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  1. SuperRenard

    Ranked Season X

    Stop the t10 madness! There are several tiers you never tried for ranked, so what about some variety for a change?
  2. SuperRenard

    Anniversary Event

    Nothing terribly exciting. I remember getting a ton of anniversary camos and dragon flags in 2016. This year with how everything got capped, it will be a pittance. With how things go downhill on the economy side of the game lately, shall we expect polio blankets next year?
  3. SuperRenard

    Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    Because, like you said, it's a hobby? Most hobbies let you explore all their content for little effort, and nobody is outraged about that - for a good reason.
  4. SuperRenard

    Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    I don't think we should apply western religious morality to video games. They're totally unrelated.
  5. SuperRenard

    Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    Worth it is very relative, for some people (like me) unique cosmetics are valuable. Worth it doesn't mean it has to be exclusive either. Good try on your strawman argument but it's not working. It is a reward for the 1% able to no-life the crap out of the game and that's about it. Wargaming just doesn't give a damn about the rest of us and it's obvious.
  6. SuperRenard

    Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    As usual, wargaming giving a treat to the 1% and taking a dump on the rest of us. How unexpected!
  7. SuperRenard

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    OK so no point playing ranked. What a dumb move.
  8. SuperRenard

    Test #2 de la Mise à jour 0.6.1 - 31/01/17

    J'ai pas l'impression que les devs soient conscients du fait que le Baltimore voit des tiers 7 assez régulièrement. Avec 29mm d'armure frontale, seul le yamato peut overmatch son armure. Et là ce truc, contre lesquels les tiers 7 et 8 ne peuvent pas grand chose (y compris les cuirassés !) reçoit un buff de dégâts monstrueux. C'est totalement déraisonnable. C'est un véritable tank le Baltimore. Contre des tiers 7 et 8 c'est totalement abusif d'accroître d'autant ses dégâts.
  9. SuperRenard

    Améliorations sonores

    Ca manque clairement de fluidité. D'autres jeux ont une bande son dynamique aux transitions bien moins marquées.
  10. SuperRenard

    Nouvelles améliorations

    Elles n'ont absolument aucun intérêt car beaucoup trop faibles par rapport aux améliorations existantes. Une perte de temps en somme. Si j'ai ça dans un superconteneur, j'en serai extrêmement mécontent.
  11. SuperRenard

    Je suis pas content (titre édité)

    Ca arrive parfois. J'ai du gagner 1/3 de mes parties seulement aujourd'hui, et pas une seule en cuirassé, même celles à 120k dégâts au tier 6-7. Mes contributions habituelles sont très supérieures à la moyenne. Le mieux à faire dans ce cas là c'est d'arrêter et de trouver un autre jeu et de revenir plus tard ou un autre jour si t'en as envie. Pas la peine de se faire du mal tout seul. S'il y avait un mode solo ça pourrait encore le faire mais il y a des jours où l'on est juste gratifiés de 9 boulets à chaque partie et point barre. Le jeu a décidé que c'était une soirée de chiottes pour toi, rien à faire mis à part cesser les frais.
  12. SuperRenard

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    But I am salty already, to the point that while I usually do spend money on the F2P games I play, this time, I decided not to. Most of my gaming budget went on humble bundle and steam this month instead, and I'm not talking about pocket change. Oh well it might be pocket change for Wargaming, but at least, they won't have it. I spent money lately on the game, well, before that farce, and thoroughly regret it now. In more than ten years of online gaming, that's the second company I decide I will never support again unless they do dramatic changes and start treating their players with respect, free and paying ones alike. I normally stay away from such drama but this time the company clearly deserves it. We'll see whether they have the required intelligence to see that unhappy players is the best way to ruin a business on the long run. We're talking about entertainment after all. I will also make sure that when I get the opportunity to do so, I talk about Wargaming in the most possible negative but accurate terms. That's the kind of payback they deserve.
  13. SuperRenard

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/weekly-missions-december-5/ Can anyone from WG explain me how this kind of mission, that are on the very hardcore end of the spectrum (140k damage in one battle at tier 6+ is extremely rare and very difficult to do) are "family friendly" at this time of the year? I don't think I could do all of that even if I was playing 12h a day. My highest damage is 100k and my stats are well above average in my good ships. So we can't have Santa's convoy because it's 'too difficult at this time of the year" but we surely get nigh impossible stuff instead. How can we not view Wargaming as liars and hypocrites after that?
  14. SuperRenard

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    By the way, does anyone have a link to Wargaming EU's recommended daily schedule on how I should be spending my free time during my winter break? I'd love to be told what to do with my life, thank you.
  15. SuperRenard

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    So after Tuccy's trolling we now have you, blatantly lying and spin-doctoring on the issue to simply hide the fact that you didn't want to give the rewards to us, EU players, plain and simple. Why are you insulting our intelligence? This is disgusting. I would have accepted a "nope we didn't want to give that to you guys" but that? ? No. If the time investment was really the issue then we would have had the convoy missions AND the camos for doubloons. Besides, for some of us, 2h a day is nowhere near a significant time investment. Not everyone wants to spend the entire day and an entire winter break (15 days for me FYI) with the family. Because you know, they can be tiresome? You don't even understand your audience, that's really sad. We play games because that's how we like spending our free time, but do you believe your own game is that bad that it can only be treated as a way to waste time and that we can't scale up or down our gaming time depending on what we feel like doing? So you're lying and don't understand us. Fantastic. This game is obviously in great hands...