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  1. utg001

    I am sick of Saipan

    I have the Midway, grinding out Taiho in Shokaku now, but I'm literally on edge to buy the perma camo for Hiryu because I love that ship. I have Grinded out Ranger as well and I can tell you that it doesn't matter if I'm in Ranger or Hiryu, it doesn't matter if enemy is in Ranger/Hiryu/Kaga, if my enemy is competent I'm going to enjoy the battle because it gives me some work to win the battle, most of the Saipan captains I've faced just click my fighters and that is not a ship problem, that is player skill problem so I can beat them easily. The problem comes when a semi competent Saipan captain comes along and just laughs and laughs all game. When you play against a Saipan (if you're any good) you'll quickly figure out that if YOU had Saipan then you will just demolish other CVs planes. That is not balance! This means that even when a potato Saipan comes along the game is really bad because I can just roflstomp him. However if Saipan captain has just enough skill, he can leave me no choice. The difference between average Saipan captain and competent captain is too large.
  2. utg001

    I am sick of Saipan

    I'm don't normally rant out, but WG had it coming. What the @#$% is wrong with you? You think Saipan is "Balanced? In hands of even a semi good player Saipan Shits on every other CV. Basically you're saying "sucks that you didn't pay us doubloons for Saipan, now you're loosing this battle. I don't care whether our team wins a battle or not, but air battles with an AS Saipan is absolute crap. Oh I see you have two fighters, would be shame if Saipan could just strafe and strafe and strafe without even loosing a plane. Oh I see if you're trying to send out CV strike on the corner of map because all other ships are clumped up, would be a shame if Saipan's 3rd fighter just zoomed at your position. Basically Saipan is a bully and what you're saying is that against an average Saipan you have to be very good, but against a competent Saipan well good luck to you. And WOWS community, I'm not happy with you either, basically its players saying that well if you cannot handle Saipan you shouldn't play CVs. Well, I'll try to explain one last time here: I have 58% WR in Ranger and 66% WR in Hiryu, against a competent Ranger/Hiryu captain I would love to loose that battle if it means that I would give him a tough time. Against a competent Saipan Captain when he would just roflstomp my planes that would leave me powerless. So there, I said it, Saipan is the most disgustingly overpowered ship in the game, it should be removed altogether or at least re-balanced. Thankyou for those who read this all, I know this is just going to be deleted, riddled with insults, or suggestions "GIT GUD". WG I cannot buy Saipan, even if I could that would mean I would be just CV sniping every game successfully. UNFUCK THIS SHIP!
  3. Hi, I'd love to join your clan... I understand that I may be falling short on some of the requirements but I can explain that I played casually until I had like 3k battles, only after that I increased my win rate from lows of 47%, over the past year I've had around 60% win rate. I'm great with BBs, am getting better at CAs, would love to learn more about DDs. Also I'm sure I can train to be a better T10 CV captain (currently not that good with TX CV)
  4. utg001

    Server Down

    I was about to complete the campaign as well, now with servers down for 4 hours I probably won't be completing it. THANKYOU so much WarGaming
  5. How I got my SUpercontainers: 27 Dec 2016 - 10 million credits30 Dec 2016 - 250 anti detonation flags06 Jan 2017 - 250 Speed flags07 Jan 2017 - 250 anti fire flags03 Mar 2017 - Smoke Generator II I stopped trying my luck on March 1st. You can clearly see that prior to super container nerf it was possible to get around 2 super containers in a week, I think WG over did their nerf like always. Definitely needs some looking into. If however they want to keep the current drop rate of super containers then I absolutely do not want to see certain super containers like smoke screen generator II (I don't play USN DDs), anti detonation flags (I rarely get detonated anyways and I do - yes I DO - enjoy them happening sometimes) etc etc... If they are giving us a super container once in 3 months, then I want just few things, either a premium ship, Engine Boost mod II (because I have 6 high tier Russian DDs that can use them) or Usable flags.
  6. utg001

