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  1. Well ... apparently you werent focused by 2 enemy CV at the same time :P
  2. I would really like that BB meta shifted .... to a reasonable amount. BUT .... making torps that can not be spotted ... seems like a shitty solution to me. I also like playing BBs ... why does everything has to be so goddamn "black and white" with WG decisions. WHere is grey?
  3. Not to mention that sometimes i dont see people in chatlist. Or they are there twice. Or I am. Or they appear in battle and they are not. Or they are and apper not. The windows loose text and make people appear ignoring each other. Confused? Yes.
  4. Exectly what ment. They are good to ambush ships coming from behind an island, specially the 2 side launchers.
  5. 1 vs 1 DD team is always hard. It can end pretty fast when a radar opens or you eat an unfortunate torpedo. but if RN cruisers would jump in DD role right after things might turn. but like always ... random is not to expect that teamplay is guaranteed.
  6. Please define "not working". In-game chat system has always been bugged .... gl
  7. What do pool options have to do with ship models. "Nerf HE spam" ... are you serious?
  8. I have to disagree with you there :) USN DD line is one of the most consistent lines. Clemson is an OP DD at T4, Nicolas is good and Farragut is still the best DD at T6. Sure they dont have long range torps, but the line doesnt have a single bad DD in it. I like Mahan the least of the entire line (and Gearing to be honest) but still ... they are all very good ships. To be honest. Dont wait. First of all, we dont know when the PA DD line is coming, plus it is still "under work", so .... Just go with USN DD line (you will enjoy it) and do both lines once PA hits.
  9. Yes i had that too.... tho no replay... ppl said i was drunk
  10. Whatever you guys say, he is basically right in the core itself. The current reporting system is A JOKE, because It does not differ between intentional and accidental team kill. All you can do is report him and that only goes to reducing his karma (LOL). Really? Karma is as USELESS as are the flags (not signals). Nobody ever sees it and nobody really cares. And being color pink is some kind of punishment? LOL AGAIN. It would be far better ... PINK == NO PVP. Wash it off in PVE ... that might cool down some of that intentional team kills. Not to even mention that currently people are exploiting the MISS BEHAVE IN CHAT report, because its the only report that actually gets you banned (even so if its only chat ban). As for the WG ... you have shrouded this whole mechanics in a mist. Nobody really knows how things work. If you dont set a strong understandable set of rules, people will break them whenever they can. Because its (not speaking for everybody here, but its a general fact - thats why its inevitable that we will [edited]up the world in the end) in the human nature.
  11. No problem for the last couple of patches. And I use Aslain mod. Have to say the problem is on your end @Affeks
  12. Nahh... I only have problem on german BBs (Sharn, Tirpitz, Bismarck), but to be honest I rather deal with it then to spec into fire prevention. The full secondary build is way more important to me.
  13. Yesterday i sailed my newest premium ... the Tirpitz. A Midway dive bomber focuse me, hits me ... BAM 3 fires. I let them burn for a while as I was just turning to get the hell out of the focus and put them out. Right after the repair party finally piss-put-out the fires I get hit by a Chappy salvo .. BAM 2 fires. I say OK, must be the RNG, so Im gonna have to suck this up and retreat and hope for the best. The hands gets sweaty as I watch my HP and the fire timer ... and It finally burns away leaving me with around 5k health and I see another dive bomber approaching me. BAM 2 more fires. So yeah I died in a blaze. But I accept it. Some days the RNG just doesnt work in your favor. But im not gonna come to the forums demanding a nerf, because as much as I hate being on fire ... I love setting fires even more
  14. Like @mtm78 said, Aslain modpack has an option to completely disable chat.
  15. Impatient brats. Do something useful for a change