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  1. Sharks still winning?

    I'm honestly a bit surprised that people haven't switched from Sharks to Eagles yet. By now most people should've maximized their Shark team loyalty and switch to the Eagles to get tokens from that team. I mean even accounting for losing the daily container win you still end up with a net profit in tokens if you switch after topping out on loyalty to one team. Though perhaps this is the typical shortsighted mentality at work that we can also see ingame and everyone is just going for the shortterm success (daily container for team victory) rather than actually doing what gives the best return in the long run. It's like a lemmingtrain
  2. Frustated, as I start the game

    What laws? Is there a constitutional right somewhere that entitles you to play like a reckless teamkiller in a videogame and explicitely states that implementing a system to detect and penalize such behaviour is unlawful? You're funny. In a sad, arrogant kind of way.
  3. Shipstacking in CW

    I have to wonder when was the last time you looked at the armour layout, because you seem to have forgotten the Moskva's midships deck and upper belt is also 50mm, not just the bow/aft waterline sections ...
  4. Shipstacking in CW

    Like I said, I think it had more to do with the map and it giving convenient island cover from potential flanking moves and little space to kite on the flank defensively than the team compositions themselves. On another map, it would be far easier to set up a crossfire and get those juicy Moskva sides for AP, but on Trap it's island coverage practically everywhere. I mentioned the Hindenburg mostly just to illustrate that high dpm compositions doesn't mean much if the HE dpm shatters on that 50mm plating. WG should just have another long look at the island placement/height on the Trap map because it makes such a Moskva push much more effective than what I would expect for any other map in the current rotation. But that's nothing new, plenty maps already had to get tweaked after competitive experience showed issues. I will say though that for upcoming CB seasons, the Stalingrad in particular should be given special thought on whether it gets limited or even outright excluded from participating due to what it shapes up to look like so far (it'd basically cheat the 1 BB rule per team and then imagine a super-unicum clan fielding up to six of those in a team, oh boy).
  5. First things first, wireless internet is asking for problems on matters where you want a consistent connection. Best to get a cheap ethernet cable of sufficient lenght and connect your PC and router directly, that way you eliminate one potential cause for problems at the one-time cost of maybe 10 bucks. Solid investment. If the connection problem wasn't caused by spotty wireless communication but instead a proper internet connection loss, you should get in touch with your ISP if it's a recurring problem, because they're the ones with the tools (and most probably the responsibility) to identify and deal with such connectivity issues. As for the UI bugging out, tends to happen on a server-client desync. The game could (and should) be more robust, but alas it isn't ...
  6. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    Yeah, have that happen to me lots aswell when I'm really hugging that island like some sexually depraved molester his waifu after two months of forced abstinence.
  7. Shipstacking in CW

    Except that a concerted push by say 4 Moskvas is pretty damn tough. Thanks to the Moskva's 50mm plating basically everywhere it's not going to take much HE damage at all, plus the armour sections that can be penetrated by most HE shells are ones that can and will easily get saturated fast (bow/aft and superstructure), so after that is done the only damage you deal with HE is fires. That takes a while to take a Moskva down and in an HP trade, even the lower dpm on the Moskva is going to do a number on you, especially if they also focus fire in return ... they'll simply outlast you. BB AP is largely ineffectual with the 50 bow/aft end buff, you're lucky to get a couple normal pens if you hit the upper bow, but that's not something you can do consistently with BB dispersion. What you need is either a lot of Hindenburgs with native 51mm HE pen to deal consistent damage to a Moskva, or Henry IVs with IFHE captain (and I don't think we're going to see lots of those anytime soon in CB, though the MBRB consumable might change that in the future perhaps). Other ships like Zaos, Des Moines, Moskvas or Worcesters simply don't have much of an effective HE dpm against that 50mm armour plating. We encountered that team on Trap and they pushed up the 2 line with 4 Moskvas, the BB pushing up the 4 line in between the islands, one Moskva covering mid in the usual spot and one Moskva covering C cap at the usual spot. No space to put a Zao, let alone another cruiser, on their flank in a position where it could do any meaningful damage without getting slaughtered in return due to literally not enough map to kite with. Flanking that push was quite physically impossible. Even pushing hard through C wouldn't have changed that since they had island cover from ships in C or mid as they advanced on our home cap, so a straight up dpm and HP trade was our only option and we couldn't focus fire them down as once we got a Moskva down a fair bit, it backed away, went dark and healed up. No way the DD could try to keep the Moskva spotted, since there was always at least three Moskvas in radar range should he have pushed up far enough to respot the dark Moskva. Though personally I think it was the map that decided that game since I can't really see how this push would've worked quite as comprehensively on ANY other map in the current rotation (where actual space and opportunity to flank and create crossfires exist). On this one map (Trap), that composition is a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on your perspective). I'm fairly confident though on any other map we would've been able to deal better with it and after experiencing it I'd even say we should have little trouble to beat it on another map unless (fire) RNG screws us over during the kiting/dpm trade. That's my 0.02 dollars on the matter.
  8. Frustated, as I start the game

