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  1. Luis_Crespo

    I just reset my first tech tree, and plan to reset them all.

    Hi. When you reset a line, the stats for individual ships in the line will be reset as well, or rather they will keep their previous wr, damage, etc when you rebuy them, and carry on from that point? The reason for this admittedly weird question is that my “objective” in the game is to attain at least 50% WR in every ship I play. Ships that have been changed, like Cleveland or aircraft carriers are now listed as “nameoftheship (old)” and the wr you had when they where changed. Luckily I had +50 WR for all those. I would hate to have a sub 50% that I cannot improve anymore! Again, I know this is somewhat strange, but hey! One needs goals in this life ;)
  2. Luis_Crespo

    Problema de ping por las noches?

    Closing the spanish forum (and the turkish one) is one of the most unbelievable stupid things I have seen in the Internet. But, hey!, this is a private owned company. They can do whatever they want with their customers. Regarding op’s question: A mi me pasaba igual. Tengo fibra de Movistar, con buena velocidad y eso, pero el juego me iba mal. Hace unos meses me puse un router wifi de Google y ¡magia!. No he vuelto a tener más problemas, fuera de algún momento concreto. Best regards y un cariñoso saludo a los sons of Putin!
  3. Luis_Crespo

    bots invasion

    There seems to be bots in every T5 battle. In this one I have found one that is not a german cruiser but a french BB. Name does not follow the pattern either, but behaviour was typically bottish. I asked hin in chat but got no answers. It was not afk but moving erratically at low speed apparently not knowing what to do next, while the situation was very clear. If not a bot, the guy had to be seriuosly drunk!. I have covered the name of the Langley (which was suspiciously similar to that of the Courbet) due to performance. Seems too good to be a bot. Regarding the Königsberg, well, not much to say. PS, we won.