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  1. plammbeach

    cv div vs none cv div

    lets make 3 people have a fun time!..... cheers. ! good logic, lets then make 12 people having some real crap time, cause we "need" cv div. to have the right to abuse MM!. nice logic.!
  2. plammbeach

    cv div vs none cv div

    For crying out loud. can you(WG) please stop carriers div. - to be able, to play against none carriers div. ------ it is almost cheating.!!!! thank you.
  3. plammbeach

    3k base xp

  4. plammbeach

    Stop making torpedo missions!

    For crying out loud. whenever there is a torpedo mission you get masses of people just retarded solo/rushing/suicidng . the game becomes a mess for the whole duration of those torpedo mission!..
  5. plammbeach

    Lo Yang - Torp selection

    People forget this all the time. - best torps target; is those ships " that is moving towards you.! "who the hell is firing upon ships moving away from you?. - you might have 6,7km torp range. but you will still hit targets fired from 8km away.. 6,7km all the way never look back, lo yang is the most broken ship in the entire game. the only ship that can give you a run for your money is the "z 52".
  6. plammbeach

    Most Satisying Moment in WoW?

    Playing Montana - - , had been chasing 2 bb iowa, montana. iowa got tired of running and charged me, while montana kept running away. - iowa was at ramming speed we came 1pixel away from each, he was though getting low on hp 1/2hp, we passed each other, while this was happening enemy montana shot at me, and landed all his shots(from a range at 20km) at his teammate the iowa, and exploded him.- was quite funny.
  7. plammbeach

    want my dubloon back!!(Team battles)

    i have troubles finding where to write a ticket. is there a moderator there can help me!?
  8. plammbeach

    want my dubloon back!!(Team battles)

    i havnt had any dubloons nor money my way..
  9. plammbeach

    want my dubloon back!!(Team battles)

    So i made a team back in the days. i recall i paid dubloons for this feature!!!:. if you removed something i paid money for, and doesnt provide me what i paid for..! - this is basicly stealing!. i demand my dubloons/money back!!!!!!!! what the hell..
  10. plammbeach

    [Discussion] Destroyers

    i have played all destroyers in the game, this is what i would consider the best for each tier, doesnt mean it is the most fun, etc funwise i prefer gearing instead of z 52. - kamikaze - farragut - leberecht maass - lo yang - tashkent - z 52
  11. plammbeach

    Best DD for Tier 8 Ranked?

    bought lo yang after the buff, and i must say. it is extremely one side hunting other dds, notice you have lower dection than all tier 10 dds. rush smoke/hydro combo. you really need to be radared or hydroed to be countered properly........ even against kagaro and yugo. they really have troubles getting away from you..... Edit ; -today i played against a 3x fletcher div. i kept slaughtered them 1 by 1.
  12. plammbeach

    Best DD for Tier 8 Ranked?

    Lo yang is absolutely broken in its current form!.
  13. ....... please just help yourself.....
  14. plammbeach

    new DD player

    as someone who played all destroyers in the game, gearing is by far my favorite!.(after tashkent) gearing feels like a true destroyer. besides that the whole usn dd line is pretty fun.. (khabarovsk) is not a dd. shima is pretty boring to play compare to the others. z-52 you need alot of experience to make it really shine. it is a good DD. very good. but i really hate those 4x2 torps setup., the hydro is very broken on that ship .