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  1. Great news! May be there is a bug in the game? The app does not write logs only copies them to "safe" place. The game writes. Any way I'll contact devs
  2. Hi! That is strange. You are the second person who have this issue. First one was on NA server https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/150246-tool-a-program-to-collect-and-analyze-personal-farm-of-exp-and-credits/?do=findComment&comment=4384016 I'll contact the developers about this. Regards, Maxim
  3. Hi! I played today once and the app listed this battle. The "Mode" column displays wrong information thou. I'll try to fix that Regards, Maxim
  4. Hi! Thank you for the feedback. I don't play space battles at all. There are might be some issues with that. Would you please send me some logs with commentaries at what time which type of battle took place. e-mail qmbqx8gh@gmail.com I'll see what can I do. Regards, Maxim
  5. Hi all! Here are some bug fixes: Fixed damage made by some types of bombs. Fixed display of clans in the list of teams. Fixed display of player nicknames in battle chat. Fixed saving "0" in the game settings for the number of replays. Regards, Maxim
  6. Hi guys! It's been a while. Sorry for not answering you. I'm kind of busy these days. Here is an minor update: Updating the game version Improved 4K resolution support. Updated server statistics for ships. Got it It is hard to get this information from a replay (for CV) It's a nice idea. I will try to implement. Hits are easy to count (by ribbons) drops and fire ... I can not promise(( I'll try to fix this Regards, Maxim
  7. A new version is available Game update 0.8.2pt. Work has begun on adapting the interface to 4K resolution.
  8. Hi! There is no information about this in the logs(( I tried to indicate this in the app. Regards, Maxim
  9. Thank you for a such nice words. I'm very pleased)) And glad that the app is working))
  10. Hi all! Here is 0.8.1 support: Added ships, collection, camouflage, etc. from version 0.8.1. Replay Analyzer 0.8.1. Log analysis 0.8.1. maxReplaysToSave setting is written in both preferences.xml and in engine_config.xml. Good luck in battles everyone!
  11. PensacolaOrz

    [] [EN] Camouflage filter mod

    Great job! This is absolutely awesome)) Regards, Maxim
  12. It was before 0.8.0 Regards, Maxim
  13. Hello! A small but important update. Without it, the analysis of replays for 0.8.0 does not start. Fixed player nickname detection. Regards, Maxim this is it
  14. Here is the update which fixes the issue)) Fixed display of icons in the main toolbar. Coal and steel have been added to the Loot tab. Added data from game update 0.8.0. Fixed errors when there is no login record in the log file. Added accounting for missile damage in the counter of potential damage. Added support for setting maxReplaysToSave in the preferences.xml file. Decoding of some types of awards has been added. Regards, Maxim
  15. Done)) Wait for the next Friday)) Regards, Maxim