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  1. Aotearas

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I know ... but imo it shouldn't for the gameplay reasons I had lined out.
  2. Giulio Cesare, plz buff.
  3. Aotearas

    Anybody else had their forum settings changed?

    Gremlins! Gremlins I say! Or should I say, wait for it ... Kremlins?
  4. Aotearas

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    First of all, there would be no difference to how Yamato/Musashi guns perform at all, they overmatch and subsequently penetrate the following armour layers anyway. And higher citadels on BBs is long since a thing of the past anyway, the only ones left are the Yamato and Musashi and their citadels have always been easy to hit regardless. As for cruisers, how would that be different to how cruisers get blapped from any angle by BBs right now? As for the internal bounce scenario, who says that a shell bouncing off armour can't be armed? Even if the bounce check precedes the arming check in the current ballistics model WG could just add an exception rule that if the shell has overmatched a layer of armour, the arming check occurs upon the next penetration or bounce check. That way shells can overmatch, bounce and still arm inside a ship. If anything, if internal bounces where handled like that it would even reward angling internal armour schemes under the assumption of overmatches better.
  5. Aotearas

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I'm pretty sure that is the ingame logic, I just think it's a bit inconsistent logic considering how the overmatch mechanic works. Imo the overmatch check should preceed everything. If it overmatches, then there was no armour as far as the shell checks are concerned. It should then be up to the next layer of armour to actually trigger the penetration and arming check if it's thick enough. That would mean not only would DDs always get overmatched and thus overpenetrated (Khabarovsk being the exception) by BB caliber AP, but also ship extremeties being shot at sideways aswell as ship superstructure (even BB superstructure, unless she shells hit the armoured conning tower). If that would show to give some ships an unintendedly large boost to survivability, at this point it would be possible to adjust the amount of damage an overpenetration deals considering how the behaviour of such would be very much consistent and thus reliable to use for tweaking.
  6. Aotearas

    Anybody else had their forum settings changed?

    Which is why there's supposed to be a person overseeing those UI gremlins. You never know through what nooks and crannies they squeeze themselves. I mean, just look at the size of the new emotes, it's obvious they were designed to fit into the smallest possible spaces!
  7. Aotearas

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    But if we're talking ingame logic then it shouldn't matter anyway due to the overmatch mechanic since any caliber larger than 14,3 times the nominal amount of armour will pass through it anyway as if it weren't there. If a shell ignores armour it stands to logic that it also ignores the shell arming check.
  8. Aotearas

    Anybody else had their forum settings changed?

    Okay, who was the guy to watch the UI department, because they got out again ...
  9. Aotearas

    Lets talk Republique... The French Tier X BB

    Let me preface my comment by saying I grinded through the Alsace pre-nerf. That important little tidbit mentioned, my impression at the time was that I would have zero reservations if the then Alsace were the tier X ship with just miniscule QoL adjustments to make her tier X worthy, maybe a change in secondary armament (say switching from 100mm to 127mm caliber) or performance (better HE pen or alternatively better base accuracy), or perhaps just a handful more HP ... minor things and most certainly not all the things I just mentioned combined as I already considered her to be better than all other regular tier IX BBs. Which turned out apt judgement seeing as we're in the process of getting exactly that with the Bourgogne. As for the Republique, she's unique in the way that she trades alpha for dpm. The guns are pretty reliable and have insane penetration (something that can often come at a disadvantage when firing at squishy cruisers, overpens galore), but the thing that really makes them work is the reload. For cruisers it's basically impossible to wiggle defensively against an Republique and maintain normal dpm output against it, by the time you wiggle back to get all guns on target the Republique will also have shells flying for your now juicy side, plus the ability to overmatch 30mm plating makes her a real nightmare to try and kite against as her shells just slice through most cruiser decks like a hot knife through butter. She's bad at pushing and not as durable as other BBs, but as something that just lends firepower to the mix, oh boy can she get results.
  10. Aotearas

    Collectors club

  11. Aotearas


    Oh, I think you guys have no idea how often I pull the "how I maek ship go" stunt or variations thereof in all-chat. And more hilariously how often people appear to fall for that (judging by chat reactions), even when I'm in a tier X ship and divisioned up with clanmates (though I must admit the clantag probably helps with that). It's the little joys in life ...
  12. Aotearas

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    As an analogy. Which is so bleedingly obvious that I refuse to believe you could misunderstand that. But whatever, there's no helping you at all if you actively refuse to understand something as simple as an analogy. You need not waste your time replying to this.
  13. Aotearas

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    RNGer giveth and she taketh away. Just had an excercise match where my Ranger procced her quick take-off skill three consecutive times in a row. Holy mother of RNGeesus! I had already though this game lost (as the enemy Ranger had just prior procced her own skill as she had a slightly faster take-off cooldown) and then I heard mine yell "Ranger, STRIKE", then again, AND AGAIN! I think I just used up all my good RNG for the remainder of the year! edit:// Oh dear, and the next match she also procced her skill twice (nonconsecutively though) ... I like where this is going
  14. Aotearas

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    We are talking about the most basic form of situation assessment skills here. This has nothing to do with whether this is a game, a job, military or whatever. Absolutely, positively NOTHING!!! Whether you look at someone explaining astrophysics, how to operate machinery or how to control a pixelship in a game it makes no difference to the basic concept of how to tell a credible source from one that isn't. The application of how to tell if someone knows what they're talking about or not translates 100% seamlessly wherever you choose to apply it, it is universal. We're talking common sense here. Basic cognitive functionality! Come on, at this point you have to actively try to be this obstinate, yet you keep telling others off for being unhelpful when you're literally doing everything you can not get helped at all. I can't even establish a common understanding from which I could possibly work on to try and help you. Jesus f*cking Christ man ...
  15. Aotearas

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    *sigh* Once more, who would you trust? Someone who has proven himself capable at his job or someone who has proven himself incapable? Come on, the concept of how to assess credibility can't be that hard to grasp. This game is 12vs12 (7vs7 in competitive modes) cooperative multiplayer. You have 11 (6) teammates whether you want it or not. There is no choice! If you want to play for yourself only I suggest you find singleplayer games to your taste.