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  1. When you're schooling a colleague from work you suckered into playing WoWs for the referral rewards, but the team is full of BBabies: Four of the team's five BBs go on a merry route up the 1/2 line ... at about half speed from the looks of it. The other one is so deathly afraid to face off another BB in a 2vs1 (that's us being two, him and me). SO afraid that not only is he hiding behind his island the whole duration it takes the enemy BB to take a cap all by it loneself, no he even is desperately reversing to get away from the BB after it finished capping and is now coming for him. So who's got to step up and bail that potato out of his self-induced misery? None other than me, in my trusty ole' speed-demon Katori. By the time I actually manage to get around the island and get a line of fire on that Wyoming (since that bloody dreadnought is faster than my cruiser ...) our previous full HP Kaiser lost around two thirds of his health whilst doing minimal damage in return to the Wyoming. So cue my Katori, spewing HE, torps and secondaries (flippin' secondaries!!!) at the Wyoming until I sunk it ded, saving His Most Elusive Excellency - Baron of Cowardy - Duke of Nope, Running McCowerFace, Third Of His Name and Faster Than The Other Guys In Line Of The Thrown When The Assassins Came with a sliver of HP left ... This is the kind of teams I get all the damn time ... teams that need to be carried in a backpack by a bloody Katori. You guys are supposed to carry me in my little battle bathtub, not the other way around ffs! What's wrong with you people!? ... and I just noticed I actually have more aircraft kills in my Katori than our CV. What the sh*t? Funny you mention something like that: In an earlier game (still coaching my colleague that I suckered into playing WoWs for the referral rewards), I'm happily cruising away in my Campbeltown when I noticed the enemy Hosho a stone-throw away. After I already disposed of two other cruisers (because apparently 404: torpedobeats not found), the only thing sailing between me and that Hosho is a Kolberg. So what do I do, being a responsible teacher for fresh newbies? I yolo right towards the CV and damn that Kolberg, naturally. Why would I do such an inane thing? Because if there's one thing I trust randoms to do is the absolute worst in regards to increasing their team's chances at winning. So, naturally, the enemy Kolberg COMPLETELY ignores that DD less than 5km away from making a beeline to his allied CV and shoot him up. Mind you, the Kolberg is at that point very much alive still (my Tenryuu puppy/trainee isn't the best of shots yet). He succumbs a bit later after I nonchalontly disposed of his teammate in the CV. I would've paid money to read their teamchat!
  3. Not the first time and I knew you could lock divisions. But usually I could just kick them from the division again, not this time for whatever reason (WG UI kwality gud!).
  4. So, why can complete strangers just join an existing division? And then you can't remove them again? I don't want random potatoes in my division, thank you very much WG. Sort that out.
  5. Funny you say that, considering the same method works on every other type of torpedoes, at basically any range. Hell I dodged a full Derzki set of torps from 2km distance in a Mikase with a broken engine ... I like to believe I'm decent at expecting and dodging torps. I also like to believe that is a skill and quite a valuable one to have in this game. Except now WG is introducing a type of torpedo that effectively reduces the reaction time to near zero, so even perfectly prepared players will get hit if RNG spread put just one of those torps on a path you can't dodge. And dodging torps and countering a DD are two entirely different things. Not getting nuked by a DD in a cruiser is one thing, actually actively countering a DD an entirely different matter and even with the best of intentions and tools not always possible given the circumstances. In the example at hand, I couldn't push into the Black even if I had wanted to, nor would the Black need to actually make it a fight since he had already capped and a cruiser pushing into a cap, spotted by the Black with two of his team's BBs just waiting to send AP my way ... not much talk of countering here. My point is: DW torps punish those who actually play the objective, i.e. the good players. Yet the performance characteristics of thse DW torps are as such that even good players can't reliably avoid them. In the meanwhile, the potato BBs sailing around on the boonies being of little use for the team are more or less entirely safe from their supposed harcounter until the game has been decided anyway. And despite being an alleged anti-BB weapon, the DW torps are just as, if not more dangerous to cruisers. The entire concept stinks worse than condensed sewage and I can literally not think of a single reasonable argument in favour of the design that would actually improve the gameplay situation of the game.
