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  1. DexterManley

    Bonus 200% Coupon

    I tried to gift it but it said this kind of coupon/discount couldn't be used for gifts, shame really as they've just lost out on a sale.
  2. DexterManley

    Bonus 200% Coupon

    Sadly, you are not allowed to buy gifts with the discount/bonus coupon
  3. DexterManley

    Bonus 200% Coupon

    Unable to send a ticket as they are 'experiencing technical difficulties'.
  4. DexterManley

    Bonus 200% Coupon

    If you get a bonus coupon and wish to buy a gift for another player, do they get the benefit of the bonus or do they only get the original gift and you get the bonus (as the purchaser)?
  5. DexterManley

    German warships for sale!

    Maybe WG would like to invest in some naval history.