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  1. what? :D
  2. I never sail my DD without deto flag. Getting low on them (60 remaining). Nuff said. If the mechanics would be at least explained. LittleWhiteMouse did some testing. Unreliable. Better would be to remove the mechanics from the game completely.
  3. Ships that (probably) will never be on sale again do not count ;)
  4. I have the Kiev and you can not compare her with Ognevoi, they are totally different ships with different play style. You can compare Ognevoi with Akatsuki tho (the Kagero sucks imo) :)
  5. Ognevoi is pretty cool IJN style DD . I just wish for another turret :) I am running her as a torpedo boat, with skills invested in stealth and torpedo reload and I am liking her.
  6. Just a Benson with hydro? :) I think that is a significant difference, tho you forgot to mention 1 turret trade off. I will never buy Leningrad for one obvious reason. It requires different build that my Khaba and my Kiev use. Dont get me wrong, I love russkie DDs, and Leningrad is one of them. Its fast, the guns are great (the they turn pretty slow) and the ship handles like a brick :) But If I cant use it as my RU DD trainer because it requires different build, I see no point of getting her. Specially since at T7 there are some top notch premiums available.
  7. If I was buying at this time I would go for Lo Yang, simply because I would like a captain trainer for the upcoming PA DD line.
  8. No, its great. Manfred is a legend :) Do you happen to know if his brother Lothar (who was also an ACE) had a nickname?
  9. Cleveland and Kamikaze I have the same. I use him also on Tirpitz :)
  10. Cleveland and Kamikaze
  11. Cleveland and Kamikaze
  12. I kinda hope its gonna be T8.
  13. Red Baron as T10?
  14. Disable the settings in gfx... something like FXAA or something