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  1. WG... can we please stop this.....

    too one dimensional... if your standing out as single -2*bottom tier poor solo playing smoke cruiser in a heavy radar / yamato fest game ... then you also need some luck and magic to make it happen it is possible to shine, but yet everybody being better than you makes it very hard.
  2. WG... can we please stop this.....

    well, at least you have your heal, smoke and hydro to rely on @SeaWolf7 ... plus DD composition and radar numbers were on your side. I had worse .. could be ocean ... just sayin ;)
  3. Remove Straffing?

    Careful ... you might get stuck in coop forever like me ...
  4. do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    call it RNG dependent then
  5. do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    easier to be playing in divs :) but simply spaming F3 couple of times should do the trick.
  6. do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    Use spoiler tags, it saves bandwidth :) @Migantium_Mashum @Excavatus
  7. do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    I love jap DDs. Being stealth all of the time and spot the enemy is of great value. Sometimes I play most of the time by just looking the minimap. A lot can happen when you are torping at 10 KM, but even if your torps miss the target they can make them expose broadside to your allies. I use guns only when I am forced to knife fight or using the smokes (preferably with a friendly in who pack hydro/def AA). In them you are afraid of everything, yet only once you are spotted ;)
  8. Remove Straffing?

    Mixing t5 and t6 CV is a nono because of "the anti club cv" fix. Dont know why they havent "protected" that already. only if its supposed to be some sick "tutorial / soft introduction" stuff ... in which case its bad.
  9. Jean-Jaques Honore advice

    "chance" is always a rng risk. actual dmg/time reduction sounds more reliable. i was going for a solid sec/tank build for T8/T9 ... andy good builds?
  10. a mode, where current cyclone is replaced by atomic bomb in the background with cool looking shock wave gfx and mushroom cloud, making mini map (and chat :P) to go offline temporary on all ships and how about smoke consumable could have alternative - "mine layer" (works on same principle as invisible smoke - bloom) releasing mines, that if they are detected by hydro or radar they get "saved "on the mini map as "grayed last seen ship position". Mines can also stop torpedo spreads, eliminating both on impact (removing mines fixed right there) + they can also be shot at. Would spice up the game. etc
  11. Destroyer engine vulnerability

    Rly? My rudder / engine is out all the time, having all the skills / modules. Almost every other hit kills one of them.
  12. Cleveland - Tier 8

    This. It will be like Atlanta with AFT back in the days. I will cry heavily.