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  1. OP AP Bombs

    Like @Acetessigester said let me add something to his reply... BB players tend to cry the most on this forums, hence that is why many forum users tend to troll them. I can see you play your Atago a lot, but mostly you play BBs. Why not try also other classes? You have many ways of countering CV planes. Invest into AA skills. Dont want to? Then its your fault. Yes some ships (not only BBs) dont have AA potential. Solution? Use your team AA support. Dont just expect them to come helping you. Investigate your team and stay with AA cruisers. They will support you with AA while you support them with tanking damage and by using your big guns. How dare you say "they deserved to be deleted" while you expect to be invulnerable to AP bombs. Yes a BB can delete not only cruisers, but also DDs with one salvo (AP or HE, doesnt matter). They deserve this? For you entertainment? Let me just say, that a nice beautiful smirk comes on my face when reading posts like yours. Just for the sake of your attitude towards other classes I really hope you learn the hard way.
  2. Slow BB Power Creep?

    One of the reason I sold all my mid tier BBs, excluding the premiums. Arizona is such a brick with none existing AA, that id rather walk on embers than to play her like ever. The only BB I still play at that tiers is the Sharnhorst, but I have yet to play IJN and RN BBs (not looking forward to tbh).
  3. Since Leo and myself are from the Balkans and Aragathor is from Germany that would hardly be the case :)
  4. It says: Note: You can purchase only ONE Paypal Best Buy package (either Doubloons or Gold)
  5. Funny. I hate such limitations. Could it be that you never used PayPal in the past and that this is only for users previously used PayPal? @Tuccy @MrConway can you guys be a dear and explain the limitations behind such offers? Any kind of explanation would be much appreciated to avoid confusion and bitchin on the forums ...
  6. Thnx Leo, but I am boycotting myself atm :D :D The deal is under special or doubloons. Only 37508 left
  7. Please put me out of my misery

    What are you guys saying? He is doing GREAT in Khaba. If he got crap team he should just stop playing T10 because "hes not good enough"? He grinded the line and earned every right to play the damn boat as much as he pleases! @Blixies just continue your Khaba play, be the mosquito and rule the flanks. And dont worry about your WR. Its not your fault that nobody likes the boat or that its not suited for the current meta. Its WG and their MM + your team. And no, dont fall under the pressure that you should be the one capping. Sure, there will be games where you will be the only "DD" in team. Or games where your Shimas just sail around the flanks ignoring the objectives torping enemy BBs from behind. Even the Minotaur is better cap contester than you. Go for the caps if its safe or if there really is no other option. You are doing great (better than me).
  8. z52 rant

    Understand already.... some ships suit you and some dont. Its not the ship... Its you!!!! I have several ships that i suck at... do you see me rant on the forums? No... I play those that suit my play style.
  9. How Clan Wars could have been

    Interesting. I am one of those that never played WOT, so I could have wrong image in my head. It could work, tho I cant imagine the size of the maps needed to implement this (and we all know that maps development / balance is extremely slow in WG). At the moment I see CWs only as something WG introduced for T10 players in order they dont get bored or, god forbid ... leave the game. Since more and more people are unlocking T10 ships ... WG will more and more focus on T10 events/modes (thats the reason that upcoming ranked will be T10 again). I agree that we need fresh things in the game, but I do not like current Legendary modules implementations for instance, because people playing more (a lot) will get clear advantage. As for possible CW rework ... I have ideas too ... but, I am just one scrub ... and who am I to tell WG what they should do :) You have my "thumbs up" just for the sake of trying to improve the game. And welcome to the forums, hope you stay around :)
  10. True true, thats why many of us are here :) Cheers!
  11. Operation "Killer Whale" is waste of time

    Yeah I know ... guess if I would want to experience the OPS in its fullest I will have to get more scrubs in.
  12. Jesus freaking christ :) Youvegotallthepremiums!!!! My wife would kill me. Not envious, dont get me wrong ... but crap, you are one damn wallet warrior :D And you dont even play them!!! :D
  13. Shipstacking in CW

    Since i dont play CW I have no gound for this ... BUT I dont think a DD setup has any chance against that :) Stalingrad is gonna be a problem imho .... very good players playing OP ship ... is never a good idea.
  14. Shipstacking in CW

    Just ignore him. He does this with everyone. If some1 asked why the water is blue, he would be demanding a replay and started bashing you. When you provide him with one and prove him wrong he just sinks... The forum ignore feature is pretty cool. Got 3 people on already ;) Now watch him try to flame while the forum auto-removes his post for me :P