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  1. Chips_uk

    Any chance of making Karma -1 informative/useful?

    Is there any effect of -1 and the cumulative total? Wondering as it's far easier to get a ton of -1 for doing well, doing bad, criticising crap players, admitting you played crap... etc than getting 5-7 kills and 200+k dmg. Just wanting to know if there's any point in actually behaving whatsoever. It doesn't feel likeit.
  2. Chips_uk

    So how is this balanced?

    No... if RNG favours you, you can delete in one well placed salvo. Which isn't *that* often is it. Lets at least be realistic - this game does include randomness to a degree, and if you're in a BB, it can be immensely frustrating at times :) We've all plugged away at broadside cruisers at 10-16km to find we do sack all damage - either due to dispersion oddities, or overpens despite everything appearing to land waterline. I'd also wager we've all got citadel hits at ridiculous angles or on shots that looked like they missed as well! The game isn't as straight forward as "learn where to place shots and you'll be granted with max damage" by any stretch...
  3. Chips_uk

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    Cosmetic Changes? None. If people choose to pay for meaningless bling crap - then go you ahead.
  4. Short answer, no. Long answer, can't be bothered.
  5. Karma +1 you get told (sometimes by players) and you know which game broadly due to the notification at the end, and from within the notification panel history. It can therefore be useful to give/receive - a sort of reinforcement learning feedback, as you know your actions in prior game were appreciated and hopefully it helps shape your behaviour/gameplay. Sadly you don't know what reason they gave for the +1 for, but it's a start. The -1? You've no idea who, when, or why, which game, what reason, whether they were your team or enemy. So what's the point? You CANNOT learn from receiving a -1, it serves no purpose other than letting the person handing them out think they're GAINING something against you for doing it. If that's the purpose then fine, I'm neither going to bother looking at it again, nor hand it out as it's just entirely useless - though it's irritating you can't avoid it as it's displayed whenever you access your menu. So, is there any intent to make it something useful that you can actually understand the reasoning of - where you see which game you got the -1 from, how many you received, which team (your own or opposition), and the reason? Currently it just feels like a half finished redundant addition that was abandoned rather than finished (whether it actually serves it's purpose by giving people a vent method perhaps?), but it could at least prove of some use to receive -1 if you know when/why/which team (as if you win and its the enemy handing them out - oh well, just sour grapes i guess).
  6. Chips_uk

    Penalizing players for things outside their control

    How are they supposed to know the reason? I also had the pink status due to lost connection once (I didn't realise if I started the client and joined again I may be able to get into the same game? I just didn't bother at all). It's happened once, it wasn't an issue. If it minimises the amount of disconnects (intentional) that 'd be great. Now if they could only do the same for those that do sod all in the game :) It's a worthy risk to take in order to minimise intentional twits! oops didn't read the date right - older than i thought!
  7. Chips_uk

    Is it worth downloading the game?

    Carriers still there, but nothing like as bad as it was (at least, to me - maybe I've mellowed? or maybe limit of 1xT10 in a game, or that if it's 2 carriers, it's usually 1xT6 & 1xT8 or 2xT6? May be irrelevant wrong observations, but :D ). Yes, they can be a pain, and still seem to dis-proportionally get high scores/muchos cash as they can keep on dealing it out for the entire game - unlike frontline ships. Then again, I've not played a huge amount of destroyer recently... However, since download is free bandwidth that you've already paid for - there's no cost to just finding out. If you rage quit over carriers in the first place, perhaps it was never the game for you anyway?
  8. Chips_uk

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I got -1'd for ramming a full health T9 Musashi in my near dead Jean Bart. Thing is, he was sailing right at me anyway... Cue some hate and a -1. Game win, Top XP, premium ship monies, -1 and some anger from the enemy... Glorious.
  9. Chips_uk

    Is it just me or is it getting boring.

    Got to bear in mind (or bare?) that if they want to make money, they need to appeal to a wider gameplayer base. There has to be *some* catering for all.
  10. Chips_uk

    Why report, total waste of time!

