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  1. Its a perfect map for Bismarck / Tirpitz rush. Overall one of the best maps in the game. Any tier.
  2. Just a lost fading comment / recap. 1.When a new ship is researched give 10 containers. 2.Lower BB extreme ranges. 3.Introduce "better MM" that experiments with +-1 to reduce mm frustrations. 4.Consider radar capable ships as a new subclass in mm. 5.More free stuff for reaching all 3 daily crates - personal missions. 6.Lower detection penalty when firing from smoke to 20bb / 15clca / 10dd second per class. CV having 0 but planes can not land. 7.Lower BB ap dmg values on DDs by 50% or limit them to overpens, lower RN BB he alpha by 25%. 8.Radar on BB/DD should be defensive measure. Lower duration by 50%. 9.Remove detonations. We have dev strikes. 10. Do not create missions that force shifts meta to overpopulation. if they do follow up with an counter missions next in line to balance it out. 11. Better training rooms. To allow any (up to 7 man) div challenge any other div in more friendly manner. 12. Make capping time also heal your ship a bit. 13. Put mine fields in isolated areas of various maps. ...
  3. Well ... he used legit means to play t8, so u can do 0. Bad luck with that, hope you never encounter him again :D
  4. Support. Because ive been having similar problems - kind of. The UI is laggy. Sometimes you double click a ship in the port and the UI does its "I will do the camera reset around the ship but I wont change the ship". Made me equip DD flags on BBs, the other way around .. or bringing a naked / stock ship into the battle.
  5. Bit faster shells? Cause that would help. I hope they keep the arcs. Love them.
  6. Not ingame. Here. Each section its own instance.
  7. No love for ol Cleveland? I hope it gets range, more armor and a radar. Cant wait.
  8. I agree. Rotate Aegis and Narai more often. And make more of alike. Short, fast, action packed and rewarding.
  9. Loyalty?

    I agree with the op. They gave rewards in the past... for time spent in game + the amount of t10 ships... remember? It costs them nothing to give loyal players 100 dragon flags... cause they will play even more. Virtual stuff guys... virtual. Remember times before containers?
  10. As a deepwater low dmg - low flooding - 10 km torps - perth smoke - clumsy paper ship
  11. RNG and individual gameplay eperience

    So if I continue... Yester-crap-day (neighbours, south side between A and B) in my new Gadjah Mada, I got countered by a Fubuki and Myoko in mid game. Their smoke, hydro and stealth + coordination, defended 2 of my attacks (I was the one spotting) and I died to Fubuki torps after my second "push". Next round I got detonated in Cleveland by a Koenig HE shell in a decisive battle. I went to bed.
  12. Suggestion: Add focused target window

    We do not need this. Can we actually leave something for the "skill" ?
  13. To the Tripitz Skippers out there

    I treat him like a oversized dd ;)