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  1. Chips_uk

    PSA: It's Captain Jingles o'clock

    Well, the very very obvious is... don't use him as commander? There's no bonus for doing so, so it costs you nothing. Really there shouldn't be anyone complaining about this whatsoever; if it's not your cup of tea then don't drink it - there's no drawback by skipping him. You won't be missing anything. For everyone else who loves the guy (myself included - and why would you care for having him as a commander unless you watch his videos?), I'll enjoy the Jingle-isms for what they are - Jingle isms. If it were all serious it'd be disappointing! Heck, it'll probably help me not get annoyed in game to be honest :)
  2. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    No, I think i said earlier - HE shells have a chance of setting fires without penetrating - right? If so, they can deal damage even if the battleship had no super structure ( hint - but they do ) or was damage saturated. Or am i wrong about fire chance on shells? Remind me... Also, it's not what I'm spamming the forums about. Did I not point out that it was factually incorrect to state DD's could not damage a battleship without IFHE. Same for cruisers too. The rest is responding to you two defending something that's obviously wrong. Weird.
  3. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    I'd possibly apologies for saying idiocy, but... the rest aren't insults are they. Nice try matey, but lets be honest. - HE made a claim that was patently, obviously, utterly, false. A lie. He knows it. You know it. - Holy crap balls, thought you played this game. Neither of those are insults. Are they. They're statements of fact. Something you seem to have a very passing understanding of. Apparently win rate > facts. Who'd have thunk it. All you both had to do was go "yeah, it was an exaggeration/fabrication". Nowt wrong with saying IFHE greatly improves gameplay for some is there? As said, personally, IFHE is justified. Instead you spread misinformation. Pfft.
  4. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Oh, maybe if you learnt to read a bit better. I never said that IFHE wasn't suitable, or useful, ro anything else - stop deflecting matey. All I did was point out you said something that was demonstrably BS. That's it. You can keep misdirecting, or putting caveats around to try and "win"... something... but the fact remains, it was a false statement. Point clear now? Or do you need a pop up book explaining it? I can even supply colouring pens for you if you like - wax or felt?
  5. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Heh, so now higher win rate means you are right and I am wrong... despite actual evidence in actual game play. That's a truly fragile ego you've got going on there. And delusional. Please, point something out. Did he not claim that if you remove IFHE that dds and cruisers CANNOT damage battleships. Was that not precisely what he posted? Is that not precisely what I pointed out is wrong? Is what he said not utter claptrap? You then go apoplectic in defending your compatriot (oddly - or maybe not ;) ) and ... I don't even know what you were trying to make - it's not a point is it. You flecking spittle at the mouth and frothing onto your keyboard. *HE* made a claim that was patently, obviously, utterly, false. A lie. He knows it. You know it. Is that not correct (here's a hint, it is). The fact you're both doubling down on idiocy is not going go to cover that up. It doesn't take a win rate to know that. Does it? It's a false statement he made. End of discussion. Now please, if you wish to continue - point out where he was right in his statement that without IFHE you cannot damage a battleship in a destroyer or cruiser. Hop to it. EVERY destroyer can.
  6. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Erm, wut are you smoking mate. 1 of 100 dd's can do what? Please construct an actual sentence, you make no sense. EVERY dd can damage a battleship without IFHE. Is this not a fact? Holy crap balls, thought you played this game.
  7. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Now you're just making excuses. You specifically said that cruisers and dd's could NOT damage a battleship without IFHE. OBVIOUSLY not true. OBVIOUSLY incapable of saying "Yep, I told a porky".
  8. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Not disputing that. I am simply pointing out you said - and I quote.... Does HE require penetration to set a fire? Do fires not do damage? Does AP not do significant damage at correct angles/ranges/targeted areas? I mean, I don't think any of my cruiser/dd captains have IFHE, and I'm fairly sure I've done some damage to battleships at all tiers. So, would battleships be immune to damage from cruisers and destroyers without IFHE? Demonstrably false statement - so you're lying. There's no need to lie mate. Would it be "harder" without it? Yeah. Is IFHE the problem? I don't think so - but there's no need to start telling lies (over-exaggerating really) - there's plenty of "for" points with IFHE than the "against" points. Over exaggerating and going shrill is going to undermine any decent points made.
  9. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Thunderer can citadel more than just Smolensk with HE too. Because all DD's only have guns, right? Also, how on earth Minotaur's ever manage without HE I do not know. They must be the most useless cruiser out there.
  10. Chips_uk

    CV opt out box please.

