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  1. Hush. You play DDs and they rely on shadows, deceit and backstabbing. The only promise you bring is that of a watery grave. It is known! Just realized this game has way too few headbutts.
  2. Yup. A quick look-up on the interwebz show the ship essentially developed in tandem with the Yamato. Technically they could go for an earlier build which included two additional 3x155mm wingturrets (one per side) at the expense of some AA, but that's the only feasible change I know (and still very much a 99% clone of the Yamato, she had the same original armament before they wisened up and put more AA on both of them) they could do without going full fantasy territory.
  3. Correction: I won't go into detail about what I think the proportions of reasonable to unreasable people are in this game
  4. Just admit it. You had just fired your torpedoes at the Conquerer and him being a good sport decided to not shoot that poor, helpless DD, but instead applied all his skill into sniping the torpedoes out of the water instead. He can't help it if your DD is too damn slow to escape your own torpedoes' blastradius after he used his 419 shells for a bit of chivalrous point-defence!
  5. Doesn't really help. People will simply assume he's hiding the stats because he's bad. And anyone who looks deeper will be able to find old snapshots from before he hid his stats. Oh boy, give that Des Moines a smoke and some spotting and he's going to have the time of his life. But I suppose the only thing he got was a wet *splat*, aye?
  6. I find the Musashi to be a delicate topic. On one hand, of course, I'd love to see her ingame, who wouldn't? On the other hand, how? We already have the Yamato. A gameplay-clone of the Yamato at tier X would be simply superfluous. Make it a premium? What's the point of the Yamato then when the Musashi presumably earns better credits AND could switch captains around freely. Plus it would devaluate the permanent camouflage available for the Yamato, which would (rightfully imo) get some people who bought it for the Yamato up in arms when suddenly there's a premium version of the same ship doing everything but essentially better. Downtiering the Musashi to tier IX to have her compete with the Missouri? I pity the tier VIIs that are going to see 460mm guns. Even with tweaking stats like decreasing her RoF that would still be a mess to try and balance due to the sheer advantage of the 460mm overmatching capabilities. An unlockable theme for people to put on their Yamato akin to a permanent camouflage to change the Yamato's visuals to represent the Musashi is about the only thing I could think of that doesn't end in a nasty headache.
  7. Yep. Even with below 50% winrate (which is an indicator about skill of course, just not as all-telling as some people believe it is), the simple fact that he's evidently reading the ingame chat makes him much more useful to have as an ally than the myriad of nubcakes that won't even read the chat. I'd wager chances are good that I could get at least a bit of teamwork from the OP if I asked for it in chat and even a single helpful smoke is worth so much more than the help I get from most other random bobs. Besides, anyone with a clear enough presence of mind and selfreflection to know and admit they're not playing too well already has the correct mindset to improve and typically some drive to try to when given the chance or incentive. Many alleged n00bs can bloom up rather nicely with just a bit of tutoring if they have the proper mindset.
  8. Naturally *winkwink* .. equal opportunity fragging and all that yadda yadda.
  9. Eh, I have a weird memory. I can recall a crapton of names, just never ask me to match them up with faces ... also the [UFR] tags helped. You tend to recognize the prominent clans ...
  10. Well, whilst Morten is busy accruing Karma points to be reborn into a Kolberg with his unashamed exploitation of the MEGAZAO, I'm steadfastly holding the ensign of the cruisers. We shan't go quiet into the night and when we do, a couple burning BBs will light the way down the Styx! So how ironic it would be to follow my prosa with a ship that couldn't set a BB on fire if it tried ... but it just happened to be the first of the neat games I had today, ergo it comes up front. I suppose the constant muzzleflashes would provide sufficient lighting anyway. Dakka Dakka Dakka! God, I love this ship to itty bitty bits! Anyhoot, coming from the guns ablazin' Minotaur, even the Des Moines appears like a sluggish slugger: Bang Bang. And lastly, to complete the triumvirate of triumph: Pew Pew! Had actually been a while since I last played her. She still got it though. Also, I FINALLY managed to get all the anniversary achievements done. Oh boy trying to get the DD missions done had proven to be a real headache. The torpedo damage requirements in particular was infuriatingly hard to get by for mefor some reason. And people snatching kills from under my shells, or just plain idiotic teams that threw easy victories aside ... really, ironically the one class I'm actually having the most success right now is the cruisers, even though there's BBs everywhere licking their lips whenever they spot me.
  11. Dunning-Kruger effect goes both ways. Just as some people are so bad they incapable of realizing how bad they are, some people are simply so good that they can't understand how people can not do stuff they find to be easy. That said, many people who start whining ingame are just salty rather than genuinely inable to comprehend how other players are simply not as good as them. And those people will still b*tch at you regardless of what stats you have. Hell, I've had a guy statbashing me and how it's obvious how I have no idea what I'm talking about and how it shows in my stats ... that was funny and I reckon it's not hard to see why I was in stitches laughing at that guy! Easiest way to reduce the number of n00b accusations is to get better. If having trouble seeing the minimap is an issue for you, press the + key a couple times to enlarge your minimap until it's at a more comfortable size. Not many people know you can do that. Also CTRL and left click with your mouse on the gears symbol right next to the minimap where you can toggle additional informations to be displayed. Absolutely do enable last known positions!!! The value of that information can't be understated, how that isn't in fact shown by default is a myth to me and just another point on the WG done screwed-up list.
  12. Ebenso. Wozu hat man denn 11 Komplimente wenn man die nicht ein paar Ponies and den Schweif kleben kann! Bin heute sagar alle losgeworden, war'n guter Tag.
  13. Also had @SinkTheOthersNotMe in his Ibuki on our team in a rather forumite'y game (including @HG_Bluthorst and his friends).
  14. Bin zusammen mit Clan-Posse dem @HG_Bluthorst und Pony Freunden über den Weg geschippert. Falls der freundliche Trashtalk etwas komisch klang, ich geb @havaduck 100% der Schuld!