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  1. IanEglin


    I play all classes including DDs and CVs, some observations. Some DDs were overpowered, the new CVs corrected this imbalance The damage taken by aircraft against some targets is ridiculously high Air dropped torpedoes had piss poor damage potential even before this downgrade.
  2. IanEglin

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    I play all ship classes and have no sympathy for DDs. They are generally OP if they can stay hidden, particularly against BBs, they are like a submarine. If you are a DD in smoke, stop firing and you will not be rocketed.
  3. IanEglin

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Just like to add with the new CV controls that the F return key is next to the WASD keys and so accidental recall is a problem. I have done it at least 6 times. It would be better if it was a different key. Other than that the new CV play is a vast improvement and keeps CV players far more engaged with the game. Some AA is ridiculously over powered and dive bombing is a nightmare and I only attempt it against static targets if I have a choice.
  4. IanEglin

    British Heavy Cruiser Line

    The RN novelty was battlecruisers. High speed, thin armour, powerful guns. Used to counter heavy cruisers but vulnerable to battleships. This would add a different dimension to the game.
  5. Current carrier play lacks visuals and hopefully the changes will improve that downside.
  6. IanEglin

    Hood - first impressions

    Hood, great to see this beautiful ship on wow and she doesn't disappoint. Heavily armoured, good recovery, quick with good HE and AP. Only weakness so far is AA performance.
  7. IanEglin

    Royal Navy Cruiser line

    Some good points. Looking forward to their launch.
  8. IanEglin

    Royal Navy Cruiser line

    'If the common opinion about the current cruiser lines is Russian > Japanese > German > American, where does the RN will fit in?' I don't think the performance of ships online, necessarily accurately reflects the actual capabilities of the real ships in battle. I think the owners must give the Russian ships a bit of a leg up.
  9. IanEglin

    Royal Navy Cruiser line

    I'm quite new to WoW so haven't much experience of how cruisers lines have developed, so your comments are interesting. With regard to how the ships play, that's a fair point, I'm perhaps thinking about the real world capabilities. Still think Leander is over tiered.
  10. IanEglin

    Royal Navy Cruiser line

    Great to see that the Royal Navy line is getting developed However, I have a couple of observations 1. They seem to be 1 level over tiered from Leander. It is crazy to put Leander in the same tier as Cleveland. Leander was a very light cruiser 8,000 tonnes, Cleveland nearer 14,000 tonnes. A complete mismatch. Designed in the early 30's it should be at tier 5. Create space at tier 5 by removing one of the lower cruisers. Caledon, Danae & Emerald are all too alike. 2. There are no 8" gunned RN cruisers in the line up although their a plenty of historic examples. Exeter 6 x 8", Kent 8 x 8" with sub-classes London & Norfolk. These perfectly line up against Yorke and Hipper. Make space by removing a 6" gunned triple mount cruiser, which cover 5 levels, Fiji, Edinburgh Belfast, Neptune, Minotaur. Belfast & Edinburgh are the same ship and one could be lost. All of these cruisers are really at the Cleveland tier 6 level, maybe Belfast / Edinburgh could go to tier 7 because they were designed with armour against 8" gunned ships. 3. The addition of the Dido class, would be a great comparator for the Atlanta class.
  11. IanEglin

    Do you think we'll get a Dido?

    Great that the Royal Navy line is getting developed But we seem to be stuck with 6' gunned cruisers. Great to see a Dido 5.25 AA cruiser at the Atlanta level. But what about the County class 8" gunned at the Yorke & Hipper level? Leander is a joke at the same level as the Cleveland. Should be at the Nurnberg or Konigsberg level. Belfast and Edinburgh - same ship. To add breadth to the game, the games makers need to lose Belfast or Edinburgh (make Belfast the B hull), insert the Country class, add Dido as a premium and drop both Fiji and Leander down a tier.
  12. IanEglin

    Why the heck is the Belfast T7

    All the British cruisers look over tiered Leander at Konigsberg Fiji at the Nurnberg level Belfast / Edinburgh at Cleveland Scylla / Dido - no show but should be at Atlanta level Exeter 8" gunned no show same with Suffolk no show same with Devonshire no show A bit crazy. Hope they look at it before launch.
  13. IanEglin

    Ghost destroyers - Cheat?

    Khul, there seems to be a destroyer & aircraft in the vicinity. Not set up for replay, don't you need to go into preferences on your game file? Lot's of skepticism. We'll see if anyone else reports.
  14. IanEglin

    Ghost destroyers - Cheat?

    Aircraft spotter in the air, no islands within 10k at least.
  15. IanEglin

    Ghost destroyers - Cheat?

    Torpedo spread too tight for long range shot.