    Yeah, all the unattentive players that end up torpedoing allies because they can't be arsed to look around themselves and then come crying to the forum how they're unfairly penalized for other people sailing into their torps and how that's TOTALLY not their fault at all, etc., yadda yadda, oh the humanity. Please, we get at least one such thread weekly, this time it's yours ... hardly anything new or special. Not far enough, evidently.
  9. Can we get an option to opt out of Epicenter?

    That's the thing though, you don't have to. In fact it's most sensible you don't and instead slowly work yourself through the enemy team to erode their ability to put pressure on, much like peeling an onion: if you just smash that thing, all you end up is crying on the floor. A single DD to contest/block the inner circle is all that it takes and those ships have the concealment to do that in relative safety, plus every map in the Epicenter mode pool has convenient islands to sit behind where it's next to impossible to get hit even if spotted by radar or whatnot. At this point the only option for the enemy to get rid of the DD blocking the inner circle would be to rush it, which means they have to run the gauntlet of said DD's entire team (hopefully) taking shots as they try (that's the peeling part of the onion) or break the ships that are fighting around the circles to loop around and get firing angles into the circle that was previously safe and under control, a.k.a. winning map control. Of course, if your team doesn't have a DD doing his part then you're a bit screwed, but that also be true for any other game mode then.
  10. Wait, what's this? A person comes to the forum asking about a peculiar situation he saw ingame and accepts the answer whilst also admitting he must've remembered the specifics wrong since they don't mix with the game mechanics explained here? Sensibility? Acknowledgement of one's own misconception? Thanking people for explaining mechanics? Oh god the world must be ending. Quick, we need another "Klingon Cloaking" thread or ... SOMETHING. We can't have this much common sense, it would disturb the delicate balance of the universe!!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!
  11. Frustated, as I start the game

    Ban is justified since you were negligent enough to cause teamdamage to your team when it was entirely preventable by simply looking around every now and then. To reiterate, there is currently NOT A SINGLE SHIP in the game that can outrun shiplaunched torpedoes. Ergo the ONLY way you would EVER hit an ally with torps is if they were already between you and your target, on a path that intersected with your torpedo trajectory. And with 7km torps, it's not like you have to take a sweeping look like say the 16,5km torps on the Gearing which can keep running for ages and literally hit a ship on the other half of the map that wasn't even rendered on your screen because of the distance (which is why you always check the minimap too). I don't have to see what you did. I already know what you did wrong and the specifics are irrelevant. The fault lies with you, you didn't pay attention, you fired the torps anyway. It's that simple. There actually aren't game moderators. The TK system is automated: you do damage, you get flagged. You do enough damage, you get penalized. You get penalized often enough, you get suspended. And forum moderators have zero responsibility for the game. The game has the proof. They track team damage in realtime as it happens. You did it. And like we've been saying, it is IMPOSSIBLE for allied ships to just up and sail into your torps unexpectedly because they already have to be between you and the enemy at the time of you launching the torps in order to get hit by them, at which point you can see them there and obviously shouldn't fire the torps because lo and behold, you might hit your allies. QED
  12. Frustated, as I start the game

    Never torp from second line, ever. If there's an ally between you and your prospective target, don't. And placing the blame on your ally is just obnoxious. He's on the same team, he shouldn't have to watch you torping into his back and even if he is paranoid enough to do that, if he's closer than 7km to the enemy (put put himself between you and the enemy he has to be) then he's got other things to watch than behind him just in case someone dumps torp along his path. Nonsense. There is not a single ship in this game that is faster than shiplaunched torpedoes (yet, Le Terrible might actually end up fast enough with all bonuses considered to overtake the Black's torps (without TA skill that is), but even then the speed delta wouldn't be enough for this to realistically happen unless it was an engineered scenario). Ergo not a single ship can actually overtake your ordnance even if the guy tried. For your torps to hit an ally, he MUST've been between you and your target. No buts, no ifs, no context needed because there simply isn't a single possibility of this ever happening by accident if you pay a modicum of attention to your surroundings.
  13. Match results delay

    Not the cause for this delay, because I'm getting it without having had started a game after quitting one that's not resolved yet.
  14. Match results delay

    This is getting quite annoying ...