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  1. Looking for a clan:


    Live in the UK, but not British born.  However, one might say I am a distant cousin as I was born in Hawaii around the time of star wars IV.  I am social but not butterfly social.  So, basically quiet till you ask me something, than it's a straight answer and quiet again.   Which means, if you want to know more ask?


    What I am looking for in a clan-

    • I am able to play between the hours of 18:30 and 21:00 Sunday-Thursday most of the time, reason because I am a working stiff and Family.  I am also able to play 18:30-23:00 Fri-Sat,  providing not watching a movie, or football.
    • Adult clan!
    • Able to play all modes of the game, I.E. clan battle, random, coop, etc.
    • free to play- don't want to pay monthly to stay in clan.  With that, I am an avid gamer
    • team speak, etc
    • A clan that act more like a team than a oligarchy
    • Lastly, a clan that has respect and request the respect of it players to each other and in the game.