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  1. Aotearas

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    Oh, I was well aware that it wasn't a serious suggestion. Nontheless I wanted to comment because stuff like that has been suggested many times already. Also, I'm german as well so I don't get -1 karma from you. I have a wall to prevent that!
  2. Aotearas

    1 day premium account bonus code

    Invalid code, guess the limit was reached already.
  3. Aotearas

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    Considering how arbitrarily you get reported by some people or how people can just feed one another compliments, this would arguably be even worse. Wouldn't give a system like that more than 24hours until trolls figured out they could "punish" other players with worse MM by throwing reports around just to spite them. On the other hand there's little to stop cronyism from running rampant once the better MM bracket starts cliqueing (is that a word? It is now ...) up and people compliment one another simply because they know each other.
  4. Aotearas

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    Try below 40% mate (and the guy I'm talking about had 8,5k games, not exactly just a statistical fluke). I don't even know how people could get that low without actively trying to lose. I've seen stats of bot accounts (and yes, 50+ games per day, every day, for months on end is what I'd call sufficient indication on the account being a bot and unless I misremember, the account incidentally stopped playing after WG mentioned a banwave against botting) with better average winrate ... I don't think any MM should be as cruel as to intentionally burden a team with such a player, better to stick with random MM and let MM keep its plausible deniability.
  5. Aotearas

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    Probably next week (13th December) and Opposite-Colored, judging by the AL EN twitter account teasing german super-rares (GZ, Z-46), which I doubt would just make it into the normal construction pool withour having been introduced through event prior on the EN server.
  6. Aotearas

    Belgium players dont make a chance

    Don't worry, you won't be alone in this for long considering how the whole lootbox shebang is rolling right now. And it's for the better imo.
  7. Aotearas

    Spotting and XP

    "Just not as much" ... understatement of the year candidate . I also very much doubt it's working as intended (as in the intent was to reward players for team activities, i.e.: spotting in this case) considering how the system works (damage only counts if the ship is still spotted when taking damage and the way the game handles spotting priorities means even though you were the one that originally spotted the target, by the time any shells arrive someone else may already be the primary spotter if they moved close enough, or are using hydro/radar/airplanes). The mechanics are there, but they "work" so haphazardly with rewards so miniscule that the actual design goal behind spotting damage has been well and truly missed. Same for tanking potential damage, which is hilarious since it's pretty straightforward to get an accurate read on that, so really the only reason that isn't rewarded noticably is because WG simply isn't handing out any noticable amounts of rewards (credits/XP) for it, period. The reward you get for doing such stuff is giving your team a better chance at winning. But actual, direct rewards in credits/XP are so few it's entirely negligible, you land one additional salvo of damage on the enemy team and will have gotten just as much if not more credits and XP for that action than spotting and tanking over the entire match.
  8. Aotearas

    "You got citadelled" message

    Just keep an eye out for the actual damage you took and you can do the quick math if you know what ship can citadel you for what amount of damage. And if you're unsure you can always just ask the guy that shot you in all-chat. Besides that I don't know what informative purpose knowing that would have. It just means you lost a huge chunk of HP and you can heal back only a fraction of that damage, but your ship's HP count and the Damage Repair party tooltip already show you exactly how much HP you lost and how much you can heal back with a charge, so~ ...
  9. Aotearas

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    @Loran_Battle, @Live85, @Reaper_JackGBR, I summon thee!
  10. Aotearas

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Oh, you're not playing the 'stupid' card again? Progress. We're all very proud of you! Here, have an achievement sticker: Went all out and got you the premium sticker too!
  11. Aotearas

    Shafting DD players - Clan vs Clan mission #4

    Not the most sensible mission design, but you can always just go Bravo team and rotate people to play cruisers. That's going to give you the necessary ribbons in a handful games.
  12. Aotearas

    Restrict CV's to one per team.

    First of all, CV rework wants to have up to three (!!!) CVs per match. Secondly, one reason why WG wants to have more CVs per team in a match is because it dilutes the impact of any given player. You get a potato CV player on your team? The other two can still do work. Enemy team gets a super-unicum CV player? The other two blokes could be crap and you've got three chances that at least one of your CV players is competent. Thirdly, from tier VIII onwards there is a 1 CV per team hardcap in current MM on the live-servers anyway.
  13. Aotearas

    Forum misformat on mobile devices

    Not just a problem on mobiles. It also messes up webpage presentation on a 1080p desktop browser. That ad banner is faaaaaaar too long to be reasonable. I can only assume marketing guy made this on a high resolution, possibly widescreen display and didn't bother to check with other resolutions.
  14. @Crysantos, @MrConway Just a small heads up that the forum formatting is getting screwed by the advertisement banner stretching everything out. Isn't the first time something like this happened so I'd suggest setting a maximum size guideline for ads so they don't mess with the webpage presentation. For reference, my browser window takes up around 3/4 of my 1080p resolution screen. If your marketing team works with higher resolution displays it might not be as apparent as to what their ad designs look like on smaller resolutions. As you can see in the screenshots the webpage is stretched so wide that if fully sidescrolled, it's not even possible to read topic titles. Cheers
  15. Aotearas

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    Objectively false! There's lots of retailers that sell "mystery boxes" which contain unknown items with the same legislative saveguard that the value of items in the box is equal or greater to the asking price. You'd probably just have to go to a local discounter and find the equivalent, usually marketed at children in the form of surprise toy packages. Also incredibly popular with fan merchandise. For something closer, even the WG shop (as in the merchandise retailer, not the premium shop) did those mystery boxes on regular occasions.