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  1. GioIonutz

    Who let the bots out?

    Well, if the number of hours calculated by Palubarac are right, its just impossible to be an human. But who knows what kind of accounts are these...
  2. GioIonutz

    Who let the bots out?

    I don't belive much in BOTS in this game. But I belive in people that doesn't have any idea of how to play this game, yes.
  3. First the CVs were useless with all the AA in the battles. Even now its not so OP even if a UNICUM playing it. CVs are annoying when you get them in battles but there's nothing to whine about it.
  4. Benvenuto a bordo capitano Love the drawnings, you should focus more on them since you'll have more success drawing new ships!
  5. GioIonutz

    Friendly Fire- why still present in game?

    Well, friendly fire pretty much can throw a game. Once at the start of the battle our BB just oneshot the Smonlensk for no reasons. We still won it, but I agree that Disabling FF could avoid [edited] from games. But its also a way to ban people that's having fun killing team mates.
  6. GioIonutz

    Will Legendary De Moines be nerfed

    There is no reason to nerf DM. As other guys already replyed for now this ship is pretty balanced. The shells are so damn slow that firing at 15km you can finish drinking a beer meanwhile. It can get citadeled also in the bow by the battleships, in the [edited]aswell not only on the broadside. So I guess the nerf on Henry is ok'ish, that acceleration was pretty OP and tricky.
  7. I always used Aslain and I can say that its the best. He updates the mod after a few hours of every NEW version.
  8. GioIonutz

    Navi Italiane?

    Probabilmente doubloons :> all'inizio, poi con il tempo magari la metteranno in vendita per risorse.
  9. GioIonutz

    Submarines are here! Montana edition.

    Orly? Very guuuuut
  10. GioIonutz

    [Twitch] Gioionutz - Gigolonutz now on AIR!

    Blindshot Minotaur in the smoke. Just a few seconds of my today's stream! REMEMBER TO FOLLOW! https://clips.twitch.tv/VenomousScrumptiousEyeballPeteZarollTie
  11. GioIonutz


    Cancellate questo topic grazie. Non ho più a che fare con i BIG.
  12. Hellow hellow! I'm Gioionutz, somebody knows me from OMNI, somebody doesn't. At the moment I left the competitive zone since I don't have much time to play and train so at the moment I'm playing in a Italian Clan. Doing Clan Battles and Randoms with everyone that wants to join aswell. Started streaming from a few days ago, since I finaly got my upload speed up to 2.9mb (still not the best) and still not having such a good quality but trying to do my best and having fun of course. I would appreciate an follow and some support. If you have any questions feel free to post it here or ask in my streamings. https://www.twitch.tv/gioionutz
  13. GioIonutz


    Non è richiesta tanta attività nell'accademia. Sarai contattato in game.
  14. GioIonutz

    Bug Reports

    Well you still have it? After the last patch I 0.2 I didn't had anymore the freeze.
  15. GioIonutz


    Non ci sono problemi, ora ti manderò un messaggio in privato.