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  1. Nikoolix

    [] HMS Halland pennant number J18 + rust free

    I will give it a try this weekend. 😊Admittedly I didn't keep Östergötland now that I've gotten Halland, but Öster is a good T9 so might be a keeper for some players. I'll also give a try at recreating the whole "J18" from photos of Halland, not just the "8".
  2. Nikoolix

    [] HMS Halland pennant number J18 + rust free

    I did it for Halland since I think she's the only one that I will keep in the end. If anyone specifically wishes for this mod for any other of them I'll see what I can do.
  3. With Halland finally released it's about time she gets to dress up with her pennant number J18 alongside her sister Småland J19! In addition it's also rust free. Mod consists of a modded base texture file and also a .mg file which makes "J18" visible regardless of what camo is mounted. Download: Halland J18 Take the folder called "" and put in /world_of_warships/res_mods/ Enjoy!
  4. Nikoolix

    Do you want to wake the dragon?

    This sounds very interesting, but I also hope it will be balanced correctly if this makes it into the final version. T8-10 are basically clones of the USN ships, meaning great guns to fight enemy destroyers. If the torpedoes are as stealthy as you make it sound like, it seems they are a lot better than IJN torps. I.e these ships might be a lot better gunboats and torpedo boats at the same time (which is already the case with in many situations with Fletcher and Gearing) making IJN DD's completely obsolete. Not being able to hit destroyers with the torpedoes is already compensated by having great guns. It will be really interesting to see how it works out, but I just hope there won't be too much of a powercreep. (Note on my low battlecount: I'm an NA player)