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  1. nambr9

    Weekends are terrible for randoms .

    This is not fun. How come I am ALWAYS ... (yes 100% today) in a potato team. I blame it on the DDs. They die like flies within minutes ... from there its just a downhill for the team. Out of reports afrer 3 games.
  2. Had at least 3 games this weekend where CV went afk mid-game, resulting in a loss. Two games where DD did the same, in one people complained about his poor play saying we should report him. He said "report Putin" and left the game.
  3. nambr9

    What line should I grind out?

    You wont go wrong with Soviets :)
  4. nambr9

    Great COOP rework WG

    Well like most of people I use coop for missions. And CV grind... because I refuse to play them in randoms. Oh... and I grinded stock Monarch in coop... 1 game per day in like six months :)
  5. Apparently I am always unlucky. If I get 3 super containers per year ... and average lets say I open 2 per day ... lets round that to 600 per year ... yeah ... Im blacklisted.
  6. nambr9

    Great COOP rework WG

    Well ... in the end.... I wish I had this enemy bots in my random game team.
  7. nambr9

    Great COOP rework WG

    I know that T4 CV isn't for carrying but this is not the first coop game I had when I was the only human player on the team. Friendly bots never went down like 2:9, or I had a different game apparently (the ones that they ram each other out)....
  8. nambr9

    Great COOP rework WG

    When we said, that we want more challenging COOP, that did not mean, that friendly boots should just go in and get them self killed withing minute. Leaving me (the only human player) have to deal with entire enemy bot team who just rush you. I mean ... can't you balance out at least coop?
  9. The first container dropped a T4 mission. I had a little problem finding it as there's no "personal missions" tab anymore. Its under "Combat missions".
  10. The ShipXP info is gone (when port is selected). I have to click the captain to see it.
  11. nambr9


    I dont know what is going on. Just had a 6 minute game, where half of my team just rushes in, give broadside and died. I shot exactly 4 salvos, did 40k dmg, was almost full hp and the game ended.
  12. nambr9

    Chat ban first game

    Discipline yourself from not insulting. I did call a few people idiots and just went trough 10 days chat ban. Now I am trying to detox ....
  13. nambr9

    FLAK... how to?

    well ... I am an opportunist :) And besides .... if you want to defeat the enemy, you have to know the enemy :D
  14. nambr9

    FLAK... how to?

    Erazer, do you have a detail video / tutorial how to best avoid flak? Sometimes it feels so random. I try to wiggle based on flak (it usually spawns in lines) but in other cases my planes just go BLAM ... entire squad yello/red. What about when you attack? When planes go into the automated dive mode ... can you avoid flak then? I would really like to see a detailed video about it.