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  1. Hi! I've checked the logs and there is such information in there)) I'll add this with the next update. Regards, Maxim
  2. Hello everyone! A bugfix update)) Server ship statistics updated. The replays files are now sorted by the time encoded in their name. The game update Analysis of replays: fixed the error that occurred when parsing messages in a battle chat. Fixed a bug with the cost of the battle when the results of three or more battles come at a time. Fixed error parsing old logs. Good luck everyone!
  3. Hi! I'm puzzled(( this makes no sense(( I've revised the code a couple of times and I don't get it(( I've tried to rename replay files almost as you did in a different ways and still can not reproduce the bug. Anyway I optimized the search routine in a while)) Regards, Maxim PS whuld you please send me a zip archive with the relevant .log file and two replays? my email is qmbqx8gh@gmail.com
  4. Would you please check this against the lates update? Let me know if it works or not. Regards, Maxim
  5. Hi all! We are moving forward)) Battle list: added potential damage and spotting damage. Battle list: added the credits received for a battle the costs for signal flags and camouflage. Battle list: Fixed bug with displaying ships distribution by classes. The display of detailed information about a battle has been reworked. Improved algorithm for pairing the replay file and the specific battle. Fixed error parsing log files version The error of trying to start a replay from a folder in which there is no game has been fixed. Fixed bug with parsing some replay files. Improved cache algorithm and performance. Good luck everyone))
  6. Hi all! A tiny but important update has been released: Fixed a performance bug and log file tracking when auto-actions were enabled. Added a premium box type from the American arch. Good luck everyone))
  7. Hi! I've studied 0.7.5 replays and yes, the information is there)) I will add the column. Not this Friday but next is 99% sure)) This is possible(( I'll see what I can to with. Regrads, Maxim Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Thanks for the info! Will add this type. Regards, Maxim
  9. Hi! I've fixed the bug. Thank you for the report)) The update will be available tomorrow. Regards, Maxim
  10. Hi! I've tried to implement the feature and did all changes to the app but WG public API does not give information abount pve stats anymore(( I've contacted the developers and wainting for their resolution. Sorry(( Regards, Maxim
  11. A tiny update has been released)) Analysis of replays: for version> = 0.7.5 Added counter of spotted ships. Analysis of replays: fixed a bug of consumables extraction from the replays. Updated some files from the game version Fair winds and following seas!
  12. Hi! This will be fixed. It was an error in the app. About comos ad flags... well many of them can be bought in game and consumables... may be gotten as a reward as well... I'm confused now(( Anyway in the Excel export we can add and substract them as we want)) Regrads, Maxim
  13. Hi! You might have many logs selected on startup. In this case each new version will parse them once and cache the results. Then the app will use cache for faster processing. Regards? Maxim
  14. It's a nice suggession and I already have it on my TODO list. I will try to implement this asap)) Regards, Maxim
  15. Let's continue)) Fixed a bug that occurred after the second monitor was turned off. Added team setup extraction from the replays for logs version 0.7.5. Battle list: added a column of used camouflage and its cost in credits. Battle list: added a column of used signal flags and their cost in credits. Battle list: the cost of camouflage and flags are now included in the cost per battle. Added ships and permofiages from the version of the game 0.7.5pt (second stage). Fair winds and following seas!