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  1. [All actual skills remaining the same] A possible 20 point Commander would allow many more skills configurations, I let you imagine them. On the downside, it would take ~345 000 more Commander Xp to reach the Elite Commander status and begin generating Commander Elite Xp. New Commander Skill Progression Skill Points Total Commander XP Required XP Required for Next Level 0 0 1,500 1 1,500 2,500 2 4,000 4,000 3 8,000 6,000 4 14,000 9,000 5 23,000 14,000 6 37,000 21,000 7 58,000 30,000 8 88,000 41,000 9 129,000 54,000 10 183,000 69,000 11 252,000 87,000 12 339,000 108,000 13 447,000 132,000 14 579,000 159,000 15 738,000 189,000 16 927,000 222,000 17 1,149,000 259,000 18 1,408,000 300,000 19 1,708,000 345,000 20 2,053,000 —
  2. I find the proposed change to be more interesting for the game. If you don't shoot, nothing will change. And you can still shoot, but less long.
  3. Then start with the Vanguard + balances, instead of a paper ship. What did the British have done to you WG ?
  4. As a BB I was saved countless times by DD smoking me, while fighting to death in a critical place/moment. Such smokes can make the difference in a match.
  5. Often when there are 3+ DDs in each team I message fellow BBs to load HE for covering our DDs in the first cap fight. And I am always amazed to get replies "No ! AP is better, do more damage".
  6. Ah I see. It's true that the match is decided by DDs (when no CV) and as BB you can do little about that.
  7. Do you want to say that in top ranks there is no need of BBs in the team for winning ? (I am at R6, using Warspite, thus really curious if I'll have to change ; normally someone has to do the BB job and better do it well)
  8. Je répète, en face tu as les mêmes.
  9. Les gamins et les motivés sont aussi en face. Si toi perso t'es "motivé", il te serait plus aisé de faire la différence (donc gagner) dans un environnement "gamin" que dans un environnement "motivés".
  10. Yes you can.
  11. That ship going since the beginning into a circular regular trajectory until hitting the border of the map and slipping up to the corner or ending stuck in the first ground/island.
  12. yep
  13. Normalement un [UFR] dans ta team, bah c’est le mec que tu lâche seul sur l’adversaire et il reviens avec l’équipe d’en face dans les crocs. Et là ils étaient deux. Ils auraient dû s’amuser à faire du volley avec les rouges en vrac. Et là, partie perdue, je perds une étoile à cause d’eux et leur synchro pour s'amuser ... ce n’est pas sérieux
  14. Récemment je suis retrouvé avec deux [UFR] dans ma team, sans doute suite à une synchro. Rassuré, j’ai quitté d’emblée la partie qui débutait pour me consacrer à d’autres activités. 30 minutes plus tard je reviens devant l’écran et je vois quoi ? PERDU !!!