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  1. Zed_Von_Toza

    Two Brothers - Opinion Poll

    As a map it's ok. Success seems more dependant though, on the whole team, other maps seem more forgiving. There does seem a trend for everyone forming the lemming train and circling in one direction. I've had some of my best battles on this map, two or three of us holding one flank while the rest of the team pushs the other way. I've also had epic failures on this map, where the team just disintegrate before my eyes. It is one map where pretty early on in the battle you know what sort of fight you are in and can tell pretty quickly if you are going to win or lose. It's an OK geographically map, but it does not suffer fools from the tactical viewpoint, and is very very unforgiving. In that sense I think its a good map, for players who are trying to learn the game because mistakes come at a high price AND they can be easily identified, and hopefully the appropriate lesson is learnt.
  2. Zed_Von_Toza

    What's wrong with Pay-pal?

    I've had this in the past too. What I think is happening is WG keeps exceeding it's transaction limit in a given timeframe with a given payment gateway.
  3. Zed_Von_Toza

    Advice required

    ​Save your money, for the Student Union Bar. Buy the smallest package you are happy with. You are about to become a Uni student who will be poorer than you ever thought it possible to become and survive. Everyone starts drinking coffee with milk and sugar. Soon the sugar and milk run out and become too expensive compared to beer so you start taking it black, By the end of the first term you will be lucky to have enough money left for the coffee and may have to resort to drinking hot water !
  4. Zed_Von_Toza

    Estuary, worst map EU?

    ​Strait would be nice if they made it a bit bigger, but as it is now, my heart sinks every time it comes up. I think its because nobody really knows the best way to play it, and that's because I think you have to change the way you play it everytime you get it, depending on the team you get and what you are facing. People simply cannot adapt their game play to make it work.
  5. Zed_Von_Toza

    RNG mechanic is promoting camping

    OK good players. If your own teams BB's are camping and you are in a cruiser and then enemy team is camping too, how do you counter this? I'm not a good player by any means, but I am trying to get better. Talking in chat saying lets push on to a square or a CAP point achieves [edited]all, people just ignore you. If you and say another cruiser or a DD make a move and say we are pushing, do the BB's follow? Do they feck. So how do you overcome this?
  6. Zed_Von_Toza

    RNG mechanic is promoting camping

    ​No. Just No. If you give everybody the same range , people will take out the boats with the most HP and DPM. It will end up even more World of Battleships than it is now. Better match balance through the MM is the answer along with XP for spotting and tanking damage (the last two hopefully coming)
  7. My real worry about this, IF they rebalance things, is that people will just adapt their play style and classes to farm the credits to finance their high tier play and we will end up with another boring play style being the fashion. I really don't know how they will balance things out in a way that cannot be exploited. If they get this wrong, the whole class balance will go off and we will end up with ships having to be buffed and nerfed to restore the balance. Every time they do that people start raging about how their favourite ship is now unplayable. WG have got to play this very carefully or there will be one hell of a poo storm.
  8. That's what I read on the RU forum.
  9. Zed_Von_Toza

    download the game by a torrent client ?

    You already download the game via a torrent.
  10. I don't think we have to worry about DD's getting more XP than they do already. What I read on the RU forum from Sub Octavian said that overall they are happy with the way the economy works at the moment, and that any changes to XP awarded for spotting and tanking, will come from a redistribution of how XP is already calculated. So I would imagine it will be a combination of awarding less for capping and maybe a little less for damage than is done at the moment..
  11. Zed_Von_Toza

    Free XP

    ​Get off the stock hull ASAP. If you don't you will get creamed every time you meet a carrier. Stock hull has no AA and at your speed you will have difficulty staying in a group. I learnt this the hard way. I'm on the NM now and until I got the C hull it was painful, I didn't buy the B went staight to C, and now she is a beast of a ship. But I do like my US BB's
  12. Zed_Von_Toza

    Are you enjoying your tier 6s post 5.9?

    I'm enjoying them more than my T5 Kirov.
  13. Zed_Von_Toza

    pronounciation of german bb's for english speakers

    Try learning RPG especially RPG 2 with its logic cycle!
  14. Zed_Von_Toza

    pronounciation of german bb's for english speakers

    grosser kurfürst = big (or is it bigger?) sausage = King Dong
  15. ​No it is true. The BBC did a documentary to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland a few months ago. They wanted to build a model of one of the British dreadnoughts and put it in a float tank to see if it was poor design that lead to so many losses. Although accurate line drawing of the original plans were available, there were no detailed plans on how the ships were actually put together, and it made the whole exercise more difficult. The germans and other nations keep all the detailed drawing produced by the ship yards. It seems us Brits did not.