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  1. Aotearas

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Still trying to do the Exeter missions, still only getting Standard battles on the stage where I need base captures/defenses ... but hey, if it results in the occasional game like this I don't mind much: There I am, minding my own bloody business and all of a sudden someone wants to f*ck my mother, stating how he hates people like me. What did I do to deserve such animousity?
  2. That explains why the russian BBs get such ludicrous turret traverse then. We're onto you, WG!
  3. Do you perchance know how that translates into seconds until invulnerability? Because aircraft that bail after attacking are almost exclusively taking short range continuous dps which has short tick intervals. Though honestly at just 10% height reduction I think we're talking one tick only.
  4. Aotearas

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    Oh wow, 160 people. Compared to how many people have the ships in question? Compared to the server population? Still a minority. And if 160 people want to refund their ships because they aren't overpowering enough after the balancing changes, how many ships do you think WG could sell if they made it available in store again after it's gotten balanced?
  5. Aotearas

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    More specifically, because WG makes way too much money selling Ranked premium bundles to gullible people who think it gives them an advantage. What I don't understand is why WG is so averse to making balance changes to ships that objectively require a bit of nerfing. A couple munchkins will demand refunds because the ships aren't the same anymore (i.e.: no more OP), but at the same time balancing the ships means they can sell them to the broad audience again, which surely should result in plenty more money than what they'd have to refund?
  6. Aotearas

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    Nonsense. This wouldn't set a precedent for WG to just willy-nilly change every premium ship under the sun for no reason. We're talking about ships that are overperforming to such a degree that WG pulled them from the store because too many of them around would mess up game balance bigtime in their tier brackets. The extraordinary feature we're talking about here is overperformance, that is a feature none of those ships should've had in the first place and anyone who bought such ships for the express reason of them overperforming over their peers shouldn't be surprised if eventually the balancing department starts giving them the looks (and it took them plenty long enough, so anyone who had those ships had their fill of enjoying the ships performance). In a multiplayer game, no one is entitled to keep certain content unchanged if it's screwing with ingame balance, even less so if it's unavailable for the vast majority of other players, because that's where the ever-so-lovely P2W debate starts kicking into full gear.
  7. Aotearas

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    You what now? Those ships are overperforming, so much that you removed them from sale. But now you refuse to try and balance them because a bunch of munchkins can't handle the idea of their precious OP premiums getting adjusted?! If people don't like the end product then offer them a refund, but balance ought to always be the first and foremost priority. Or at the absolute very least, if you consider those premiums too strong but absolutely can't adjust the ships then stop distributing them completely. No loot boxes, no rare occasions, no prizes for competitions/giveaways, nothing. If the ships are OP and you don't dare touch them, then they shouldn't be distributed ever again, period! But hey, obviously gameplay balance isn't nearly as important as keeping a minority, i.e.: the people that have those premium ships in question and oppose balance changes (as opposed to people who have the same ships and approve of balancing them, yes ... that minority exists too) happy and spending money on the next perfectly balanced premium ship.
  8. Never had any issues with postimage.org. Might've been an ad getting flagged, but I wouldn't know because I use adblockers.
  9. Might I suggest posting with the default forum format? Because this is what the topic looks like with the dark forum theme: It's readable (which is more than can be said about most other people copy&pasting comments from other formats), but not exactly convenient. As for the content: Balancing for the premiums considering finished ... I doubt that unless you also mean to say the balancing for the other CVs is considered done just the same because obviously and changes brought on by meta and balancing changes to other CVs during the presumably still ongoing balancing phase will affect the relative performance of the premium CVs too. As for the VMF BB DCP action time duration nerf, I feel like that's a miniscule nerf in light of the random nature of fire chance and how the DCP immunity works (i.e.: no fires at all as long as DCP is active). Getting lucky with fire chance and setting a fire immediately after the DCP action duration runs out is ultimately only a couple seconds (by how much did the DCP action duration get reduced?) worth of damage ticks considering the short cooldown on the VMF BB DCP. Nevermind that fire damage is 100% repairable and severely doubt that too much firedamage is hardly a concern with proper DCP management (which is far, far easier with the nature of the VMF BB DCP).
  10. Aotearas

    Why did I loose that knife fight? (gameplay)

