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  1. Perhaps that is already noted for a longer-term plan. Novorosyisk could easily be added in future as a premium tier 6 Russian battleship (along the lines of Nürnberg > Admiral Makarov). And Archangelsk could then be added as the tier 7 premium, to fit inbetween the premium tier 6 (Novorosyisk) and tier 8 (Lenin) premium!
  2. Midway67

    Your top 5 most Fun ships

    My top 5 now: 1. Kronshtadt: excellent guns, robust, sleek, dynamic... Love her!! 2. Tirpitz: flexible, very tanky, the perfect brawling-machine, good all-rounder and a Tier 8 I don't mind being bottom tier in 3. Yueyang: stealthy, speedy, high rate-of-fire and 13.5 km torps, lethal in many ways! 4. Kamikaze R: fast, sneaky, quick torpedo-reload-time... always fun to fight with (and against!) 5. Aoba: her sleek, attractive looks, hard-hitting 203 mm guns, good long-range torps, what a dream, still, after playing her for more than 3 years now I still never get enough of her. This top 5 can and will change though, depending on how my own playstyle develops over time... Other runners-up which I also really enjoy a lot: Warspite, Baltimore, Chung Mu, Imperator Nikolai I, T-61, Charles Martel, Kaga, and lately also Enterprise. And many, many more!
  3. Midway67

    Clan Treasury...

    How exemplary of you to be willing to share the wealth. +1 to you for that, very noble. I'd be pleased to have someone with such an unselfish and willing-to-share mindset in my clan, for sure!! At the same time, steel can get you some very good and worthwhile ships. So why not continue to collect it? It doesn't cost you anything, can be earned by doing e.g. clan battles or from super-containers and (as a last resort, I'd say) can even be converted into coal to get you free coal ships and special upgrades!
  4. Midway67

    What will you spend your Soviet Tokens on?

    Fair enough. As long as the guns are Shchors- and Chapayev-compatible, it will make me happy as is. To reply to the OP: going for (1) Lazo, (2) Vladivostok perma-camo and (3) the 30-token crates. All for free! *** Like 😁 *** again!!!
  5. Midway67

    What will you spend your Soviet Tokens on?

    Chappy at Tier 7? *** Like 😁 ***
  6. Midway67

    Soviet Battleships, another WG fail !?

    Russian battleships. I really like them! The ones I've tried so far feel strong, versatile and inspire me to fight aggressively with them. What I enjoy is the familiar look and feel to each of them. You can clearly recognize their character and style, both in their looks and in the way they handle. The 4 early-access ones now available each appeal to me in their own ways. So far, I've done only a handful of battles in the Velikiy, the Izmail and the Sinop but immediately knew right from the first battle that these will be keepers in my fleet! My initial performance with the tier 5 needs work but I enjoy every battle with her. My first battle with Izmail also gave me a good first impression, plus the positive feeling of "hey, this feels familiar to the others"! And to top this off, my first battle in Sinop yesterday put me at the top of the team in XP, with 6 kills. My stats are public, you can see this confirmed, only 1 battle with her. And looking forward to the next one. And next, and next.... This is a tree which I want to really take my time for, to grind them all from tier 3 u/i tier 10. Brilliant ships, I'm a fan of them already!!!
  7. Izumo? She has always been one of my favourite battleships! Powerful, simple and plain... I always was -- and still am -- very fond of her and will never sell her! It's just a matter of play-style I suppose. And the fact that she is often under-estimated helps as well. Just make sure you angle her a bit or go straight for your target. What works especially well is cooperating with a cruiser to make sure you don't end up being a DD-magnet. And awareness. Know, and always remember, that in this ship the whole world is going to see you from afar. Then all you need is a bit of luck...
  8. Midway67

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    In this case, I wouldn't mind at all. On the contrary. As others have pointed out in this thread, it can indeed be good to have a sistership as premium besides the regular tree ship. I would only wish that the performance (and ideally also the appearance, in line with historical accuracy, whenever that is the case) would differ as well. Here we have a nice example of 4 "sisters" from Austro-Hungary, where in fact the one you mention, Szent István, is the only one with a Hungarian name, the other three had Austrian names. That in itself would be interesting to see, I'd applaud seeing e.g. Viribus Unitis as premium flagship of this series and Szent István as regular tree counterpart. Or vice versa, as Viribus Unitis was the first ship in the Tegetthoff-class (launched in June 1911) and Szent István the fourth and last (launched in January 1914) and there were undoubtedly advances in technology within those 2,5 years.... (which would make it more sensible to make the more modern edition a premium ship, as it seems). They could both sport Austro-Hungarian flags, the former could feature red-white-red Austrian detailing and the latter red-white-green Hungarian style. Perfectly alright to have those two as "parallel sisters" then! (like Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen, and why not equip one with heal as well then?) Would fit beautifully into the new Pan-European tree, one ship having an Austrian identity, the other Hungarian (and both of them Austro-Hungarian, historically). I look forward to sailing in division with both of them already! (and maybe equip Szent István with extra strong torpedo-belt to safeguard against sneaky early-morning attacks) ;-)
  9. Midway67

