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  1. Rogue_6

    Who forgot to feed the hamsters

    yup, i didnt see that either... daymn :(
  2. Rogue_6

    Who forgot to feed the hamsters

    was just launching into battle then ... service unavailable... wtf WG? lol
  3. Rogue_6

    Z-23: A super-Akatsuki? I want one!

    Thanks tmGrunty Maybe i am being a bit harsh on the Z-46, i seem to be having trouble getting wins in any ship at the moment, i dont know why but most of my games lately have been a loss but my base XP has usually been 1000+ and im No 1 or 2 in the team, maybe thats clouded my judgement of the ship?? one thing i was looking forward to with the Z-52 was the forward facing double turrets, thought that configuration would help with the DD hunter hydro play style? with the Z-46 i feel like im having to run away from targets to get most of my guns on target, the Z-23 is also a little awkward to get maximum (or near max) DPM potential without showing a tonne of her broadside. I will have to try again with the Z-46 i guess but i keep finding myself drawn to playing the Z-23 and its fun play style instead
  4. Rogue_6

    Z-23: A super-Akatsuki? I want one!

    GLR89 you free xp'd past the Z-46?? and i thought it was just me that had a problem with her, Z-23 win rate 56% av damage 39.4k (71 games) ------ Z-46, win rate 12% average damage 36k, have only had 9 games with her so far so not that much data to go on yet but i just cant seem make the Z-46 work while the Z-23 has been fun from very day after the 0.6.3 stealth fire nerf/buff thing??... whatever lol The first strike salvo of a Z23 with 150mm guns against a Kagero... fooking awesome damage!!!! same scenario with Z-46 .... Meh! Im too am tempted to free XP past the Z-46 for it be a cursed ship for me now matey, aye cursed! GLR89, is the Z-52 worth the free xp?
  5. Rogue_6

    Z-23: A super-Akatsuki? I want one!

    I enjoy the Z23 its great at contesting caps and is an awesome DD killer with the 150mm, good fire starter too. with my last 5 captain skill points i might invest in D,E and Last stand, i did consider IFHE but i think the added fires will help when burning down targets when they have blown their repairs
  6. Rogue_6

    last day of playing wows 18/1, enyone else ?

    The new RL/RDF skill does worry me greatly as my favourite ship lines are RN CL and IJN DD, both of which rely on stealth, both of which "might??" be adversely affected by this RL "skill" If the RL skill does ruin RN CL game-play i will be very pi*#ed as i have just got my third 15+ point RN captain and have just started reaping the rewards of all my grinding... BUT! now i worry that i wasted my time as this new "skill" has the potential to kill/neuter any line in the game that relies on stealth as a major part of their game mechanics, eg, what are Rn CL's meant to do without stealth ability, lead the charge using their excellent armour to tank their way through the enemy lines.... errm, I finished the Christmas convoy a couple of days ago and am in no rush to grind for anything else at the mo so due to my concerns about this skill-less RL?RPF?Keen Intuition? "skill?" i will give the game a break for a couple of weeks and watch from the sidelines. Good luck captains, i will watch your findings on TouTube, see you in a few weeks (maybe)
  7. Rogue_6

    For the love of god fix the RN smoke bug

    This problem has happened to me a many times (i play RN CL a LOT!) Every time i go to deploy my smoke i go through my set procedure, i get below 16 knots with reverse selected but all too often i have come to a halt and just start to reverse expecting to be in my second puff of smoke but NOOOOO! ooh look only 1 puff of smoke, i cant accelerate as i just started reversing, in rain the citadels, BOOM!! The RN CL line is challenging enough line to play well without a continual bug affecting a major aspect of their intended gameplay, Please WG, fix this soon, it has caused me a very early exit in many games, i thought you would be on top of this bug by now!
  8. Rogue_6

    Gtx 1080 bad performance, anyone?

    OP i run a NVIDIA GTX 1060 (6GB) with a Intel Core i7 5820K and 8GB RAM, havn't had too many issues. i think the problems i have had are are driver issues rather than FPS related The main issue that i have noticed is when i go into battle sometimes the UI and enemy ships flicker or disappear, i still have full control of my ship, can see all friendly ships and the terrain looks perfect BUT!!... i could see no enemy ships but was being shot from all directions, no UI is shown and had no aiming information or cross-hairs for guns or torps, i died very quickly as you can imagine, This has happened to me twice but was cured by re booting my PC, maybe a driver issue? (am running NVIDIA's latest drivers) Other issue is when the screen locks (always in battle, never in port) and i cant retrieve the PC via the normal ways, even CTRL-ALT-DEL didnt work/show on screen, managed to get the start bar enabled (screen shot of my battle took up the rest of the screen) and restart, this has only happened a couple of times. other than that for the couple of months that i have been running my new PC things have been stable, i did notice that the problems only started after patch 0.5.16, maybe there is a graphics driver conflict with the new WoWs game client or DivX?
  9. Rogue_6

