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  1. FAP_pt

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    You got lucky with your fires, thas all, if it was the other way around, your fires being repaired and the cruisers fire farming damage you would have sigificant less damage, you only had 2 kills and probably killed enemys with low HP, thats the way CV gameplay is nowadays... I dont mean you arent a good player, you are probably a very good player, but dont advertise CV gameplay like this.... Its just awfull what they did to CVs... that 199k game is almost offlimits to every normal player and current gameplay nowadays, not like before.
  2. I just want to say something about my new and old experience with CVs, in the older ones i had games where i couldnt do anything besides spotting like in the new ones too, because being in the lower tier. The big difference for me is that while having 2 or 3 crappy games in the old RTS system i had a game that i would dominate the enemy, alpha stryking one BB and cross dropping one or 2 DDs (and having krakens - real krakens not kill steals) and really made a difference in that game for my team, that got me hooked on that high... made me endure those 2 or 3 games where i cant do much... Nowadays i can only inspire having a more or less average game where i little influence the outcome of the Battle, and the 2 or 3 where being there or not its the same, i actually in 1 or 2 games just left the game (something i never did in normal ships). Playing CVs for me its just to unwinde after a session in normal ships... just cruising along.... thats all.... Well what i want to say is that CV gameplay is 80/90 % of the times irrelevant for the team, and the fun of this game is being RELEVANT in our team and make a difference, CV gameplay is like watching a Youtube Video about a battle, its fun and i can watch it too but its better when we actually can play it.
  3. FAP_pt

    Bug Reports

    Well the freedom Camo is free, i have it and why should i spend other camos? Its a bug and they need to fix it or remove that camo.
  4. FAP_pt

    Bug Reports

    The Cleveland with freedom camo doesnt have main guns and AA sounds, this started on the last patch and remains on this one.
  5. FAP_pt

    Tier 6 - CV still trash, still hard

    Im only playing T6 CVs, T4 never tried (the reports were so bad, not even tried them), im noticing more dificuties to hit DDs, the mouse pointer when its close to a DD suddenly slows down.... The rest is as mentioned, AP overpens, Torps with so much lead an experienced player knows how to dodge them, only one try per squadron, usually their dead when we turn away, the americans with HE bombers can have a little more consistent damage, but forget about hiting DDs with bombers only against idiot captains. T8 CVs cant aproach any ship.... T10 CVs are depressing.... what they were and how they are.... ridiculous.... So CVs cant carry any team to victory, if you're rushed, youre dead. No way to sink anyone in one attack run, DDs can sink a BB with a good torp salvo, Cruisers can sink a DD with one or two good gun salvos and of course a BB can wipe out a cruiser with Citadels. CVs to sink a ship need at least 10 minutes if they focuses only one ship only wich is not a good way to spend your time. I know that they have an unlimited plane supply, but i prefered less planes but more damage potencial, if not im just flyiing away in the game, having a good perspective of the battle, thats all, and then pray that the team manages to win, CVs are just passengers. Oh... and they can spot... but they are nerfing that too... Marvelous....
  6. FAP_pt

    Bug Reports

    Cleveland dont have gun and AA sounds
  7. FAP_pt

    Please nerf CV's WG. So OP now. OMG. REEE

    I propose that all older CV players if they dont like the gameplay of CVs, STOP playing CVS! Let Wargamming understand that they cant transform one class that dominated the skys in WW2 to spoting 2D kid clowns!
  8. FAP_pt

    Please nerf CV's WG. So OP now. OMG. REEE

    There is always a constant damage on planes even if you evade flak, the time for target stabilization decreased, the torps arm later, the chance of flood decreased 50 %, you are essencialy a ship that can only do some damage, like a DD but cant kill a BB in a good salvo with torps like a DD. Its just a spoting ship for others to do damage. Its a good way to play planes in 2D, you have a good show of the Battle, thats all.
  9. FAP_pt

    CV nerfing went too far !

