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  1. RenamedUser_92906789

    The must have is in Armory now for Coal :)

    September is closing in.... im getting rather low on ramming flags. Only 3433 left. Tbh i wonder what will SCs give after the economy rework...
  2. RenamedUser_92906789

    Sort this buggy steam pile game out please.

    Tbh idk :)
  3. RenamedUser_92906789

    Sort this buggy steam pile game out please.

    Desync is strong in Convoy mode. I see torpedo trails overtake torpedoes in almost every game.
  4. RenamedUser_92906789

    Where to Invest the final 4 points in Conqueror Captain?

    I always pick both, just FP before CE. But one thing is true, CVs decrease CE value significantly on BBs....
  5. RenamedUser_92906789

    "Dead" Skills - Which are the ones you would never take?

    Gotta take that extra firechance on Conqueror
  6. RenamedUser_92906789

    BB single shot feature?

    Don't get it. If a target is almost dead i always try to finish it with a single turret and save others for another target. Leadin shots with using one turret to determine lead is something for the newbies. I used to do it when I started playing, but after years of shooting I don't need to do that anymore...
  7. RenamedUser_92906789


    Brrrrrrr, brrr, brrrrrrr brrrrrr brrrrrr brrrrrrr translaaated. "Rankin is a complete waste of time I've been playing it for a few years. 1x I managed to get promoted to gold (years ago). Now one wonders how it is possible that some can level up in gold? It's just up and down, more down than up! Most matches are under 10min. And if you look at how the game is played here, you have legitimate doubts about promotion. I can do better things with my free time than trying pointlessly for hours to get up."
  8. RenamedUser_92906789

    Free captain reset

    Only when there is a major change in the skill tree and even then they are trying hard not to.
  9. RenamedUser_92906789

    CVs Fighter Shield

  10. RenamedUser_92906789

    how many play warships

  11. RenamedUser_92906789

    About the upgrade discount

  12. RenamedUser_92906789

    Where to Invest the final 4 points in Conqueror Captain?

    I tried several builds and this one is still the strongest. https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PBSB110&modules=1111&upgrades=114121&commander=PCW001&skills=14697569&ar=100&consumables=11&pos=0
  13. RenamedUser_92906789

    please fix the aiming lock and x key

    Mine sometimes stops working at very close ranges
  14. People shooting HE to close range broadside targets. People shooting AP in their cruisers to bow on battleships. People torping outside of their torpedo range .... Why is this so? Because WG does not provide basic information to them.
  15. RenamedUser_92906789

    P.Heinrich and the new German line

    Secondaries, weak armour, long range torps.