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  1. Wolly9102

    Overpens fixed?

    Hello, Lately I've noticed I got less overpens than I used to. Did it get fixed or did I miss something? Would like to know.
  2. Wolly9102

    Recieved Questionable email

    Hello, I recieved this email which I have my doubts with. It tells me that I play the game for about 4 years. (which is about right). pay attention to the last part of the e-mail and the email address. Every time I recieve an email from WG it's from the E-mail adress in the last picture. I don't trust it so I don't download anything which I don't feel like I need to to claim some reward. So is this legit or not?
  3. Wolly9102

    how is this possible?

    I citadeld the kremlin in battle. I don't know how far away, I need to watch the replay for that. It was point blank though. And yes I was stationary in the training room.
  4. Wolly9102

    how is this possible?

    That's why I tried it the training room. I was only able to under 1 km and not every shot penetrated the citadel while I shot the same place.
  5. Wolly9102

    how is this possible?

    A kremlin decided to rush me while I was in my DM. But at point blank range I was able to citadel the kremlin for 30k. That player called me the luckiest ....... How is this even possible? I tried it in a training room and when I managed to score citadels I was able to deal 20/30K per volley. I understand that kremlin has an big citadel but how is this even possible? Note that I shot the same spot on the belt in the training room. Thanks,
  6. Wolly9102

    Has anybody experienced this

    Ok so it seems that this bug is quite old and never seems to have been fixed. :/ But still. the forum is more usefull than submitting an report
  7. Wolly9102

    Has anybody experienced this

    crtl-g. But this was not that. After I got server lag spikes my ship just left the camera. I could move and fire. But no more binocular view or (normal) ship control. The shells and AA fire on screen were also not moving anymore. Just the ships.
  8. Hello, Notice anything wrong with this picture? Happend 2 times so far since update 8.8.1., server lag included. After that my ship leaves the camera behind and I lose controls. Anybody has experienced the same thing?
  9. Wolly9102

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I got 1000 doubloons quite a few special flags. And with the very last available container an KGV. ^^ Also 100 det flags Still I am quite happy with the result.
  10. Wolly9102

    Need some clarification

    I saw Aerroon citadel a kremlin with that new italian DD...
  11. Wolly9102

    Need some clarification

    No he was turning broadside to duck behind cover. You can see were I was shooting from on the mini-map and I hit him at the rear of the ship
  12. Wolly9102

    Need some clarification

    Hi, I managed to Citadel A FDG in my Des Moins today. But I suprised that was even possible since the FDG has an 300 mm belt. Only reason I can think off is that I hit the citadel bottom but I am leaning towards an random RNG citadel. (RNG was in my favor that match). So can anybody explain this?. Thanks, Wolly
  13. I might also actually go. A warships event that's actually not far away :)
  14. Only got the t5 so far. I don't get my hopes up. I never get past the T7 with these kinds of events. (Britisch dd's, russian bb's etc.)
  15. Wolly9102

    Hellcarrier space camo

    from RTS tho.