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  1. Rogue_6

    CVs are terrible to play against!

    i just played my first games since the CV rework and yup, 2 CV's per side, aircraft everywhere, as a DD i was virtually perma spotted, couldnt do anything, sod this! WG you have sapped the fun out of the game, congratulations, NOT! And before you start Colonel Pete, not interested in your opinion!
  2. i cant click either as neither really suits how i feel about the current (god awful) update, i am not going to play for a couple of months, i damn sure will never spend any more money the game due to WG never listening to its customers (WG you didn't listen to the community with warplanes and that failed, do you want this for WoWs too?) If this mess is not sorted out i WILL UNINSTALL! Untill then i will watch the sh1tstorm from the sidelines and This is from someone who loved the game, spent a fair bit of money on the game and is sad that its taken a turn in every wrong direction possible... in my opinion.
  3. Rogue_6

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    Thanks for reminding me, just done the same to my commanders and ships! gonna give WoWs a long break, maybe come back to it if things get sorted, such a shame, i loved this game!... sigh!!
  4. Rogue_6

    A single video that sums it all up

    Thanks for that Elias_D I dont have as many battles as you but i love(d) this game more than any other game i ever played. For all our sake's i hope WG sort this out!!
  5. Rogue_6

    A single video that sums it all up

    Thank you sir, i did the poll on here and Flambass's poll too! Another thing people are not taking into account, a lot of people complaining about this update seem to have a lot of games but not many posts on here, this to me would suggest that there is a problem with the game when veteran players who know the game inside out are very disappointed with the update and decided to break their silence, i would listen to veterans opinion's rather than someone that is relatively new to the game so keep up the good work Elias_D and Daymn sir, 20.000 games, thats amazing! Also, as for the CC's not saying what they really feel about this update, i would stay quiet to if i was on WG's CC program and wanted to avoid their ban hammer and loss of income! couch cough.... Fochgate! Flambass aired his frustrations by making his own poll and if you watch the follow up episode of fun with Hans you could clearly hear his disappointment with the whole situation!
  6. Rogue_6

    A single video that sums it all up

    Ok, i will just watch other people roast them instead
  7. Rogue_6

    A single video that sums it all up

    but its fun
  8. Rogue_6

    A single video that sums it all up

    Really, personal attacks are not necessary unless you want to reduce yourself to troll level sir! had you have read my post i also mentioned RN CV's Agreed, reducing torp range would help a lot in the Haku's case. But bearing in mind that only half the tech tree CV's are in game and judging by how quickly some of the lower tier aircraft die im guessing that the aircraft HP will be increased across the board, then this problem will cascade throughout the game. and yup, cross torping was a thing with the old RTS CV's but at least your teams CV could help their team mates with fighters, also due to multitasking multiple squadrons it gave players a chance of being flown over by the CV without the CV player noticing which as a DD player was your only hope of not being perma spotted with all the fun that comes with that. Now with CV's having infinite aircraft which if played correctly will be mostly full squadrons, and the ability to attack you relentlessly every 40 seconds or so dependant on aircraft speed and CV proximity to the battle area... sigh! Lets just see what pops up in tiers 5,7 and 9 i guess, hopefully they will balance them and the existing CV tiers better and hopefully while their at it, reduce the DD's air spotting range so that DD's stand a chance!
  9. Rogue_6

    A single video that sums it all up

    I read, i understand and i watch too thanks! ok Flamu is a top player and the RN CV's are still test ships but did you not see him cross torp and nearly one shot a Worcester using just one torp bomber squadron, people will watch that and learn and apply it to their gameplay... then were all screwed! Yes its early days, yes there will be balancing BUT people having 550k games within a week of the updates release, thats just ridiculous! i have seen some OP stuff in WoWs before but never anything like this!
  10. Rogue_6

    A single video that sums it all up

    Try 550k then (cant find the players details so cant see how good a player he/she is??) https://m.twitch.tv/videos/374482848?t=00h36m24s As for the video from I chase posted by the OP, does this look remotely fun or skill based? What dont you understand?? bearing in mind this patch has only been live for a few days and CV players are still optimising their gameplay but already they have sussed out how to be able to shut down an entire flank while loose only a few aircraft, i presume you actually watched the video? if so how can you not see how game breaking this is for WoWs!!! Yup roll back this fecking god awful update!!!
  11. Rogue_6

    General feedback

    @MrConway i suggest you watch these two videos and then tell WG how bad they messed up.... i think the player base will be demanding a rollback of the update very soon as its MESSED UP the game! https://m.twitch.tv/videos/374482848?t=00h36m24s 550k damage game!
  12. Rogue_6

    Is there a backup plan ?

    Jesus, how the hell did WG get this so Wroooonnngggg! Ballenced NOT!
  13. Rogue_6

    Is there a backup plan ?

    For me as a mostly DD player, i think this is update is game breaking in its current state. I know some of you will say Play other classes and Get Gud... but with all the changes over the last couple of years i now dont find the game fun to play! I loved RN CL's but the ever expanding array of radar ships made playing any class that relies on smoke/concealment virtually impossible. then they added the aiming circle on the map, yea i got bored of being one shotted and gave up on the RN CL's Radio location, this nearly killed the game for me, i cant remember how many times i have been blind torped while having never been spotted other that RL located, this nearly made me quit. Now this patch introduces buffs to radar and this stoopid CV rework, yup, im out for now, im not gonna totally throw my teddies out of the pram and uninstall the game but will not be playing until this fiasco gets sorted out one way or another. As for the CV gameplay, i never liked or got to grasp with the CV gameplay, never appealed to me, admittedly the new (almost) first person view would appeal better than the RTS style of play but when you see players like Flamu pulling off cross torping while only using one squadron of planes and virtually one shotting Worcesters, then Stuntman9630 having nearly 400k damage games in the new CV's, yup, broken! My favourite CC is Flambass as he seems to be a DD main, even he doesnt like this update. Now im feeling very glad that i did not invest any more money into the game over that last year (previously i have invested a LOT) and i would be gutted if i had bought the years premium thats for sure! I hope they sort this out as i love WoWs and realy dont want to see it go down the toilet!
  14. Rogue_6

    Who forgot to feed the hamsters

    yup, i didnt see that either... daymn :(
  15. Rogue_6

    Who forgot to feed the hamsters

    was just launching into battle then ... service unavailable... wtf WG? lol