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  1. nambr9

    New map suggestion

    I am almost positive there were several new maps shown some time ago ... one being "Adriatic". They never made it to the game?
  2. nambr9

    PSA: Despawning fighters

    Allrite, so I understood correctly. Not that I ever noticed the "red indicator" :) I presume that goes for all fighters .. surface ship or squad spawned?
  3. nambr9

    PSA: Despawning fighters

    Can someone explain for us noobs here ... because I cant make sense of it :)
  4. nambr9

    Charles Martell

    I actually liked the Martel a lot. Also the Algerie. St.Louis on the other hand ... I hated. Dont know why ... must be the T10 meta and those camping sniping BBs. WASD made me evade most shells, but that ONE shell that made contact usually resulted in -50% HP on my side.
  5. nambr9

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    Decided not to refund Saipan. Around 300 coop games made me confident enough to rack up 2k+ base xp games in random. I just started, and yes... planes are useless when dealing with most uptier ships... but im stubborn.
  6. nambr9

    Refunding Saipan

    Why the thread then? Sheez :)
  7. nambr9

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    3- St.Louis 4-none 5-none 6-ex Cleveland 7-Belfast 8-none, but I did kinda like the Martel 9-hell none 10-Hindy
  8. nambr9

    where is this player base heading to...?

    I got bored. Perhaps cv rework was just an excuse I needed...
  9. nambr9

    FPS drops

    Can we have some more info on this? Who is this fix ment for? Will this "hotfix" get into the main release? Why must I not have mods installed? Can I install the mods after running the fix?
  10. nambr9

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    I would really like to keep the ship. But If I cant play her because she is utterly useless vs. T10 ships ... then why should I keep her? I cant attack any of the T10 ships (except a Yamato). Ships like USN cruisers, RN cruisers, French BBs ... they all laugh at me. I Might get couple of torp hits (5-10 k dmg) at an expense of loosing 6 torpedo planes, that take several minutes to replenish. The only tiers the ship is playable is T6-8. I can spot in T10 ... but TBH ... I dont want to play as a spotter plane. Wheres the fun in that. The only reason why I might not refund the Saipan, because I still believe that WG will eventually fix her (and CVs in general) and rebalance them across tier spread. Cmon WG ... you expect a ship to be balanced across 5 tiers? Really?
  11. nambr9

    Wargaming is doing bullshittery again

    Theres literally 2 topics on this right at the top, yet you had to create another....
  12. If they would NOT release OP premium ships ... this threads and effort spent would not exist. Simple as that.
  13. nambr9

    FPS drops

    Can confirm that ms update caused multiple fps drops on mouse movement in Destiny 2 and also Division.