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  1. Fire duration is already 30 seconds for cruisers, right ? What's the big deal with lowering DCP reload time from 60 to 40 seconds ?
  2. It's possible. In the port, select the ship, right-click, sell - only simulate, don't confirm. That amount of credits, you multiply it by 2 (counter the effect of selling a ship) then you divide it by 1500 (the conversion rate of doubloon/credits). Normally you should also get a warning about selling your ship at discounted price.
  3. It is only your point of view, others might see things differently. And anyway it's not other's business what tiers are jumping players.
  4. Why ? I think the Armada pack is just perfect for enthusiast newcomers wishing to get as many premiums as possible with the lowest price ever.
  5. You are right. Black Friday Armada pack for doubloons gives you ~530 doubloons/€, counting the port slots (515 doubloons/€ without counting them) The multiple 55x Halloween containers gave you ~5-600 doubloons/€ plus all the other goodies (freePex and credits and flags in quantity) beside those Halloween permacamos, with more flexible spending.
  6. It would require more imagination than usual but I think it is still possible.
  7. And anyway it doesn't change HE damage for your Sims as any other high-tier 100mm gun destroyer (Akizuki/Harekaze) was already penning you at 16mm thickness without IFHE.
  8. I guess Cesare is balanced with so much care because it was also part of the Soviet fleet - it ended as the Novorossiysk after WWII.
  9. What you are saying is valid for regular ships. We can see that Cesare isn't one of them. Cesare is for me some kind of VIP T6 (I am conservative) BB. Once in her, you have privileges that nobody else have. It's even dangerous to play it too long as developing reflexes of impunity will kick back once you change again for a proletarian T4-T7 BB.
  10. That is never good in any BB. Why I didn't mention DDs as a threat : a DDs is poised to launch its torps from distance and can be easily massacred by Cesare's gun. The DD can try but Cesare possess plenty of good characteristics to avoid and fight back. While if one of the Scharnie brothers is charging you, you can do nothing. No-thing. Same with a Tier 7 CV.
  11. Cesare is maybe the most maneuvrable BB in game, plus the speed => DDs are not exactly a big threat. DDs can even suffer more than ever from Cesare as she can suddenly turn toward DD's direction and her guns are pretty accurate (for those tiers) and numerous.
  12. The only serious threat for Cesare are Tier 6-7 CVs and the Scharnie brothers, all of them having torps ! Isn't it normal to buff a little the Torpedo Damage Reduction ?
  13. Wait a minute, it makes sense : the only serious threat for Cesare are Tier 6-7 CVs and the Scharnie brothers. All of them have torps ! Thus, buff the Torpedo Damage Reduction.
  14. WG is preparing to buff Cesare. PTS 0.6.14 changes:
  15. I see what you mean, as honestly I tend to do exactly the same. I mean why bother, for a few crumbles that a good Cesare player would let to others ?