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  1. Grimolfr

    Ranked games, dipping my toes

    Tier 8 will be fine for me, either my Tirpitz, Amagi or crusiers would be my Atago or Kutuzov. I however went for the Aoba and the first match was a blast, wiped three of the enemy ships before I even took a hit.
  2. Morning all, Just lately I've been considering ranked battles and not because I want the jolly roger flag....;) This season my choices are the Aoba or the Cleveland both are great ships and i've had massive successes on both. The only issue that might crop up is I dont have a full 15 point battle on the Japanese side but I do on the yanks. So what should I be aware of before jumping in, any tips and which of those two would you pick. Cheers.
  3. Grimolfr

    Free xp time - new cruiser needed

    The problem I've got with the Moskva is having to research the previous tiers, otherwise I'd just smash out more matches on my Tirpitz and MK for the free xp and get it.
  4. Grimolfr

    Free xp time - new cruiser needed

    Hey all, So it's that time of the month where I cash in all my free xp on a ship, this time round it's between the Ibuki or well just waiting for the British cruiser line, however with no firm release date and details changing several times I'm loosing faith that we'll see the mighty RN this year. So how does the Ibuki perform? Is she much the same as the Mog and Myoko or better or an entirely new beast. Saying that I would like the DM and the Moskva but I aint wasting my free xp to research the Chap and then have to grind more....thoughts are getting away from me. So the Ibuki..go! Cheers.
  5. Grimolfr

    Another thread about HE spam

    I mostly rock battleships and I'm used to HE, I expect it when I see cruisers these days and I couldnt care less about. My reasoning is simple as one wrong move from them and I could score a lucky citadel or two and wipe them out, whereas the fire will burn itself out and I'll heal up. Now when it's being spammed by 3-4 cruisers all nipping at my heels then yeah it gets annoying but its ether because I've made a mistake and over extended or my team decided to wuss out and stay back. Either way it's just a game so why get salty and [edited]and whine, enjoy it and just blow sh*t up ;)
  6. Grimolfr

    Tier 10 and the economy

    Ah well till then I'll just grind for the Bismarck, tested it this morning on the PTS and well damn, but thanks for the reply and I'll look for that thread.
  7. Grimolfr

    Tier 10 and the economy

    Hi all, So finally after much grinding on my beloved Iowa I've got my first tier 10, big ol' monty, and I love her. The first few matches were slow going as I had to get used to her and the amount of fire she'd draw but once I got the feel for her I was in the zone, typically with me being an average player that's about 2x kills a match and about 100-150k dmg so nothing amazing but enough for me to have fun. Then I started to look at credits earned and spent...and boy did I cringe. I knew the high tier ships were credit sinks, and I understand the arguments why they should be but even I was surprised. A decent match for me with kills and with me being aggressive and surviving I'd loose around 100k per match. I could make money on the Iowa and that would normally be about 100k a match unless I was having a bad day or if I'd pissed RNGesus off. So why am I here? Well is there likely to be a change to the economy and costs of tier 10, even marginal or should I just accept that the monty will cause me a loss each match and just sell her.
  8. Grimolfr

    Iowa - and how to gear her

    I'll be getting concealment once I get another point, for now its those two. I've adjusted her skills so she now has increased AA damage and royally minces aircraft, I'm very much a brawler now. As for my stats I'm an average player so you can see this screen shots:-
  9. Grimolfr

    Iowa - and how to gear her

    Ahoy! after many months of not touching the tier 9 ships I have due to the high costs of running them I've come back to my Iowa, and she has not disappointed this time round. However I'm toying with how to gear her both modules and captain skills. So to start with the modules:- Main armaments mod 1 Artillery plotting room 1 Artillery plotting room 2 Damage control Steering modification Concealment I'm tempted to replace APR1 with either MBM 2 or AA guns mod, because at 27km range I've almost no chance of hitting sh*t accurately. As for my captain I'm currently rocking the following, however a caveat now, these will change once my commander is ranked up more:- Basics of survivability Expert marksman Superintendent Advance fire training Survivability expert Only reason I'm using SE currently because I do tend to charge in to 15-20km range, once I get one more skill point I'll be rocking concealment again. So thoughts or advice? Any chances you guys would suggest.
  10. Grimolfr

    Baltimore or Ibuki

    So Martaloc to expand on my statement about torpedos and BB's I mostly play the ARP Haguro, because well its fun to hear my ship screaming in a girly voice and tbh she's a bloody beast. So that was my train of thought for the Ibuki, however I've gone to the darkside and picked up the Baltimore, my first game was rather successful and fun but only time will tell, I suppose it helped I had the hull upgrade and the FCS so wasnt completely stock.
  11. Grimolfr

    Baltimore or Ibuki

    So I've plenty of free XP to use (no not interested in German battleships) and I'm not overly keen on the tier 10 battleships, as much as I would love one the costs would be too much me. I've about 250k free xp so my choices are the Baltimore of Ibuki (I could get an Izumo or roon as well) but which one would come out on top. My play style is slightly more aggressive than it should be, I prefer hunting cruisers and getting the big hits etc. On the flip side nothing is more fun what wiping two battleships out with torpedo spreads, and while fires are nice I prefer AP spam. So Baltimore of Ibuki. Thanks for reading.
  12. Grimolfr

    TK status and it's removal

    Cheers all, had a few good games with no damage to friendlies, oddly enough being more cautious has increased my citadel and kill count ;)
  13. Morning all, So this morning I was having a fun match in my old Myoko and heading towards a cap, there was clearly a DD in there so I fired off both my torpedo volleys towards the smoke (blind fire I know) and called it out as I saw a little Omaha heading to the cap and didn't want him heading in with torpedoes in the water. Well he ignored me and turned into, whether by accident or idiocy I'll never know, needless to say he took a majority hit and was wiped out and as such I'm not bright pink and listed as a team kill. So how long does it last and how the hell can I get rid of it. Cheers
  14. Grimolfr

    Atago - tips and tricks required

    Morning all, I decided to drop some cash on the Atago, after reading and watching reviews I figured what the hell, might as well try it. I'll preface this with I'm a fairly average player, I know how to shoot and where to shoot so I'm not a complete beginner but for some reason with the Atago I just can't feel it. I consistently loose my rudder, my AP doesn't citadel for crap even against cruisers broadside on and even when angled I'm taking a crapload of damage from everything. My commander is pretty basic so far so that might have alot to do with it and my modules seem fairly standard (rudder shift, accuracy, reduced damage to MB, concealment and dmg control) and I'm rocking the upgraded consumables but yeah so far I'm hugely disappointed with it, compared to my NO and the Indianapolis who royally mince other cruisers. So any tricks or tips or shall I just give up entirely. Cheers
  15. Grimolfr

    Latest patch won't load.

    I have to say out of all the MMO games and online games that need patching and downloading this has to be the single worst experience to date, I've been at this 9:00GMT and havent really made any headway whatsoever, yes its starting to do things now but I would like an explanation of how they've managed to [edited]this up so badly.