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  1. Miglior classificato in base a che cosa? PR, WR, Danni Medi? Bel iniziativa. Non ho la Roma ma ci penserò a comprarla
  2. [-BIG-] Bastards Inside Gamers

    Accademia DISPONIBILE. [BIG] Disponibile per chiunque voglia imparare ed è alle prime armi. Basta far richiesta.
  3. Bug Reports

    For me now it works. Dunno what happened but its fixed now for me atleast.
  4. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Bottom left shows yours. Middle screen shows the one that killed you.
  5. Bug Reports

    Nope didn't worked.
  6. Bug Reports

    Well, GG WG. This patch is full of BUGS!!!! Game is done, I can't even see the final results and I have to close the game with desk manager and get again in game. Lets don't talk about the Chat bug, can't even make divisions and so...
  7. [-BIG-] Bastards Inside Gamers

    Buonasera Capitani, -BIG- Annuncia in arrivo un secondo clan dedicato ai NUOVI ARRIVATI dove potranno giocare insieme ai membri del clan Principale con cui avranno abbastanza tempo per poter migliorare la loro esperienza di gioco.
  8. Christmas Tree Contest

    Contest closed two days ago. Guess its a hard decision to choose the winner... lol
  9. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Good luck with the ranked boys. For me it has ended!
  10. Christmas Tree Contest

    Any updates Sir?
  11. Karma broken?

    Yep true that, met friends and so in other teams so I had atleast 100 karma from them. But 300 of them are from Rankeds and rest from Randoms since everyone was seeing [OMNI] Tag and being first ofc
  12. Karma broken?

    Well I'm happy about my karma. 567 means that I've done good things and helped games. For me means a lot
  13. Karma broken?

    I think that at the same time you get complimented, you also get reported by some randoms. That's the life mate. Going up and down!
  14. My signature is the wows-numbers stats.