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  1. Karutapja

    Oh NO! He's naked!

    Got 4 citadel damage at the start of the game with naked Atago... worst game ever... so it's worth to double check!
  2. Karutapja

    Main Battery characteristics comparison charts?

    Seems, that there is no such site, where you can easily compare weapon characteristics... Best I have found so far is: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:North_Carolina cool thing is, that you can switch between stock and top upgraded ship versions
  3. Karutapja


    Xevious_Red wrote: Thank God, we have Ranked Battles
  4. Karutapja

    Main Battery characteristics comparison charts?

    Ehhh... it's just another pointless statistic site not what I'm looking for...
  5. Karutapja


    mikelight1805, mtm78, thanks for explaining divisions MM mechanics! Oh, now I see, why my Takao & Atago are always against T9-10 armada (playing only late in the evening / at night) That's completely OK for me, cos those ships have good range, excellent concealment, easy to maneuver, torps, accurate guns. But I have no idea how to deal constant uptiering with USN cruisers, Cleveland for example: poor range, no concealment, no torps, no smoke, useless AA (no one plays CV-s...) *edited* Because of that frustration I abandoned USN cruiser tree... tried BB-s - not for me, tried CV-s - ugly and clumsy interface - not for me, now started IJN cruiser and DD trees - let's hope, that this will be fun!
  6. Karutapja


    mtm78, most people don't want to "play well", they just spending their free time and hoping to have some fun! Of course you can do a lot of damage to higher tier ships, if you play carefully, have good team and some luck... but most of the time, two tiers up games, are frustrating and don't provide much learning either... Why not to make additional + - 1 tier Random Battle option?? This will bring many players from Co-op to Random mtm78, how can T6-7 division be "fail division" to put T6-7 division to T 8-9 game... it's really broken MM...
  7. Hi! Please, can you tell, are there some kind of charts available where you can compare main battery guns characteristics? Thanks!
  8. Karutapja


    Unbelievable... I suggest to make one new battle option with longer queue time and only + - 1 tier difference! It would solve that constant whining about being downtiered: if you don't want surprises - just wait a bit longer and play in limited tier range. Simple
  9. Signed! I don't use RPF in game! But did it in 0.6.0. public test server. Didn't liked it and really hoped, that it will not go to the patch... but it did... sadly...
  10. Karutapja

    The match that made me lose hope in humanity.

    Some time ago had a very disappointing match, what made me lose hope in humanity too... I was only T6 in T7/8 match and enemy team got a lead. 4 our vessels tried to get zone against same amount of enemy ships. Then, all of a sudden, all red ones started to hammer and chase me and had no interest to others or defend a zone!!! They (2 T8 BB-s, 1 T8 CA and 1 T7 BB) chased me almost to the end of the game! Of course they finally managed to sink me and of course they lost a game! What is this? To chase only low tier ship all game long and let rest of the team lose big time? Is it interesting? Or is it rewarding? WT*???
  11. Karutapja

    Smoke abuse bug in 0.6.0.

    You are kidding, right? How can this be a good gameplay when camping in smoke and spamming HE?
  12. Karutapja

    Smoke abuse bug in 0.6.0.

    I kinda like wows, but one thing is really idiotic... It's a smoke abuse bug, that allows players to spam HE shells from smoke and stay invisible!!! This is as dumb as it can be... How can this game ruining bug be still in game?!? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against invisifiring - to be able to ambush is a very good thing!
  13. Karutapja

    Fleet of Fog

    Somehow, I don't know how, I started to play USN tree... so it was really, really nice surprise to get Kongo and her sister BB-s excellent ships - fast, agile, long range cannons, etc. But fragile cruisers like Takao and her baby Myoko sisters, without camo... I don't know what to do with those ships... don't feel good to go random battles with them...
  14. Karutapja

    Fleet of Fog

    Do we see some special events, battles or something else with only ARP ships are involving? Otherwise ARP-s are pretty meaningless ships with no camo options... cos everyone can turn their all fleet to look like ARP-s using mod pack
  15. Karutapja


    On the contrary, in higher tiers are so few CV-s... that really sucks!