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  1. LadyJess

    Update 0.10.9 - Bug Reports

    HUGE [edited]BUG REMOVE THIS [edited]SUB TORP [edited]
  2. LadyJess

    Submarines in Random Battles

    WTF, subs are too OP. CV has no defense against these [edited]. WG remove these [edited]crap subs,
  3. LadyJess

    Don't spend money here!

    WG needs to get their act together, am not spending until I see a 1,000% improvement and better treatment for their player base which WG cares nothing about at present.
  4. LadyJess

    So they changed rocket planes...

    You are correct, when i run CV now am not bothering attacking DD as much, there is no point for CV to go chasing after the DD . Fighters are useless and needs an option to be removed so more torp and bombers to be added, with increased attack drops.
  5. LadyJess

    Grinding RN CV for a returning noob player

    Best of luck with your CV grind, considering that the fighters got a massive nerf and are all but useless now.
  6. LadyJess


    I run on the EU server on the weekends. Give a shout if you see me online . Will be happy to give you a hand with this game.
  7. LadyJess

    "waiting for authorization"

    Have this same issue as well. Already have a ticket into support. So far none of their solutions have yet to work.
  8. LadyJess

    Theory about dive bombing with Graf Zeppelin

    Hitting cruisers are easier than the quick turning Destroyers.
  9. LadyJess

    Smolensk is so OP

    May be true but, it also gets into the hands of people whom " team kill " others just because the ship fires fast and can hide while doing so.
  10. LadyJess

    I am a new player

    Welcome and hi . Kuma is a great cruiser, a bit squishy but, otherwise very fast guns and a great DD chaser. Best to move and shoot at range with this cruiser. I am on the EU server on the weekends. If you happen to see me online, just give a shout at anytime and i will be happy to lend you a hand.
  11. LadyJess

    How do YOU guys play Gneisenau ?

    Gneisenau is classified as a Battleship, Run this ship as you wold a Cruiser, you will get better results.
  12. Half [edited]apology is not accepted. Rethink this Bull crap PS event. Change the directives, extent the timeline, etc. or better yet, just remove this dry dock crap.
  13. LadyJess

    Ranked Battles: the Fourteenth Season

    Why tier 10, Clan battle is tier 10. Stop this tier 10 crap already. Tier 10 is getting very BORING.
  14. LadyJess

    CV's shouldnt be in the game, by a CV player

    WG has not yet to figured out how to balance things. Rule ! : if it aint' broke - leave it alone Rule 2 : if you got no clue how to fix things, leave it alone.
  15. LadyJess

    Smolensk too OP

    Yes, this ship needs to be removed or nerfed down to a 12 sec reload, no smoke.