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  1. Chips_uk

    General CV related discussions.

    T7 German BB? Why? Just faced 2xTone, 1xISE, and 1xLexington carrier on enemy team. Our team, just a carrier. You angle against their bb's (killing both, arf arf) and all of a sudden there's about 30 torp bombers dropping you. If you don't want to play World of Warplanes, probably best to stop playing entirely - as it can only get worse. Otherwise, it's all about the moneyyyyyyyyy... (keep making ships, keep making people buy more slots etc).
  2. Chips_uk

    WG = Worst Garbagde

    Several games I play the devs/admins/owners of the entire company engage regularly with the player base, not just a "community manager" who's job it is to actually do that. Heck, one game they released had a backlash and so they dumped the entire game (it's still updated, but they reverted back to how it was earlier in the series) as they didn't just "listen" to the player base, they actually listened and reacted based on feedback; FYI their game series over the past 20 years costs less than 2 of the new premium extortion going on here. Not just talking balance here - talking an entire game. Literally 2 different games. Don't mistake the common "dev blog" and odd response to something in 1000 posts as indication of great community interaction and feedback; their own cc's state they ignore their feedback after all. That company develops their game for their player base. This company has their vision and pushes it regardless of the playerbase and we know precisely what it is (how to get more money). Nothing wrong with that, why would there be? But I won't sing the praises of the odd forum post as being indicative of a great company / player base interaction. If their cc's are ripping the piss out of their decisions, something plain aint right. Still enjoy a few games despite the imbalance and so on though, so... meh :) Just don't spend money.
  3. Chips_uk

    Enjoying all ships ( the game ) or choosing WR

    Beyond generic ship type strengths / weaknesses, I have zero clue about specific ships strengths / weaknesses - unless you count the old "GK or Kremlin tank well"? Not even an idea what consumables or upgrades I've got before playing, nor does it factor. Just realised I've done 3 matches in Montana with 3 upgrade slots empty as I was going to reset the line once more for research (enjoy US BB line) and I think one of those upgrades is not coming back if I reset the line so didn't equip it (and the last upgrade costs 3m, so if resetting the line near immediate seems pointless). It's a game, a way to pass some time. Play whatever ship I want with zero care for how well I do in them as it's likely my (in)ability rather than ships over-tuning that'll determine outcome (though things like Hood, Scharnhorst, Yamato, Nelson and Bismarck are down to historical reasons - i mean, they're the Hood, Bismarck, Yamato and Scharnhorst! Meanwhile, I find the Dunkirk or JB are both fun but near everything else I have or do play is just to grind through the lines as I've recently been persuaded to try research points. Maybe I'm terrible at it all, who cares. So no real option fits I think? *edit* Actually, my finger does hesitate whenever hovering over the Duke of York and I do ask myself "are you sure..." :D But that's the only ship. Honestly, it feels like it's always -T2 though and that's the reason.
  4. Chips_uk

    [BUG] No signals as wewards after battle achivements.

    That's likely the idea, gotta make you spend that damned cash!! Should add, no idea what's in the gift container. Given up trying to keep track of anything in this game - just play if having fun and "whatevs" to the rest of it (achievements, ships, blah blah blah blah)
  5. Chips_uk

    Result screen bugged?

    You aren't the only one - I have had the exact same thing intermittently. I can come out of a match, and immediately go to the bottom right to check the history and revisit - and it says "Detailed statistics are unavailable" despite it just showing me the end screens of the match and still in the same gaming session. But it's infrequent.
  6. Chips_uk

    How to see ship's armor layout if not in tech tree?

    Thank you :)
  7. Chips_uk

    General CV related discussions.

    Cheers for the info. In this instance Kaga didn't actually provide much threat - certainly not to me. The 51 I shot down were ripped apart in a few mins as he kept launching everything at me while I was close, and he barely got any hits (or they didn't pen). This is most likely due to not being rinsed by HE as cruisers focussed other ships for some reason (so had all AA). Indeed, didn't even chase / try to find to sink as seemed irrelevant and remaining team needed the support. My main thought was "if he's top tier in a match and has that many while launching against lower tier ships, that's insane".
  8. Chips_uk

    General CV related discussions.

    T8 Kaga, team shot down 158 planes. He was still launching full (or near full) squadrons at the end. Is the respawn frequency for planes too quick, or does the Kaga hold hundreds?
  9. Chips_uk

    Twitch drops

    Yep, claimed a drop today, logged out of WoWs and back in to see if it appeared in game. Nope. But... given up caring about the game tbh, drops included. The drops don't encourage watching twitch (as if they're supposed to, they're fecking rubbish), its just passive bonus while I'm already watching someone I find entertaining.
  10. Alaska, not in tech tree, can't seem to find it - question is, is there a way to see all premiums in tech tree view so I can examine the armor? Or how else can i see these ships armor - must be/probably am blind - but can't find an option or view for it and I saw in someone's stream the other day they had all premiums listed in tech tree (and given i can see one's I do not own, wondering if it's possible to list the rest or not?).
  11. Chips_uk

    Question to WG

    One of the worst for slow gameplay is the combo of storm visibility + fat slow US bb line if/when the enemy are kiting your flank - you're out the game as you can't keep up and have to take pot shots at the mini map ghosts. Set auto pilot for whichever is best direction to intercept or support - and go make a cup of tea.
  12. Chips_uk


    Ever considered that perhaps this indicates what streamers would refer to as "being punished for making a mistake...". If bow tanking isn't it's forte (as you take huge dmg), then maybe consider you've adopted a sub optimal tactic and try something different? I should add, I don't have many games in mine (15 or so), and I don't have the best kill ratio on battleships in it over 15 games either and am no strategist... but while the guns were inaccurate, they were a hefty wallop and the short reload meant able to take shots when others probably don't expect it (e.g. shoot, they then start to open up to get their guns to fire full broadside or turn away, and you can shoot again already to take advantage). Likewise, not shooting so your concealment comes into play to then reposition/move/escape/kite became important for me. Wasn't one to just keep the guns blazing non stop.
  13. Well, cheers for the recommendation - will have to evaluate which I don't really play any more and wouldn't be that against regrinding (e.g. enjoyed all French bb's T8-T10, so the long grind may not be that bad). Just that it'd take half a year to get there again due to infrequency. However, the worst consideration is around the commanders. Is it right to think that your commander sent to reserve will need retraining to be assigned to any ship. At which point any 19 point captain needs to earn half his points per ship transfer again to be "useful" (skills wise), instead of building towards the 20th point - and if you transfer him back up through the grind ladder that's... Of course, you could *pay* to miss out that inconvenience - I'm sure the design of it has nothing to do with trying to persuade people to part with cash again. I'd just have to train new commanders instead.
  14. Despite it being an old thread/poll, will answer. Zero. Casual player, not going to waste huge amounts of time grinding entire lines repeatedly (and missing out on T10 for the duration) for yet another "special" ship. Doesn't appeal at this point (unless I finish a T10 tech tree and realise I dislike that ship, then maybe worthwhile) and life's too short for the grind required.