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - General Feedback

    I think ranks in general should be reworked. It is not a measure of skill, rather it is a measure of patience. Some games you can get detonated right in the start, but you end up winning a star, other times you can get kraken and more, yet your team still manages to loose. I think its better to remove loosing a star on losses, increase the number of ranks to work through, decrease rewards on each rank up. For example, starting rank should be 100, with new brackets on ranks 80-50-30, rewards are received after 5 rank ups, and top 10 give better rewards.
  7. utg001

    Balance Changes

    I get why you guys buffed Des Moines reload, it is one of the bottom performers or all T10 CAs. I feel that going against historical reload is not the way to go here, you should stop following the historical shell speed here. Any other T10 CA can reliably hit from max range, and DM has really hard time hitting at even 15km if enemy is even slightly maneuvering. Increase reload to its previous value, increase shell speed or improve shell arcs in general. The prime reason why Zao out performs DMs is that it can hit ships from safety.
  8. utg001

    [SOLVED] Error connecting server - Unknown error

    I have been trying to raise this issue, so far unresolved. Cannot play the game without DCing couple of times every match.
  9. utg001

    Update 0.6.1 - General PT feedback

    I think one of the reason Des Moines is getting reload buff is WG fulfilling on their previous comment on slightly underperforming TX CAs, more specifically they said they won't nerf Zao or Moskva but they will buff other cruisers slightly. I think giving more reload to Des Moines is not the way to go, it needs some more shell velocity. It is almost infuriating to see any other CA apart from Minotaur hitting me from a range where I have to get a module to get the range on him and then hope that they stay their path so I can hit. In my opinion Des Moines only wants some love on dealing with targets on range, its reload is already great.
  10. utg001

    Inertia Fuse For HE Shells Is Very Powerful

    In the King of the Seas tournament, I think one of the OMNI players said that they tested this skill out by using 4 cruisers with 152mm guns and this skill. They were to focus on a BB for 20 seconds: the duration of radar. They got back 40,000 damage, not counting fires, not counting shots that might hit that BB after radar duration. Now that is scary. I was somewhat fine with it having -6% fire chance penalty in the initial PTS run, now however this skill becomes very powerful. It means that having armor or resistance to fire is useless. The great thing about running a Heavy cruiser in the past (or any ship with good armor) was that you get less damage from HE as it failed to penetrate, proper angling would bounce AP, that resulted in a game where the ship with best positioning would win. Now with IFHE having good armor is not that big of an advantage anymore. A Kutuzov can simply ignore armor angling of Atago and do damage regardless of angling. A Cleveland can rain HE from afar without having to worry about non penetration on BBs. So any ship with high RoF would win. WG please do not make WOWS like WoTs. I want this game to revolve around tactics, strategy, superior battle plan, I want to see WOWS evolve into a game where a DD only team that plays really well out play a Cruiser only team. That may be difficult actually, but you get my point. I don't want this game to be something like if you want to use a BB, get Amagi as it has longest range, safe from HE spam, if you want a CA you have to get Kutuzov as it gets invincible HE, if you want a DD then you have to get Benson etc. This game should not make one obvious choice at any single tier for any class. I'd rather have a game where an Atago has an edge over Kutuzov because that would be a heavy cruiser vs light cruiser.
  11. utg001

    Musing on RPF

    the problem with Radio Location skill is not that it is balanced since few people use it, or anyone using it has to sacrifice other skills. On a few ships you can actually get this skill without sacrificing much. Lets leave that and discuss what this brings to the game. The game starts, half a team from both teams rush one cap, I see enemy Ru DD approaching so I immediately pull away, I avoid detection at all costs, but he knows where I am even if I'm not detected. As soon as he gets detected he points his ship towards me and engages engine boost, will take him few seconds to detect me back. This clairvoyance telling you where you can go to farm kills/damage is not needed. In fact Flamu showed how to torpedo other DDs without even seeing them by torping a Khab in his shima, that Khab was detected just before he ate those torps. Why should I have a skill that can give me some idea about the enemy even when the enemy is not detected? In competitive environment this skill is rendering flanking pretty much useless. In fact players are regularly hitting DDs that were never detected simply because this skill hinted them that they need to torpedo this general area to get something. This is the reason I'll never be swayed in favor of this skill. Even if its highly situational, even if it means I have to sacrifice other skills to get it, the fact that people can get it on some ships without sacrificing much is not something that anyone should use as a reason for inclusion of this skill.
  12. utg001

