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  1. Der LETZTE Post gewinnt

    Wichtig: Die nächste Kooperation wurde gerade auf deren offiziellen YouTube Kanal preisgegeben.
  2. Zeigt eure Super Container !

    Welche Schiffe kann ebenfalls in diesen Container bekommen?
  3. Zeigt eure Super Container !

    I got this personal Mission by one freedom container. Strange because she was not yet in the premium shop.
  4. Double douple strike with my Kaga
  5. What is your highest amount of credits?

    I posted the same game in the What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ? thread. Maybe this helps to confirm my game. Also I did not earn a credit mission because it woud be listed under under Combat Missions. For example I had a game in the Mighty Mo where I compledet a 1 Million credit mission. (By the way I got in total 1.954.992 Credits this game ) The Missouri game:
  6. What is your highest amount of credits?

    1. It would also be nice to know if someone made it over the billion credit mark. So I guess you can say how big your savings have ever been. My are currently on unbelievable 43780000,00. 2. I know that the Missouri has the best credit modifier as well. But I woud like to see same extremely high credit games. Something around 4 million credits with a tir 9 premium and around 3 million credits with non tir 9 premierships.
  7. What is your highest amount of credits?

    Hello everyone and welcome to my first topic. I would like to know what your highest amount of credits was. It would be nice if you linked a proof. Since without one we can not say that the number is real. My highest credit game (just yesterday): 2.268.480 credits in the Enerprise If you have feedback on the implementation of the topic, please let me know.
  8. New server record: Max. experience Enterprise (wows-numbers.com) 2.347.830 Credits with a CV
  9. Is daily combat mission bugged?!?!

    I had exactly the same problem today.
  10. Tir 7 planes? + 38k commander XP
  11. 50.838 Commander XP + 14.685 Free XP
  12. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I like to participate. 1. Roma (if available ) otherwise Tirpitz 2. Warsbite 3. Dublonen Thank you very much for doing this.
  13. the "carry harder!" thread

    I even caped as CV.
  14. WG Premium Code

    Ich habe zusätzlich eine Restless Fire Flagge bekommen.