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  1. now has 3x4 gun turret. 10,4k dection and radar, and british heal.. gg. ---- [edited]this game,.
  2. i did a new fire damage record on my kebab.! Cheers!
  3. well you could remove, "vigilance" and take Priority target and AR - but i showed you what i would take in captain skills. but you gotta make up for yourself what you need and want. & and demo expert is a must you kinda stack it with flags, and skills it goes op to 11%. - the lower fire chance you have the more you actually benefit from it. see it as a 25% increase in setting fire.
  4. Rudder, embrace what you are "gunboat". i know it sucks. but it makes the experience abit nicer overall.
  5. Well, most of my deaths comes from unexpected/random-torps. once you go 48kts. its very hard to dodge. but each his own.. - no need for extra heal if you can avoid damage in the first place!.
  6. I believe, priority target is abit overrated, on kebab, my reasoning for this, if you are not getting target; you are doing something wrong in my book, i'm quite used to play without it, and i always expect salvos my way. i prefer vigilance alot on these ships. very underrated talent pick, a must for me. To backup my talents choices' i will send my kebab stats aswell - (this is basicly "solo stats" since i play alone most of the time.)
  7. try tell a yamato to stop border edge snipe. they dont care.
  8. i have tried to many times now, - When i have a perfect target /torp angle, on a ship, and people start focusing this guy/ship down.(why cant you wait) = player changes course due to much firing upon him!...... Can i please have the option to share spotting information!......
  9. had this game right now... team 1 : 1 gearing + 2 benson team 2 : 1 gearing + 2 fletcher + 1 benson. Comeon..
  10. Is it just me, - but lately i have seen these games where its is 3 vs 2, --- 4 vs 2, --- 1 high lX vs 2 lower tiers dd..... for like a week or two, i have not seen a a fair dd mm .!? what is up with that? is it just me or?
  11. almost manage to win, but island hardcountered me.. good game though
  12. here is an old game, but was a great one anyways.
  13. stealing this topic from the NA forum, let me start: - Lost 2 karma points from some guy complaining that i didn't scout for him.
  14. around 35 containers. 2x250 victor lima flags 1x50.000 free exp 1x500 dubloons.