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  1. FAP_pt

    Italian Ships SAP

    I already knew that was going to be bad untill tear 8, but i never thought it would be so bad, i wonder if Amalfi and the rest is worth the effort, well see. The only good thing about this ships is the ability of making turns with smoke when in tricky situations, everything else we can do better in any other cruiser, the only ones that are so fragile are the light american cruisers that have to hide behind islands, but they are stealthy, these italians are seen from outer space and have to be way far away to try and avoid being blapped... Its a bad line... thats way so many few are playing them.
  2. FAP_pt

    Italian Ships SAP

    After playing until tier 7 with Zara its been extremely annoying finding SAP almost useless, in my last game even DDs can rebound theses shells, and then we have to wait for 14 secs to another shitty salvo and pray for not being wiped out in one BB shot. This picture illustrates the efficiency of SAP, 24 hits, 6 000 damage. An average of 250 per shell.
  3. FAP_pt

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    Well if that statistic is wright, i stand corrected, i admited i could be wrong. About statistics or probabilty not all cases tend to 50%, sometimes the reality should be different, in the case of the game i think the distribution of WR should be higher, but i dont have any data to support this idea. Maybe im just unlucky and dumb.
  4. FAP_pt

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    OK, i dont play a lot of Missouri in random, i dont like it so much, but it definitely has some penalty factor in ranked, its not normal losing 11 games when i have 44 % WR in ranked, i should lose 6 out of 10, in random i have about 51%. Remember if i suck every time i should win some games, because of the other team mates, i had games where i practically dont do anything and win. Not the case of Missouri. After i had that win over another Missouri, i won 2 times with a Lion... Even getting a High Caliber and being first on the team. But if you want i can continue my experience, its a scientific experiment, its a little low in morale for me but i cant get lower than 12.... So they can put Missouris in worst starting positions, they can put them against alaskas and kitakazes and Blacks, they can put them with worst team mates based on the individual ratings, there is a lot of things to discourage people for using that ship because of the credits it can generate. So you want me to continue?
  5. FAP_pt

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    Of course not everyone has 50%, but the majority revolves around that, when i started playing the game in 2016 i think i could had losing or winning streaks, but with time its one win/ one lose/ 2 wins / 2 losses and so on... And it isnt statistical normal, so something is leveling things, and i think its the MM. So if they can tweak all of us in averaging things they can favour some ships over others. In random i didnt have any problem with the missouri, but i just (5 min ago) had my first win with a Missouri in ranked... 11 games after trying.... And against a team with another Missouri... Ok, im not a good player i admit that, but even with the shitty Lion i have better results in ranked. The Buffalo and Seattle, win some, lose some. The Yugumo... its not her fault... In ranked T9 its not going to work. The Iowa similar to Missouri i dont have this issue, only the Missouri. Coincidence? Im just always Bad? Perhaps, but the MM algorithm is doing something that they dont share with the rest of us, that is my belief. But of course, i can be wrong.
  6. FAP_pt

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    I think its the MM mechanics, they know which ships are better and where the start positions give better results, they know that someone after a 2 or 3 game loss gives up playing for a while. And they had plenty of time adjusting the algorithm to balance all the issues so that everyone revolves around 50% win rate. And in the algorithm when its your time to lose or if you have lots of flags and in a ship like the missouri that always gives a lot of credits the MM shits on you and your team. Sometimes we are lucky and we win the battle buts the statistics are always against us. But the Missouri i found has this button to lose always on, specially in ranked. I know i cant prove nothing of this, but try and observe this for yourself.