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  1. nambr9

    Advice needed, tier X and some spicy soup

    1. Yes. The Kurfurst is a beast (FDG not so much .. i skipped him with FXP :)). 2. Conqueror ... yeah .... hard to counter in T8 German BB. Better just avoid him, because his HE spam hurts. :) Luckily more or less unskilled players are playing them. 3. Dont be over-aggressive in T8 when facing T10. Wait for an opportunity (for instance when enemy DDs are wiped out or are occupied with something else). If you are top tier, then you can play more aggressive. I run a "tank" build on my Kurfurst. That includes taking "Fire prevention" coupled with "Vigilance" instead of "Basics of survivability", since I use Jutland commander (vigilance buff). ** Also master damage control party. Dont ever ever EVER repair one fire. Fire damage can be healed, wait and let it burn. Same goes for CV dropping you. Most of times they drop you, counting you will use repair and then drop you again. 4. Be the second line (after the DDs, not with them). One good salvo can wipe out enemy DD. Constantly change your SPEED and heading, making their torp prediction fail. Use hydro wisely. And above all ... awareness. Pay attention to minimap and torps spotted by your DDs and react accordingly. 5. Yes its viable. Large HP pool allows for a mistake or two. What you want to do is ... be patient. Punish enemy BBs giving you broadside while you are protecting yours. Never ever hold your fire on an enemy DD below 10km. You can one shot him and by doing so you can save your DDs a lot of work. And again ... most important thing ... use your DMG control party wisely. I always let my ship burn and farm those dreadnoughts and fireproof achievements. Btw ... this was not ment to be some "expert" tutorial, since i am adjusting to BB play also ;) Good luck!
  2. Never ever ever will every one be happy with the choice of who they pick for promotion. Thats why this event is accessible only via button - outside of the game. Yeah and you are right about the filters .... they are implemented for ppl who dont want to see the "fantasy ships". Yet they still come here and hate, despite being able to turn almost all non-ww2 things off :) Special captains are desirable...yes I know ... but if some are not happy with the pick, no need to come here and hate. Just ignore and accept that you wont have him in your port and move on. Since all this things are optional, there is no disrespect against navy people involved.
  3. Its a game lol. And how are you hurt if there are "famous" people promoting the game? You dont like Steven Seagal? Your problem. Many of people like him. Calling him "Seagull" only shows your state of mind. The world does not spin around you.
  4. nambr9

    Forum misformat on mobile devices

    Can I ask another question ... bit unrelated to this topic, but I cant find a place to ask... For about a month or so I have noticed that I get random tabs opened when clicking the forums. Sometimes a tab is opened when I click a page link in a thread, sometimes on "reply/save" button and sometimes just browsing the forums. Very random and very often! The problem is that within 5 minutes I have around 10 or more of this tabs opened.... Very irritating ... whats the deal with this? First of all I am logged in and I am an active player ... so this doesnt even concern me! Can you please ask what the deal is ... because it got my forum experience very ... questionable? :) @MrConway @Tuccy
  5. The problem is that you cant figure that out yourself :)
  6. nambr9

    Experience with Repulique LM?

    I spoke from personal xp only. I tend to miss or overpen super structure on long ranges...
  7. nambr9

    Experience with Repulique LM?

    If targets maintain speed/heading. On slighest course change you are bound to miss. Shells are just too long in the air. Thats why i dislike sniping.
  8. nambr9

    Experience with Repulique LM?

    Yeah, id take that. Less sniping more brawling is always good in my book.
  9. nambr9

    Experience with Repulique LM?

    Id take reload over range anytime. I even dont take range module on many of my BBs. Specially the ones that have spotter planes. But what I dont know at this very moment is what upgrade is it replacing?
  10. nambr9

    Sunray Hard Mode - whats the difference exactly?

    Apparently we are bigger scrubs than I realized .... Ive heard people 5* the ops in div with 2 dogs, a cat and a cursing parrot. But I do think we are not talking about the same scenario ...
  11. nambr9

    Radar or Chocolate Fireguard?

    Periods, points ... dots even. I gave him plenty :)
  12. nambr9

    Radar or Chocolate Fireguard?

    some "periods" you forgot to use in your thread :)
  13. nambr9

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    @Skyllon thanx for sugestion. Love this one! Been running it every day at work for a week now :D
  14. nambr9

    RPF at it's best

    I dont use the skill on all of my DDs. But it is a DD skill .... dont have it on single CL let alone any BB. Is it strong? Yes. Does it need nerfing? Maybe. I was strongly against this skill to be implemented in the first place .... and If I have to be honest I still am.