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    Game crash

    Hello, i play with Mac Pro Retina, and for the first time i have problems with the game since this new patch. i can play one game, and sometimes i get Disconnected or crash. I can't back again to the game, and this never happen in last patch, since this new i have problems. The game just crash, and don't let me back to it, and i can't play, because he crash all the time until the game finish. Can u plz fix this ? my Mac is not the problem, i just check it for 1 month, and i have 16Gb Ram, more 500Gb SSD disc, with 380Gb free... and my Graphic is equal to a 16G memory dedicated. i7 last generation .... and even with low graphics it crash.... or just shut down the game. i don't understand. Plz try to know what is happening... Gratz Jony Horta