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  1. Pfft, arrabiata. Or Napoli with lots of curry if you want to see Italians combust in rage from looking at it.
  2. Sauce?
  3. Stop playing lowtier BBs.
  4. Do you have any idea how common it is for people to be wrong? Especially when people are already biased due to the frustration of losing a game? A couple people (or even a lots of them) agreeing doesn't make it right. Donald Trump is US President after all (and though he only won due to the electoral college, still plenty people voted for him ... that's a LOT of people being wrong, because Trump is evidently not fit to be president of anything).
  5. A bit counter content to all those hooves: Third cat from the left represents the daily random person who only came to see our clan thread because forum shenanigans and may or may not be wishing he hadn't.
  6. With it's volume of fire the MK is pretty good at setting fires, you must've gotten a nasty case of bad RNG to get so few (happens, RNG giveth and taketh away, just today a clanmate of mine didn't get a single fire in his Belfast util he hit something for the hundreth time and only set three fires with ~150 HE hits). The AP is actually pretty strong for it's caliber at that tier and can penetrate pretty much anything that isn't belt armour all the way out ot maximum range (assuming the target is not angled, naturally anything that angles is going to quickly decrease the AP results). Particularily at close range the famed Stalinium AP can actually be too punchy and overpenetrate if you hit a part of a ship that's not particularily well armoured. And the single smoke charge can be increased up to three with the Super Intendent captain perk and using the premium version of the consumable.
  7. Fun and engaged Carnotzet with a blindfire hit.
  8. Apparently I'm out of likes already (though I don't quite remember to have spend 10 likes today ... when do they reset that counter?), so let me just quote those for emphasis.
  9. Am I paranoid or did WG remove a news article that detailed the necessary missions to get event reward containers? Because I could swear I saw something just this morning but wanted to double check the possible number of containers you could get with and without the Gallant, but I can't find the article anymore on the news portal ...
  10. That's why I'm helpfully supplying a hint. I'm nice, aren't I?
  11. Server authoritative model is all I'll be saying in regards to that comment.
  12. Sounds easy in theory, is nearly impossible in practice. Why you might ask? BEcause what about people who try to get into the same game by clicking battle at the same time that aren't in the same clan? Nothing stops them from still being on the same TS, playing together, etc. pp. and any simple rule about no same-clan players in the same match can do anything to prevent that. Any nefarious individuals simply have to not be in the same clan with their partner in crime to render such a preventive measure utterly ineffective.
  13. Keep in mind 2km proximity detection. You'll spot anything in that smoke long before you get into range to blast away the smoke. Which means the potential uses offensively are minimal, but the potential risks of allies blowing away your smoke because they're inattentive/don't care/are raging arseholes stay all the same. If this speculation turns out true, this MUST be accompanied with major ship rebalancing for everything that relies heavily on smokes *cough*RNCLs*cough*.
  14. An addendum regarding the new smoke mechanic speculative leak: If I make a smoke screen and use it then properly to fire at targets obstructed from outside the smokescreen so as to not reduce it's duration, but someone else just mindlessly drives through the smoke firing happily away, will that also reduce the duration of my smoke (as it would stand to logic) or will there be exceptions? Because the last thing we need is some people actually trying to adapt and keep on teamplaying, only for some inattentive BBob to sail close enough to the smoke, fire a full salvo and instantly dissipate the carefully set up smoke. Nevermind the newfound possibilities for griefers to sabotage anything smoke related.
  15. That is in fact something I hadn't considered yet ... What a way to enable randoms who aren't aware of their surroundings to utterly mess up other people's stuff. Or for griefing trolls to actively sabotage other players!