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - German Destroyer Branch

    WG i would like to voice my complaint regarding the German DD line unannounced pre launch changes. I think what you have done is FALSE ADVERTISING! You release the supposedly "finished" German DD'S to the community contributors, let them release FALSE information based on their good faith in WG, then you do a massive.... and i do mean MASSIVE nerf to the whole line, dont announce it to anyone then raked in all the money as people like me spent our daubloons getting up the tiers (sorry, i don't like seal clubbing and low tier gameplay) only to find that the product that was advertised is completely different to what i just spent my money on! Do you have any idea how bad this will affect the morale of the WoWs community, it was bad enough when you messed up the release of the RN CL line, now you do this... what the hell are you thinking?? do you want to kill the game?? I wanted to play an agressive DKM DD line with good guns, concealment and good torpedoes hoping to get in close and mix it with enemy DD's but now if i fire my guns your telling me that i can be seen upto 15km away, the 203mm guns on Atago do better concealment than that... come on WG, these are 128mm and 155mm guns, not CA guns. this line has now gone from a aggressive hunter to a stealth torp line with guns only for emergencies (unless you want to die very quickly) like the IJN DD line, which everyone complains about, well done WG, the BB babies will be crying more salty tears about stealth torping ninja DD's ruining the game... good job As it stands WG you have deceived and profited by misinforming not only your customers but also the community contributors.. you know, the guys you dont pay but put out daily YouTube content hyping your product so people like me spend my money on a FTP game, they are feeling like liars, do you think they will keep advertising your product free for you if you keep shafting them... i think not! Sort out the German DD's ASAP and repair a bit of sorely needed love for the game, as we are loosing it! Ps, while im talking about stitch ups and blatant profiteering. why is the EU community the only one not getting the "FREE" Santa's convoy missions and the ability to win all the free goodies... oh yes.. YOUR SPOILING US (your words) by letting us buy them but not giving us the opportunity to grind for them for free... WTF really??... this is the most blatant profiteering F YOU to the EU community ever, if we in the EU are your cash cows, treat us better before we all [edited]off!
  10. Rogue_6

    Admiral Graf Spee

    Some of the community contributors have had Graf Spee in their ports for a few weeks now, usually they get to play with them and make content a month or so before release, sometimes faster for a single premium ship.... Hopefully! Graf Spee... Does want.... NOW!
  11. Rogue_6

    Reveal: German Destroyers!

    here is a nice video with 360' view of the ships and stats, just a shame its in Russian, I cant find it in English! Ignore the first 20 seconds, advert!
  12. Rogue_6

    RN CLs: what to free xp?

    Get to T6 HMS Leander if you can, she is highly situational but if you get it right... I just had a 98k damage game in her Tier 7 Fiji, just got her, with the 12 point captain, no modules researched yet but all the upgrades added, 2nd game in her 78k damage, she is strong! (but fragile) if you play them similar to an American or Russian DD you wil get on fine, just DONT GET SPOTTED! and if you do serpentine your way back out of detection. Like the others, I free XP'd past T4 & T5 as I couldn't be bothered to grind them, they sound awful! (+ the meta with T5 MM... cringe!) Its a shame as I vowed as a patriotic Brit to grind the entire RN CL line but meh, I can live with the shame of Free XP'ing past T4 & T5 to not have the pain of grinding HMS Emerald! I will grind through to T10 RN CL tho, I want to play with the HMS Minotaur's guns!!
  13. Rogue_6

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    As a Brit I was happy to see the ships arrive in game... at last! BUT! nope... just nope WG. I thought I would play the whole line without free XP'ing my way up, I got to tiers 3 & 4 and lost the will to live... garbage! I free XP'd upto T6 (just need the credits to buy her) in the hope that T6 &T7 are a bit better, if not I will give up on the line totally! I hoped I could play in a similar fashion to the squishy but potent German CL line but no, all I can do is skulk about trying not to be spotted then hide in smoke hoping that a random shell fired into my smoke bubble doesn't insta delete me while I bounce my Wonderful?? AP shells off the DD's that are charging me,,,,, I give up! I know the potential for these ships will probably scale a lot with commander skills but we don't all have a 15 point plus captain! (or will bother grinding to given their current state) The meta for these ships will promote more campng/smoked up/invisifire yawnsome gameplay rather than the fast moving gameplay we all enjoy. A fix.. not sure.. HE yes, adding better armour at the cost of loosing smoke mebe,?? I don't know what will fix this TBH but at the moment I do not find the RN CL line FUN to play... that's what we play for after all! Oh well, back to grinding my German BB's... now where's my Bismarck?
  14. Rogue_6

    Big differents in "skill" between the team's

    There is definatly something odd going on!! when looking at my stats you can see a clear drop off from 25/09/2016 till now, take a look at my progress stats charts on warships today, it shows the drop in form. https://eu.warships.today/player/532845439/Popeyes_Revenge Win rate, survival and XP earned all took the worse decline but strangely my average damage has only gone down a bit, not as drastically as the other 3 though my stats were going from strength to strength then boom, I had a similar drop in form when I was grinding the German CL and IJN DD's were hit with the nerf hammer back in 0.5.8 (or sometime round then??), but this time its all ship types and nations, I cant win with any of them. win rate gone from 50% to 25% now I don't think my skill level has dropped off suddenly so what the hell. Anyone else looked at their stats and seen when their loosing streak began? And yes my stats are Meh and yes I am wearing the appropriate type of tin foil hat before anyone says anything
  15. Rogue_6

    Stuck in pre-battle loading

    I get the same type of problem, I press battle then get the loading screen then get disconnected, this can happen once per battle or multiple times (8 dc's the worse so far) Pre 0.5.11 this would only happen once or twice per game session, since 0.5.11 it is nearly every game, the problem has got so bad that I have stopped playing due to frustration and credit loss.... Plus it has cost me 20+ dragon flags wasted due to being destroyed before being able to join the battle! I have no mods installed, just the vanilla client version of the game This has ruined my WoWs experience and I have lost the ability to play my favourite game