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  1. It will be available tomorrow. In an admirals edition only for 99,-€ with a lot of flags and a captain and other stuff. You can buy the ship without aditional stuff after the event is over
  2. Schmalington

    Summer sales

    There was a De Grasse Captains Edition Bundle available this morning, that's not there anymore somehow. Was shown as 54% off. Was 21,65€ for the Ship, 3650 dubloons and 4x 100 flags (exp, captains xp and stuff). But i guess that wasn't the special bundle either. edit: nvm, can't see it anymore because i got it and it was a one time offer i guess or because it was some individual offer.
  3. Schmalington

    Otranto mission

    The german page states 5 planetorpedoes. Translationfail probably.
  4. Schmalington

    Whats with the penetrating shots that do no damage?

    Read somewhere, that those are hits to AA- or Secondary-Guns. They are destroyed by those hits, but you deal no actual damage.
  5. Schmalington

    Event „Große Seegefechte“ ab 4.Mai

    Seien wir mal ehrlich, selbst wenn WG das Ende des Events in großen, leuchtenden, roten Neonlettern vor und nach jeder Schlacht angekündigt hätte, gäbe es jetzt trotzdem Leute, die sich beschweren, dass sie ihre Diamanten nichtmehr ausgeben können. (Über Sinn und Unsinn dessen kann man streiten, aber so wurds nun mal entschieden). So wie es bei jedem Arp-event Leute gibt und geben wird, die sich wundern, wo ihre Schiffe sind. Unumstritten ist, dass die Informationspolitik der Firma mehr als ausbaufähig ist. Unumstritten ist aber auch, dass man nicht alle Menschen vor den eigenen ... Defiziten... bewahren kann, auch wenn man noch so bemüht ist. Es kann natürlich passieren, dass man aus Zeitgründen irgendetwas nicht mitbekommt oder an einem Event nicht teilnehmen kann. Aber das muss dann leider und dumm gelaufen verbuchen, denn es können nicht alle Befindlichkeiten jeder Minderheit berücksichtigt werden, weder von WG noch im täglichen Leben.
  6. Schmalington

    Some interesting info around the world

    Was too slow. It was said already.
  7. Schmalington

    Detonation Signals

    I stand corrected than, thank you. Now i'm interested in the reason myself.
  8. Schmalington

    Too late to spend my GNB Diamonds ?

    Thats a massive effort of 2 minutes at maximum, and modern world even allows you to take look at the mainpage while waiting for the bus or whatever. They could send e-mails to people, but maybe they don't have enough time to check their e-mails, because they have more important things to do. They could call people, but maybe they can't answer the phone, because they have more important things to do. Don't want to defend them, they have a lot of problems with communication. But they communicated, that you wont be able to spend your diamonds after the event ended. So not seeing this is purely the players fault.
  9. Schmalington

    Too late to spend my GNB Diamonds ?

    I'm sure WG has a lot of failures, but you really shouldn't blame them for your own. 38 days wasn't enough?
  10. Schmalington

    Carrier Dilemma: to be useful, or to earn rewards

    Play whatever you feel more comfortable in, but let me give you my 2 cents to that topic. I don't have a saipan but some other CVs. Personally i miss the possibilites to influence a battle in airsup setups. Of course you can spot a DD, but you need someone in your team to shoot the DD as well. I wouldn't count on that. They are hard to hit you know? Bomb and torp him to oblivion yourself. Its more fun (but i guess its also harder in a Saipan). Also a strike setup CV can send his planes across the map and kill a BB without any risk to himself (simply spoken, of course there's more to it, like enemy planes and stuff). An airsup CV can provide air cover for your own big ships and deal a little damage to some enemy ships. A Cruiser can provide AA-cover for you big ships as well and deal a (in theory) lot of damage to some enemy ships (given that the big ships aren't idling in some mapcorner, those aren't worth protecting anyway, but easy prey for you). But a Cruiser can not shoot across the map and kill a BB. Other than a ranger i.e. a Saipan has some fighterplanes in her strike setup. Should be enough, if you use them wisely So it's more useful in my eyes to play a strike setup. And you earn better rewards as a bonus. No need to pick one of those Options.
  11. Schmalington

