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  1. I am happy to hear about Musashi but very sad about that hint that they don't want to make her T10. For many reasons already discussed on the forum.
  2. The global situation tells me that USS Massachusetts will be a surprise reward ship for "loyal" players, à la M60 on WoT Blitz. Probably at the end of the year.
  3. Landing on sea next to the ship's crane would be nice. Otherwise I hope the spotter plane will be improved somehow by WG, to make a clear impact in gameplay.
  4. Anyway there is no premium ship at tier X - small revolution in CW.
  5. Originally it had 3x 283mm guns per turret, like Scharhnorst. But there was a real plan, after taking bombing damage (courtesy RAF) to upgrade it to 2x 380mm per turret (same as Bismarck) while in docks. The plan never materialized but you have it in game. Basically you have 3/4 of Bismarck firepower and also very good uniform 128mm secondaries (also never materialized) which have 1/4 pen instead of almost useless 1/6 pen for Scharhnorst's 105s.
  6. Sure, as players we will always ask less expensive or free stuff. But speaking about the game in its globality, especially for new players anticipating a long career on the game, Missouri seems to be a real opportunity, one a the most rewarding investments. I recommend to motivated new players to grab the Missouri ASAP, anything else at the beginning should be secondary. We don't know how long that price or the ship availability will last. With all recent free goodies increasing freePex output making easier and easier to get it, there is a risk that WG will one day say enough is enough.
  7. A lineup with mostly german ships (ideal defence due to hydro on DDs AND BBs) with a PA DD for offensive radar ?
  8. 750 000 freePex at 1:35 conversion is 21 430 doubloons * 21 430 doubloons bought at ~450 doubloons/€ is 48€ ** 48€ is the price for having zero freePex and still wanting to get the Missouri. Meanwhile freePex accumulates spontaneously while playing, quickly multiplies with camos and flags and random fall in containers too - 50 000 freePex containers are not rare. Thus you can buy only the difference or nothing if you farm enough. * Of course 1:35, since the beginning of the year we had this once every five or six weeks. ** You buy doubloons only in the hardest discounted packs with ships (-40/50%) with the ship not discounted ingame. It also happens regularly. Missouri is the hen with golden eggs that WG curiously and unbelievably hard discount.
  9. It is not just a matter of choice to do or not do the required grind during the timeframe but also a matter of first installing of the game. Exemple : I signed in after Seagal event last fall.
  10. Missouri was implemented in a time when special flags and camos for boosting freePex did not exist nor the frequent opportunities to get them for free. Right now it is way easier to accumulate freePex, there are here users who farmed their Nelson (1/2 Missouri price) from zero over last weekend. Missouri being not only a T9 OP premium ship but the key for credit independence in the whole game ("buy a Missouri, get all the silver ships in the game for free"), I would say it is hard discounted by WG right now. Considering its strategic impact, I would value it at least at double the today's price. Are you not surprised like me about WG keeping its initial price ?
  11. I suppose the new PA DD with Radar will be mandatory.
  12. Let's look at the positive side of things. No need anymore to spend several months trying to rank out five times to get a Black. Now a clone will be available in the silver tree.
  13. Yes it's unfair for those who joined the game after the special events. Seagal case is similar.
  14. I think he was asking in perspective, to set his preferred BB line to grind up to T10. Anyway for accelerating your progression in game for a beginner, I would recommend to start with one of the T8 premium BBs then the Missouri then a 19pts captain as fast as possible.
  15. Mine were : - speed boost module - 7 days premium - 50x La Fheyle Padraig camo - 100x Dragon flags (+333% capt exp)