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  1. Continuate così! Al momento il miglior clan italiano In bocca al lupo IRN.
  2. Complimenti, finalmente è ufficializzata la community italiana di WOWS
  3. WG will ignore this topic, thinking that people will forget about this CONTEST. That's how to be a fair company, making useless contests... GG I struggled for nothing on this line
  4. Bump. OMNI in KOTS Semifinals. Everyone has done a great job reaching it. Saturday and Sunday don't forget to watch US
  5. We want PVP Bring back TEAM BATTLES!
  6. Any updates? Haven't reached T9 and T10 in time, sadly.
  7. Let's bump it brah!
  8. And they can't aswell post it on this topic? Does it take too much to do it? 1 minute of their life... well this is a shame like most of the past events that WG did.
  9. Not even an answer from MrConway, asking him why they are not updating this TOPIC with anything and now serious is WG about its events. FeelsWGMan
  10. WG just forgot about their events. Soon they will show up saying they had other problems... just W O W! Thanks for these amazing waste of times.
  11. WG always on time. FeelsBadMan Please post these results and hope to don't have to wait weeks for the final result.
  12. Thank you for the containers and the camos! They are always welcome
  13. Yeah well I guess your connection was a lost for a moment. But sometimes its not from your connection but from their servers having troubles and disconnecting you during the battle (old issue that got fixed I think).
  14. Thank you, got lost by writing it. Edited