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  1. nambr9

    So where do real man play at? ☆ (tier)

    Mostly in bedroom, sometimes on cauch, occasionally in bathroom... rarely in the car (getting old...) and once in the woods.
  2. nambr9

    Anti CV Build Thread

    I am not sure if the rework is complete :) Maybe it is .... and maybe it isn't. As for my builds, ever since the rework I follow this rules: 1. AA module. I take it on fast firing cruisers, where ROF compensates for the accuracy. If ROF is not high enough, I take dispersion module instead, as you have to make your every shot count. 2. BFT / AFT I do not directly increase AA via those. When I take them (mostly on DDs) and I get some AA with it ... sure fine. 3. MAA (Masive AA / former Manual AA) I don't take this anywhere as I lost track what it actually does ... or how helpful they really are. Have no clue if same ships still benefit (such as Minotaur)... 4. Fighter Plane I find this one most helpful with protecting myself from CVs. 5. DefAA Consumable skill Use it on ships that do not depend on hydro ... such as long range spammers, kiters ... As you see ... I have no clue .. or any good advice to give out regarding AA. Lately I feel it doesn't really matter .. either CV waits that your AA is stripped and comes for you then, or you get targeted right at the beginning. So I would also like some opinions what ships do benefit from MassiveAA skill that would justify 4 point skill. Regards.
  3. nambr9

    Toxicity against carriers

    Sadly the reality is that .... CVs do not have a place in this game. Unfortunately neither do SUBS ... but the majority wants them for various reasons. My prediction is that in 2020 (year of the SUBS) the game will be in horrifying state.
  4. nambr9

    Hindenburg Floating Citadel ?

    Blablabla... yeye just sell the Hindy and stay with Roon. Apparently it's crap. And fix your attitude while you're at it.
  5. nambr9


    Maybe fighter planes can be equipped with depth charges? :)
  6. nambr9


    I did not watch the stream ... but this sounds dodgy. What if there are no DDs left ... who counters subs then?
  7. nambr9

    DDs guns jammed?

    Its an old bug. My advice is to restart the client if you encounter this problem.
  8. nambr9

    Roon and Hindy. Worth continuing?

    I understand kiting and I have no problems with it. I mean it is boring to me... and not my preferred play style, but having mote firepower in the front allows me to play more aggressively, especially when hunting DDs.
  9. nambr9

    Roon and Hindy. Worth continuing?

    I personally hated the Roon. But I do like the Hindenburg. Ships with more turrets in the back are just not my thing....
  10. nambr9

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    @Sehales The link "DISCUSS ON FORUM" from the https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0881/ does not point to this thread. Yet other administrators are pointing to this thread and are closing all others.... Are you guys intentionally making this thread confusion so that people get lost and give up before writing on the forums? I wrote here ... where the portal link takes me: I give up ....
  11. nambr9

    Update Audio Hotfix

    I agree completely. This is at least the third time, they change the sounds and create such a mess. Not to even mention that grouping sounds together under the same setting is a very bad idea. Currently I have NO IDEA where the secondary fire is controlled ... or lets say AA sound ... or planes .... or "ribbon sounds" when you hit the enemy. Stuff like this makes no sense... 1. - General volume level - manages all sound in the game; - SFX volume - manages all sounds except music and voice messages. 2. - Gunfire volume - in the range from 100% to 50% adjusts the volume of your ship's shots, and in the range from 50% to 0% adjusts the volume of all shots in the game. This slider also adjusts the hit volume; - Engine sounds - in the range of 100% to 80% regulates the volume of "low-frequency knocking" in the engine sound. In the range of 80% to 0% adjusts the overall volume of the engines. IDK .. maybe I am just dumb and I don't understand this. Or do you guys think that the people writing this have some communication problem and its just explained in a clumsy manner?
  12. nambr9

    Update Audio Hotfix

    I must be really dumb .. I don't understand this at all. Can WG release a video on this? Apparently we need it.
  13. nambr9

    Ships in Supercontainers?

    Mostly I still am. But I only farm Narai with some pro farmers. I hate other operations.
  14. nambr9

    Ships in Supercontainers?

    She might be a good ship for some. I find it frustrating. - Slow - Slow reload - Slow turret traverse - No AA BTW ... long time not see ... we should DIV up sometimes for the good old days.