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  1. Ubrael

    Servers Down?

    It has, but that was announced before the server issues. Another day without the CV rework is... well... another day without the CV rework.
  2. Ubrael

    Servers Down?

    People complaining about their premium time, but I'm just here thinking of the two days before the CV rework that have been wasted. WG, could you delay the CV rework by another two days as compensation, please?
  3. Ubrael

    Tox me baby one more time

    Ironically, I find people who constantly whine about "Toxicity" (Oh, such a lovely meaningless buzzword) are far more annoying than the occasional player who rages in chat about whatever after he smoked up for no reason near a cap and sat broadside in smoke only to entirely unexpedectly get torpedoed after signaling his location to the entire enemy team. As for forum goers, they're usually above average because they're more invested in understanding and learning the game, leading to them to recognise how many people who play the game are potatoes. No one is claiming they never do anything wrong, but public self-flagellation whenever you make a mistake is entirely absurd. Learn and move on. OP, there's no need to make every sentence its own paragraph. It's kinda cancerous to read. Also, thanks for the chuckle when you felt the need to bring up you're an avid listener of Peterson.
  4. Ubrael

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    As someone who enjoys playing the Scharnhorst my first impression of the ship is that she's very comfortable to handle for a T6 BB. The turret traverse is a bit on the slow side for my liking and the reload is a tad too long. If you take BB AP in the right place it'll hurt, but that's the case for all German BBs. I fired two whole salvos on cruisers in my first game with her, blapped a low-ish health Nurnberg, and Dev Striked an Emerald. Scharnhorst likely would have had 100% overpens on a similar target at that range. She's fun to brawl in, but you do quickly notice the turret traverse if you find someone willing to dance with you. I'm interested to see how I feel about the ship after more matches. I have low expectations when it comes to dealing with some T7 and most T8 BBs.
  5. Ubrael

    Last Prinz directive

    I'll parrot MrFingers' statement regarding this mission. Having to grind 4M credits with six different nations is taking it too far. They ought to have just made it two lump sums of 10-15M for a group of nations and sprinkled in a few citadel hit directives and such. At this point I'm considering myself lucky that I bothered to get two T9 ships and a T7 premium, otherwise I might have just tied a noose and get it over with. And that's with premium. Trying to grind this without premium alone would have done me in. At least the influx of potatoes has made my winrate go up by quite a bit.
  6. Next time you see a BB complaining about fire or torpedoes causing them to "have to camp", show them this and tell them to sit down and shut up. Nothing but excuses, most of them. 11 BBs and 1 CV per team, and they still camp as if they were drowning in torpedo soup.
  7. Ubrael

    Have you noticed getting more AP over pens lately?

    I feel like I get just as many overpens as before. Reminds me of the time quite a whole ago a Cleveland was sitting broadside 7k off my Scharnhorst's side throwing HE at me while every single shell I threw at his waterline would overpen no matter what. When you've 20 overpens while aiming for a broadside cruiser at 7k, you just know RNG hates you. There's a point where you just give up... You're probably experiencing a case of confirmation bias, possibly caused by a few games with poor dispersion or slightly off aim.
  8. Ubrael

    What If?

    Props to OP for behaving well and listening to feedback, even when said feedback has been mostly negative towards his idea. As others have pointed out. This was tried, and I'm sure it caused a significant amount of issues before it was removed. I too have ended up in numerous collisions with allied ships. Some my fault, some not my fault. Having to be perpetually paranoid about some tunnelvisioning BB deciding to split your ship in half would be very detrimental to gameplay as a whole. (I fear we might get enough detrimental gameplay soon) Is it annoying? Kinda. Do I care after the five seconds of paint scraping is over and we're a kilometer away from eachother? Rarely. As to damage when colliding with an island. I am split on this. While it makes sense, it changes a couple of things. Beaching yourself already turns you into a damage piñata, so unless you do it where no one can reach you, it's already quite punishing. Making it more punishing might be going a bit too far. Beaching is also currently used an emergency break. I fear the effect it may have on cruisers who like to hide behind islands. Adding penalties to beaching will make cruiser life slightly worse. It also punishes stock hull modules even more. Used to your zippy little B-hull Bismarck? Well, here's an A-hull Friedrich. Hope you never forget that this thing barely has a rudder with stock hull. Stock hull ships are already gimped enough, and these are the ships I personally most often seem to end up beached in, as I forget to factor in the absurd rudder shift and the different turning radius from the previous ship in the line. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, SCHORS!) At least it might help against CVs who ram their face into an island to avoid being a potential target from a large an area as possible.
  9. Ubrael

