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  1. Really? It's curious, I got the 10 achievement quite soon (I was 1.100 about in King of the Party), and this 1 million is my first reward that i earned. Anyway i'me happy for the reward, was just my curiosity.
  2. I just turned on the game, I got 1 million credits. Why you say "another"?
  3. It turned gold Yesterday afternoon. looks we must wait...
  4. Was noticed only 8 posts ago, in this page...
  5. Only 2.160 ppl have completed the mission with all 10 achievements. I wait....may be for once a little lucky?
  6. Nope. I got Manner+king both without doing what you ask. And NO high caliber is requested for any of 10 achievements.
  7. Got now King of the Party and Manners Makets Man both in the same game. - F10 at middle of the game ( i forgot before lol) - No damage to allies in this battle. Did nothing other special.
  8. I got this easy: I simply avoided (with my big effort), to call [edited] any of my friendly Team...
  9. Really? Me too I received 2 compliments, but didn't got the achievement
  10. It's easy, I got achievement with 4 plane torpedo hits but I killed the enemy ship.
  11. With Atlanta, I got 3 Achievements: Fire Show - A shot in the dark - Rise of the Machine. 25 India X Ray - 25 Zulu - 25 November Echo Setteseven Total 75 Flags in one game. Nice, thank you Wg.
  12. Dzony_Milelony

    T10 repair costs

    This is the real "Drama"...