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  1. shamelesscreature

    6 mins que... 5 aint limit?

    Mirrored matchmaking (for CVs, top tier ships etc.) has higher priority than the 5 minute rule. If you stay queued, you will be matched instantly when a second CV enters, even if there are no other ships in queue at that time.
  2. shamelesscreature

    Nerf BB AP gegen DDS

    Jeder, sofern nicht 2 oder 3 davon Zitadellentreffer sind.
  3. shamelesscreature

    Can someone explain this?

    Also happens with cruisers. Saint Louis (4900 maximum AP damage) somehow does 5250 damage with 2 AP shell hits and no citadel penetration.
  4. shamelesscreature

    T X Z-52

    Dann legst du dich halt 2 Minuten lang nicht mit anderen DDs an.
  5. shamelesscreature

    Des Moines

    AFT. Manual AA macht keinen Sinn, da der Großteil der DPS von der mittelkalibrigen Flak kommt, die nicht von Manual AA betroffen ist und zudem die gleiche Reichweite hat wie die großkalibrige.
  6. shamelesscreature

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I defended a cap. Repeatedly.
  7. shamelesscreature

    Unfaire Start Aufstellung

    Diverse Inseln wurden verschoben. Dass ein BB alleine bei C spawnt und der Rest des Teams zwischen A und B, kommt auf der Map aber immer noch vor.
  8. shamelesscreature

    Other Changes

    No cruiser in the game can fire AA guns without being spotted by the very planes they're firing at unless smoked up. Full concealment spec Minotaur has 7 km aerial detection range which on the live server becomes 9 km when her AA guns are firing, thus more than her 8.6 km AA range. I suspect that the issue he's referring to is that Minotaur captains can switch off their AA and wait until planes are well within their 8.6 km AA range before opening up at them. Then they immediately get spotted, but the planes will spend several seconds in the long range AA aura before the CV player can retreat them. The 0.6.13 PTS change only affects destroyers. High tier DDs with dual purpose guns typically have about 3.5 km aerial detection range which on the live server becomes about 5.5 km while their AA guns are firing. This gives them a 2 km stealth window with AFT and AA range upgrade.
  9. shamelesscreature

    October Revolution dates - WG get your timezone right

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/in-soviet-russia-meme/ Sounds straightforward to me? CEST = Central European Summer Time. And these times are a.m., not p.m., obviously.
  10. shamelesscreature

    Nordlichter: Nachtmodus

    Irgendwie stehe ich gerade auf dem Schlauch. Gefechte auf Nordlichter (Northern Lights) finden - im Gegensatz zu Gefechten auf Norden (North) - doch immer bei Nacht statt...?
  11. shamelesscreature

    Ibuki: Fire chance?

    Ships have a fire resistance which increases with their tier. Shooting at T10 ships cuts your fire chance in half. Add to that hitting places that are already on fire or that cannot be set on fire (turrets) and it's easy to see why you will usually need more than 10 shell hits for every fire.
  12. shamelesscreature

    Detonation trotz Magazinmodifikation..

    Er steht im Nebel, die Khaba hat keinen und jemand anderes spottet für ihn?
  13. shamelesscreature

    Schiffsvorschau: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    Ich glaube, Crysantos hat da nicht so die Probleme mit.
  14. shamelesscreature

    Blyskawica feels meh vs t8 and higher

    Yes, 19 mm across the entire hull. The only exceptions are Khabarovsk (50 mm side plating in some places) and Gearing (21 mm midsection). IFHE does not help you against a single DD you can meet in a Blyskawica.
  15. shamelesscreature

    Ships with Hydro

    It's much easier to learn the ship classes. - every cruiser from T4 - every German DD from T6 - every German BB from T8, except Tirpitz - Lo Yang