    Never seen proper intentional team killing, seen accidental a LOT though. Mirror damage works fine (if they insta nuked you, yeah, annoying but...) Their pink status and reflected damage lasts multi games from memory? At the end of the day if they were to review each and every single report of a TK properly, they'd have to watch a replay every time and the judge whether it was accidental, idiocy, or intentional. Given player volumes, i'd imagine it'd be a full time job. Maybe if I was intentionally team killed repeatedly I'd feel different, but having also suffered watching people afk, or hide at the back of the map throwing insults and refusing to play for whatever reason, if a team mate chose to then blat that person I'd probably cheer them! :)
  11. Chips_uk

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yeah, the divisions didn't exist in the later games and I was just moaning. The division imbalance was the first time I was "wtf", whereby ours was a 2 man div of low win rate vs the opposition (the one full of high ranks as per first post i made) having 2x 3 man divisions. That's what started the entire "wait, why do we have a crap 2 man div while they have two 3 man divs" (one was v strong, the other was on a par with ours - but a 3 man). From there I assume the MM would at least make an attempt to balance the player abilities; obviously I got the wrong idea. Oh well. If it is just random slapping of folks together in match making I guess just getting unfortunate that 3 out of perhaps 10 games I've had featured such a vast imbalance (none of the other 7 featured a stronger team, they were even, so I didn't experience the stacking in my favour). The chances of happening should be low, if random, just it happened I was someone in those games AND those games were naval missions in random matchups - with a hard limit on attempts - hence why so damned frustrating. Shame there isn't something slightly more intelligent to try to iron out imbalances, but whatever. Given up doing naval missions, so nothing to really get annoyed about now as back to the "over 1000 games it should even out" rather than a fixed 10 game limit for naval mission and going "great, there's zero chance of winning so xp is going to be reduced as well despite playing ok".
  12. Chips_uk

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    ,Right, [edited]THIS. I mean [edited]THIS. My team this time? It's 44% - 49%. The opposition? It's [edited]62-55% for 10 out of 12. This is [edited]ridiculous. This is the follow on game from the above after a break. To be clear, by Win Rate My team: 49,46,48,44,42,46,44,48,45,44,50 and me on 53 Opposition? 55,59,54,48,54,49,51,62,56,56,48,52 The game AFTER that was also terrible, but that time it was near balanced on teams (pretty much equal on win rates). I just do not get why sometimes the teams are so stacked in one favour. It makes no sense when you look at those above rates as to WHY it should be. Does matchmaking actually do anything? Other than randomly stuff players together of roughly the right ships :D I have no faith it does, it seems bonkers! Anyhew, will go back playing again as anger subsides, but ... grr. p.s Won't post about it again, I can't contribute anything further. There exists some games which... just utterly baffle and defy my belief. I can't understand how "match making" can be so imbalanced, not slightly, but massively, every now and then without any real reason. Unless its supposed to be - for flavour or variety? Bah. Giving up doing Naval Missions, it's just not fair on the guild to try when you get utterly stuffed by MM rather than me just being plain bad (which does happen).
  13. Chips_uk

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    It's just happened again. 5 games past that last one, I was the only one on our team above 50% win rate (lowest being 42%, but most 44-46%). Their team is stuffed full with mid 50's and 2 over 60% win rates. This time I *am* really angry, because this time I *am* trying to do naval missions for my guild (or whatever it's called) and I only get a certain number of attempts. Such catastrophic imbalance is going to make me very angry due to that matter.
  14. Chips_uk

    Simple answer to the Mega Stomps

    I played a game the other day which was an utter stomp and I was "gah, they've got 2 teams of 3 vs our team having 1 of 2". Then I remembered you can look at the win rate of the competitors. Posted about it in the MM thread as I couldn't help but wonder that MM couldn't have made things a *little* more fair and balanced? It was: It felt like it couldn't have been less balanced if you tried. Someone pointed out it should balance over 1000 games, the question I have is why it's so unbalanced for 1 game regardless of long term balancing out :D
  15. Chips_uk

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    No issue with WG's lack of interaction - they'd never get anything done if they tried to address everyone's comments. It's the ridiculous counters people come up with to justify something that's so awful and embarrassing...