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  1. Kaleu_Gruber

    New Coupons for ressource ships will arrive soon :)

    I think Bourgogne would be the optimal choice for me but I am thinking more and more that I will get Plymouth. Maybe not as good but more fun for my playstyle. And this is still a game and therefore I should have fun :)
  2. Kaleu_Gruber

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Today WG had a surprise for me. It was long, hard and full of seamen.
  3. Only a few days until we get new coupons - those of you, who have enough steel, which ship are you going to pick?
  4. Kaleu_Gruber

    Collector's Club Launch

    Not really important but somehow i got my 100-Ships-Badge even though I only have 95 ships? I did not have any rentals or event ships when this happened. Might be a bug...
  5. Kaleu_Gruber

    Operations question

    1. All opeations that are currently available give 25Hrs premium for achiving 5 Stars. 2. You are half right: There is an operation of the week every week that you can play by joining the waiting queue. If you want to play another operation you have to make a division of at least 4 players first, then you can play all operations all the time. 3. Every reward is only given once. You will not get another premium day from narai :(
  6. Kaleu_Gruber

    Ketten am Bug?

    Hab mal etwas auf Wikipedia dazu gelesen - war wohl tatsächlich keine besonders praxistaugliche Idee :)
  7. Kaleu_Gruber

    Ketten am Bug?

    Vielen Dank für die Antworten. Anscheinend gibt es mehrere Dinge, wofür derartige Ketten gut sein können - Minen, Torpedonetze und Eisbrecher. Wären Torpedonetze eine interessante Fähigkeit für Schiffe? Wenn man sie aktiviert, verliert man Manövrierfähigkeit, erhöht aber die Schadensreduktion von Torpedos?
  8. Kaleu_Gruber

    Ketten am Bug?

    Diese Kette meinte ich (Hier bei der Nino Bixio. Maeuschen_ hat ja schon gesagt, dass die in einem früheren Thread bei einem anderen Schiff als Teil des Eisbrecherbugs identifiziert wurden (vielen Dank für den Hinweis). Das ist bei der Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya ein anderer Winkel, bei dem ich mir eine Stabilisierungswirkung eher vorstellen kann aber kann schon sein, dass es dafür da ist. Bei den Russen und vlt. auch Engländern kann ich mir so einen Eisbrecherbug auch vorstellen, aber bei den Italienern? Das Mittelmeer ist doch eher warm...
  9. Weiß jemand von euch, was es mit den Ketten auf sich hat, die einige Schiffe am Bug haben? Die gehen vom Deck durch die Ösen am Bug zum Kiel. Aufgefallen sind sie mir zum Beispiel bei Nino Bixio und London, es gibt aber auch andere Schiffe mti solchen Ketten.
  10. Kaleu_Gruber

    Ranked Battles: Second Season – Intermediate Results

    I would be interested in the population of the different leagues: How many players are in bronze, silver and gold (or qualified for gold, since nobody was able to play there yet this season). In an ideal world each league would represent 33% of players. I know ranked has just been changed and still needs some testing before final analysis but it seems that players consider moving up the ranks not worthwhile because the increased rewards in higher leagues is not enough to justify the higher effort to reach them. Since the rewards are for wins and not for stars it would be easy to increase the rewards in higher leagues a bit if players need an incentive. The main problem of ranked hasn't been solved in my opinion though: It is still a numbers game, with enough games a bad player can get a lucky streak and rank out while a good player can get a bunch of bad teams in a row and loose a lot of progress. Last season I had 40% WR players on my team in gold league - this shouldn't happen. I could imagine a change where there is a qualifier first and afterwards the players are put into leagues according to their win rate: Top X% go gold, top y% silver, rest goes bronze. After every sprint the people with the best win rate in their league move up a league, those with the worst WR move down. This could be combined with a minimal number of games you have to play in a league to not be moved down automatically so players cant just move up a league by getting lucky 3 times in a row and call it a day. I believe that Winrate is the best indicator of how good a player really is in the long run, therefore WR should be a deciding factor in the decision what league everyone gets to play in.
  11. Finde ich tatsächlich unproblematisch. Für die Marken gibt es ja keine must-have Artikel, man kann sie entweder gegen die italienischen BBs eintauschen die man ansonsten demnächst auch so erforschen kann. Das T7 BB gibt Wargaming uns gratis wenn die Direktiven abgeschlossen wurden. Hier sind die Marken also nur interessant wenn man Interesse an den midtier BBs hat, sie aber nicht selbst erspielen will. Wenn man mehr Container für echtgeld kauft bekommt man halt noch die Tier8 und 9 im Vorabzugang. Jetzt zu verlangen dass die gesamte neue Linie umsonst während des Events verteilt werden soll finde ich schon etwas viel. Wer dafür Geld ausgeben will kann das machen, alle anderen können sie demnächst gratis erspielen. Wer kein Interesse an den Italienischen BBs hat kann sich die Marken einfach gegen Geld oder Signale eintauschen. Ich finde das tatsächlich fair und nicht gierig von WG oder so.
  12. Kaleu_Gruber

    Update 0.10.1 - Updated Brawls

    I really enjoy this mode and hope to see it again in the future. Even CVs weren't such a big deal so far, I only faced a handful and caps give so many points that i usually won before they could finish me off. Of course there are ships that a better suited for this mode than others but if you land in a bad match-up it usually ends fast and you get another roll - brawling BBs definitely have an edge here but thats only fair since they usually get punished by HE-Spammers. Also it is possible to win matches where red has the better ship and this is always a nice adrenaline rush.I really like how its only about me and my opponent giving our best and not some potato-team standing in the way of victory.
  13. Kaleu_Gruber

    Noob question time

    It would be best for you to try out different ships and classes from all nations. For three reasons: 1. Different people like different ships. I hated ships that generally do well stat wise - at the same time I did well in/enjoyed ships that are generally considered to be rather bad. Low tier ships a cheap, its no problem to buy them and try them out for a few rounds. Its more important to sail a ship you like than to collect nothing but OP-ships 2. Knowing how different classes play helps counter them. If you h.ave played a few rounds in a torpedo-destroyer you will better know their strenghts and weaknesses and better counter them in your battleships. You should try to play a few games in every class. Also this is the only way to learn which ships you enjoy the most - something this forum can't answer for you. 3. It slows down your progress to the higher tiers. While it may appear interesting to get to Yamato or whatever you have your eyes on it really takes some time to learn the game mechanics and strategies. Wargaming gives away a lot of camos and signals with XP-Bonuses that allow new players to really rush through the lower tiers. If you take your time you will be a much more valuable team mate once you reach higher tiers. You can use the xp-bonuses later as a veteran when grinding new lines