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  1. RenamedUser_92906789

    Your "Famous Last Words"

  2. RenamedUser_92906789

    Farewell Fourmites.

    What will @ColonelPete do now with all of the spare time?
  3. RenamedUser_92906789

    The solution for correct gameplay is..

    My friend used to take a dump before playing wows ... he said it helped... idk.
  4. RenamedUser_92906789

    Blacklist broken in last patch?

    Blacklist was also bugged in the past. Game client was laggy and unresponsive (also with frequent crashes) for people having many people in blacklist. At the time, the only solution was to clear the blacklist. I don't have to tell you that there was no magic button to do it. I remember clicking for an hour....
  5. RenamedUser_92906789

    Settings question.

    You cant, but there is a mod for that.
  6. RenamedUser_92906789

    The end of the world...

    I haven't played for more than a month, so I can't tell... Are there more suiciders in operations?
  7. RenamedUser_92906789

    Ranked Destroyer Advice

    While this works its a huge handicap. Using the Autospy Minimap mod is way better option.
  8. RenamedUser_92906789

    Is there's way to make game more playable for low end PC?

    For wows you can get something used with like 1080ti gpu, motherboard, ram and proc for around 300, 400 euros and it will run perfectly.
  9. RenamedUser_92906789

    Is there's way to make game more playable for low end PC?

    Save money and buy a decent pc, there really isnt any other way. For WoWS you dont need high end PC, but your laptop is in the range of a toaster for any 3D gaming (no hard feelings).
  10. RenamedUser_92906789

    Got Asashio B is it good? Rare?

    Its unique and hence a good ship.
  11. RenamedUser_92906789

    Warning about "COLORFUL REGATTA

    Did you call Excavatus for this? :) You know EXACTLY that I did not insult anyone nor was directed at anyone special. The S word was meant for people giving money to WG for tech tree clones. But you know what ... iim happy for you, that you managed to get some satisfaction out of this.... GJ.
  12. RenamedUser_92906789

    Warning about "COLORFUL REGATTA

    Or what? LMAO
  13. RenamedUser_92906789

    Warning about "COLORFUL REGATTA

    We seen it in the ship descriptions once you get the ships and not on the description before you buy it. Maca has all CRL ships and some were premium and some were special and it was not that T10 were special and lower premiums. IDGAF to be honest, I won't buy any of thrm, I just wanted to put this out for any of you edited* that's gonna buy this WG crap. But since many of you went white knighting, please go ahead.... edit: watch the language please
  14. RenamedUser_92906789

    Warning about "COLORFUL REGATTA

    You didn't read my post. Then why is CLR NC marked as premium while Roon CLR is marked as special? We seen it yesterday in MrMacavity's stream.
  15. RenamedUser_92906789

    Warning about "COLORFUL REGATTA

    Also keep in mind that SOME clr ships are marked as premium, while some are marked as special. Don't know if its a bug or WG made another booboo.