    It simply wasn't a good engagement for you. Optimally you shouldn't have taken that fight and instead keep looping around and then back into B where you could've pressured the Belfast and Lyon and have teammates nearby providing additional firepower. As for the fight itself: Bismarck dispersion trolled you hard a couple times. You were doing ~4k per volley at most, more often just landing one or two overpens for ~2k damage. Your secondaries did a bit damage and set fires, but basically all of that damage can be healed by the RN superheal. That said, you were quite stingy with your rear guns, for the longest time only using your two front turrets. That was lot of damage potential you didn't use. What you could've done is wait angled for his volley, then turn to bring your rear guns to bear and after shooting them instantly turn and angle again in time for his next volley, thus maximizing your own firepower and your angling. Not that it would've necessarily turned out with your victory considering the Lion turning to kite you and just switched to HE to burn you down (and in a pure HP trade, he will beat you in a 1vs1 thanks to his super heal), but you would've guaranteed dealt more damage.
  11. Aotearas

    Poll: How should WG handle overperforming premium ships?

    That is only half true. Just because a total potato is still a total potato doesn't make a ship balanced. A potato in a Kamikaze isn't going to magically play better than he does in the standard Minekaze, but with the faster torps he has ever so slightly better chances to land torps even if he dies after three minutes into the game same as always. It's still a crappy result, but better than what he would usually get in the non-premium Minekaze. Ship characteristics is what should be looked and the Kamikaze/Kamikaze R/Fujin are a perfect example since they're functionally the same as the Minekaze, except the torpedo speed nerf never applied to them, i.e. they're straight up better. It's incredibly hard to balance anything around player performances, simply because players do not have a uniform skill level and averages can be deceiving (which is why things like skill floor and ceiling are important to take into account). A ship with a high skill ceiling is going to perform better at the hands of skilled players, but if it also has a proportionally lower skill floor, the potatoes are going to fail harder and at the end the averages say the ship performance is balanced, but in truth it's overperforming in the hands of anyone who's playing it competently. Overall in determining if a ship is OP people should look at its bottom and top percentile stats, i.e. how do the best and worst handle the ship. If the top percentile is outperforming comparable ships, it's strong, but not necessarily OP. If the bottom percentile is also outperforming comparable ships, then you're looking at something that's too easy to get good results in but not necessarily OP, just really easy to play. If both outperform, then it's OP.
  12. Aotearas

    Sims needs a buff - a big one

    Musashi basically has no mid and shortrange AA at all and lacklustre longrange AA even for IJN standards. I found Musashis to be basically free to drop as long as I serpentined through the longrange flak to avoid it. The AA is so bad you can have every flight on your squadron make its attack pass and quite likely not lose a single aircraft in the process. That's how laughable Musashi AA is. Even the squishy Kaga aircraft shouldn't lose a considerable amount of aircraft. Catapult fighters are only a temporary deterrent because you can just wait them out as you'd have to be physically blind not to see it. A Musashi getting 50 aircraft kills is if anything quite the accomplishment for a CV player. He must've been stressed to the limits of his controls to catch EVERY SINGLE flakburst and time his attacks to rendezvous with the catapult fighter cooldown everytime.
  13. Aotearas

    Usa or German

    Test, test ... 1, 2, 3. Test #2, echo ...echo!
  14. Aotearas

    Sims needs a buff - a big one

    I would be careful bragging about such aircraft kill numbers. Those are by no means due to the Sims having overpowering AA, that were CV potatoes feeding aircraft piecemeal (the Musashi if all ships getting 50 aircraft kills is just cringeworthy). Sims AA is good, but lacking the midrange AA of something like a Kidd (which can absolutely troll tier X CVs) a competent aircraft carrier simply isn't going to just feed you aircraft kills all game long or just straight up murderize you like any other DD, just losing a couple more aircraft in the process. Sims AA is cheeky, certainly better than most DDs' ... but it's no Kidd by any stretch of the imagination.
  15. Aotearas

    Poll: How should WG handle overperforming premium ships?

    Hardly. First of all it wouldn't kill they business model, we're talking about specific ship nerf refunds, not every jock who doesn't like the premium he bought an hour ago because it isn't granting him an easy 100% winrate. Refunds that WG necessitated by virtue of not providing balanced products in the first place and then significantly changing the characteristics of the product (like re-tiering a ship), i.e. their own bloody fault. Steam is its own snake pit but again, selfmade problem. If WG wanted a broader audience desperately enough to launch the game on a thirdparty distributer and is happily selling the same unbalanced products ... And in the end, if WG nerfs specific ships which necessitates to allow players to refund those ships then it's only fair that people who bought said ships get their actual money back if they wish to refund the ship. Giving players virtual currency they can only use on other WG products isn't a refund, it's store credit because the value is still in WG's bank account.