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  1. HMS_Antelope

    Unicum players being rude IG, what to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I had a guy yesterday tell me how rubbish my stats were and how good he was. I was frustrated that I went into a cap to help the dd's whilst one sailed off into the distance to border torp and the other hid behind a rock. I got blapped which was my fault but I made a comment that the dd's were helpful or something sarcastic. We all can take this game to seriously but the unicorn community for me are too much sometimes. All paying players contribute to the game, all players contribute to the size of the player base and are all valuable. It does feel a little less skilled than when I started but we have free XP, captain skills and xp weekends so players reach higher tiers quicker. We have nothing to improve skill other than coop and scenario and as for lower tiers you still get unicorns because how else can they keep the stats high. I also find forums invested with these players and they defend themselves regardless of reason like its there own personal game and you are a mere visitor. Please see that the players actions are far too aggressive for any situation, no TK is justified, we have the after battle karma for this, nobody should ever message after a game in a negative way. Compliments are fine but anything else is not welcome.
  2. HMS_Antelope

    Do you SUCK cant win want to know why

    Nice post. What interests me is the T10 win rate issue, I’ve noticed as I have got further in the game my win rate stalls at T10 and decreases my overall win rate. I’m not overaly bothered by stats but as I play solo I wonder if T10 is a stat killer zone for randoms.
  3. HMS_Antelope

    New Ships!

    No Prince of wales wow, sometimes I just don't get this game.
  4. HMS_Antelope

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    I think the MK is OP in a good players hands, without team work it struggles as you can't shoot what you can't see. I don't like the recent changes much myself, I had a few games in DD's and I really struggled to keep any stealth as I wasn't quite sure when I would be in stealth for example firing then smoking seemed to keep me lit even though It showed I wasn't detected. I like to strip things back and ask the question about why we change things, I didn't think Cruisers or Destroyers were the problem. I thought Battleships firing from space were the problem and how fragile the Cruisers were, how often do you see BB's capping with a DD using smoke in the cap? I wouldn't say it was common and if it happens great I love seeing it, Battleships look great attacking with other ships in the cap. Quite frankly the game goes from gimmick to gimmick, seems to want to ruin the Royal Navy by making it a trinket branch with no armour, no hp or ridiculous HP and Destroyer like stealth. I really don't see what the overall strategy is anymore, it really is starting to get boring adjusting to the change all the time. I didn't mind stealth firing so much as mainly good players did it and they will do well in most ships regardless. What is the direction of this game? why should I invest in it anymore? New lines I look forward too until it becomes clear that something isn't right like the T9/10 RN Battleship line. I can only see refunds as a way of compensating players for change as many ships have become pointless with the meta like the T6 excellent RN Cruiser which has no range, no armour and now limited stealth when using smoke, what was a great ship will be difficult to play. I am really staring to despair about WG and it's products as they seem so out of touch with the players. Perhaps the Russian server is so different to EU and I'm missing a trick. I definitely feel the moral of the CC's is struggling also with the constant changes, buffs, nerf's and the reaction to the player base to any criticism it doesn't like. As soon as a competitor gets upto speed I will definitely consider walking away from WG and WT isn't far away.
  5. HMS_Antelope

    New smoke rules and how very few actually know them?

    Well done WG British cruisers are really rewarding to play now with there thick armour and smoke and shoot tactic, I'm sure it's supposed to help Cruisers out and not make an entire line very difficult to play still at least you didn't make a stupid decision to make a gimmick on the Royal Navy Battleship line oh wait yep you screwed that up too. Good job you have no competition or you may have an NA server like population.
  6. HMS_Antelope

    Question on HE/AP ammo

    Hi It is tempting to get in a T8 premium and use it for xp and credits but as you see you won't be thanked for it. However I did so I will say no more on the subject. As for HE another good time to use it is when a Battleship/Cruiser uses it repair, it has to wait for the cool down before using it again so you will get nice damage until that happens but remember you can only set fires in certain parts of the ship one at a time so try to adjust your fire if you already have set them alight. If you have several fires going I would definitely switch to AP regardless. I very rarely use HE on a battleship myself as aiming for the superstructure with ap will still give you good damage but it's definitely nice to have it against bow on targets in which case I would try if my first salvo bounced. I guess the reason I don't use HE a lot in Battleships is due to the secondaries, the range on KM BB's is high so I generally rely on those. Happy hunting and keep grinding the line as the KM have great ships all the way to 10.
  7. HMS_Antelope

    What other games are you playing at the moment?

    War Thunder Air and WOW's NA.
  8. Congratulations on the CC status, well deserved. I hope you keep WG honest still, especially EU.
  9. HMS_Antelope

    Bored of BB play. Whats the most enjoyable CL tree?

    Oh the EU is just a permanent Salt mine, I would agree with the guy with excellent stats for T9/10 in fact he would probably class as excellent with RN Cruisers with those statistics. Maybe as the Fiji is boarderline OP at its tier you have become overly confident. They are incredibally hard to master but in an experts hands are truly an awesome site and game changer to the team. In my opinion of course and yes I have the ships. Did make me laugh though.
  10. http://articles.latimes.com/1988-09-27/news/mn-2864_1_police-boat
  11. Hi Kelorn and Co, this was my favourite so far, I have enjoyed the others but this is fantastic. Really grateful for the Admiral to give his time, some great stories, my personal favourite as a Brit is the Ark Royal story as I could well believe it. If you ever get the chance again to Interview would you ask the Admirals experience of other nations ships he has worked with/come across. As an international game I'm sure others would be interested. Thanks again and keep up the great work.
  12. HMS_Antelope

    Open water stealth fire nerf

    In my opinion padding is using a T5 carrier with a 19 point captain. Using a premium ship of any kind is just common sense as you have great credit/xp earning potential. A couple of premium ships are great fun to play and I totally understand why people would use them. On the other hand we have some poor premium's which aren't fun to play. So if you buy something wouldn't you expect to use it?
  13. HMS_Antelope

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    Stealth fire is either used by design or by accident it was part of every ship that had a gun bloom smaller than its range therefore whether it was used intentionally or not you had it and now you don't.
  14. HMS_Antelope

    Open water stealth fire nerf

    Every patch divides the community where it should encourage team play. In a DD are you going to want to cap now or leave it to the Battleships will you smoke for them hang around in your AA Cruiser to help just in case they are attacked. I have nearly 7000 games in all classes and I have seen a very small number of ships stealth firing deliberately and usually skillful players. It is incredibly annoying being burnt to death in a Battleship but this wasn't the answer. What's happened with AP and Battleships against Destroyers? Do they more than overpen now?
  15. HMS_Antelope

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    Hi All I must be missing something here. I only have 7000 games so a lot of you have played a lot more than me. 1. I have not seen much stealth firing in my time playing the game. 2. It is a skill to maintain stealth firing, something I never bothered with. 3. A ship can only stealth fire if out of the range of other destroyers/aircraft for example so in early game is very difficult to do. 4. It's not about the stealth fire for me it's about changing the entire game mechanic to benefit one ship type. 5. Gun bloom is going to make life very difficult for both Cruisers and Destroyers, just play the German DD's and see what you are about to get. 6. Being a destroyer player you are more likely to spam Torps all match which will no doubt result in a nerf at some point. 7. I purchased premium ships and camo based on an old mechanic and would love the chance to get some back as I feel cheated with the purchases I have made. I hope people stay in the game and WG see sense and recognise the game needs all the classes to keep it's interest and balance. I still haven't played a match since the announcement but may try the new patch just to see if it does make a big difference and to to take advantage of the Captain skill change just in case I come back to the game in the future.