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  1. Detonation Cancer Extravaganza

    I don't have quite that much faith in WG. After all it took them this long to finally admit that getting detonated first thing in the game isn't as "fun and engaging" as they seem to think it is.
  2. Detonation Cancer Extravaganza

    Unless of course the first hit also happens to put you below 75% HP, in which case all's fairgame for the detonation mechanic and you still can get detonated by the first volley that hits you.
  3. how is this even possible??! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    There's good economic reason for that though. If playing the high tiers were just as profitable as the low and midtiers, people would generally stick to the hightiers and mess up the MM population for the mid tiers.
  4. Karma counter botched up?

  5. Game mechanics - speed calculations accurate??

    Minotaur with speedflag can pretty easily keep up with a Shimakaze, especially if you do the occasional turn (you bleed MUCH more speed doing even slight turns than the Minotaur will), or at least long enough to certainly feel like an eternity if he's shooting you all the way. Also depends on how efficient your route is. If you take a sweeping approach (say to stay clear of ambush positions) and the ship following you is taking a more direct course that also helps migitate the speed difference (surprised a clanmate with that as my Warspite was keeping pace with his DD and he was wondering how I could stay so close despite the Warspite being so slow).
  6. how is this even possible??! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Also, those 90k consumable replacement cost is setting you back a good bit. Running full premium consumables at tier X without premium account means that you more or less cover the costs with a good game and only make credits with a really good one.
  7. Toxic Moaning Community

    We seem to be playing different games. Usually there's no communication at all. Sometimes there's people raging, but certainly not quite often enough that I'd say it's particularily noteworthy, especially when compared to other online multiplayer games I've played. Overall I'd say WoWs is par for the course for an online multiplayer, possibly even tame compared with other F2P games from what I hear about other games like WoT, LoL, DoTA, etc..
  8. Oh boy, that game. Still salty that for some reason my DD drifted out of the cap. I was literally sitting stationary at the edge of the capture zone, spotting and ready to nope the hell out of there as soon as I get detected and for some bloody, unfathomable reason my ship drifted out of the cap circle, just before finished to cap it. ANd when I got back I couldn't capture it before someone else blocked it. This game, man. Also met @absolute_justice in his Shimakaze on the enemy team today. That match was a resounding loss because our DDs died like flies and our BBs were allergic to capture points or being anywhere near the enemy at all. I mean we had a Survivability Expert Montana ... And the MM wasn't nice for my Saint Louis anyway: 5 BBs that want to nuke my cruiser and 5 DDs to ensure I'm spotted. MM like that is the reason people don't want to play cruisers anymore.
  9. And there's the problem. The game is NOT realistic. It is NOT designed to be realistic. The fact that matches last for an absolute maximum of twenty minutes should've been enough of a clue that the gameplay isn't realistic, but apparently that's not enough. World of Warships is an arcade shooter, not a naval warfare simulator. If you absolutely MUST play historically accurate, find a simulator that's actually designed to reflect that. Don't do it in a game where it plainly isn't. Also please do something about that absurd willfull ignorance, because with that attitude you're nothing but a dead weight for every team that's unlucky enough to have you on their roster. Or let me rephrase that in a fashion that you're more likely to understand: does the name USS William D. Porter, DD-579 ring a bell? That's you. And your teams are the USS Iowa, BB-61, carrying the objective.
  10. Emblems and insignias huge success

    Different development teams. Map design, etc. aren't the same people doing UI. And by all means, if a bored UI team was the reason we got that craptastic division chat window then I'm all in about keeping those guys busy with emblems and whatnot.
  11. Poll is biased, because "Nay" is an affirmative. And my answer is no. All I can see this leading to is people dropping everything just to killchase that Corgi account. Randoms are bad enough as is but with an event that promotes stupid behaviour like that, no thank you.
  12. Changes have been made. Problem is, WG can't fix stupid.
  13. Team Communication

    Well, people are stupid. Some 49% potato was raging at me and reporting me for being a bot and "a stupid monkey" after he told me to cap C at the start of the match ... in my Khabarovsk. The C cap which was swarming with aircraft. The C cap which happened to attract half the enemy team as it turned out.
  14. I take it you don't get those containers for the live server though, right?
  15. Got my first early access mission from the two containers you get from the CB mission set, sadly it's just the Bretagne ...