crates from twitch prime. Could have waited a week longer to get the missing elements and saved up duplicates for the 15k compensation. But I took the inpatient route. Atleast I got 5k doubloons back for this mediocre ship.
  15. Jvd2000

    Very disappointed in Leone

    Receiving Leone was great! I already had her from a crate, so the 5K doubloons are very much appreciated! And without the need to buy extra worthless crates to finish the collection since RNG was nice to me this time.