    0.5.7 Secondary nerfs on T8 and below, why?

    Personally i don't see any sense in secondary builds in their current state. It's not like you don't have any secondary guns without the module. Had my share of close quarters expert medals without secondary builds. 20% less rng still leaves a lot of rng to not see any decisive difference in my eyes. Of course you could say 7% less rng with mainguns still leaves a lot of rng to not see any decisive difference, but mainguns deal a lot more damage than secondaries and every additional shell that hits counts. 20% more range gives my secondaries 20% more time to not hit anything. Not really helpful. (It is helpful in AA, as you don't have any other way to defend against planes) In a good brawl i consider my main guns as my biggest asset and my secondaries as a bonus. Better precision in main guns also helps in close quarters combat. Nothing frustrates me more, than shells missing from 7km (or even less), although the shot was perfectly aimed. Warspite is a good example. She has good range for her secondaries already (even more with AFT, which i picked for AA) compared to other ships on her tier. But she's got only 8 guns per broadside. 8 guns combined with crappy accuracy don't have that much of an impact in my eyes, except the occasional fire or finishing blow to a destroyer who was already nearly dead. Her very accurate main guns on the other hand, that get even more accurate with the module, are helping a lot. Especially against cocky DDs who mistake you for an easy target. Often they seem very surprised when you shoot, and especially hit, them with you mainguns. Even had some oneshotted DDs in my warspite (with AP mind you). That's a lot more satisfying than letting some AI kill them. So i consider the new module a small buff to my secondaries, while i retain the maingun accuracy. However i don't see how the new modules are supposed to give a bigger diversity in your choice of modules. The accuracy module still seems pretty mandatory for most ships, except maybe the range module for certain USN BBs or the occasional AA Module, in the second slot. So +1 for Spuggy.
  12. Schmalington

    Detonation Signals

    I think because you get the flag every time you get the achievement, while for all other achievements you get the 10 flags only once a day.
  13. Schmalington

    Reason for not to cap in random battles?

    You should go capping then.
  14. Schmalington

    Adressing Great Naval Battles Event Feedback

    I have to object from my personal POV. I'm not going to be around the weekend after GNB. Nothing wrong with that, was playing too much anyway. Guess i'm not the only one. But because of that, the camos are going to be the only thing i'll get out of the community milestone rewards (missions, commander-xp and stuff). So Yay, camos!! Tough luck! Stop whining. Got a lot of other stuff out of the personal rewards. You're right, but let me ask a question instead. Why change the (in my eyes good) concept from project R? You got the benefit of a milestone at the weekend after reaching said milestone. So even if you couldn't play on one or two weekends, you got some of those benefits. Captain-XP one weekend, x3 XP the other weekend and so on. But with GNB, when you miss this one weekend after the event, you wont get anything regarding said milestone rewards (except the awesome camos ofc). Don't you dare do that again!
  15. Schmalington


    Hab ich kürzlich mit der selben Intention gemacht. Funktioniert auch wunderbar. Aber die Runden sind mit Fightersetup enorm langweilig. Ich glaube, wenn meine einzelne Bombersquad daher kommt, gehen die AA-Mannschaften der Gegnerschiffe erstmal Mittag machen, passiert ja sowieso nix weiter. Und sollte dir die Bombersquad wider erwarten doch zusammengeschossen werden, haste schon nur ne halbe übrig für den nächsten Versuch. Wenn man dann die Auszeichnung hat und der Gegner keine Flugzeuge mehr, wirds noch langweiliger. Aufklären ist zwar nützlich fürs team, aber, mangels Anerkennung dafür seitens des Spiels, auch ziemlich unbefriedigend. So versaut man dann neben dem Spielspaß des Gegner CV auch gleich seinen eigenen. Jemand Erfahrung, ob Clear Sky auch im Stocksetup leicht zu bekommen ist?