  6. I just hope they fixed this: Ookami players will know of the horror I'm speaking about.
  7. Less anti-cruiser torpedoes as much as they're anti-PTFO torpedoes for cruisers and BBs alike. Who's going to get hit by those torps? The cruisers (and rare BBs) that actually play the objective (you know, where those DW wielding DDs will be most of the time unless they're CV chasing knobends), or the maxrange camping BBabies? The entire design philosophy behind those DW torps is utterly misplaced. I get that WG wants to counter BBs (though why they don't simply change the MM algorith or place a hardcap on BB numbers per game is beyond me). However the problem is the BBs that end up getting most effected by those DW torps are those that actually do their job, whilst the idiots humping the mapborders will remain safe until the game has already been decided (ergo zero change to the status quo!). And it just so happens that cruisers also get the shaft with their lower torpedo resistance and HP pool (and again, cruisers are more likely to get hit because they will be closer to the enemy, if anything just due to their lower maxrange). This whole DW torpedo gimmick is just a mess. I had a game yesterday with a Black on the enemy team. I knew where the Black was, I was expecting torpedoes, I was angled towards them. When the one quintuple spread had been spotted by a DD along the way, I was angled to sail snugly in between them. Turns out the Black had actually send both sets, but only one got spotted early. So what felt half a ship's length right in front of my ship, the second spread finally got spotted, with one torp just in the position to clip my ship and with just the less than a handful seconds to react I couldn't dodge that one torp despite trying my best torpedo boogie woogie ... 18k damage. In a tier VIII cruiser without heal to recuperate some of the damage, just like that, a bit less than half my health gone despite every concievable effort done to minimize the expected threat. I know Black torps are very, VERY stealthy (though I was still surprised at how close the second spread suddenly got spotted, oh boy), but at least they're slow as hell. I can only assume that DW torps have similar spotting distances ... but those torps will go roughly 20 knots faster. Tough luck trying to react to those if they get spotted ~300m meters from you and going 60+ knots. The argument that only potato cruiser players straightlining will get hit/punished by those torps is patently false. And you don't have to get nuked by a spread for that to severely impact your game. Dodge every torp except one and that's still roughly half your HP gone.
  8. Gee, did you use Microsoft Word for your post formatting?
  9. If you get to the Baltimore, use the range upgrade in the tier IX slot, not the rate of fire upgrade. The latter might be tempting, but you need the range in high tier games and since you won't be using the rate of fire upgrade on the Des Moines anyway (since you get very little out of its percentage based buff considering the Des Moines already has such a fast reload at 5.5 seconds whilst the range upgrade is a couple kilometers added range, MUCH more useful!), it's time well spend getting familiar with the floaty arcs at range. Baltimore is also surprinsingly good at kiting if need be, thanks to her very good gun angles you need to show little side to get your forward turrets to bear on a rearward target (and with the increased range thanks to the upgrade you also have plenty flighttime to react to incoming shells).
  10. Stock Baltimore is meh, in some regards even worse than the upgraded New Orleans, but as soon as you get the gun upgrade and thus the superheavy AP shells, that's where the fun starts. That AP is so ludicrous, you're going to have to just stick entirely to AP for a couple matches just to find where the limits are ... because you will citadel cruisers and penetrate BBs at angles that seems like a fever dream coming from the New Orleans. And the Des Moines is the same thing, just on crack. Absolutely worth the grind.
  11. psa

    Hamsters. That or the intern tripped over the power plug.
  12. One of us. One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble!
  13. I would second this. The performance and survivability jump from tier VIII to IX is considerable (the latter due to the heal, the former depending on the individual ships of course). Comparing say a Hipper against a Roon and then again a Hindenburg is almost like comparing apples to oranges, the differences are so extreme (mostly due to the Hipper being largely mediocre, but if there is a thing such as excellent mediocrity, the Hindenburg exemplifies that and is quickly becoming my most liked tier X cruiser). You could also compare the New Orleans to the Baltimore and then the Des Moines. The performance delta between those ships is substantial. Tier VIII cruisers are in a tough spot right now due to the BB overpopulation (lotsa hardcounters shooting at you) and the merciless tier VIII matchmaking, but I recommend to persevere. Tier IX cruisers are a noticably different breed from their lower tiered brethren.
  14. psa

    Well, it appears the issues have been (mostly) solved as the forum is much more responsive again. Still taking a couple seconds per page, but a long shot better than the couple minutes it took beforehand. Still waiting on that embarrassing office story about MrConway though, @Tuccy. You know you want to
  15. I'll have you know that the provided picture is of chinese cultural influence, not japanese. The dress depicted in the image in particular is an easy giveaway as it's a Cheongsam (also known as qípáo), a traditional dress originating from China. In addition, the phoenix is a prominent symbol of chinese folklore and whilst also used in japanese folklore (no wonder due to the long history of cultural exchange when China was the dominant culture in east asia) is much less prominent. A proper japanese-themed image would be something like this (and the troubles I go through lecturing the uninitiated is truly something to be appreciated here, I'm searching through MLP fanart ffs): Depicting humanized versions of the show characters in traditional yukata garbs. Or alternatively, something drawn in a traditional japanese art style like Sumi-e: Here shown having drawn inspiration heavily drawn from the videogame "Ookami" (whose entire art and graphic design is done in sumi-e). A game which by the way (and this is the second reason why I even bothered looking through MLP fanart) is getting a HD remaster to be released on Steam early December this year (three or so weeks) for 20 bucks and is a game that is well and truly worth the money (a steal for what you're getting, even if you aren't hardcore into japanese folklore the game is great, hell the soundtrack alone is worth shelling that money out!!!) if you like action-adventure games such as "The Legend of Zelda" (really, think Ookami as in Zelda, just with japanese folklore instead of Hyrule). So, there you go: the more you know and buy Ookami. /lecturemode