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  1. Aotearas

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    After you played one Clan battle match, presumably. At least that's how it was in all the previous seasons.
  2. Aotearas

    Rudder bug

    Seemingly randomly, the game will refuse to let me set my rudder to neutral position. Instead if I use Q/E to set rudder to neutral, the rudder setting will instead jump straight to the opposite full rudder. Bug will exist for a couple seconds, then it disappears and everything works like normal again.
  3. Aotearas

    Ingame Chat server hamsters need feeding yo

    Issue is still persisting.
  4. Aotearas

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    No. Submarines (or for the most part of time period this game covers: submersibles) were commerce raiders whose entire strategy was to engage supply routes and disrupt mercantile shipping. Intelligence gathering and covert sea rescue were next down the line in how those ships were employed at scale. They only engaged proper warships in rare opportune moments (i.e.: any time they don't comprimise their actual mission AND can get away before getting smothered in depth charges). Subs weren't specifically employed to directly fight military navies until much later when the technology and tactics of submarine warfare had matured a great deal. Even leaving all that aside, the realities of how a sub attacked anything is hardly something that would translate into a playstyle compatible with the rest of the game. Submarine combat is considerably slower paced than what the usual WoWs experience offers.
  5. Aotearas

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    Getting unfaithful to your waifu I see ...
  6. Aotearas

    Credits issues

    Urgh, the woes of grinding six lines at the same time. Beginner me was in a state of perpetual *insert Dave Chappelle "I'm broke n-" gif*.
  7. Aotearas

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I swear it's impossible not to have a great game in the Atlanta everytime you play it. I love this ship!
  8. I have precious little clue. Not exactly well enough informed to make reasonable suggestions. All I can say is the more authentic, the better. But when WG was having their funny ideas about naming the german tier IX and X BBs I was in a similar position considering WG's first name drafts were far from what would've made sense given the history around the ship designs so I can definately empathize with people that know more about italian cruiser naming conventions than I do.
  9. All up for having names that actually fit the naming conventions.
  10. To each their own, but I really liked the Savage mode. The insane time and effort required to farm the tokens to get the Behman though, yeah no. This is a game, not a fulltime job.
  11. Well, got myself the Benham now, not a single doubloon spent and WG can go kiss my shiny metal aft with grindy events like this for a while.
  12. Aotearas

    AP being basically useless

    Nothing changed in that regard. You're either simply not aiming at the right part of the ship (some ships have sneaky citadels) or RNG sayeth no and your shells just don't hit where you wanted them to. Firing HE is only superficially more damage as more of it it can be healed back than compared to AP damage (especially citadel damage) and fires are 100% repairable damage. You might feel like you deal less damage with AP and the numbers may say the same, but I can assure you your AP damage is more keenly felt.
  13. Aotearas

    WG Cheating In Rank

    Answers are typically given in the same tone the question was posed with. Draw your own conclusion.
  14. Aotearas

    sth is fu**ed up - invisible walls on Shards

    Amateur mistake. All you have to do is sync your phaser modulation with your shield frequencies, otherwise all you do is shoot your own deflector shields. Don't they teach cadets anything at Starfleet Academy these days!?
  15. Aotearas

    Kreml, and world of Balans

    Most people are probably still shocked by the Slava nonsense to really think about the other RU BBs. The other majority of people not being vocal is probably just players that have stopped trying to uselessly bang their heads against an iron curtain because at this point there's no doubt left that WG is vigorously pandering to the BB population (which is the largest player group, so no wonder) and the best everyone else gets is a bit of marketing BS in the way of "we hear you" to shut the vocal ones up for a month, repeat process as necessary.