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  1. The_Baptist

    A Different Solution to the CV Controversy

    use the stock font pls, this one is annoying to read
  2. The_Baptist

    bot detection? what's that?

    Edited How hard is to detect that WG? Do you not have the resources to create a simple program that flags accounts for a manual review after they spam battles for two days straight? Or you just don't care? I'm seriously asking.
  3. The_Baptist

    The new CVs need a change.. this is not a fun game anymore

    As a BB/CA player I like the rework, at least compared to what we had previously. I don't even have to run Def AA on any ship now, back then it was suicidal (or just losing 30k through defAA anyway to AP bombs) I find the AA mechanic more rewarding, even though I'm not really doing anything. LOS on planes is also a nice change. DDs got kinda shafted, but I stopped playing them a while ago, because of radar spam and not CVs. CV gameplay on the other hand got even more boring, just thinking about it makes me wanna womit. So repetitive. And it's even more boring to watch. I'm seriously puzzled how people can play that, ignoring the sad haku farmers. But we no longer have to deal with the retardation that previous CVs were, so it's a great success in my book.
  4. The_Baptist

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    You get a decent BB at T6 so you can use it in operations. Do people really care about tryharding in tier 5 randoms or ranked sprint in a ship they had for a year?
  5. The_Baptist

    0.8.0 Concealment

    not big enough nerf to change anything, but secondary builds may look a bit more appealing
  6. The_Baptist

    Black or Flint

    Just because you have enough steel for a ship doesn't mean you should immediately spend it. If you burn through the steel you have now it will take you ages to get a T10 steel ship. For that reason alone I would personally consider Flint and Black a waste of steel, but then again I dont care about ships below tier 9 and i'm really tired of high tier DD gameplay because of radar. But if you really want one of those ships then watch some gameplay on youtube ect, because no one knows what you prefer and it's like asking people what you should eat for diner.
  7. The_Baptist


    What does that prove? Do you know a ship that doesn't melt under focus fire?
  8. The_Baptist

    T-61 is a god in ranked sprint

    No kidding, the most overpowered T6 DD is doing good at a tier without radar when there are only 5 ships per team, who could have thought it.
  9. The_Baptist

    Reworked Okinawa? Is it in the game?

    WG was bragging in the patch notes about them having a stroke of genius and reworking that map, so where is it? I played at least 30 randoms at T8+ since the patch and haven't seen the map. i'm not sure what the exact number is, they limited the number of replays to 30 again.
  10. The_Baptist

    Arsenal ships and coupons.

    Those low tier ships in the arsenal are basically useless. They aren't very good and don't earn a lot of credits. Forget about the coupon, you're only "saving" about 10k coal buying those ships. Save up for the Musashi, her and Kronstadt are going away in a month or so. There is also Jean Bart.
  11. The_Baptist

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  12. The_Baptist

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

    I don't care.
  13. The_Baptist

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

    You assume that all chatbans are valid. Do I have to remind you what happened when someone in the Graf Zeppelin dev striked a WG employee? He got salty and went after the entire division. I stopped bothering to explain basic game mechanics to people who rant in chat about "cheats and hacks". Nothing good can come out of it, I can only get reported. Changing this "feature" won't only benefit people that break the rules, it will also benefit everyone who tries to communicate with said people. It's really frustrating that you can't respond when you get poked in port by somebody.
  14. No it isn't, but I guess that's the reason why they sell those bundles. People see them and think: "So I can get pixel things that would normally cost 60 Euro for only 35 Euro? Wow what a deal, even though I don't want those extra things that deal is just too hard to pass".
  15. From WG website: "There will be some juicy bundles waiting for you in the Premium Shop, including a special bundle with access to a new type of campaign called "Steel Monsters" which, once completed, lands a tidy reward of 4,000 Steel." Just as I anticipated, probably some bloated bundle for around 35 Euro. We know how WG loves to give us value for money.