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    That came down my fire killing the Iowa in the literal last second of the match. Last salvo I fired, HE at the Iowa. Fire on Iowa. I die 8 seconds before match ends. My death pushed the enemy's score past ours. I look at our Amagi, guns not on the Iowa, 4 seconds left... As it's about to hit 00:00 I hear the [edited]kill confirm sound, see the Kraken and It's Just a Flesh Wound ribbons pop up, and it goes to the victory screen. Closest match I ever had thus far. My heart skipped a few beats right there. Poor enemy CV tried to send his entire airwing straight towards me at the beginning of the match. Two torpedo bomber squads wiped out and all bombs missed.. Not sure why a Shokaku would ever try an Alsace, but eh.
  10. Got 4 stars in a run where we lost half our team. The first death was a US DD who died a few minutes in due to the coastal artillery (Don't ask me how that happened) and we had a horrendous lack of AA. It's easy and boring. Unless they make it more interesting, I'm hoping it will remain this easy.
  11. Ubrael

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After being frustrated over repeatedly getting the worst possible teams in ranked, I decided to finish off the last bit of the RN event in my Königsberg. I forgot how ungodly the AP on the Königsberg can be. Especially how much so when every cruiser decides to show you their sweet broadside. Cruiser? AP all day. Battleship? Might as well hit it with AP. Not like it'll shatter on anything but the belt. Destroyer? Flip a coin to see if I can finally be bothered to change to HE.
  12. Ubrael

    No fun, no money

    Isn't the exp counter in the stats just base exp though? I can't see it being useful in any way if it includes modifiers, not to mention you'd see some extremely inflated numbers. The fact that T10 is OPs most played tier would explain why his exp is higher than one would assume for his stats, as the base exp increases with the tiers. And to OP: Teamplay means that people play together with the rest of the team, not that everyone plays to support you. I think your biggest issue is that you don't understand how campy the T10 meta can be, so you rush ahead and get deleted while cruisers snuggle up to and island to avoid being dev striked by BBs, and BBs circle around in the back to avoid being burned to a crisp or drowning in torpedo soup. Sure, I could take out my Alsace and speed boost my way down a cap point, but I'd only end up dead for my efforts. Why? 1: I'd be exposing myself to an insane amount of HE and AP fire from all the wrong angles (As much as angling works for 32mm). 2: No one else in their right mind would follow you down suicide lane. It also helps to recognise why people do certain things. If you see a radar cruiser near A, don't expect your DD to try go anywhere near that until the cruiser is dead or gone. If there's a couple of cruisers hiding behind island with a DD in the vicinity, don't expect any BB to try to run down either of those cruisers. If there's a BB anywhere within 16k range, don't expect many cruisers to leave their island cover.
  13. Ubrael

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    This is not at all representative of actual gameplay though. If the ships you were firing at would have moved 200m in any direction you'd never be able to hit them again. The only cases I can think of where it would be useful are either farming an unspotted afk ship, firing at something that's sitting still in smoke, fire at something that's moving in a straight line a few seconds after disappearing (Which you should be able to do without it) or firing at someone spotted by a team member during a cyclone. The advantages are highly situational and it's relatively rare to be able to exploit them. As long as last known position and cyclone minimap blips are in the game, the mod should either be banned or integrated into the base game.
  14. Ubrael

    Bot account and why is WG not banning this?

    I had the displeasure of running into the exact same... creature earlier today. I really wish they'd set a cap on the amount of commands you can issue within a period of time. It's not entirely uncommon to run into people who spam commands for no reason whatsoever. It didn't help when the DD near him started spamming commands in response...
  15. Ubrael

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I'm liking the triple exp weekends going on right now. Match boiled down to timer countdown with 1 Colorado on each team alive. The sadness would be real if we had lost that match.