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  1. RenamedUser_92906789

    Hi! I'm the guy that throws your mathes, help me get better?

    Start using mods. They dont give any advantage, but can present information in a way, that is friendlier for some. If you are interested, PM me. I can help you out, as a friend helped me out years ago.
  2. RenamedUser_92906789

    Erm....WHEN dis happened?

    Lets be honest and realistic here, any ship in the game can be changed at any time via some global change. IFHE change affected tons of premium ships for instance and so did commander skills rework. I still remember when they were selling Blyskawica with "can fire from stealth" in the description.
  3. RenamedUser_92906789

    Got Tirpitz B but already have the regular Tirpitz?

    And they were also very clearly documented. Dont forget all the fiasco we had in the forums every black friday...
  4. RenamedUser_92906789

    Ranked w. t11 (...sorry, superships); how to counter them?

  5. RenamedUser_92906789

    Depth charges on surface ships?

    Same as shot down planes if they hir your ship.
  6. RenamedUser_92906789

    Depth charges on surface ships?

    Wows player base, what do you expect. The only thing those planes are good for is to roughly determine the location of enemy ships. Even if the DC planes do not detect a surface ship directly, you still can see enemy AA fire in case they havent turned it off. A viable usage would be flying them into the cap, to see roughly where the enemy DD is (if he has AA on), or over the island for example. As for the BB players doing runs on surface ships.. they're just potato, as depth charges do no dmg to them.
  7. RenamedUser_92906789

    Saving Transylvania HARD is TOO HARD for the average player

    Same. 10 games, 350k average in Igor. Nine games 0 stars, one game 3 stars people just die or wonder off. They always throw the game like intentionally. They dont even understand that staying in circle is the key. God forbid a BB would shoot catapults or ram Rasputin. How is that? In randoms /coop same people try to ram anything that moves. I dont get it.
  8. RenamedUser_92906789

    Destroyer line for beginner?

    For a dd torp boat you have to play with its concealment.
  9. RenamedUser_92906789

    Saving Transylvania HARD is TOO HARD for the average player

    Any ops is playable with a team. Operation of the week is ment for plebs and this one is too hard for them.
  10. Really. I actually give up. on random teams. The amount of stupidity i seen in just 10 games made me wanna facepalm the wall. WG Please dont put HARD and SUPER HARD versions as "operation of the week". Its a sheet show.
  11. RenamedUser_92906789

    free premium

  12. RenamedUser_92906789

    A Nevsky Cammo

    As always Yabba thanx for your effort here. We (at least myself) appreciate your effort trying to help the community on the forum (even if it does not effect me directly) as I know that in most cases you are only the "middleman".
  13. RenamedUser_92906789

    A Nevsky Cammo

    Not only that. - People received the camo but they shouldn't - People received dbls but they shouldn't - People didn't receive camo but they should - People didn't receive the dbls but they should - People then got their camo removed but they shouldn't - People then got dlbs removed but they shouldn't - People who got dlbls but they shouldn't spent them right away Is there another combination of fekup that im missing here? Classic. Meanwhile Conde in PTS. Facepalm.
  14. RenamedUser_92906789

    Why WG, why?

    We had exactly the same thread just 2 days ago. Even the title is same. Gotta get a bit more creative pally. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/155607-why-wg-why/
  15. RenamedUser_92906789

    A Nevsky Cammo

    Classic WG :) Not even a 3 days premium as a compensation.