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  1. seasicker

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    Now I am getting the hang of it. What you need to do is mount "Hotel Yankee". Find a long island in which cover you can safely accelerate then dash out from behind it as if you are in the last stages of rabies and ram a CA or BB. Works really well. As Churchill himself said "You can always take one with you".
  2. seasicker

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    I have had it since yesterday. Worcester is bad, excellent against planes but you can't do anything in the open. Sequential hits on you will just wear you down in a very short time period. The lead you have to give is ridiculous, sight needs to be dialed back. TIP : Just turn back and forth and the Worcester shells will miss you, you might not even be aware a Worcester is firing on you. Gives an impressive show though having so much shells hanging in the air but they do no good. Wish I hadn't gotten it.
  3. seasicker

    Messages from other players, chat window when in port?

    OK thanks, didn't know of that function. Yes it must be someone being a bit "aggitated". Someone called me "seasucker" and something else months ago via the same messaging window and I thought my account had been hacked. LoL
  4. I have on a couple occasions received messages from other players when I've been in port. Just a few days ago someone messaged me and said I've been reported for using a non-approved mod(?). I don't use any mod. How do you send messages to other players like this?
  5. seasicker

    +1000 battles behind, 2 suggestions

  6. seasicker

    +1000 battles behind, 2 suggestions

    One thing I forgot. I would really like to explore the ships, not the interiors, that would require insane amounts of modeling but just to stand on the deck or be able to freely float around and look at different deck structures, cannons, "stand" in the highest compartment in the FUSO super structure for example and see how the view would have been. This isn't game play related of course but for me it would be really interesting and add value.
  7. seasicker

    +1000 battles behind, 2 suggestions

    Yeah this would be really interesting. Perhaps as in real life that the fire control "computer" would allow firing at the correct moment (pitch & yaw) which would allow for somewhat correct aiming but slow down the rate of fire. Sounds excellent that wrecks are being developed. Having a big BB floating useless in the water would look awesome. Would add to the immersion factor a lot. Also a bit of positive confusion if you sometimes fire at a disabled ship until you see on the minimap it has been destroyed.
  8. seasicker

    +1000 battles behind, 2 suggestions

    Hi, first post. Destroyed ships, having them not to just explode & disappear but also wrecks floating around, burning and maybe exploding later on causing area destruction (in case someone uses them for protection). This would make torping more interesting, also add dynamics to the game. Voices, well do whatever, it can only get better. Perhaps have distinct voices for different classes of ships. Would be easier to immediately know that for example a DD called for help. Thanks.