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  1. Spkr4theDead

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Bought 20 of the small Santa boxes, here's what I got so far. 5 Frost Fir 300 Doubloons 10,000 Free XP 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Papa Papa 10,000 Free XP 300 Doubloons 300 Doubloons 300 Doubloons 10,000 Free XP 300 Doubloons 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu Hotel 300 Doubloons 10,000 Free XP 50 Zulu 50 Zulu 50 Zulu 50 Zulu
  2. Spkr4theDead

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Bugs

    First battle, had this at the end of it.
  3. Spkr4theDead

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    First bug: Click on the sub to check out its lol stats, then go to the Elite Commander XP thing to check the missions. Close that window and then I can't click on anything else. After that: closed and re-launched the game twice, the sub is still selected; get the eternal wheel of loading and still can't click on anything. Anybody else experiencing this?
  4. Spkr4theDead

    Santa boxes

    I haven't spent a lot, but all I received are camo and signals. A guy I game with daily has gotten doubloons, hundreds of signals and camo, and a lot of ships. Why the huge disparity? Yeah he spent a lot more than me, but I at least should've had something better than just signals and camo.
  5. Spkr4theDead

    Maneuvers in the Atlantic - Graf Spee

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/graf-spee-marathon/ Is there a way to track the progress?
  6. Spkr4theDead

    Maneuvers in the Atlantic - Graf Spee

    But how are you supposed to get it?
  7. Spkr4theDead

    Maneuvers in the Atlantic - Graf Spee

    So it shows me the completion time and the criteria - Graf Spee. So far it only shows "win a battle," but no other missions after that. What's required to do the first part of mission?
  8. Spkr4theDead

    Public Test 0.5.16 - Patch Notes

    When can we test the captain skill changes?
  9. Spkr4theDead

    Service Costs

    It makes zero sense to pay the service cost at the start of the match. They cut that in half then use the aforementioned points to add to the service cost.
  10. Spkr4theDead

    Service Costs

    I feel service costs should be the total of: Damage sustained Expendables used Shells / torpedoes launched Why is my service bill so high when my team is trash, I take little to do damage and I don't fire many shells?
  11. Spkr4theDead

    WTF is all this Poi malarkey?

    Poi is poi.
  12. Spkr4theDead

    Atlanta captain skills

    So it seems like concealment expert is a waste of points. I'm thinking jack of all trades would be far more useful. Would it affect repair party and defensive AA fire even though they're not exactly consumables?
  13. Is the It's A Trap! torpedo sound mod going to come back?
  14. I'm sort of having a problem with the torpedo alert sound mod (It's A Trap to be specific). When torpedo bombers try to get me, the mod activates. When a DD sends torpedoes after me, it's the default captain's voice. Is this a known bug? Should I re-download the installer and do it again?