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  1. Aotearas

    Rudder bug

    Next major patch ... so basically you're telling me anyone suffering from this bug is edit out of luck for the entire Clan Battles and Ranked season? That we're supposed to unlearn up to years worth of muscle-memory so we can bypass a problem that's directly, negatively effecting gameplay? That is NOT a satisfactory conclusion. Where was the lots of testing and additional actions that was supposed to make sure this bug doesn't make it into the game in the first place? Like seriously, how did this slip past? Once I figured out what to look for this issue is straightforward and consistent, it should've been caught in testing. And even if by pure chance it didn't trigger during the entire testing and QA phase of patch implementation not having a plan to fix something that, again, DIRECTLY AND NEGATIVELY EFFECTING GAMEPLAY right in the middle of your own scheduled competitive seasons is just poor showing. The fact that despite you telling us you'd give word the moment you know more about it, I had to actively seek you out and ask for any news to be told what's already a finalized plan of action (or lack thereof) isn't exactly shining a better light on any of this. And this isn't just an inconvenience. This is stuff that can decide games and we're in the middle of a Clan Battles season and tomorrow starts the next Ranked season. "Inconvenience" isn't the word to describe the impact on people who have to deal with this. I am incredibly disappointed with how WG is handling this. But who cares ... edit Well done, truly well done!
  2. Aotearas

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    We treat this threat as basically our little fun lobby inside the forum. But yeah, it's still for recruitment. If anything it reflects nicely on what you're getting into with our bunch. We're always active in Clan Battles, though since a good part of our clan doesn't seem interested in CBs (or can't be active at WG's schedule) we only have a small group of CB regulars, not like other clans that can field multiple teams per session. We're always looking for more people who actively want to play CBs though.
  3. Aotearas

    Did WG secretly "buff" smoke concealed ships?

    Something wonky with shell tracers. Happens sporadically and seemingly randomly (or at least I haven't paid close enough attention to notice a pattern). Did throw a wrench in my works a handful times when I was trying to blindfire into a smoke since I couldn't see the origin of the shells as they only rendered a good ways out. Also had a couple instances where someone was shooting at me but I couldn't see the shells until they were basically right on me already.
  4. Aotearas

    game crashing

    They're really not exhibiting similar symptoms. A disconnect brings you back to the log-in screen with the game still running. A game crash either freezes the game up until the non-responsive process has been terminated or it will directly CTD. Did I say that? Absence of something doesn't mean advocation for nothing! Obviously the advice would be to get in contact with support, as should ANY first step for technical issues be that a person isn't familiar enough to troubleshoot on their own. This really needn't be said at all, but I suppose common sense ain't as common as it should be.
  5. Aotearas

    Rudder bug

    @Sehales, @WG_Lumberjack is there no news regarding this issue? Because this problem is seriously effecting gameplay, it needs to be dealt with one way or another ASAP. If you guys can't nail down the actual source of the problem yet, what are the chances that individual patch changes can be rolled back (i.e.: the collision avoidance and auto-pilot "improvements") so we can at least play with the old, workable status quo? It is clan battle season and soon we'll have Ranked aswell. Something needs to be done, real quick!
  6. Aotearas

    game crashing

    Erm ... game crashing and disconnects are distinctively different problems and the two aren't typically correlated at all.
  7. Aotearas


    Not the point. The point was that every nation depicted in the series that isn't Japan is acting like a comic villain: "Japan good, rest of world baaaaaaad". Seriously, I didn't say the series has some glaringly propagandistic undertones for nothing! Again, not the point. The point is the anime censored itself in scenes that have actual meaning for the themes, tone and characterization of important characters or the setting itself, but for in the grandscheme of storytelling rather meaningless action scenes the anime has no such qualms to depict gratitious violence. Warzone? That implies conflict, yet so far everyone who spoke out about it had the same opinion: the anime version is crap. Because the quality difference between the manga and anime is substantial, with the letter being a mess of double-standards and marketing noticably warping the presentation of elements in the series.
  8. Aotearas

    Offtopical Disco

    Let's have a wee bit fun, eh?
  9. Dare I say it? Oui, hon hon hon!!! A rather intense hardcarry and could've gone wrong at a moments notice considering I had to manage aggro from two BBs, a Chapayev and their CV at the end whilst still having to actually deal damage and kill or we'd lose. Not exactly easy in a DD without any smoke or effective AA for that matter, though I was lucky that the enemy CV apparently didn't notice exactly how much of a wrench I was in their gears so he really didn't make a concerted effort to kill me until the very end when we had already pulled through and time was already ticking out. Got a couple credits for my troubles. Obviously I lost Karma in that game, even though I also got a pop-up saying I was complimented. But what else is new ...
  10. He's been told that and other duplicitious BS he's been doing for quite some time now. Guess why he's most active on Reddit with its echochamber discussion design.
  11. Aotearas

    Clanbattles S06

    In a fight Benson vs Kidd, environment considered equal, the Kidd will always trade favourably unless you land a lucky torpedo simply because it can heal damage back and you can't. Only point bringing in the Benson over a Kidd would be to have a second set of torpedo launchers, but that is of questionable value considering everyone and their dog is running hydro. Cossack will outspot the Benson by a good margin, can use one of its short cooldown smokes to either get away, or for some quick burst dpm with its 4x2 guns if something's spotting you for it, landing torps on it is unlikely due to the hydro. Cossack also has hilarious short torpedo reload so what she lacks in broadside weight she can compensate by volume over time. Harekaze will also outspot the Benson by a good margin and has 3/4 Akizuki dpm (assuming she's running the 100mm option which most would), meaning in a brawl she'll out-dpm a Benson, especially if both of you are kiting away (as is usual) since she loses significantly less dpm due to her turret layout. She also gets the decent IJN torps. Lo Yang is the closest you get to being inferiour to the Benson in most characteristics, but she gets the insane hydro. Out of all regular DDs, I'd reckon the Lightning being the most versatile due to excellent concealment, good dpm, decent torpedoes, decent but shortrange hydro and sshort cooldown smokes. Benson is only something I'd bring along for the US smoke if you want to center strategies around smoking allies and then the Kidd is superiour because if her task is to stay out of smoke and spopt, the heal makes her considerably more survivable in that role. Premium DD selection at tier VIII straight up outcompetes the regular lines imho and it really shows in the team compositions I've seen so far. Only time we saw a non-premium DD was a Kagerou, but she was paired with a Lo Yang in a double DD comp. Everything else has been premium DDs, mostly Lo Yangs. Of course, part of that could just be a forced bias because people simply assume the premium DDs are better (much like many people buy into the Ranked premium bundles thinking they increase their performance) and people might find those aren't working for them and subsequently change their compositions, though I find that highly unlikely given the reasons I presented.
  12. Aotearas

    the problem with reward premiums for NTC

    Can you get steel by grinding Randoms? No. You can only get it by playing/grinding competitive game modes. That's what I was talking about, that's what you evidently can't get into your thick skull. I don't give a flying dutchman's **** if you think that Randoms are competitive, WG doesn't and that's all that matters. They aren't in the context of the statement I've made. Your point is factually wrong. It's not me trying to only get my point across, it's you trying to legitimize yours even though it's entirely irrelevant to the statement I originally made and which you took as a chance to spin your narrative. And if sticking to the facts is too much elitism for you feel free to not trying to engage in such nonsense with me ever again, good riddance!