    Fixing the IJN destroyers

    I'm secretly hoping other servers give IJN DDs better stealth on torpedoes, while EU server goes: "You've got it all wrong, IJN DDs need a nerf to turning circle" xD
  13. I think its ok to include paper ships in the game, but I don't think such paper ships should be overpowered as in they should not have absolutely everything that their design specifies. Its one thing to dream of a rapid firing heavy cruiser and another thing to build one. Most probably you'd end up sacrificing a lot to make it a reality. I feel like I'm finding this post as just a reason to rant about why a Zao or a Moskva or a Hindenburg can relax and hit me from 20km while my Des Moines first has to get range upgrade, then pray that they don't move for the hours my shells are in orbit. Why do Des Moines get to risk itself to hit the enemy reliably, while other cruisers can reliably damage the enemy from safety? This thing bugs me more than it should, and I'm not even American.
  14. today I had a funny game in my furutaka. I don't use RL, but a friendly BB did, he told me the rough location by pinging the map, it was very easy for me to analyze his path even though his last known position marker was half way across the map. I re-positioned and surprised him to death, giving us the lead we needed to win that game. I had a game in my Udaloi where I knew the enemy only have a Shimakaze, guess how long it took me to find him. In my Cleveland I knew exactly what the enemy DD was up to, and it got him killed trying to get back of my team. No DD should be able to flank my team from behind now that I run this skill. The thing is, the DD should have been able to make the jump on my furutaka and torpedo me, because I should not have been able to tell where he is by his last known position. But My friendly BB did know which direction he was, that DD could do nothing about it and it killed him. That Shimakaze had 2-3km of early warning where he could see me but I couldn't see him, but I only have to use engine boost in the right direction in order to catch him in mere seconds. I should not be able to tell when and where a destroyer is using stealth to flank me or my team - ever, especially if I don't have radar/hydro and that DD has never been spotted in the entire match. The idea that now anyone using this skill has clairvoyance of the nearest enemy is just absurd. Even the real life radio location didn't work this way. The argument that this skill is fine because few people will sacrifice good skills to get this are just like its OK to remove stealth entirely (make all enemies visible all of the time) because so few ships will go in range to hit anything. The biggest problem with radio location is not that its annoying or that it gives the enemy my location, the worst thing about this skill is that if a good player is using this skill then good luck trying to flank him, and if he is in a better ship than you then good luck killing him.
  15. I don't think you understand why the community is up in arms against this. Yes its the a poor value skill for 4 skill points, but the idea that in one in 5 games you are going to know for sure that a DD is trying to flank you does not sell well. You enter cap A in the North map while the entire enemy fleet is detected in front of you, but this "skill" tells you that there is DD skirting the wall, trying to sneak to the back of your team, this gives you unfair advantage in that specific environment and is something that is not welcomed. That poor DD is already playing a poor game for his team by skirting around the border and not helping in the cap, but this skill has given you clairvoyance, so in scenarios where the enemy is very careful to be not detected, his tactic is already blown. I think I should be able to flank around the back of my enemies when I like, and if nobody comes into my detection range, nobody should be aware of my intentions. Of course there will be ships that are not suited for this skill, and there will be players who will wreck their opponents whether or not they use this skill or not, but put yourself in the seat of an average player, and think: Is it logical that I should "know" that there is something behind that specific island, not the one in front, not the one in back but this specific island. This takes out the element of surprise and strategy.