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    How do you mean?
  10. Midway67

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    Thank you @T0byJug for taking the time and effort to respond to my list point-to-point. I've taken the above excerpt from that: 27. Kagero & HSF Harekaze: interesting, now that you mention it I do indeed remember that Harekaze was in a league of it's own, I stand corrected with this. 37. Leander & Huanghe: yes different gun lay-out, yet you're right about this too, Huanghe (or HMS Aurora, as she was originally called) is Arethusa-class, which was actually preceded by the Leander-class. Even though the hulls do appear similar, (your) point taken, these cannot be seen as clones at all (moreover since their performance differs so greatly!) 49. Nassau & König Albert: fully correct again, point taken as well! (I promise to raise my rusty old binoculars first the next time I look at them!) 60. Krasny Krym & Svietlana: I really like both of these (won the 1st one in a super-container and bought the 2nd one back devotedly even after getting Moskva!), and seeing that these two are in fact, as you say, one and the same ship by origin (yet very different in their own ways), they cannot be seen as clones either. Crispy Creme is T5 and Svietlana T4, which makes me curious to see what they will do to West Virginia 1944, will that be Tier 7 then? (looking forward to seeing her already!) 63. Bellerophon & Dreadnought: ah yes... Dreadnought preceded Bellerophon-class. True! In game, they feel so similar though. Must be my gut feeling then, similar to those two German BB's, that they were perhaps identical in style, yet not in exact shape and performance. Appreciate your input on this, as it prompts me to read up on my WW1 warship history book material! 69. Okay, this is great to see confirmed then, the last time I saw specs from Yahagi they appeared more vague than this. Now adding Yahagi to my wishlist for future premiums, I really like the IJN cruisers in WoWs and have made it a point to get them all. Great news to see Yahagi will be added as the first Tier 5 IJN light cruiser, hopefully soon! Thanks again for your input. Next step could be to redefine my original list by applying your input to it. For sure it will be shorter!
  11. Midway67

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    Nice to see the ongoing Fletcher-hype extend itself here. To take this back to the subject line, in this instance I actually see the phenomenon "similar ship" as a big advantage: never had so much fun with a destroyer as with Chung Mu, which, if I'm not mistaken, is an (exported-to-South-Korea) Fletcher! Awesome ship!! (alias U.S.S. Erben, DD-631 ---> Fletcher class)
  12. Midway67

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    That's another interesting topic, if you ask me. Paper ships. It has been covered at this forum quite a few times before, yet in view of this topic, I would just want to add here that paper ships appear, imho, under-respected here. Tbh I find the concept totally thrilling, to see what a designed-but-not-built ship would be like in reality, what she would look like, how she would perform. Let's face it: where else than here in WoWs are we going to get a chance to see, in 3D, what Friedrich der Große and Großer Kurfürst would have been like? Let alone try them out!! And soon also Kreml and the other Russian battleships, in addition to the many (and often very cool!) paper ships we already have in game. I for one am positive towards these designs-brought-to-life here, so much so in fact that they may even copy, clone, and recolor them, as long as their gameplay is very (or at least somewhat) unique!
  13. Midway67

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    No Sir, I did not! Quote from my original post this morning: 55. St. Louis & Charleston (this one is literally the same ship, only with another color... come on!!!! One regular, one premium... totally identical!) Southern Dragon was available through a campaign back in 2017 IIRC. Eastern Dragon was in the shop last spring...
  14. Midway67

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    Early & late ships, original and advanced version, I'm all for that! The more, the merrier. Yet to my taste, it would be good to see sister-ships, similar ships, clones, call them whatever you may, stand out more from one another. If there would be more to differentiate between them, then that could make it more fun to try them both (or all) out. Personally, I find it great whenever I see the same ships at different stages of their lifespan, what appeals to me is the different gameplay possible with that, as well as the historical accuracy. For instance, now having played West Virginia 1941 already makes me very curious to see (and experience) what WeeVee 1944 will be like! On the sharper side, having exact replica's of one and the same ship can be nice too, I can see that. Only, not too many of those please -- not hundreds! That would be my concern here.
  15. Midway67

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    Really? That must have been very long ago then. I don't actually recall Yubari ever having been non-premium, it is my understanding that it was devised as such...