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  1. When will happen next Free XP conversion?

    No matter the source telling you "how bad is Musashi" you should change it. WG always know how to get money from players, don't worry.
  2. When will happen next Free XP conversion?

    1. It won’t happen until May I suppose. Last event is too recent and right now people wanting the soon-to-leave or the brand new deluxe T9 are captive customers. 2. I recommend to change your sources of information.
  3. They need an economically viable game, I really don’t see where is the problem with ships design. This is not a public service virtual 3D historic ships museum exhibition.
  4. Segal's departing

    John Doe is pretty offensive for our American colleagues, when the Japanese have Yamamoto as special captain. I hope WG will find something more inspired before the release.
  5. Segal's departing

    Sure but there was a movie then related ingame featuring and maybe legal footnotes.
  6. Segal's departing

    We knew it is over since some time but only now we know that Seagal is over too. They will both be pulled out at the same moment. So, I am asking if the Missouri retirement was in fact linked with Seagal affair instead of "because not to be a competitor in the T9 premium niche for Musashi" - the official WG reason.
  7. Segal's departing

    Hmm would the Missouri retirement too, simultaneous with Seagal retirement, be linked with the movie story and rights and lawyers and some other events happened recently ?
  8. I think a good idea for beginner should be to focus the efforts on ONE captain, only one, to achieve as fast as possible 19pts. Then, the first one will bring the next ones. If one dilute the effort there will be dozen of medium-pts captains none enjoying a serious high-level setup nor generating anything for the others or for resetting/moving others. I have 8 captains I think and I'm just farming day after day Capt exp, to upgrade at once my imminent French special commander to 19 pts. Btw I take the opportunity to present you a Excel file I created for managing captains. You should have macros activated. It's here (bottom page) => If you have ideas how to improve it, according to your own captains management, don't hesitate to share !
  9. Battery Mod.3 and Tier 8 BB

    A tier difference is not just a number increase but a whole pack of parameters. Additional slot for some tiers is one of them.
  10. Server problems?

    same, I thought my graphic card is about to get fried.
  11. Server problems?

    same here impossible to reconnect, two kind of messages : - server busy - server temporarly unavailable
  12. Missouri nerfed income?

    I remind you that it is useless to specify it was a win or a loss, as the credits are unaffected by that - only the Exp changes.
  13. I suppose when one buy 400+ containers during an event with advertised chance of getting T7 or T8 Fr BB missions and doesn't get any, we might perceive it as intended rip off and ask WG for clarification ?