    Wait. what's the meta again? I thought it was HE spam from smoke while bug on spotter detecting origins of shots...
  11. Chips_uk

    CV opt out box please.

    Yup, I think it was 2nd or 3rd game in FdG I played - against T10 carrier; was it Midway that could have 3 torp bomber squadrons under way? Certainly 2 - but all were grouped, perfect drop despite trying to turn (as in was in the turn!) to avoid them (as seeing them coming), and died. It was a "welcome to T10 carrier gameplay" back then. Full health to zero. While at the start of the rework there was some terrifying AP bombers around, recently the only time carriers are annoying is end game when you've had (even on an AA build battleship with 99 AA rating) nearly all your AA shot off due to the HE spam and they can just continually attack you with impunity. Admittedly they're way more deadly to dd's but I've still not been insta killed by one yet. The biggest difference for me (as ever) is really how good the carrier on your team is. Generally there's several of every ship class, so if you have a total potato (or like me, have moments when you play like a complete potato regardless), then at least in those classes it averages out a bit; there's another battleship or two, or dd or two, that hopefully play it better and pick up the slack. With carriers, if you get a terrible player on your team and they've got a good one, there's no second or third carrier to balance it out with. Makes it seem so much more lopsided :D
  12. Chips_uk

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    So does anything determine what tier you appear in for battles? Just been keeping a track today (not same ship). 8 were bottom tier (-T2) 9 were mid (-T1) - though about half of these were actually bottom tier as only 2 tiers in battle, but kept the count as mid tier because disparity of tiers, not whether bottom! 2 were top tier. Guessing it's nothing than random chance and realistically should be the mid point (-T1) for majority, right?
  13. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    As do I. It goes like this, school boy. You learn how to play in 11500 games. Maybe destroyers, maybe cruisers, but you LEARN not to sail in straight lines. You LEARNT through the benefit of experience in those 11500 games to change speed, course, where destroyers may be, not to push alone, not to get out of position, caught broadside etc. It's called EXPERIENCE. Then you jump into a battleship at Tier 4 and apply said experience. Others in T4 may not have the benefit of 11500 games under their belt to inform them what to do, what not to do, where the risks are, what others play like. Hell, I even made reference to my own T4 stats - have a look. Yes, Orion, 4 games, whatever, win rate 100% 2.8k PR 72k dmg. Higher than my earlier ships I played two years ago. Look at Dunkerque at T6 - bought weeks ago, vs the other ships at T6 - some likely bought 2 years ago. How about T5? Surprised to learn I bought Iron Duke 2 weeks ago? How many games have I played in those 2 years? when i first played battleships i struggled - even Jingles gave advice during a game. As I levelled the UK line I found I was having it relatively easy. Different player? No, I had EXPERIENCE - not 12000 battles worth, only 4000. So you applying the idea that *your* experience of 12000 games implies people playing at T4 should be same for new players, or people with less experience in the game, at T4 - is utterly ridiculous. I haven't gone "look at my T6 Dunkerque, every player should have my win rate" - I've got experience that lets me play better at that tier (on average) than others. But translate that to T10? No, I struggle there, because I'm not good enough yet. It's simply a case that at T4 there's a bloody high chance you're WELL ABOVE the skill level of the other players, can carry the team, and therefore pad your stats. Christ... you're hard work mate, hard flipping work. If you need it spelling more clearly, let me know - i've got a few spare hours.
  14. Chips_uk

    Sucking at Implacable: A Plea for Help

    I don't play carriers - but one thing struck me. Of your higher win rates, how many of those were against Implacable carriers? :P Which carriers do you often get opposed to etc. Win rates never tell the entire story, though they should ameliorate out of time, if it's a fundamentally flawed ship and you're not facing the same ones but much stronger ones - then that may be a strong indication as to why.
  15. Chips_uk

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    You've played 12000 battles... and trying to draw parallels to people potentially new to the game with your "look at my stats" while playing lower tiers... (your games played seem to indicate a degree of seal clubbing - and a remarkable lack of T10 battleship play) BE SERIOUS