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  1. The_Baptist

    Plans for changing division matchmaking?

    Skillbased MM doesn't have to equalize everyone to 50%. Some soft version should exist to maybe prevent those pointless 90%-10% games and turn them closer to 65%-35%, to give people a fighting chance. What's the point of playing when you know you're going to win/lose at the start? The countdown screen became the most exciting thing in this game in the last 2 years. A lot of the issiues could be lessened if WG actually cared and applied some basic programming. Right now MM only cares about Tiers and Nations. Ship names are just too difficult for WG, since they keep piling the same one's into a single team. 3x missouri vs 3x Iowa? No problem comrade. 2x kamikaze vs mutsuki + acasta? We have achieved balanz. 2x Iowa vs 2x musashi. Two top tier BBs, all solo players. The only thing you have to do is swap ships around. Why does one team get 2x 3man divs and the other 1x 2man div? Usual clan padding parties vs 2 potatoes. Everybody knows how that will turn out.
  2. The_Baptist

    0.7.12 PTS - Map changes to Okinawa

    btw all the bots on this map seem to be magically attracted to the islands and are rushing straigh for them, getting stuck there forever
  3. T7 vs T8. Haida has unmatched concealment and outspots many T7 dds DDs by like 1 Km! And it's a tier mostly without radar. I don't know where did you get the middle of the pack stuff for both ships. Cossack was bottom, Haida is middle.
  4. The_Baptist

    Server Problems

    There is no CBs on friday, unless you meant a training room battle
  5. The_Baptist

    Am I the only person who doesn't use Priority Target?

    People have a different opinion about SE on BBs, just look how many people are using it... Having an opinion doesn't mean it's worth anything.
  6. The_Baptist

    Am I the only person who doesn't use Priority Target?

    Useful on cruisers, questionable on BBs, useless on DDs. It's been that way since forever.
  7. The_Baptist, all replays past 30 deleted again

    Why is the default limit set to only 30 in the first place? @MrConway Some people can play that much in 1-2 days. 1 replay file is like 3mb at most. If you'd set the default limit to 1000 that would be 3GB max. Even 100 would be more reasonable and that's only 300mb. You actually managed to make the lousy replay feature worse than it was before, well played. Live long WeeGee programming.
  8. The_Baptist

    [BUSHI] Samurai Warriors are recruiting

    It still isn't too late to try clan battles. Today is the last chance for the free captain respecs. No microphone and previous experience required.
  9. We are a semi-casual clan consisting of good players. Requirements: - 55% solo win rate or good recent performance in high tier ships - 2.0 K/D ratio - willingness to participate in clan battles - desire to improve as a player - basic understanding of the english language - having discord for clan activities so we don't have to rely on WG UI As we aren't too try hard we don't really do stuff like trainings, voice comms, push people to play divisions ect, but we still want to win and have fun (not the 45% kind of fun). If the top clans are too much for you consider joining us. Just send a request and someone will get back to you. For any more questions feel free to post below or contact us in-game: kazuya_JP - clan commander The_Baptist - deputy commander
  10. The_Baptist

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    Most of you have like 10k battles and you complain about additional 35 that are needed for the last stage? Really? Those containers are actually worth something since you actually have a decent chance of getting something good. You can play any ship and game mode, unlike the super boring legendary grind...
  11. The_Baptist

    Div locked after match

    That's exactly how you reproduce it, division automatically locks up when you start the game. Annoying since now you have to send invites to your clan mates if you're in a 2 man div. Another "feature" after the patch I guess.
  12. The_Baptist

    "Lock on" bug?

    Is it just me or did the bug got worse after the patch? Few times I think I've lost a lock on during the gunboating in a dd, something that has never happen before.
  13. The_Baptist

    Increasing number of saved replays

    engine_config.xml in the World_of_Warships\res folder use notepad to edit the number in the line <maxReplaysToSave>30</maxReplaysToSave> Btw it's really stupid that they removed all the old replays from previous patches instead moving them to some Repalys/old folder
  14. The_Baptist

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    3 games today , 3x bottom tier
  15. The_Baptist

    Twilight Battle.