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  1. Luis_Crespo


    Funnily enough I was having crashes during the last iteration of the game, and then they vanished since the update.
  2. Luis_Crespo

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    After doing some research I have only find a shore bombardment action near Málaga, in 1937, that caused civilian casualties (around 4000). As the action was part of a mayor battle for Málaga, is not entirely clear if they were targeted deliberately or were “collateral damage”. The Canarias was not alone there. The cruisers Baleares and Almirante Cervera also took part, alongside land based artllery and troops, and also rebel and italian air forces. During the Spanish Civil War, as later in WWII, all parties attacked civilian targets on a regular basis. It may sound, an indeed is, unacceptable by today standards, but was considered “fair” those days. Again, nothing worse that most other forces, axis or allies, did.
  3. Luis_Crespo

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    Well, as a spaniard I can see your point (I assume from your nick you are spanish too), but come on, the Canarias and the Baleares were built under the Second Spanish Republic, and though their crews chose the "wrong" side in the Civil War, the Canarias outlived Gen. Franco, and she almost made into the Constitutional Monarchy. Without the intent to get inside politics, I think few people (including the most radicals) could consider Franco´s regime, though being an awful dictatorship, to be actually worse than Hitler´s or Mussolini´s (even Stalin´s). And we have plenty of Nazi, Fascist, and Soviet ships in the game. How could the Canarias be more inacceptable than Duca d´Aosta or Hipper? Just my two cents. Best regards.
  4. Luis_Crespo

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    ¿And why would a Canarias Class cruiser be politically inacceptable?
  5. Luis_Crespo

    Why did I get 1000 doubloons?

    Not that I don´t want them, hehe, but I´m intrigued This afternoon, when I loaded the game, I received 1000 doubloons and like 300000 credits. No clue why! Anyone knows, or I´m just customer nº 1.000.000?
  6. Luis_Crespo

    Tin foil hat... (TFH)

    I have a similar experience but not exactly the same. Lots of times (at least once or twice in a game) I´m tracking a target detected by someone else behind an island. The target is just about to clear the obstacle and come into my sight. Guns are loaded and trained, my finger on mouse left button... and then the target disappears. Its like WTF!, and then, a couple of seconds after, there it its in its full glory again. And Boom! Kind of annoying to say the least. Not to mention that in that 2-3 seconds, the target often has had time to angle a bit and therefore avoid to be citadelled. I guess the disappearing has to have something to do with the fact that the target was detected by someone else and now is detected by me.... or kind of... Does someone have a better explanation? Does it happens to someone more, or its just me?
  7. Luis_Crespo

    Why do I suck in my Derpitz?

    Thank you all guys, again. Regarding those stats, I didn´t use them cause include all my early battles in the Tirpitz (and Scharnhorst, by the way) extremely biased by my cluelessness those days. Thats why I included only last 20 days stats. But as some of you have correctly stated they include too few games to be even analyzed, so I include a new set spanning the last month. Now we got 51 games, enough to properly perform a chi square test. Gess what?, results are NOT statistically significant. So the difference in performance of my Tirp and Bis could very well be due to simple luck (or lack of it) But this thread is far from non significant for me. You gave me a good heads up about the difference in my builds, which will make me more comfortable in the Tiripitz for sure. Big Thank You again.
  8. Luis_Crespo

    Why do I suck in my Derpitz?

    Just done it! Hope it works. Thanks.
  9. Luis_Crespo

    Why do I suck in my Derpitz?

    well, thats true for Bismarck, but not for Tirpitz. She has 150 games. Not really too many, but, hey, I´ve got a life! ;)
  10. Luis_Crespo

    Why do I suck in my Derpitz?

    Thanks guys. I use the same captain. 19 points secondary and endurance specced. Regarding upgrades, Bismarck is more secondary oriented and Tirpitz uses AA upgrades instead. I think I should change this. And finally, I command both ships in the same way. Maybe a bit too agressive for the high tier meta, but its sooooo boring otherwise....
  11. Luis_Crespo

    Why do I suck in my Derpitz?

    Hi people. I used to be a potato, and a Kriegsmarine fetishist one. As such, I bought the Tirpitz very soon, and it, obviously, sucked. When I realised I was indeed a potato, about 500 games into WOWs, I decided to ground my Tirpitz and go back to low tiers to learn the game. It kind of worked and now I suppose I can qualify as an average guy. Well, no matter what I do, I can´t make my Tirpitz work. Wasn´t it supposed to be OP?. Wasn´t it the paradigma of Pay To Win? Can some of you, kindest gentlemen, offer me some clue? I love the ship, but don´t enjoy it too much these days. The below depicted stats are from the last 20 days or so. TIA.
  12. Luis_Crespo

    Since 2 Patches constant crashes

    My client crashed one hour ago. Now this is what I see when I log in... No way to play due to extreme lag even in port.
  13. Luis_Crespo

    0 FPS Random but 60+ Co-Op?

    In my experience, PC specs shouldn’t be a problem. I run the game in a quite modest laptop with settings at medium and have had problems on a very random basis. Some days all goes fine, some others playing becomes very difficult. Probably the quality of wireless connection has something to do. I have observed the game is VERY sensitive to the slightest unstability of the wifi signal. Some days it performs clearly better when I use my cell phone internet connection (which is quite standard), rather than my wifi, which should be top notch according to the fee I pay.
  14. Luis_Crespo

    Client crash

    Thank you for all the feedback. Lets hope it is fixed in next patches. At least I don’t feel alone now!
  15. Luis_Crespo

    Client crash

    Since last update my client tends to crash at least once per session. Is it just me?. It usually means my death, and im getting quite fed up of it! Any suggestions?