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  1. FAP_pt

    MASSIVE Sly NERFS to CVs in 10.5 !

    What will happen is the focus of CVs are turning only vs BBs, so dont wine about not helping the team, this game is rewarding more and more egocentric play.
  2. FAP_pt

    Minnesota: worth the grind?

    In one battle i played i got 4 ricochets in one salvo against a Drake... a Drake... that usually dies just because a BB looked at him the wrong way. Not 1 or 2, but 4 ricochets in one salvo, what are the odds on that? Its like hitting the upper bar and the the left and then the right bar in the goal. It isnt a problem in other BBs missing salvos but in this line you have to wait another 40 seconds to get a shot (im using the dispersion module because if not is even more unplayable). ARgh i hate this ship...
  3. FAP_pt

    Minnesota: worth the grind?

    Its a difficult ship to play, if you stay too far from the battle the shells that go to the moon and back will never hit the target, because when the shells fall the battle is over... We have to be very careful to choose when to fire because the next volley is 35 or 40s away, you have to wait for that perfect broadside or you just dont do nothing to the target. I had a neptune that made more damage to me than my overpens to him. At least Iowa is a little more consistent. But perhaps is just me, the only american BB that i liked was the NC, or Texas, good in theit tiers and consistent. I hated Colorado and this BB line is overgrown Colorados. But they said Vermount was very consistent, so i wanted to try this grind.
  4. Just want to share my frustration about the minnesota, SLOW SHIP, dispersion like hell, bad AA, and when we finally connect with the target its like the image you see... 20 hits for 17 000 damage. I just want to know, is this pain worth it? Is the Vermont worth this suffering? I remember back in the day when the IZumo was called the Shitsumo, but yamato was worth that terrible ship (now a little better). A side note for the italian BBs, untill now i think they are fine (at least the T7 i started to play).
  5. FAP_pt


    Im having the same issues, tried everything player support asked but nothing worked. I think its connected with windows and cpu throwtlling, my laptop is needing a dust removal and thermal paste on both cpu and gpu fans. I noticed when increasing the fan it would help a lttle. The player support just makes you lose time with tests that take forever and then youre answered by bots. There is a chance that it is related to the 0.10.0 update, but like there isnt much people talking about it, its probably in our machines. I stopped playing since last week, and i played everyday for the last 5 years.... Its just unplayable with those fram drops. Perhaps in a next patch or qhen i finally decide to clean the cpu i will be able to play again. Good luck
  6. FAP_pt

    0.10.0 - General Feedback

    Started having frame drops when ships appear, from 75 to 20 and then to 75 again. Is there any fix to this? Thank you
  7. FAP_pt

    Avast Firewall issue

    After the update im unable to play WOWs with the avast firewall on. It worked fine but now stops in the waiting for authentication page. I manually added some exceptions to the exe files of WOWS, in the game folder and even on the 2 new folders (bin) that i think the update created. Does anyone knows besides the obvious files some file that should be awarded access to the internet? Thank you in advance
  8. FAP_pt

    stutters, fps drops since new patch

    It seems a little better , at least playable with the graphics in the lowest settings. The custom support are bots, and i dont actually like to play co-op battles.
  9. FAP_pt

    stutters, fps drops since new patch

    Its unplayable right now... Guess i have to spend my time with something else.
  10. FAP_pt

    stutters, fps drops since new patch

    The WGcheck is in Russian... Cant even know where yes is...
  11. FAP_pt

    stutters, fps drops since new patch

    Same problem here, in the fps counter dont see any drop but the graphics stutter consistently like 10 in 10 seconds, its really annoying.
  12. FAP_pt

    Toiling With Riga

    Just want to add to the ones complaining about Riga, its complete garbage, it handles like a BB, if you want to have some manoeuvrability you have to forget reload and concealment. And 15 s radar is laughable. Gives you one shot at enemy, 2 if very well timed or lucky. It takes medium damage, like any other T9 cl. HE is non existent, it wont start fires, its like 1 every 40 shots, it wont do any good damage unlesss with IFHE (i suppose). And AP is good against idiots that doesnt know how to angle, if they angle correctly its damage is non existence too. Even for ramimg isnt good, its slow and all BBs can outmaneuver that piece of garbage. But ok, i will do the grind just because of petropavlosk... This reminds me of Donskoi in the first times, it was piece of garbage too before they buffed it, but to get moskva it was worth the effort. But as soon i could sold it i get rid of it. The Donskoi is far superior than Riga IN EVERY WAY (well the AP is better in Riga, but like i said, a little bit angle or if far away, no citadels for you...) Just wanted to give my input. Thank you
  13. OK, i got 15 battles in weser and for me its enough... When the T8 German CV is available for grinding perhaps ill get to it again... perhaps.
  14. Well ive been playing Weser and its really bad... the other T6 CVs are also bad but at least we can do some incremental damage... But this ship is awful, especially if the enemy knows that for having no damage they just avoid being broadside against planes... even a small deviation from perfect broadside results in small (extremely small damage)... its laughable . Only the torps are effective but only against BBs, the others can easily avoid them. And secondaries are a joke too... smal reload and base 5km range... cant kill anyone if the are competent. So we just fly to spot... and protect the fleet vs real CVs like USN AND IJN. Thats it, i once had a 40k damage game and it was like a super victory... But like i said its not like the other T6 CVs are much better but are much easier to play. The only reason why i keep playing them is because i expect the T8 and T10 CVs are much better.... If not the time is complete waste, like the RN were.