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  1. Hi! Thank you for the feedback. Would you please send me this log file to my email qmbqx8gh@gmail.com I'll do my best to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you in advance. Regards, Maxim
  2. Hi! Thank you for feedback. I'll add this to my todo list.
  3. Hi! This the best result the tool ever got on virustotal)) Previous version got 19 false positives (( And the worst was windows defender(( This program is written on Python which is "favorite" for hackers. I guess this is the main reason. Regards, Maxim PS I don't want to waste my time in a "battle" with antivirus companies.
  4. Thanks for the good words. It really matters and motivates me to keep going)) Regards, Maxim
  5. Phil Hi! I'm glad to get the feedback from you)) I've contacted the developers of the replayswows.com and they said that api was brought back. However I did not test it (I have no eu client installed right now). Regards, Maxim
  6. Hi! You have to press "Analyze replay" button to get this information from a battle replay file. Regards, Maxim
  7. Hi! Thank you for the feedback)) I've just added this. Please, wait for an update. I'll release one ASAP Regards, Maxim
  8. Hi! I don't want to waste time on "battle" with antivirus software. Please understand me and forgive)) Regards, Maxim
  9. Hi! Was removed from the python logs. Devs are devs )) This mod will write almost all the data that I can parse from the replay files. And some more)) I have plans to ask developers to extend it on your (my users) requests. Regards, Maxim
  10. Hi all! Game update Improved message suggesting installation of the mod. The location of the PnFModsLoader.py file in the mod has been fixed. Updated server statistics for ships. Good luck in the battles!
  11. Hi! You can edit sync settings and copy logs and/or replays and screenshots to the "common" "cloud" folder (dropbox or any you like). Regards, Maxim
  12. One minor fix and presupport has been released: Fixed player nickname display. Added support for version Fair Winds and Following Seas Everyone!
  13. One fix has been released: Fixed display of player nick name. Fair Winds and Following Seas Everyone!
  14. Two more fixes for 8.5.0: Fixed loot display bug. Fixed display of player nickname in battle chat. Fair Winds and Following Seas Everyone!
  15. One critical error has beed fixed in 20190628-118. Please update. Fair Winds and Following Seas Everyone!