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  1. PseudoMi

    Stalingrad Flags.... Exchange for steel

    You finally have got that Black!! Congrats mate! I'm sooo curious to hear your choice of ships during that R season. Otherwise I've sent you a PM.
  2. PseudoMi

    Next t9 xp premium?

    If we consider that freePex ships are for now one per nation, then I have a strong feeling it will be a German or French one. I don't know about German T9 real ship material but I have an idea about the French one, which was already featured by WG in Naval Legends : French Destroyer Maillé-Brézé.
  3. I too think there are new game possibilities tested under April Fool. They know very well that customer base is waiting for the CV rework. This event would be like a preview of a part of what's to come.
  4. So, are we in a twilight zone ? WG denies any change (they use to publish every change in every update) while many players are seeing ghosts ?
  5. Anyone know how these voices could be turned off, hopefully selectively - for Carriers ?
  6. PseudoMi

    Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    Oh man it's not only a matter of skill. It's about lifestyle ! Up to what is the meaning of life ! When I play DD, at the end of the game I am soaked and exhausted. Uninterrupted intense stress, the mood will develop sequels. When I play BB at the end of the game I am fresh, different stuff at home being done, fb checked, friends called and eating finished.
  7. You maybe know that by default, in CV UI, "1" is assigned to the CV itself, then the squadrons follows as "2", "3" etc. The good news it that we can change that, assigning "1" to your first squadron, "2" to your second squadron etc. which is far more practical. However, the voice over keep speaking about "number 2 ready", "number 2 engaging enemy" etc. when that group has become "number 1" following the new key assignement. I searched all the options in Aslain mod without finding any remedy. Would you know one ?
  8. PseudoMi

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I'm playing CV after a long pause and I am surprised to find the CV UI completely laggy. i usually play non-CV with medium graphic quality settings all day long. I cannot play CV decently with everything on Low settings !
  9. PseudoMi

    CV UI lag

    I'm playing again CV after a long time. OMG it is completely laggy ! Almost unplayable !
  10. Hi again, btw how do you play Yueyang, radar or smoke ? And what's the difference with Gearing ? Is the Gearing now outdated ?
  11. Will there be other free mission containers in 0.7.2 ? (I've got nothing in all the 0.7.1 ones)
  12. Z-52 being belanced between torps/guns, it can be specced (skill+module) on either on them. It can become quite the invisible torp spammer and torp screener with hydro, or even mini-radaring with that hydro while avoiding gun fight as much as possible. Btw you don't use TA on Gearing ? So, you play both Gearing and Yueyang with Vig. Exactly my theory. From all the ships they make the best use of the skill. Anyway, those +25% torps acquisition range seems sooo poor advantage for 3 skill points ! Only when you test hydro you realise how pathetic are those +25%.
  13. PseudoMi

    Bismark Last 4 points

    KM BBs are tailored by WG to be *teh* secondaries brawlers. If you don't spec a KM BB in secondaries but something else (CE, whatever) then any other BB nation will give better results with those specs. It simply make no sense to take CE on Bis as your "optimal gun range" is hopelessly *way* bellow its max concealment range and speaking of "optimal gun range" KM BBs case is rather in cynic manner. The same applies to players wanting to spec NC/Amagi whatever in secondaries. We can see many misuses of ship strenghtnesses.
  14. In CW half of the DD park is the Z-52 anyway thus those 3 points will be more useful elsewhere, like SI & torps reload or guns reload. On Gearing ? Maybe, but what arm or leg will you cut off yourself in exchange for Vig ? You play it for its fabulous smoke thus you really need SI.