    The CVs were difficult to play before the Hotfix but now its completely impossible to have fun with them, im not playing another game again with CVs while this "hotfix" remains. DOnt forget how they were before, they could kill a BB in one salvo with AP Bombs or a DD with crossed torps, they could defend, spot and carry a team, now they are defendless and cant kill a target unless hes n low health. This is unfair for the people that spent hundreds of hours trying to master that powerfull cass and now the only thing they can do is spot for the other members of the team farm damage. In a DD or cruiser i know that i can have low damage scoring games but sometimes you have great games, with CVs the choice is between bad or terrible. I will never again have krakens with the Ryiujo like the 2 i had one week before the rework. I got to rank one in sprint last season with the ryujo after struggling with the T61, the only way to make a difference in the last 2 levels was with a CV, now that is over forever. Ok, its fun to go around with planes... they have a better game for that is called World of airplanes.
  10. FAP_pt

    New CVs

    I finally put the 4 torp planes in Hakuryo, but its worse than 2, because those 4 planes disperse the torps so badly that is impossible too hit anything and they arm later, WTF????? I gave them 5knots boost with the capt, is that what is making them arm later? I think its because of AA or fighters but trying to sink a T8 Hipper couldnt get those 4 torps aligned.... WTF? These Cvs are really difficult to play, and what about the bombers..... F&$#&/$#!!!!! Where do we start the run???
  11. FAP_pt

    This whole new concept of "CV" is a disaster.

    Well my experience in CVs so far insnt good, in the older CVs you had bad games with 20k 30k damage but in some games you could do a lot more, 120+k and you could carry the team, now its close to impossible, the carry potential just isnt there, like for BBs or DDs and even some cruisers. The torps do little damage with low flooding possibility (you have to aim to the stern or bow but youre lucky if you can hit the ship let alone one specific part of it). Fire chance is low too, the bombers are very difficult to control and easy to dodge. Youre lucky if you can sink one ship or 2, but forget about DDs, bombers are impossible to hit, torpedos, 2 or 4 with spreads that can fit a BB, slow and low damage, rockets its easy to hit the DD but you have to hit it 10 times to sink.... Impossible to kill a DD, if they are in smoke thay can do damage to you. The T10 CVs are a little better but with minos and the like they have fewer chances to do damage. The T 4 i dont even bother to try, they are so awfull... The saipan is a joke... fewer planes, they die fast. I dont know about the kaga and the enterprise. I know ill get better at it... but i dont know if its worth the time.... i think that older players wont have the patience and the new ones with T4 will think thats impossible to have good games. The positive sides are: I got a load of credits and free XP.... Really a lot... but i wont waste them with carriers that for sure. The CVs have good spoting capabilities, thats for me the main team advantage, but its just for others to colect damage, you dont gain anything. They changed the cost and benefits for damage in CVs, the older CVS you had to make good damage just to pay the costs, now we gain more money for the damage we do and have to pay less, at least that... So sad about all of this....
  12. FAP_pt

    6 months in what's the Aigle like ?

    Well if you play like a light cruiser yes you can have results but then who goes for the cap and spot the enemy? You like when the DDs in your team expect you to spot for them while they have zero risk and you can get wiped out in a single BB salvo? I dont think so....
  13. FAP_pt

    New CVs

    I think this is the death of carriers, no krakens for CVs thats for sure, almost impossible to kill a ship, we are just for spoting. But really wargamming you have a good flight mechanics with world of airplanes with the mouse able to make the plane go up and then down, but the only thing we can do is left/right fwd/brake, if were flying let us control up and down too, how can we avoid flak just breaking or speeding... useless. The crosshair while not engaging is useless too. The fighter is up for 30 seconds, i dont know... too fast to count, there is a R key that doesnt do anything, oh and what about the CV doesnt know when to reverse or go forward, sometimes it has a will of its own and goes kamikazing trough the map.... Very good rework, really good.
  14. FAP_pt

    6 months in what's the Aigle like ?

    Aigle is an horrible DD to play, its always spotted from other DDs, the traverse of cannons is laughable ( i had an encounter with a Fushun and it circled arround me like i was a BB and never get my guns on it), never starts a fire, the shells take hours to reach the target and the torps are slow and 3x2... If you get it as a reward you can try it... But never, i say never spend money or coal to buy it!!! Its a load of crap.... Yes it has a good speed... but its 2/3 knots better than other DDs so dont expect to catch up to anyone... It has 139mm guns with good reload speed, but you have to get close to be efficient and in a DD with 17000 health youll die quickly.
  15. FAP_pt

    Izumo medium damage 288 dmg in 9 AP hits

    Well, no... I thought that just overpenatrating hits could do no damage. That isnt logical, how the hell a 410 mm shell hit cant do no damage to the health pool of a ship, and furthermore 9 consecutive hits make an average damage of 288, thats less than a destroyer average. Also i can lose 80% of my HP to BB AP in a DD in a SINGLE SALVO against me. Im not a BB player usualy but in other BBs like Bismark, NC, Missouri i never had an average damage so low like i have in the Izumo. This game doesnt reward good positioning and aim, the weight of RNG its too much, its just luck after all... THank you for your response.